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You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hyrule Warriors

Posted by Damien McFerran

Co-op restricted to local play only

Nintendo confirmed a while back that Hyrule Warriors will feature online functionality, and while the official page only lists elements such as potential DLC, Miiverse connectivity and "special battle" modes, many fans jumped to conclusions and assumed that online co-op would make the cut.

It has now been officially confirmed that co-op play will only be available when playing locally on the same Wii U system.

Were you holding out hope that online play would make it into Hyrule Warriors? Will the news that only local co-op is supported impact your purchasing decision in any way? Let us know with a comment.


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Nomad said:

I prefer local co-op play but I know that many people will be disappointed by the lack of online. Still hyped for this though.



NauticalCrimes said:

Online co-op would have guaranteed I purchased this. Not sure I could rustle up a local co-op player. Still looks really fun but warriors games can be a slog solo.



Ralek85 said:

Well, I'm sorry to hear that, I really am. No buy for me then =(
I'm completely baffled by this ...



0utburst said:

Uh oh..

As some has pointed out:

Nintendo =/= Tecmo

So don't blame Nintendo for the lack of online-coop. Online battle is still possible. Wait for the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Hyrule Warriors.



Smooty said:

Wow i hate playing online but i realize how important it is for alot of gamers.
This is seriously stupid crap, i'm not getting the game anymore, only to show nintendo to stop being so ignorant on vital things such as online gaming



Datasun_7 said:

There is an online mode of sorts isn't there? Just not online coop I think. So if that's the case and that online mode is good then it doesn't really bother me



SKTTR said:

I don't need online co-op in this game as I have friends to play locally with, but remembering the prequel that Nintendo/Miyamoto co-developed and published on Wii (Samurai Warriors 3) I believe that game had online co-op. And leaving it out now could be viewed as a step back for fans of the online mode. I never used it though,

I'm all for local co-op! And from what I've seen they use all their time to make that one great.

Oh, and I rather need to know if I have to buy a Wii U Pro Controller for multiplayer, or can I play with a Wiimote+Nunchuk/Classic Controller?

PS. Speaking of SS3, when's Murasame Castle coming to Wii U VC?



Emblem said:

It doesn't actually say that there is no co-op in the game it seems like its referring to main story mode. I would wait until Monday before you all have meltdowns as even with my rusty translations this is open to interpretation.

I'm guessing that the main story won't have online co-op but free/adventure mode will. Also they already confirmed an online specific mode this week (Special Battles), seems strange for it to be a competitive mode.

I've never used the online co-op in a Warriors game before and i own almost everyone but it sucks for those who do use it and cant get local games. Still local co-op is what i really wanted and its in.

Direct on Monday will clear everything up anyway.



CaveDweller said:

Aaaand the hype is dead. Yup. G'bye hype. I hardly knew you.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still getting the game, But this game should have had online co-op. There's simply no two ways about it; past games in the "Warriors" series have had online co-op and this should have it too. I'm sick of never being able to play Nintendo games with my friends simply because they live too far away to play games locally on a regular basis.



Octane said:

@Datasun_7 Indeed, they only ruled out online co-op. There will still be online modes. ''Special battles'' or something like that, I imagine 1 vs 1 online battles. But you know how people quickly jump to conclusions without doing some actual research themselves..



MightyKrypto said:

Wow, okay... seriously Nintendo... feel free to enter the 21th century already!!! Offline co-op only isn't going to cut it anymore in this day & age...especially for a game like this!



Kewlan said:

What I was most interested in was the special battle mode thing, but it's a bit sad that won't be in...



Rin-go said:

Important to note, before people jump to conclusions, I just read a comment that none of the crossovers had online co-op, just online modes. So this is perfectly normal.
People who played the other crossovers probably have more to say about it.



Octane said:

@Kewlan Special battles =/= online co-op. We know next to nothing about the modes in this game, it's too soon to jump to conclusions. Special battles are still listed under the online capabilities, and as far as we know, they're still present in the game.



Einherjar said:

Well, online play sucked really bad in their other titles, so not a huge loss.
I remember the online lag fest that was DW7

And to all the people crying over the loss of online co-op:
Boo hoo, need a handcarechif for that ? Ruling games out because online play is missing -.- I better shut up or ill probably anger the mods...



JimLad said:

Nintendo will never take online gaming seriously.
If you live apart from your friends, just buy different hardware and save yourself the disappointment.



Tate24 said:

Other blow shows Nintendo is behind times.

If they just listened to what the fans wanted instead of them selfs they make fortune with this title...

Am sad see no online co-op. I guest just wait for Bayonetta instead.

Local play is useless to me I've got no friends who live near me :/




CaveDweller said:

@Octane "Am sad see no online co-op."
Clearly the idea of no online co-op is disappointing enough to him, regardless of any other online modes. What amount of "research" or comment reading would change that?



Gingadreadman said:

Yet another huge disappointment from Nintendo. Well done there it's almost like you want to disappoint your fans.



Octane said:

@CaveDweller ''Local play is useless to me I've got no friends who live near me''
True, but this doesn't make sense either, as online modes do exist. The problem is that most people seem to think that the entire online play is removed by this [no online co-op] statement.



Emblem said:

@Einherjar To be fair the online on both Wii U games has been smooth but FOTNS was completely dead (shame as it had an 8 player co-op and vs mode), Orichi 3 seemed okay but I only tested it a couple times. I agre though people saying they are not getting it due to online co-op are being silly.

Warriors co-op online is a weird affair, its almost like playing with a bot since there is no need to coordinate, communicate or actually be together. I'm far more interested in a versus or mini game mode like Orichi 3 and the older Warriors titles.

