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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Adamant commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Footage R...:

shakes head

Where DID you people ever get the idea that Get TV, in an episode that wasn't even advertised to have anything to do with these games even, would show more than a tiny bit of footage? You'd think it'd be smart to actually investigate what kind of show this actually is before starting your misguided hype.



Adamant commented on R-Type, Street Fighter And Alien Crush Are All...:

This is the Turbografx R-Type, actually. The PC Engine release of the game was split into two versions titled "R-Type I" and "R-Type II", each containing 4 of the game's 8 levels, due to it being impossible to fit the entire game on one hucard at the time of release.

R-Type I and R-Type II were released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan, but they're giving us the complete Turbografx version for the 3DS VC.



Adamant commented on Ain't No Party Like a Mario and Sonic London P...:

The 3DS Mario & Sonic games are completely different from their console counterparts (well, aside from being olympic games), so that's doubtful.

This thing looks fun, though, and I liked Mario & Sonic Beijing much better than Mario & Sonic Vancouver, so a new summer olympics version is right up my alley.



Adamant commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

I agree, this is rather low. Yeah, the updates from the DC game are minimal, and there's little point in getting this if you have that, but it's still the best 3D Sonic by far (some might say the only good one). Also, most people who bought this never owned a Dreamcast in the first place. It didn't exactly fly off the shelves.

(You're also the first person I see calling Eggman and Tails' levels rubbish. At least you have to admit they're a major improvement from those horrible Gamma levels in the first SA)



Adamant commented on Review: Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra (DSiWare):

That's a bit more fair, I guess.

But still, once you get good at the game, you'll be able to play pretty long sessions, won't you? That's generally not a good thing in a score-based game.



Adamant commented on Review: Crystal Caverns of Amon-Ra (DSiWare):

Seems like a really bland and not overly interesting Luxor clone (or whatver game that was a clone of). 1001 levels is not a bad amount of bang for your buck, though.

(but really, leaderboards? These things have an absolute insane amount of levels that can take you months - do people actually replay individual levels many times for a high score, or worse yet, replay the entire GAME multiple times to get a high total score? Seems so pointless)



Adamant commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

Pinball seems to be getting a comeback nowadays, with many malls, bars, airports and the like having a table or two. The recent Indiana Jones table is very common, and is an excellent game. My local arcade when in liked in North Dakota also happened to have my all-time favorite pinball table, Addams Family.
Genre ain't dead yet.



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 6th October 2011 (Europe):

Catrap/Pitman has also been on the Japanese VC for quite a while now. They're just catching up, people. Japan is getting the catch-up title Radar Mission next week while you're having fun with Super Mario Land 2, too.



Adamant commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniv...:

You're being awfully kind to the single player mode. Yes, it's nice of them to add it considering this is a straight remake of a game that originally didn't have one, but the game is clearly not designed to be played this way, and the mode suffers as a result.
The GC Four Swords game was intended to be played in both single and multiplayer from the get-go - play a couple stages from that in single player with the Dsiware game fresh in your mind to see what a huge difference that makes.



Adamant commented on Review: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (3D...:

The problem isn't that it's easy, it's that it's so easy it becomes bland and boring. Kirby is easier than this, but it's still a fantastic and very well designed game that's never boring. Picture taking some other Mario game, then removing half the enemies and pits. It would be nowhere near as fun - a barren wasteland of nothingness as you desperately searched for points of interest. That's how this game is.

The level design is uninspired, too. They come up with interesting ideas, but don't do much with them. The original Super Mario Land was a far more solid game, and I always preferred that over this.



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 29th September 2011 (North ...:

Mario Land 2 is definitely the weakest Mario/Wario Land game, but it's certainly no bad game.
Don't expect much in the way of challenge, though.

I'm willing to bet Japan gets this in two weeks, then - we're playing catch-up with Radar Mission next week.



Adamant commented on R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console:

Yup, R-Type has always been known for its incredible difficulty. Stick with it and learn the stages, and you'll get a bit further each time. I've made it to level 6 on the Turbografx one, things get really insane after a while.



