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Fri 28th Mar 2008

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Zinjak commented on Mega Man 10 DLC Round-up Part One:

BASS MODE!! favorite character in the series and my favorite to play in MM and Bass. he is prolly OP but he plays just like he use to and thats what important.



Zinjak commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1:

ya know it was oldschool for japanese people too...and to them he's eggman...I prefer the new models to the older ones anyhow..ESPECIALLY eggmans.they are going for oldschool just enough in this one.I for one am nega excited about cant get here sooner.



Zinjak commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Coming to Wii:

unbelievably happy right now. I like that its a mix of the old and the new....the original sonic games are my favorite old school games. I personally am glad hes not fat old school sonic though, I have preferred the new looks ever since they came out, besides they have to have something recognizable for the new generation of fans, but the gameplay looks very traditional.



Zinjak commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Virtual Console / Su...:

not sure if i agree with this review, i have been with this series since the beginning and this has never been my favorite one.the more i play the newer ones the more i just cant go back. i don't think this ones aged as well as lot of people think



Zinjak commented on The Lost Vikings:

i like this one, but i think the sequel is superior actually, BUT both need to be on the VC, in truth I want practically every game blizzard did for the snes on the vc....they were all SO good. Blizzard has expressed interest in returning to their console roots with a few projects ( obviously they will never completely go back to consoles for monetary reasons, and its not like I think they should) but I think its a good idea. Lets hear it for maybe lost vikings three? or maybe even a new blackthorne game?



Zinjak commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:

i agree with ness, even when i was twelve i thought that n64 game were pretty ugly with their blocky pointy everything, with the exception of the pokemon stadium games, where the graphics were actually rather smooth. it made me miss sprites so much



Zinjak commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

there has never been another mario rpg that could hold a candle to this game. i played paper mario and was very dissapointed with it after having played legend of the seven stars before it. ive only ever wanted a true sequel to this game, and as much as i like mario and luigi (a lil more like legend of the seven stars) it still isnt this game.

and no this wasnt my first rpg, Chrono Trigger was, which i played the hell out of. Rexy, fine you dont like the game but just because you dont want it doesnt mean the rest of us do, and honoestly, comparing such a beloved game to Superman 64 is blasphemy.



Zinjak commented on Cho Aniki:

haha i cant beleive this is one of the VC games. the only one i knew about was the one that was more similar to a tournament fighter, didnt even know about the shmup. while that one was extremely "gay" as some might put ( i know i would lol) it is a super funny game, and if the shooters ( i love parodius btw) are as funny as those games ( i mean in the fighter chou aniki one of the guys shot a ki blast from his wang, how can you not love that) then this is something to consider.



Zinjak commented on Fantasy Zone:

i had this on my NES when i was lil, it was a blast but even from that early age i new i would never be good at shmups lol, this game kicked my butt alot. i usually only played it because i liked the music ( same reason i ever played dr. mario, because otherwise i dont like or am i good at puzzle games)



Zinjak commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

Man, i hope they eventually support the Sega Cd, i didnt have it back when i was smaller as it yet another system ( i had no actual idea it hooked up to the genesis) and i couldnt ask my parents for another one. so i totally missed out on sonic cd back in the day and i really really want to play it. guess i could just go buy gems but other than like fapping around on sonic fighters i dont know if i want the other games that come with it.



Zinjak commented on Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Con...:

i will never ever believe Zelda games are rpgs, and nothing anyone will ever say will convince me otherwise, upgrading equipment and open environments are in lots of other kinds of games ( that would make shadow of the colossus and the grand theft auto games rpgs, which they clearly aren't) its an action-adventure series, nothing more.



Zinjak commented on Top 10 RPGs We Want To Come To The Virtual Con...:

for one thing, Majoras mask is not an video game RPG, if you do not earn experience and level up as part of a basic gameplay, its not an rpg, not even an action rpg, at least in the sense of being a video game rpg (not absoloutly essential for real role-playing mind you). also it really is one of the lesser Zeldas, and im not the only one who thinks that.



Zinjak commented on Mario Kart 64:

wow saying this isnt as good as Super Mario Kart for the snes? i might have to start taking your reviews with a grain of salt. I cant play super mario kart any more at all. personally i still like double dash the best but my friend says that this version is the best so far to him ( was actually dissapointed with double dash as he felt it was inferior by a large margin at first, but now because that is the most recent console version of the game he cant play n64 because he is so used to double dash) anywhoo i was terrible at super mario kart and didnt enjoy playing it as much as this one.



Zinjak commented on Castlevania II: Simon's Quest:

@ Adamant, I think most people understand that the lying townsfolk is a gameplay mechanic but still suffered from a wonky translation.



Zinjak commented on Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console:

remember ppl, on the internet you have to do your april fools jokes early to get more of a rise ( you trick more people that way) its been happening for years ( remember the Wisp as the new alliance race for Burning crusade, that was days before April 1st when blizzard pulled that crap) so dont give me that " guys its still a day away" crap, we all know what this is.



Zinjak commented on Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console:

well yeah this is almost assuredly an april fools joke, i was hoping for wario land, it was the only reason to own that damn thing and honoestly it was a really good reason.

they just need to start giving us old school gameboy titles really.



Zinjak commented on Star Fox 64:

@Lando.... you really didnt just say that did you? Adventures is so bad,on top of that...its not star fox at all.

also to those who complain about the voice acting in this game, this was actually pretty good quality for back in the day, you must be not old enough to appreciate how deliciously quotable this game is.



Zinjak commented on Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:

i dont care if they ever release Super or not because they changed the way Mac looked in that game, and for the worse. He has that retarded facial expression and they made him blond and gave him an awful Hanson brother haircut. this one was the better entry.



Zinjak commented on Virtual Console Top 20 - March 2008 (EU):

i dont plan on buying any of the sonic games because i have Mega Collection and can play them there when ever i want, oh and the best one of the older series was clearly Sonic 3 and Knuckles, it was epic and obtaining super sonic was easier than sonic 2.