Edit: Also why is everyone attacking Nintendo? They are not even funding or co-developing the game, they are leasing out their IP and that's it. The only control they have over the game is their IP which is the only thing being supervised, mechanics and systems have nothing to do with them.



Tate24 said:

@Octane @Octane I did read comments but since no one know for sure

Am expecting Nintendo to disappoint as normal.

I'd much prefer co-op through story then anything else.



AndyWARbear said:

I personally couldn't care less. I rarely buy a game for its online play. To me it's a bonus, not a requirement. Like Nintendo, I prefer to socialise in person, not via a headset. Local co-op with a few mates and beers wins every time. If that makes me old school, so be it.



Rin-go said:

I only posted what I read. I hoped someone who played those games would be able to say something more about it, so thanks.
But that means only one crossover had online co-op and all the others hadn't? So online co-op for crossovers is actually out of the norm?



Kifa said:

Well that is disappointing really. It will be much harder for me to justify the purchase here - I really don't have anyone to play this with, and I'm guessing that "dynasty-ish" games are not all that fun alone. Oh well...



FlaygletheBagel said:

@Octane Thanks for going around and clarifying that a lack of online co-op doesn't mean there's no online period. It seems people are jumping to conclusions an awful lot on this thread, but it's nice to have someone clarifying what this really means for the game.

Anyway, I was on the fence about this game as it is, and a lack of online co-op definitely sucks, but maybe Nintendo can change my mind with their Direct on the 5th.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I would never have used this feature. I'd take local coop over online any day. It's a slight shame for people who actually know other Wii U users that will buy this and want to play the quest as a team but I would personally prefer to just stick some high scores out there for my mates to try to beat.

I definitely think this is a game that deserves online coop more than a Mario platformer but it's still not an absolute necessity.



Gelantious said:

Prefer local, very few times we've ever used online coop mode when it's just two people. So this doesn't matter to me.



PorllM said:

This is pretty pathetic. I only have a few friends that would ever play Nintendo and none of them would be interested in this. I'm still interested in the game as a huge Zelda fan, for fan service reasons only, but the value of it just shrank hugely to me. Not interested in day one any more, I'll get it when it's cheap. Hopefully an online vs mode where you capture each other's bases and command troops against each other could still make it worthwhile? Co op would be so much better though, still.



Einherjar said:

@Emblem Yup, its people crying for an online mode that no one used in the past. It just isnt worth it for a bunch of people who demand an online mode in literary every game imaginable, when no one ever used it properly anyways.

@Nintenjoe64 My thoughts exactly. The funny thing is, no one seems to care that local co op is a rarity these days, as it is often neglected for online only play. Nothing ever beats a good couch co op mode. And having to bring along a second TV / Console just to play together face to face is just silly.

@PorllM " I only have a few friends that would ever play Nintendo" Time to find new friends i would say. People seem to forget that keeping up dedicated servers for a game costs a sh*t ton of money, and THIS is definitly a niche title. So dont expect it to make enough money to justify server costs.

Let's not poke the flames too much. Leave the insults out -Lz



BertoFlyingFox said:

Couldnt care less about online play for this game if I tried. So long as local co-op is in, I'm happy.



Dpullam said:

Thankfully I would mainly play local co-op since I have someone to play with regularly. I hope they will clarify this statement sooner rather later though.



ultraraichu said:

No lost to me since I mostly play games like this locally with my love one. More fun that way.

Beside have anyone played SW3, OW3H, or FotNS KR2 online co-op (the ones complaining I mean). If your lucky enough to even find someone the same time your playing, it feels like playing with an AI. I can imagine if FotNS didn't have online play, people would be whining a lot more then now. But since they do, hardy anyone plays it and that have team mission with up to 8 players, voice chat with custom pre-set messages and more powerful scrolls to collect. A real shame.



Rin-go said:

Well, but at least it showed that crossovers happen to have online co-op.

Really? People are thinking of not getting the game, because of a lack of online co-op that according to people that play Dynasty Warriors isn't even used all that much?
There is an online battle mode. We don't yet know what that is exactly, but it could turn out to be more fun and more useful than simple online co-op.



PorllM said:

@Einherjar Lmao are you serious? Nintendo isn't popular in the UK there are only maybe 10 players of Nintendo in my whole city, the local game stores don't even have Nintendo sections, so my chances of finding someone to play this with locally is almost absolute zero, not that my friends are any part of this discussion or any of your business!

Also you're forgetting this game already has online play so your server cost argument isn't relevant. "Most people won't use it more than once or twice" is a ridiculous generalization that isn't even close to true.

I won't post an opinion on this site again since people aren't capable of disagreeing without being insulting and dismissive.



Alucard83 said:

Quel surprise that would cost a lot more money of course to get servers online that's why. Maybe a patch for later if they see the succes of the game or the second game. Nintendo is way behind when it comes to online play option. Move with your time Nintendo! Nuff said



whodatninja said:

Big surprise.

This game is all about coordination and having silent online co-op would not work. Also, couch co-op is best!



BakaKnight said:

I'm so old-style when it comes to online features that the idea of co-op being online never even crossed my mind XD

I was already planning to play the game single player and occasionally in local multiplayer (or very often in local multiplayer depending my friend and mine schedules and how much fun we can get out of the game).
My plans don't need to change at all it seems.



Yosher said:

What's the reason for holding out on online co-op for this game? Sheesh.



Einherjar said:

@PorllM Glad to hear that, thanks for not having to read your posts again

On a side note: Not being popular is not a constant. Make it popular among your people. Having friends that only want to play specific games instead of having a blast with whatever is available is quite sad.