Adamant commented on 3DS Trailers Allow You to Receive SpotPass Not...:

Yeah, these have been out in Japan for a while now. The complete set of such trailers there are:

*Monster Hunter 3G
*Biohazard Revelations
*Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater
*Labyrinth no kanata
*Winning Eleven 2012
*Slime Morimori Dragon Quest 3
*Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
*Sonic Generations
*Hatsune Miku Project Mirai
*Rhythm Kaitou R
*SD Gundam G Generation 3D
*Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble
*Tekken 3D Prime Edition
*Girls RPG Tsundere Life
*Hana to ikimono rittai zukan
*Super Mario 3D Land
*Mario Kart 7
*Kid Icarus
*Fire Emblem
*Mario & Sonic London Olympics
*Girls Mode
*Animal Crossing
*Paper Mario
*Mario Tennis
*Luigi's Mansion 2
*Fatal Frame



Adamant commented on Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Steals an OFLC ...:

Very unlike what the series would later evolve into, and kind of hampered by its rather low difficulty, but still a very well designed platformer. Look forward to this, kids - it's quite a lot better than Mario Land 2.



Adamant commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword Bundle Costs $115 in Japan:

Yeah, this price isn't bad at all - it's comparative and/or cheaper than what it will cost almost everywhere else. Stop thinking you're the center of the world, Americans. This isn't expensive, it's your price that's ridiculously cheap. Be happy.



Adamant commented on Review: Turok: Rage Wars (Nintendo 64):

I had this, but it never saw all that much play. Goldeneye was just so much better in every way it seemed so pointless to pop this game in. Absolutely not a bad effort, but not enough to pull Rare off the throne.



Adamant commented on Review: 3D Classics: TwinBee (3DSWare):

"it was at last featured on the Konami Classic Series: Arcade Hits compilation for the DS... only it was inexplicably rechristened RainbowBell."

Only in North America. It kept the TwinBee name in Europe.



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd September 2011 (North ...:

(oops, scratch that, we're getting a super exciting "spot the differences" DSiware game next week, too. Mwahahah, take that!)

(and also 2 3dsware games (Family Tennis and a masyu game) and Metroid 2 on the VC and... ok, we ARE better off than you. Teaches you for not importing )



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd September 2011 (North ...:

The handheld online service update this week was one VC game (Mario's Picross, which you already have). Next week it seems we'll get one DSiWare game (Four Swords) and nothing more.

You'll catch up at this rate.



Adamant commented on Zen Pinball 3D:

Zen Studios definitely know their pinball. This game will be fantastic.



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd September 2011 (Europe):

Twinbee borrows a lot from Xevious, yes, but it adds a bunch of new stuff, and is a far more entertaining game as a result.

The 3D Classics style suits this type of multi-layer shmup very well, which is probably why we got two of them. They have to choose games that work in 3D. (speaking of which, a 3D Classics Bump'n Jump would've been awesome.



Adamant commented on Review: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (3DS Virt...:

@KDR_11k, have the Carry selected as your weapon for that segment. That way you can make a nice waiting block off to the side for those areas where a block will spawn right above the one you're standing on, as well as having a way of saving yourself if you miss a block.

Even without the Carry, this section is much easier than doing the Wily 1 spike corridor in the first NES game without the Magnet Beam, though.



Adamant commented on Review: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (3DS Virt...:

Just downloaded - and beat - the game. Didn't find a single spot where the cramped space led to annoying situations... anyone got any examples of where this is supposedly the case?

Oh yeah, and a tip for newcomers - the Ice Slasher is an incredibly useful weapon in this game. Iceman is by far the easiest robot master too (he was hard in the NES game, but in this game they cut his ability to fire at medium height, so his shots are much easier to avoid), so get it early.



Adamant commented on Review: Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (3DS Virt...:

" Although not game-breaking, this does lead to some very annoying situations; the sheer size of the characters means it's sometimes very hard, or in some cases even impossible, for Mega Man to dodge an attack. The Robot Masters are, of course, the same size as Mega Man, so you’d better make sure every shot you fire at them counts, because there's no way to avoid bumping into them constantly, and they'll kill you fast."

Eh, you're not being quite fair here. The stages are all well designed to work with the smaller screen, and there aren't any more "cheap hits" than in the earlier NES releases. The game is lacking a bit in originality, but it's just as polished as you'd expect of an MM title at the time.

(also, using restore saves is for cowards)



Adamant commented on Beat More Picture Dungeons in Dot Eater: New P...:

I downloaded this. It's ridiculously hard, but quite entertaining.

