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Tue 27th May 2008

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Zork2 commented on Metal Slug X:

It's the 2nd best Metal Slug. Metal Slug 3 is the best, IMO.



Zork2 commented on Wii U Power Lacks a 'Generational Leap':

I think this lack of power is a serious error and the market will be much harsher on the Wii U. You have to look at how games are being developed. Raw horsepower is being used to reduce development costs, e.g.:

Can the Wii U run a game like this? Look at the GPU. I think the answer is no. And that's a serious problem because the multimillion dollar budgets of the last era are coming down. Too much risk, etc. So instead of reaching to build a richer and more immersive experience by throwing money and artists at the problem, companies are going to lean on the technology to deliver a better experience but at a much lower cost. You'll need the hardware to run that.



Zork2 commented on Game of the Month: May 2012 - Monster World IV:

I got it. It's good! Nice graphics and sound, tight controls, and the flying rabbite is a neat twist. A lot of thought was put into it. I'd give it a 9/10.

Also picked up Metal Slug 3 today. That game is 10/10.



Zork2 commented on Rumour: Wii U "Twice as Powerful as Xbox 360":

The Wii U looks underpowered. The Xbox 360 was quite a beast in 2005, but Moore's law says processing power doubles every 18 months. 6 years later a comparable machine would be 16x faster than the Xbox 360. The Wii U is one eighth of that.

I expect the next Xbox and Playstation will be at least 15x faster than their current systems and come in 2013, because that type of gain is needed to significantly improve graphics. It's not clear yet whether that will sell, but Nintendo could be a generation behind again.

That being said, the Wii was profitable and had some good games. I like the controllers. The system is small and easy to accommodate. I use it for Netflix a lot. I hope for Nintendo's sake that the Wii wasn't just a one shot and there is a market for an improved version. I guess it will all hinge on software, as usual.



Zork2 commented on Prince of Persia:

Will buy. But what I'd really like to play again is Out of This World.



Zork2 commented on Fear the REAPER:

But will it be "the best looking 2d game ever shipped" ? That really is the question.



Zork2 commented on Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon:

I got it when it came out and I'm liking it a lot. It's very engrossing. It's the type of game that absolutely must be played in the dark with the lights out. The atmosphere is incredible.

Fighting is a little awkward, but not horrible or anything. I think it's realistic. You're a boy with a stick, not a ninja or something. It adds to the suspense and I think it works well.

This game is only for the patient. Also, it is not to be spoiled. Don't read a faq thinking you should get everything, just play through the game. Don't spoil it, seriously. It is so much better if you just let it play out.



Zork2 commented on Lumines Dev Not Impressed With 3DS:

He's right of course. Memory cartridges are a big economic drag for everyone but Nintendo. How much of that $30 price tag is eaten by inventory, manufacturing, and transportation costs? For small titles it's a lot. Bring on the downloads please! We'll get a better selection of games for lower prices, although the competition may be fierce.



Zork2 commented on Review: Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console / Su...:

I actually prefer this game to FF3 (US). It's more structured and cohesive, the cast of characters is limited and their skills are distinguished, the summons don't take forever, the battles are more tactical, and the monsters are better IMO. The music is also very very good. FF3 is objectively better in many ways, but this is probably the nicest JRPG of its type. In later Final Fantasy games the characters are in some sense interchangeable and by the end of the game they become tank-mages. I find this really annoying.

Having played the hard-type version on the Playstation, I don't think the buyers of this version are really missing out. The hard version has more specialized recovery items, things are more expensive, and the monsters are stronger. You can get a similar challenge from this game simply by not level grinding and running from the enemies a bit. The game is very well balanced for players of all skills.

Also Phantasy Star 4 was a very good game. My favorite Genesis game by far. But the spell effects are limited and the graphics and music just aren't as good as FF4. Take a listen to the battle music for the four fiends and tell me this is not awesome:



Zork2 commented on Konami Updates Gradius Rebirth:

The graphical enhancements are mostly welcome. The Moai level has Moais in the background, the base level has more detail and animation which fixes the "flat" look it had before. They also added an asteroid belt added to the approach of the base level, but I find this quite disorientating.

The music is ok. They changed some of the boss themes and the theme that plays during the first part of the base level. It's not bad and makes the game less repetitive, but I liked a few of the old themes better. They didn't remove anything thankfully, just added more variety.

Overall, it's a welcome update and it's nice to see Konami touching up this game a year after its release.



Zork2 commented on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood ESRB Rated:

Whoa. Instant buy. Despite the fact that weekly releases often suck, the virtual console now has enough AAA games to be considered "good". Be sure to check out Secret of Mana too.



Zork2 commented on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood:

This is the best Castlevania game of the 16-bit generation, a masterpiece comparable only to its sequel - Symphony of the Night. I don't understand why Konami is holding back. They should flood the VC with Castlevania, Gradius, Contra, Parodius, etc. Give us the games!



Zork2 commented on First Impressions: Phalanx:

I'll get it. I wish they would add X68k to the virtual console though. They had a lot of neat games on that system (which we never got to play).



Zork2 commented on Nintendo Download: 14 December 2009 (North Ame...:

Blaster Master is a classic. Easily one of the best games on the NES. It's also one of the few NES games that doesn't feel dated. It's so well programmed the system barely holds it back. Instant download.



Zork2 commented on Muramasa Slices into Europe Next Month!:

This game is incredible and I honestly shake my head at the reviews that say 8/10. All of the things that people criticise are precisely the design choices which make it the best 2d hack-n-slash of the decade. More RPG crap would ruin this game. It's extremely replayable as it is, and the sword tree is perfect. This is not an RPG, or even an "action RPG". It is an action game with some RPG elements that make it easier at first. Turn on shura mode and it plays more like a 2d fighter.

I have spent 11 hours in 4 days playing this game, which for a guy with a job and a family means lack of sleep. This game is totally awesome, I can't get enough of it, and I urge you to check it out. Just remember: it's an action game, not an RPG.



Zork2 commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade:

This game is unreal. I'm just getting into it and I want to restart to savor the beginning again. I just can't believe they made a game like this. It's awesome!



Zork2 commented on Mr. Driller W:

I've been playing this game like crazy - every day, whenever I have even 5 minutes. It's like crack!