Also, you called the decision to exclude online co op pathetic.
"I doesnt offer exactly what everything else does, so i wont buy it" is exactly the kind of attitude that made the gaming industry into what it is today. Instead of showing support to something new and say "here, i support it, next time, you can go all out with these features" you are quick to dismiss it.
A wise philosopher ones said: "This is why we cant have nice things"

Its a freakin crossover, niche experiment from a dev, whos barely able to localize his games in the first place. Calling it pathetic is simply ignorant.
And people wonder why 3rd partys generally stay away from this platform...
You simply cant make things right. The smallest blamish and its bye bye to your game.



rjejr said:

I'm ok w/ local co-op only as long as we can use 2 Gamepads like Nitnnedo told us we would be able to before the system launched.

People don't understand asynchronous. You want to be able to sell 2 screen play on a home console each player needs to have their own Gamepad, people understand that. When you play mutliplayer on a DS or 3DS does 1 person turn off their lower screen? That's a rhetorical question BTW.

What's his face is wrong, Nitneod doesn't need to drop the Gamepad to sell the Wii U, it needs to support 2 Gamepads for all the games that have couch co-op, and should have couch co-op. People get couch co-op and tablets. Nintendo - well ok only Damo - wants the Gamepad to be a tablet killer - then everybody who plays the game needs to have 1, not just player 1. See FFCC on Gamecube and GB.



PorllM said:

@Einherjar "I doesnt offer exactly what everything else does, so i wont buy it"

I never said anything close to that, it doesn't offer what I want so I possibly won't buy it day one. As a die hard Zelda fan I possibly will end up getting it day one anyway but I reserve the right to not if I'm not 100% sure it's worth full price. Excuse me for having my own tastes.

I'm still hugely excited for the game but I'm just disappointed there's no online co op, stop jumping on people when you disagree with what they say, you think it doesn't need online co op, great, enjoy then!



ModestFan93 said:

@PorllM Have you actually been reading what others have been saying? There is no guarantee that it won't have Online multiplayer elements. Or the fact is that the game will have Co-op just not for the story mode.



PorllM said:

@ModestFan93 What do you mean ? Nothing in any of my posts suggests I thought it wouldn't, I was just disappointed there wasn't full online co-op. I figured there would probably be another online mode anyway which is awesome. And no I only commented on the article, then responded to someone who attacked me for having a different opinion to him, so I haven't had chance to read any of the other comments.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I can't wait for this game. I don't care about online co-op. I pretty much play games by myself anyways.



Andyliini said:

What people seem to forget, that this game is developed and published by Koei-Tecmo, Nintendo are not the one's in charge for this game.

So if you really feel disappointed about no online co-op, most of you are barking at the wrong tree here.



SpookyMeths said:

What the heck? Why is everyone blaming Nintendo for this? Nintendo isn't even developing the game. They have a few producers on the project from the SPD division, but this is a Koei Tecmo game.

Nintendo had no problem at all implementing online play for Mario Kart 8, and online will be a very central focus of Smash too. They also didn't tell Activision to skip the online play for Ghosts or Black Ops 2, so really, there's no excuse at all for dragging your knuckles on the ground and saying something ridiculous like this is Nintendo's fault.

And yeah, this seems to specifically refer to story mode. At any rate, it's worth waiting until Monday to find out for sure.



Zymesh said:

I think the Online coop part is for the Main Story?

I have finished Dynasty Warriors Gundam and its main story is not linear. You can do certain stages first and unlock certain characters differnetly as per player. Mixing in online play for the story mode i think is impossible since you need to sync players who wants to join the host and should match up what stages the player has done compared to the host. Searching for a game host that has the same completion rate as you are would be impossible or would be close to none. It was different for the 3 kingdoms one since you can select a faction for your single player campaign. In DW Gundam you wont have a faction to choose from.

Online mode for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 was more like special scenario stages. Example would be defeat devil gundam and not part of the main story of the Game. which i think would be called "Special battle" for HW?



TheWPCTraveler said:

I'm fine with this as long as we get Fatal Frame 4 and 5. 4 as a remaster, of course.

Now... would having online multiplayer really matter of it's not done properly? A DW game is a game you talk to people with, and I really don't think they'll go through the trouble just to pull together voice chat support.



3DSfan134 said:

It's pretty good for Nintendo to confirm this. Why would I want to play with random people online? I only want to play with friends though.



LunaticPandora said:

@Andyliini Believe me they'll keep blaming Nintendo despite how much other people try to hammer into them that it's TK's game. They'll probably come out with something like "Ohhh, but Miyamoto probably barged into TK's office and told them not to include online co-op."



S3OL said:

@sinalefa: Nice! Haha.

I pretty much expected this as did a lot of other people. Good thing I recently bought a pro controller so that my bro and I could play otherwise I would've gotten bored of this game quickly.

Still pre-order material regardless if you ask me. Shiek alone is enough reason to buy this.



Luna-Harmony said:

And still nintendo got get it and wonder why sales are down this is not the snes era we are in times of online multi player now.



Tiberius30 said:

I'm glad it doesn't have it. That way when the opponent starts losing they don't force disconnect when they completely lost the match... Anyways, that is what you guys get for ASSUMING it had online co-op... Also, Hyrule Warriors is awesome! So far all of my character wants are in the game. (Now if Ashei from Zelda: Twilight Princess gets announced...)



Chomposaur said:

Grass is green, water is wet, the pope is catholic and another Nintendo game doesn't support online play.

Wow what a shame this game would be perfect for online battles and co-op.



Chomposaur said:

Look at all the damage controll here. People like you are the reason Nintendo are still stuck in the Stone Age. Nintendo fans do not like change.

I'm sure Shokio did a video on this subject.



JoakimZ said:

It doesn't bother me at all, I was only going to play local co-op anyway.



DiscoGentleman said:

I was afraid this is the case.
For me, it's not that big of deal because I plan to play it with my fiancé, but this is still a let-down.