Didn't play the first one, but there's no combat in this - you either need to avoid enemies, or kill them instantly if you picked up a specific item. Stages involve touching "cells" to add dots to the maze, then grab the dots before they disappear. Each world has 4 standard levels, plus a "speedrun" level (it's not an alternate mode) where you need to grab all the dots as quickly as possible (the standard levels involve more backtracking and enemy-dodging, though they're also timed, so you can improve your time. Highest score and shortest time is saved per level.

Ah, and you will definitely be looking at the top screen. This game is all about speed, and since your dude moves relative to the direction he's facing, you need to plot your route on the bottom screen (and note where monsters and the like are), while focusing on the top screen for turning and sliding for maximum efficiency.

Ah yeah, and this isn't "New Picdun", it's "New Pickdun". Yes, there's a difference - it's the sequel to this game, not to this game. Note the urls



Adamant commented on Review: DotMan (DSiWare):

@scubasteve It's a pretty obvious ripoff of Dodge Em, actually.
No clue what the review is talking about when it tries to claim it can only be thematically similar to Dodge Em, since it looks - and according to the review, plays - pretty much the same, just with the odd added element.



Adamant commented on Review: Golf (3DS Virtual Console / Game Boy):

As someone who played this game to death as a kid, I defintely welcome its addition.
And at the time, this game was incredible - it was on the tiny little gameboy, which couldn't even do Space Invaders all that well, and yet it was still up to par with any console game at the time.
NES Open Tournament Golf is better, yes, but this baby is no slouch.



Adamant commented on Review: Ufouria: The Saga (Virtual Console / NES):

"On a somewhat related note, you do realize Marcel (a.k.a. Drake) is located in the Netherlands, yes? :3"

Yep. As I mentioned, these myths are so common online that even Europeans, who should've known better, just accept them as straight facts.



Adamant commented on Review: Ufouria: The Saga (Virtual Console / NES):

"And I don't think that Americans are just too dumb to know the actual rarity of something - I'm more inclined to think that eBay sellers try to hype up how hard to find what they're selling is. Maybe some fall for it more than others, but Americans exclusively?"

From what I've seen, Americans in general have a tendency to only look for things in American stores, American flea markets, America online auction sites... and when the game pops up so seldom in these places, they write it off as "extremely rare" without considering the fact that the game was never actually released there, and if they want to find it, they might want to search in places where it was actually on sale in the first place. They're wrongly seeing the explanation to "I can't find it" as "it's hard to find" rather than the correct "I'm not looking for it in places it can be expected to be found".
Since the English-language internet is largely dominated by Americans, these things spread and are accepted as facts.



Adamant commented on Review: Ufouria: The Saga (Virtual Console / NES):

"it's one of the rarest NES games around and a complete English copy can go for hundreds of dollars on auction sites, if you're lucky enough to even see one of them."

That's somewhat of a stretch - Americans have a tendency to exaggerate the rarity of something not available right there in their back yard, and are seemingly too dumb to look in the right places. PAL games are obviously not THAT commonplace on the American-centric, which spreads the word that the game ITSELF is rare, which means people become willing to pay higher prices than normally for it.
The game isn't really much rarer than your average PAL game, you just need to search for it in places that largely deal in PAL games.



Adamant commented on Nintendo Download: 21st May 2010 (Europe):

"Interestingly enough, a few countries in Europe will be getting one of two different game featuring puzzles from other newspapers in its place - Mehr Kreuzworträtsel Welt Edition features puzzles from German newspaper Die Welt, while Mots Croisés has puzzles from an unknown French newspaper."

So are non-English/French/German countries getting this at all? Crosswords in anything but your first language are near-impossible to solve, so there will be absolutely zero interest in this game in most countries.



Adamant commented on Complete Your Living Room: My Fireplace Stokin...:

@The Fox: No, but they're still speaking on behalf of "Nintendolife" rather than solely for themselves. Personal opinions is one thing, but "Nintendolife" is still saying "we're recommending (My Aquarium) highly; it really is a unique experience that will provide enjoyment for people of all ages and backgrounds.". Note the "we". My Fireplace HAS to be reviewed in a similar fashion (ie, not as a game, not criticized for "just being a screensaver"), otherwise neither review will have any meaning.

But i trust they will. It's not like they're IGN or anything.