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Mon 8th Jun 2009

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apocalypse217 commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced:

I think its a solid decision to make a sequel. The first is far from being my favorite game but it was a solid game in every respect of the meaning and if they can do just as good on a sequel and it turns out good then great.



apocalypse217 commented on Majesco's Working On Two New Tetris Games:

I have a love/hate relationship with Tetris. The only one I really played was the original Gameboy one. I would get addicted to it but I have not had a desire to play a Tetris game in more than ten years.



apocalypse217 commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wii Details, Scre...:

I do not have a 360 or a ps3 so this is great its coming to Wii I just hope it turns out good. Since its a port it would be nice if they gave us a discounted price like the 39.99 instead of full retail but I kind of doubt they will. If not I might get it for Christmas or something.



apocalypse217 commented on Brand New Rage of the Gladiator Gameplay Video:

Hey Scott after reading your controller layout I went from not interested to interested. Now you got what looks like a solid controller layout with what looks to be great graphics. Keep us updated friend as its nice to see developers communicating with perspective fans/customers of Wii Ware.



apocalypse217 commented on The Revenge of Shinobi:

I am not going to buy it as I still have it on my Sega 6 pack cartridge but its good to know they are putting up some great games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



apocalypse217 commented on Super Star Wars:

I remember borrowing this off my cousin as a kid. I had Super Empire Strikes Back. They were pretty good games for the time.



apocalypse217 commented on Sin and Punishment:

Great looking game to be honest for an N64 game. Strong production values. But, at the same time I get boed with it pretty fast.



apocalypse217 commented on Hudson Officially Announces Calling:

I like how the Wii is getting all of these titles announced the past few months. I am not much for survival horror games but its good to see companies like Hudson supporting the Wii.



apocalypse217 commented on Review: BlastWorks (Wii):

Hey this game does not interest me but I do not know how long BUT has it for 15.40 as of today for anyone interested in the game thought this would help ya save a few dollars



apocalypse217 commented on High Voltage Working on Conduit Glitches:

Funny thing from High Voltage you contact them through there support they will not reply even after 3 messages about this. You contact SEGA they tell you your Wii needs to be sent in for repair after explaining to them Call of Duty, Mario Kart Wii, Water Warfare, Onslaught all work fine without a problem but yet they denied the glitch and told me my Wii needed sent in for repair. Nintendo I contacted them also they were more friendly about it but I had explained it to them that I had contacted HIgh Voltage and SEGA both and Nintendo told me to contact SEGA. Duh I told you I did that already. Now I found out if you wait until the match is over you can probably get it to work but why should you have to wait up to 20 minutes for that ? The game was highly hyped and they shipped it with glitches. Though once I get online it is fun but why should I have wait for 20 minutes at times when I can just pop COD in and be on in less than a minute. Hopefully High Voltage learns from there mistake now get us an update or fix the thing via server High Voltage



apocalypse217 commented on Madden NFL 10:

wow thanks EA I was hoping for more realistic graphics,grass and stadiums this year. But no you think the Madden franchise needs to look kiddy and insult us with doing this.



apocalypse217 commented on Reel Fishing Challenge:

Graphics look nice and it looks better than some of the 20 dollar games used at gamestop. But I havent played a fishing game since the old arcade ones