Ralek85 said:

@Einherjar Wow, I heard a lot of less than well reasoned arguments in my life, but to suggest, that it is ok, to leave out an important feature in a game, because the previous implementation in the series of said feature was not good to begin with ... is basically saying, that improving on ones work is just a silly notion. You really took that cake with that one sir. Kudos.

Also, pointlessly antagonizing people ... with comments like "And to all the people crying over the loss of online co-op: Boo hoo, need a handcarechif for that ?" seems like a waste of time, but it's your prerogative.
Once again you think that "Ruling games out because online play is missing -.-" is a silly notion ... You just can't fathom that not everyone has a local buddy at hand, who is willing to play a DW game, of all this things? No empathy what so ever, I guess as long as your needs are served everyone should just shup up and go home!



piggie_pie said:

So let me get this straight... you can still play online co-op right? Just not couch co-op?

That would be perfectly fine with me...



xVAKAR1ANx said:

I wanted to play the campaign online so I could be a different character with each friend. That sucks big time.



Octane said:

@piggie_pie ''couch co-op'', or local co-op is still possible. Online co-op isn't. However that doesn't mean the game doesn't have online capabilities. There are ''special [online] battles'' for example, as I said before, I imagine a 1 vs 1 battle. I think we'll learn more about that next coming during the Hyrule Warriors Direct.



Caryslan said:

For everyone who is saying that this is only Koei Tecmo's fault, keep in mind one thing. They are making a game based on Nintendo's third largest IP. That means more that likely, Nintendo has the final say over everything that gets into this game, from gameplay modes to characters.

One thing to keep in mind is that Dynasty Warriors 8 has both online and offline co-op.

Something to think about.



Octane said:

@Chomposaur Sigh...

1. Online battles still exist, there's an online function called ''special battles'', although not confirmed, I imagine that to be online 1 vs 1 battles.

2. Nintendo isn't stuck in the Stone Age, this is Koei Tecmo's game. If they decide on no online co-op, it's their saying, not Nintendo's.

3. I'm sure Nintendo fans don't mind change. Nobody is against online co-op, a lot of people just don't mind the absence of it. That's a difference. If it was included, it's fine by me, but I didn't plan to use online co-op in first place.



Einherjar said:

@piggie_pie The other way around.

@Ralek85 First of, "important" feature is debatable. Like i said, online play was barely used in other titles, probably because of the small install base in the first place. And i never said that "improving on ones work is just a silly notion", you implied that. I basicly said the exact opposite in that this crossover could go into a second round should it be supported properly and then be fully featured out.
They are testing the waters with this game. The Zelda franchise never experienced a fully fledged out crossover and even now people are expecting a "real" zelda game.
Puting all their money into the first installment and having people outcry about the game being "no real zelda title" could backfire pretty hard, especially for a studio who is already struggling to stay above water.
If people end up liking a DW game with a Zelda theme, i bet we see a sequel with proper online play. But for now, its one of the least needed features to have.



piggie_pie said:

oops i read that wrong...

"It has now been officially confirmed that co-op play will only be available when playing locally on the same Wii U system."

Im starting to regret my purchase...



Caryslan said:

@Einherjar What in the world are you talking about? Dynasty Warriors 8 has online and offline co-op, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has full online features. It's not like Koei Tecmo has never done an online game before..



Emaan said:

A very important rule of thumb for Nintendo fans:

Never assume there will be online play



LztheQuack said:

@Caryslan His point is that Tecmo Koei is the ones developing this, not Nintendo. This was most likely TK's decision

@Smooty I really doubt you not buying this game will send that specific message to Nintendo. They can also conclude that you had no interest in this game.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hm, that's kinda disappointing. I was hoping for some big online stuff. That means two of my friends won't get it... too bad.

@Einherjar I agree to what you imply, but I guess you delivered it in a confusing way (which is why people jump at you now).
Hyrule Warriors is a double experiment. It's the very first Zelda spin-off game to be officially approved by Nintendo (and spin-offs don't need to incorporate anything explicitly from the main series), and it's Tecmo Koei's first Nintendo-exclusive title (a territory that hasn't proven much promise so far). Implementing co-op online functionality would be a good incentive for doubters to get the game, but since it only partially caters to Musou-type fans and barely to Zelda fans (at least in terms of gameplay), it would be wasted effort and money. Local co-op is the best solution to avoid a single-player-only experience.

Besides, previous Warrior games with online didn't leave a good impression, and the only one that is at least somewhat active would be One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (which is boring online). As @Einherjar said, they can still introduce online co-op in Hyrule Warriors: Revenge (title not final, of course).



xerneas said:

Really I don't mind too much, there's no one who would play with me online anyway, instead my friends can come over and play locally. Of course this is a bummer for some people apparently. But I'm sure they're still including some kind of online battle mode, just not story mode co-op.



LztheQuack said:

@Gen0neD I honestly didn't think this one mode meant so much for a game's success. I thought maybe Zelda and Dynasty Warriors was enough for this game. Guess not

Also, a message for everyone here: Knock off the insults.



Einherjar said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Thanks for putting it into something more readable
My english is a bit wonky today.

@Caryslan DW7 for instance, also had no online play for the main campaign mode, only for conquest mode. It was its add on (Xtreme Legends) who enabled online play for campaign mode.
But since people are "not buying it now" i guess well never see a sequel or an add on then.

@LunaticPandora Thats what makes me so mad about this. People have no clue what they are talking about and still feel the need to bash everything in sight... Oh well, its not like it hasnt been like this on here for ages...



aaronsullivan said:

For co-op I don't understand the problem with one on the GamePad and one on the TV. Why would 2 GamePads be better in this scenario?

