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CaveDweller commented on Video: Get Cosy With This Yoshi's Woolly World...:

Fun looking game, I'm eager to play it. I just wish they'd drop those annoying Yoshi voice samples and bring back something more akin to the original Yoshi's Island sound effects that were not only much more expressive in my opinion, but much less grating on the ears.



CaveDweller commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

@Tsurii Are you kidding me? You said you understand the decision from a business perspective but you simultaneously call it unreasonable. What?
Let's say, theoretically, they do make a sequel for the PS4/Xbox. How could you hold that against them? It's not as if game developers are running a charitable operation here: they are trying to make money. And there's no morality issue here either - they made a game for one system and it didn't sell well; the reasonable move would be to see how it fares on other consoles, especially since the console in question that it launched on was the Wii U.
It's not like Ubisoft (or any other third party company) owes allegiance to Nintendo and its consumers. The simple fact is that most people complaining about this are butthurt that a game for their system may no longer be exclusive to that system. And the beauty of it is that I'm willing to bet a good percentage of the people complaining didn't even buy the game at full price, around its launch period.



CaveDweller commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

@Tsurii You acknowledge that Ubisoft made a good game yet you fault them for being annoyed that it sold like ass on the Wii U. Do you even know how much time and effort had to be put into making that game? It must be heart breaking to have that go unappreciated commercially.

If this is true then it saddens me that this couldn't have been a successful Wii U exclusive but I can't blame Ubisoft in the slightest for wanting to see it on other consoles where it has at least a slightly higher chance of selling.



CaveDweller commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

Aaaand the hype is dead. Yup. G'bye hype. I hardly knew you.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still getting the game, But this game should have had online co-op. There's simply no two ways about it; past games in the "Warriors" series have had online co-op and this should have it too. I'm sick of never being able to play Nintendo games with my friends simply because they live too far away to play games locally on a regular basis.



CaveDweller commented on One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Will Cram 85 ...:

So happy about this; the Grand Battle games on DS were good fun, despite how simplistic they could be. I'll definitely be getting this, if it's available. The only complaint I have right now is that these 3D models don't look nearly as charming as the sprite work used in the DS games.



CaveDweller commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

@Bolt_Strike Do you honestly think Lucario would be as popular recognisable if it wasn't for Brawl? He was popular, but I'd argue not AS popular as you'd expect to appear as a new SSB character. But rather he made a good Gen 4 representative becaus he was the first Gen 4 pokemon to be revealed



CaveDweller commented on Video: Atlus Serves Up an Early Look at Person...:

As someone who has never played an Etrain Odyssey game, I couldn't speak on that front but I can safely say that with a title such as "Persona Q" rather than the usual numbering system, I would expect the game to be a spin-off - which it is - and therefore I would expect a different style of gameplay, especially in the battle mechanic department. The change in art style helps run that point home. So I can't say I'd buy Shadow of the Labyrinth expecting a "proper Persona game."



CaveDweller commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Currently Being...:

@Frank90 I don't see why this is being compared to Animal Crossing as much as it has been other than both being "life-sim"-esque games. They just share genres; it's not like Tomodachi Collection is trying to be another Animal Crossing. That's like comparing AC to The Sims.



CaveDweller commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

@Lithium I'm sorry, what? You think Nintendo have become stagnant and refuse to move with the times yet you yourself "don't support digital distribution" which will, without a doubt, eventually replace physical games altogether. Maybe not any time soon, but it's something that will definitely happen.

So looking past all your heavily opinionated points (remember that just because you some 3DS games "don't interest" you doesn't mean they don't hugely interest others) aren't you being more than a tad hypocritical..?



CaveDweller commented on Limited Super Mario Accessory Box Reward On Cl...:

I actually really like the look of that thing.. wouldn't mind one myself.

Why doesn't Nintendo offer up these sorts of things as purchasable items as well as Club Nintendo rewards? Personally, I think they could make a fortune.



CaveDweller commented on Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vi...:

I still stand by my opinion that, had Rayman Legends remained exclusive and came out for the Wii U when it was supposed to, this current spell of Nintendo doom and gloom wouldn't be as intense right now.

Even so, I not all that bothered. It was coming to the PS3/360 anyway, so who cares if it's also out on another system too? As for the "exclusive content", well, I can safely say that on a personal level, a couple of themed costumes and Murphy oriented levels really doesn't interest me anyway. Let the Vita have its games, god knows it needs it.



CaveDweller commented on SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World Characters:

There's no really much to say to this as of yet. Right now though, those shapes look kind of unusual. Not bad, per se, but a little out of place in the Sonic world. But that's based on the silhouettes alone. Guess we'll have to wait until they're fully revealed.



CaveDweller commented on Japanese Hardware Sales Slow Down For the Seco...:

Not really surprising, to be honest; the stream of big-title 3DS game releases have been slowing down a bit and it's still impressive that 3DS software continues to pretty much dominate the charts over there. ...and yet people doubt the Wii U's potential to recover like it did.



CaveDweller commented on Recent Taiko Drum Master Games Ship Over 500,0...:

I've always been a sucker for a good rhythm action game (Elite Beat Agents absorbed a huge portion of my life back when it came out), so it's nice to see they can still be successful. Never played a game in the series before, though.



CaveDweller commented on Reaction: Our Thoughts on Nintendo Direct - 17...:

I think it's a positive that they seem to be getting the majority of the games we already know exist - and have seen before - out of the way before their all important E3 Nintendo Directs.
That is, of course, assuming this is the strategy they've actually adopted. Who knows, really?

I liked the Pikmin 3 coverage; it's been a while since we've heard so much solid information about it and the variety of control schemes is promising.Game seems to be shaping up well.



CaveDweller commented on Nintendo Direct: Watch The European Presentati...:

Overall, fairly lack-luster except for the Pikmin 3 coverage. Personally, I loved that. Seriously, those water water effects? Yum. And, off-screen play too. Always a bonus. Everything else, on the other hand? Meh.. kind of disappointing but I guess they're saving the big guns fore E3.. at least, I hope they are.

I kind of feel that a Lost World screenshot or two wouldn't have gone a miss though. I'm hoping the Wii U version is a 3D Sonic game, preferably in the vain of the Adventure series. I'm not too confident, however...