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Mon 24th Nov 2008

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King_Elemento commented on La Mulana Developers Discuss Religious and Rat...:

I don't really care about whether the breasts are censored or not, although they shouldn't be as the game was originally that way, if they must because the world's offended by such stuff, censor them. Not like people will take so much notice anyway.

The sacrificial maidens thing is important to the tone of the game though. If that gets taken out because of Nintendo's daft, age-old censoring ideals, then screw Nintendo.



King_Elemento commented on Review: Flashlight (DSiWare):

I've been using my DS for this purpose without this since I first got it. No need for this.

Although I guess it should get a 1/10 for providing multiple colours and the Morse Code thing. Definitely not 2/10 though.



King_Elemento commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Arcade Games on Virtua...:

The purpose of the VC is for games to be released. No game, no matter how bad or how many versions of it there are has a reason to be skipped if it can be released, especially considering the drought that appears to be occurring right now. All of the above games should be released. I'd buy all of them if I had the money.



King_Elemento commented on Analyst: Nintendo DS2 to be Launched Next Year:

@10. V8 Ninja:
Care to suggest a better placeholder name? Wii 2 and DS2 seem to make the most sense as far as speculation goes for the follow-up systems, and that's all the names are, speculation, because that's all they can be at this point.

Anyways, next year is hardly a surprise for the next system, they're almost certainly going to give hints towards new systems at E3 '10, if not give a full announcement. We know discussions are underway for this anyway, so it would only be a matter of time if it isn't announced.



King_Elemento commented on Review: myNotebook (DSiWare):

There should be an option to price downloads at 100 points. Most apps should be at that price. But with that option, I can see a lot of low-budget shovelware being on the service... not like there isn't already, but I mean moreso.



King_Elemento commented on DSi XL Footage For Your Viewing Pleasure:

If it were coming out over here before Christmas, I'd consider getting one. The resolution doesn't actually look too terrible, but seeing as I prefer playing portable games in the car/bus/etc to resting it on a desk, or holding it just above one, and that I'd like a new DS ASAP, I doubt I'll bother waiting unless they announce some drastic new feature before December comes.



King_Elemento commented on Competitions Nudge:

@7. invmat:
I never noticed that... Ah well, I'll sell my goody pack then. ;D

Edit: On second thoughts, I may as well keep it. I might like the T-shirt. =P



King_Elemento commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Takes Top Spot:

Y'know, I'm waiting for you to say something like "A well-deserved 4/10" in one of these articles...

Anyhow, I'll probably get this in the new year, once I've found the last idol in the first game... Great news to hear this take top place though.