Also, as much as I like the idea of multiple individual screens for players to use instead of just one off-TV screen, I don't see it becoming enticing enough to add another $100+ to the entry fee. Wii-U for $429. Yikes.



Gen0neD said:

@WaLzgi Doesn't mean I'm not gonna pick this up. It's just a feature I really wanted. And in this day and age? Yeah, thumbs down.



IceClimbers said:

Quit attacking Nintendo. This is Koei Tecmo's decision. Nintendo didn't have a say in this and even if they did, they likely wouldn't have cared either way.

Also, no this isn't some "protect the IP" nonsense. Remember, Nintendo put Bayonetta first before Zelda, their IP, when it came to the Link costume.



Wolfgabe said:

You people need to stop crying over this. There will be online play I think it said it will be a different mode. Wait until the direct before you make such assumptions sheesh



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - "another $100+ to the entry fee"

I'm sorry, I'm just not buying that $100 cost that's been out there for 2 years. The Wii U pro sells for $50, that cheap resistive low res touch screen just can not add another $50. and that's really the only difference. Oh, and the NFC which gets so much usage I just bought a new 7" tab for $169 w/ a quad core processor, 8GB storage, 1.5GB RAM, HD multitouch screen. I'm sure they could sell the Gamepad for $79, same as the Fit board, less than the Kinect camera. Include a copy of a game w/ it. W101 needed that screen for 2nd player. Splatoon will need it. The Starfox sequel. An dMadden FIFA game that needed either secrecy of a private screen or quick touch screen actions. I honestly think it's an easier sell as a system.

Oh, and any game that uses amiibo, if they ever do come out, needs a 2nd Gamepad to make use of the NFC.



Phle said:

Enough with the local multiplayer Nintendo. You keep assuming people have someone in real life that would like to play the game with you. In my case there usually isn't.



Hy8ogen said:

This is horse poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople. I was on the fence on getting this game, but now I think I'll pass. No online Co-op for a game like this? Temco you mad?



BassLostie said:

I kinda expected this.... But I'm still wishing that Nintendo will make an Online co-op game someday.

I always imagine that if Nintendo Land had online, would have been so much fun.



TwilightAngel said:

Wow good thing bayonetta 2 has online ,but what happen to this game? My hype was all over the place now it's in one place called sadness. Now i'm thinking it's going to get repetitive without online, i hope their is a huge character list, so i can experiment with different characters once in awhile. But still this was a bad move.



AVahne said:

In other words, like anything else Nintendo related, we can't have nice things, because of squirrels.
Anyway it's fine, I never expected online play anyway. Would've been nice though, especially if they had a 4 player battle mode where you try to capture each others bases.



Ralek85 said:

@Einherjar No, what you actually said was this:
"Well, online play sucked really bad in their other titles, so not a huge loss. I remember the online lag fest that was DW7 "
Maybe you meant something completely different, but to me, the insinuation seems pretty clear ... online was crap anyways, so why bother with it anymore?
Also, if it was crap, than your whole -it was barely used- argument goes right out the window. I want to emphasize, that to me, online co-op is important, honestly, it's not only important, but a prerequisite for a DW game. I understand, that this may not apply to you, and maybe I'm a minority, still I would appreciate some empathy here. It's not about whining, it's just about a lack of features which will serioulsy impede my enjoyment of the game, to the point that I will no longer bother with it at all. Maybe, they are, for some unfathomable reason, under the impression, that this is a sellers-market ... well, it is not. This is bad for the game, for the WiiU as a platform and for Nintendo's experiment with branching out, that might make me sad, but there is no two ways about it.
I had a buddy lined up to play this, now we can't, so we won't buy it, simple as that.



Octane said:

@Phle I know right, no online multiplayer, how could Nintendo do this?! Are they crazy? It's no... oh wait, it does have an online mode, and Nintendo is not responsible for this, this is made by Koei Tecmo.



DJSmith99 said:

@AndyWARbear Look that is fine. I prefer local coop too, but not everone lives next door to each other. Some people have friends who live faraway. I know people who live across the country and even in other countries. I would like to play the game with them. The only way I could do that without online is if they visited which doesn't happen often. So Nintendo needs to make more console games with both local and online. I hope this doesn't happen with Mario Party 10 but it probably will.



Einherjar said:

@Ralek85 So, to recap: You want me to show more empathy in the way of acknowledging the importance, no, the neccessaty of online multiplayer...
So, wheres your acknowledgment of the fact, that online MP is no neccessaty at all ?
Games do not have neccessary components other than to be playable without technical errors. Everything else is purely a matter of taste and preference.

And not buying a single player game because it doesnt feature an online 2 player mode is indeed silly if you ask me.

Also "Also, if it was crap, than your whole -it was barely used- argument goes right out the window" Why exactly ?
Most people never cared about online co op for the simple reasons of it being barely optimised and, quite frankly, boring as all hell.
The games always had problems synchronizing enemy masses. Every player basicly had his own enemys to fight. Its not rare to see your partner hack away at thin air because he sees an enemy that isnt spawned at your end because the game on your end preloaded to many other characters a few meters away.
Optimising this could take quite some time and effort, and when its not done in the main series, it wont happen to a spin off experiment.

Also, like i said, as far as we know, they are talking about story co op, which was also not featured in DW7. Its story campaign was purely single player. Who knows, maybe it will feature an online free play mode ?



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Meh. I'm not too bothered. The game play videos and revealed roster have sold me on it. Impa and that naginata! It just means I'll have to work a little harder to convince a buddy of mine to buy it since we only game locally about once every two or three months.



kyuubikid213 said:

I love how everyone's telling Nintendo to get with online when Mario Kart 8 has online features. Y'know, it's like people need to complain about something to go on living. You'd think they just announced no multiplayer at all for future Smash Bros. titles with the way they're acting.

To be perfectly honest, if this game is anything like any Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors game, having online multiplayer would only lock you into playing one game for over an hour. Those fights last a LONG time.



LztheQuack said:

@Gen0neD I determine how good a game is based on its quality. I'm not gonna refuse a game just because it lacks a certain mode. That's why I think some people are taking this too far. Even in this day and age, not every game needs an online mode.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, figured....kinda. Though I kinda wish they confirmed that much earlier months before release. Way to be a hype killer for the majority....... still buying it though, not missing my chance to play as darunia.

Maybe this direct'll be a palate cleanser.



Andyliini said:

It's just sad how everyone suddenly thinks the game does not have any online modes, just because of one tweet in Japanese.

People really should read more and cry less.



Wolfgabe said:

@Andyliini They did say there would be special modes for online I believe. Probably something along the lines of versus multiplayer



Pahvi said:

I'll be getting the game nonetheless, unless the Japanese reviews blast it out of the water for reasons other than lacking online play.



Rin-go said:

It seems to me that people read the headline and comment, without reading the article or the comments, just to be able to spout their It's 2014 stuff.
It's 2014, so reading a short article and skimming through the comments shouldn't be a problem.



Gen0neD said:

@WaLzgi You're right. Not every game does need it, but this game screams it. You can see the screams in the comments. And really, the complaints here are valid only because they/we are paying customers and we want to throw our money at these companies with reckless abandon and they are leaving out important features. Some of those features are deal breakers (for some) if they're not included. Like I said, it's not a deal breaker for me but dammit, me and my friend in Boston were counting on it, so it hurts. Just because this doesn't affect you, you shouldn't go out of your way to tell others it shouldn't affect them. You don't know their circumstances. Paying customers have a right to complain. How they go about it, is another thing.



Trikeboy said:

People, go out into the world and make real friends, not a stupid user name on your screen. Local multiplayer is always more fun.



Monsti said:

Even though this is a Nintendo site I'm shocked all over again how many awful fanboys there are here. There is no reason to defend this and to say it dosen't need it, it's a small developer or whatever. This game is meant to be coop and video games are not just played by 8 year olds anymore. And not everybody is single and has no life! The only way for me to play this with friends if I can call them up to have some online co-op in the evening. I can't have them drive through town (if they live there cause most don't!) and sit on my couch all night.
It's nice if people will still play it, but me and my friend now won't be able that's Hyrule Warriors for me.



JaxonH said:


You might actually be swaying my opinion here. What would you say to that? If I told you you might (I said MIGHT) be changing my mind about the whole 2 gamepads thing and the price they could sell for?



JaxonH said:

Um, I always get excited when I hear online co-op because I immediately think of all the fun it would be playing with my brother. But then reality sinks in, and I remember that I've played online co-op with my brother ONCE in the last 4 years, and I realize that those dreams will never come to fruition anyways.

So really, I couldn't care less.



R_Champ said:

This could be a deal breaker for me. I was getting excited to try out this game and jump into a new genre...but without online co-op to add to the variety and replay I don't think it's really worth the $60 admission price. Usually, Nintendo games are worth $60 with only local co-op...but his is a TK game with Nintendo characters...there's a HUGE difference. Sadly, probably a bargain-bin purchase now...which is sad because I wanted to support this game at full price.



Jazzer94 said:

Why why why, come on Nintendo this was a given to include online I can't believe this man I wanted to play with my cousin who lives in the US that ain't gonna happen now is it. smh



Ralek85 said:

@Einherjar First off, you are grossly misrepresenting my point. I never said, it is necessary for this game or any game, to have online multiplayer. I said, it is necessary for me and it is necessary for anyone sharíng in my preferences. Judging even from the comments here, I'm not the only one that feels that way.
Secondly, you clearly don't understand what empathy means. You are trying to argue against it, based on the fact, that there is no logical need for it ... Empathy is not a logical conclusion, arrived at by means of deduction, it's the ability to recognize the emotions and preferences of other sentient beings. You are arguing against the colour orange, based on the taste of the fruit ... utterly besides the point.

Next point, if a online multiplayer is crap, and as you say barely playable due to lag, why would anyone use it? I think it's a very reasonable assumption the latter follows from the former. All the problems you are describing sound like a pretty good deterrent, dont they? So if you turn the multiplayer in a playable and enjoyable not-lag-fest, it will be used more. Duh!

In 2014 I won't even bother commenting on the feasibility of such an undertaking.

It is beyond me, why you seem to be unable to grasp, that someone might be interested in this, or any game for that matter, solely for it's co-op value. It's not such an alien concept after all, there were plenty of games, that thrive on their co-op before all things. The DW games aren't exactly technical or gameplay wonders, to me the fun comes purely from fighting side by side with a buddy against endless hordes. Unfortunately most people I know became jaded by this kind of game, a very long time ago, and for the most part so am I actually, but well I do love Zelda!^^ I had a friend, who was willing to play this with me, but he lives not nearby, not at all. That's why I brought up empathy, because games are not about a logical checklist, but about emotions, about joy and fun. Now I feel silly for you having forced me to actually point that out.
Simply put I can't play it the only way, I had any interest playing it. I was not asking for much, just an online co-op like thousands of games have done before, since more than a decade ago. I don't get that, than I'm not willing to give them any money.
Why in the name of Christ, would I compromise on a videogame? Especially when I could just as well play DW8X with online co-op for example. In fact, to go against my interests here, for no apparent reason whatsoever, that would be plenty silly. Spending time and money on a product you are not competely satisfied with, that is silly.
Again the developer is entitled to do whatever he likes to do, is just that, if they can't accomondate a basic feature I need for my enjoyment (and let's not kid ourselves about the fact, that is just a basic feature), well, then he can have my money.
Your utter lack of understanding of the concept of empathy, shouldn't in the least impair your understanding of the concept of supply and demand. There is plenty supply in this market ... again, it is not a sellers market, not even close.



Einherjar said:

@Ralek85 Thanks for the book you wrote me. To be honest, athough i read it all, i still dont really care.
I could go on and ask about the connection between your "emotions" and a valid business decision and all the other stuff, but frankly, i couldnt care less at this point, especially since i start to sound like a record player here.

If you cant enjoy these type of games with a single player campaign, well, thats your problem, not the devs. That still doesnt make any form of online play a requirement or a "basic feature" no matter what year it is or how many decades this has been done by other games.

So please, spare me your lectures about my lack of empathy for your emotions towards a video game. I get that you wont buy it because of that, i still find it silly that this is the deciding factor for it and thats it.

I was about to write something to your "its 2014, they must be able to make it work" comment, but liek i said above, i really dont care anymore. Too much effort to be perfectly honest.
I will just say: "Its 2014, you should know better than this by now" and leave it at that.

Also, dont count on another reply. Maybe if i feel like it and have nothing else to do, but this site is really making me sick lately.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - I'd say your working too hard Long and hard, you're probably just sleep deprived.

I live in a house w/ 2 kids, we play on the Wii U alot. We bought an extra $50 Pro for W10 multilayer and a Classic Wiig Pro so I could play Zeno blade finally. A lot of people bought a $20 Classic ONLY for MHTri. Many people would buy an $80 Game pad for 2 player Mine craft w/ touch screen controls. Or Madden w/ touchscreen play selection.

Of course first they have to sell the Wiig U. Shouldn't Sunshine HD be out this Christmas? Did they first announce WW HD in Aug or was that just the bundle? Never too late for an HD update.



hcfwesker said:

I've never liked DW games. They're repetitive hack n slash games, in my opinion, when I played them. But throw in Zelda atmosphere and references, and you got me intrigued. Still I know it would get repetitive after so long so don't plan on purchasing it ... but then I hear a rumor about the possibility of a co-op online mode that I can play with friends ( while chatting on skype cause WiiU mic sux ). Ok, I'm sold, this could be a fun game to kill some time with friends while randomly hack n slashing through zelda lore. Take that away and you take away my interest in the game.

That's my honest opinion, and I'm sure many others feel the same way. It's not that people demand online play in every game, but some of us can ONLY play co-op games through online modes. And, for a game I'm interested in from the very beginning, this wouldn't bother me, at all. Unfortunately, for me to warrant purchasing THIS game, the online co-op mode was a necessity. I'll wait for further details on this to be revealed but that's the gist of it.



Iggly said:

Oh noes anything but the Co-Op Mode!!! I personally don't care about the Co-Op Mode, I'll be playing the other features it has for Online. If I want Co-Op, I'll stick with Monster Hunter if that's the case. [Still find it dumb that People won't buy this just because there's one less mode in the Online Mode]



Nictendo64 said:

Why does Nintendo refuse to get on the online train? NSMBU, SM3DW, Pikmin 3, DK, the list goes on. People want to play with each other online, it's 2014 now Nintendo.



Ralek85 said:

@Einherjar Tl,Dn much then? ^^ Nvm, I keep it short, I don't care diddly-squat, if you don get it or not. I hope the game pays the price for limiting player options beyond what should be a standard in this day and age, whether you acknowledge that fact or not. Really, that's the beauty about facts, they don't care.
To bring this to a close, sites don't make people sick, silly, 'people do', and must be definitely 'peoples' fault then, since, clearly, you are perfectly nice human being, who just can be bothered to give a damn about others ... what gives, right?

Don't bother to answer, because yeah, you're player is broken, bro!



Einherjar said:

@Ralek85 See, thats why i didnt care to go into full detail with you:
"limiting player options beyond what should be a standard in this day and age"
It is not, get over it.Who made you boss to decide video game standarts ? Despite the fact, that there arent any to begin with.

You just get on my nerves, Youre repeating yourself more often than i do. You accuse people of silly stuff like having no empathy for your emotional bon dtowards your video games and yet, babble about "facts" that arent any. You accuse other for "pretending to be always right" and yet, you yourself cant stop arguing that yours is the perfect answer and the only one thats right. Ding dong, wake up, its not.

So again, spare me your wisecracking. Youre as right and wrong as everyone else, oh wise savior of emotional video gaming. Seriously, just listen to yourself for ones and maybe youll realize that youre doing the same thing you accuse others for.

That said, have a nice, relaxing weekend.



whanvee said:

So is this something that has been in other entries in the series?? If it has, I don't see why it isn't here. If it hasn't, well then it still sucks. Is the wii u's online infrastructure as bad as the wii's?? I'm scared for smash bros. I remember being excited for brawls online. Only to find out it was really laggy when I finally got my hands on it.



Ralek85 said:

1. Learn to quote, I have no idea what you are doing but it ain't quoting, maybe it is your own version of paraphrasing with just a mite of word-twisting. It ain't right, that's for sure. For that matter, you're free to interpret what I'm saying within reasonable boundaries, but stop putting words in my mouth to suit your argument.
2. Just take a look at how many retail games release these days with offline multiplayer only. It's not up to me, that much is true, to decide what a standard is and what not. I never claimed that. I is not up to you either though, just take a look at empirical reality and be satisfied with that. No need for theorizing this and that, if you can just measure it.
3. You're also right about me repeating yourself, but what can do, if you keep making stuff up out of thin air? Someone has to call you on your figments of imagination, to phrase it politely.
4. I the "wise savior of emotional video gaming" and my "wisecracking"? ... Your struggle to grasp the basic workings of sarcasm must make you quite the attraction at any social gathering
5. "Seriously, just listen to yourself for ones and maybe youll realize that youre doing the same thing you accuse others for." - Certainly, I'm the wise sage here ... Oo

Uhm, yeah well, have a nice and relaxing weekend yourself.



aaronsullivan said:

@rjejr @JaxonH
Nintendo might be able to sell a second GamePad for lower than $100 now, but that wasn't your argument. You said it should have come with 2 GamePads at launch.

Also, you failed to mention the gyroscope, the receiver for getting visuals from the Wii U at high speed, the speakers and the IR bar. Those with the bright high durability screen and the NFC and the battery to run the screen (rather than just some buttons) makes it an entirely different beast than a Wii U Pro Controller.

Still, the biggest problem is feeding all the visuals to 3 screens. Just going to 2 screens causes frame rate issues for many games and even Mario Kart 8 couldn't seem to pull off 2 screens at a frame rate Nintendo was happy with.

I want a second GamePad and for it to work great, but I don't think it's as feasible as you imagine.



JaxonH said:


Um, I think WWHD was announced in that January Direct actually. Or in March, one of the two. Cause I remember thinking "Hey that's awesome, the game will be out this fall, in about 6 or 7 months from now".

And I must admit, I was VERY sleepy yesterday. 19 days straight of 10 hour shifts, except for 1 day off somewhere in there. Perhaps that's all it was. My senses are returning to me now. What was I thinking!



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - "You said it should have come with 2 GamePads at launch."

Well in a perfect world yeah, all systems would come w/ at least 2 controllers, but as I wrote it it was meant as derision for the slow pace of getting to dual Gamepad supported games, it was never going to launch w/ 2 Gamepads, that's too absurd to even consider. That was never meant as a serious comment.

The Wii launched w/ 1 and Wii Sports, which begged for another $40 Wiimote and $20 nunchuck for boxing. The PS3 launched w/ 1 and dualshocks were $60 I think. Same for PS4 and X1. All consoles launch w/ 1 and the extras are never free or cheap, $40, $50, $60. For Nitneod to not have a 2nd Gamepad controller game ready to go is just lack of forethought on their part. Imagine the Wii launched w/ Wii Sports but they don't sell separate Wiimotes for $40, how popular do you think the Wii is going to become? Do you think it sells 100 million only supporting 1 Wiimote? How about the Gamecube, is 1 Gamecube controller going to cut it for SSBM and MK? People expect to have to buy 2nd controllers. $80 isn't an extreme cost or what you get compared to the separate PS4 and X1 controllers.

Did you know that right now you can pay $80 for an X1 controller?

Nintendo is supposed to be marketing how new and special their controller is b/c it has a screen, but they can't market or come up w/ any ideas for a game using 2 screens? It makes Mahe look right, if they can't come up w/ a game that supports two, just drop it. Now I don't think Mahe is right but I think that's how it looks.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - "19 days straight of 10 hour shifts, "

So you must be an ace giant mech pilot by now. When the space alien invasion hits NY I'll look to the skies for your rescue. .



Cia said:

Who cares? Online co-op games are annoying anyway, since 90% of world's population consists of mentally challenged, rude people (at least when they're anonymous). The lacking of online co-op is as irrelevant and stupid as saying that Hyrule Warriors lacks sports cars. It makes no sense. I DESPISE the current online gaming culture, and the people promoting that crap. It's revolting.



aaronsullivan said:

I see your point about marketing more controllers from the get go to get people to buy more GamePads, but I think Nintendo already knew it was too much of a trade off with performance to make it worthwhile for most games. (It seems like too much of a tradeoff for most to have just one GamePad).

Asynchronous gameplay, and off-TV play work great for the games that do it, and just dual screen multiplayer (TV and GamePad) also work great. Sadly, Nintendo Land which I personally find brilliant did not take off (I guess people don't play with friends and family in the same room anymore? ). I think that pretty much killed the prospects of a second GamePad right there.



aaronsullivan said:

Speaking as a parent:
Generally I think if you only play games online you should play less video games and do something different with friends in person. Some games work online, but if that's your big past time and it keeps you at a distance from friends I think you are missing out on important aspects of life. People need people. Texting and yelling at each other through a head set just isn't the same.

(in old man voice) Back in my day, we would tote our cartridge to a friends house and organize sleepovers just so we could finish a game together. And we'd have to be careful not to turn the console off if we fell asleep because there was no way to save our progress!



DarkNinja9 said:

i wasnt planning to get this game besides all the hype they trying to get but this game is just begging for online and stupid decision not to have it could sell more of it did though so yeah they missing out



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - "Speaking as a parent:"

As a parent myself - 2 boys 9 and 11 - here's the problem w/ what you said (even though I agree w/ it). My 11 yr. old in middle school has lots of friends w/ Xbox360 who are always online w/ each other playing games. Probably games I wouldn't let him play, but the perception to him is thats how kids play together these days, online. My 9 year old has friends w/ PS3s who play online w/ each other, mostly Minecraft. Nobody they know has a Wii U (or X1 or PS4 either, working class neighborhood, or Vita but that's another story). My point is as kids we went over our friends houses to play vidoegames - mostly they came over mine, my dad was a tv repairman so we a had an old tv in every room w/ Atari and Pong and the like. Nowadays kids just play online, it's how it works today. Every game that Nitneod comes out w/ that doesn't have online multiplayer is a game that's being played less than those that do. My son has a friend over now and they are playing Minecraft on PS3, so it's not all or nothing, but kids these days expect online multiplayer. My wife is playing a board game w/ my older son, Stratego, so at least I have that going for me.



Marioman64 said:

i completely assumed this, frankly I'm surprised when a game has online play, especially something like this that's a 1 versus millions feel

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