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Nintendo's At It Again With Another Majora's Mask Tease

Posted by Alex Olney

No Majora hype implied

Nintendo has been placing sly references to its off-the-wall cult classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask a number of years now – the most notable recent example was the presence of the titular mask on a wall of Link's house in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. Not to be flogging a dead horse or anything, today it's added to the speculation with the interesting artwork you've already seen in this article. If you haven't, it's just above these eloquent words.

The artwork was sent to Club Nintendo members earlier today and depicts Link in traditional Japanese garb with Majora's Mask perched on his forehead. The piece is to celebrate the Sumidagawa fireworks festival in Japan, and whilst masks are very common in traditional Japanese culture, there really is no necessity for Link to be wearing that particular mask, when he has various others as options.

It's a conundrum – is Nintendo trying to give us yet another clue about Majora's Mask coming to the 3DS, or is it simply toying with us as it so enjoys doing? Whatever the reason, let's just hope that mask doesn't slip – we don't need the moon crashing down on us this close to the release of Hyrule Warriors.

You can download the artwork as a wallpaper right here if you so wish.


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AyeHaley said:

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a surprise announcement this year.

3DS seems more likely as a Wii U remake requires more effort to make. (3D Majora <3!!)



Lebon14 said:

Why the 3DS?! It should be on Wii U! Console games should get console remakes!



Liquid_ice said:

MAJORA'S MASK 3D CONFIRMED!!! Well, no, it is not. I think MM3D is entirely possible, but this doesn't prove it or deny it. Majora's Mask just happens to be a mask that is very well known.



0utburst said:

Release it already Nintendo so you could start selling N64 VC games a few months after.



Yurikun said:

Fu**in tease. I just recently pulled out my old N64 and playing through it again.



Spoony_Tech said:

That mask just looks out of place in this artwork. Why it's even there is yet another mystery so I don't like hints like this. Just tell us one way or another. Why so much secrecy about a remake for crying out loud!



19Robb92 said:

I think it's kind of weird that we haven't seen TLoZ:MM3D yet.. Sounds like a easy port considering they can just use the same engine as in OOT3D and let Grezzo develop it.



Tsurii said:

"there really is no necessity for Link to be wearing that particular mask, when he has various others as options"

Uhm..I think they chose Majora's Mask, because it is pretty much THE most popular/well-known mask in the entire series. It could be a tease, but I honestly doubt we'll get a remake anytime soon.



Pod said:

The power of that mask is not to be taken lightly, though.



Jake_homs said:

I never got into Majora's Mask, but I'd love to try it again. Anything that gets the fans excited though is a good thing for the Big N!



BearClaus said:

Majora's Mask 3D was confirmed back when the iconic mask was a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Everyone ready? This is gonna be a legenda1^y experience like no other‼︎ S0 hype! :D:D:DD



Einherjar said:

Glad to hear im not alone on this
But seriously, Majoras Mask is a decent Zelda game and most certainly a unique one, but some people treat it like the second comming.
I was amused by how paranoid Half Life fans have become over the years, and MM fans are definitly a close second.
The mask is simply iconic and recognizable, nothing more, nothing less. Not everything is a hint towards a game release.



Yosher said:

I don't understand how people can be annoyed by it to be honest, it's not like there's a Majora's Mask article every single day, or even weekly. If you don't like it, just don't even click on the article, it's that simple.

That said, I never really got into Majora's Mask when I previously played it, and I'm not getting particularly hyped from all these teases either. But I wouldn't mind a remake of it, so I can give it another shot. I'd love one for the Wii U, but I'll accept a 3DS version all the same. The Wii U probably needs it more though!



MegaBeedrill said:

See guys, we kept begging nintendo for a remake and now looks what's happening.. they're teasing us!

Nah but really.. honestly I don't think we're getting a majora's mask remake.. if we do it won't be soon. If we were getting it, we atleast would've got it a year or two ago.. OOT 3d was released in mid 2011... we're nearing 2015!! Heck we might not even see it on the 3ds at all but a new handheld at this point..

Nonetheless I hope I'm wrong as I love this game until I can't sleep at night.. but I just feel like at this point, even if they finally announced the game I wouldn't be too excited as the wait has been a rediculous bummer.



Morph said:

I think it's inevitable really, it will come at some point, my guess is grezzo have been working on it for a while and we'll see an announcement soon



ryuudou27 said:

@brewsky That gif is the greatest.

The "Majora confirmed" trend is starting to annoy me more than the "Hoenn confirmed" trend. Which is to say a whole flipping lot.



bezerker99 said:

The links to the artwork from the official Japanese Nintendo site aren't working for me.



FJOJR said:

Don't know why everyone wants it on 3DS. That game deserves an HD remake/Director's Cut!



The_Ninja said:

@FJOJR Because
1. It's easier to make on 3DS, since have alot of resources from OOT3D.



OneBagTravel said:

I'd love to see people's honest reaction if they fired up MM right now. Playing Wind Waker HD reminds me how far superior it is in story/pace/gameplay than OoT (3DS). Sometimes looking back the nostalgia blinds ya.



fluggy said:

Really enjoyed Majoras Mask but at the time I remember thinking its not a game I would ever want to play again. Slightly too many quirks for my liking n its all a bit of a chore remembering who's around and at what time.



ModestFan93 said:

@OneBagTravel I genuinely enjoyed playing Majoras Mask and it was my first Zelda gane I ever completed. Would love to see this game again but on the Wii U instead.



baba_944 said:

Where did you guys get the photo? I didn't receive it.

Edit: Yes I read the article, but still nothing.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

@Lebon14 The main engine for the game is already done through the Ocarina of Time 3D engine, just like the N64 version is based off of the Ocarina of Time 64 engine. Plus I've noticed that N64 games usually get redone on handhelds(Super Mario 64 DS, Starfox 64 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D) And Gamecube games get redone on consoles(Pikmin 1 and 2 on Wii with new control option, Windwaker HD,) But I get what you mean, console game remakes should stay on consoles and handheld remakes should stay on handheld...



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@OneBagTravel Each game has a different theme and atmosphere that makes them special. Each one has a certain flare, which is why people will always argue over which is better. We all look for something that reflects us in the game. Some of us like a depressing story that ends in heroism, others like a lot of lore spoken in the plot. Each game has something that makes it. I like the design of Ganon in OoT, which is why I prefer that portion of the fight compared to Puppet Ganon in WW. It all just depends on who you are, not what the game is.




"there really is no necessity for Link to be wearing that particular mask, when he has various others as options."

...Yes there is. It's easily the most recognizable Mask in the Zelda series.



xerneas said:

I feel like it's kinda like Hoenn remakes were before they were announced. Everyone quite knows it's coming...
I'm happy about it because I never played MM so it's a brand new game for me then! I would actually prefer it to be on Wii U but it would be a bit weird to put it on a different console than OoT..



lerobadey said:

In Majora's Mask, if you don't remember, the third day is the day where happens the Carnival of Time, also with fireworks and all. It can be nothing.



ricklongo said:

Come on, I need something besides Fantasy Life and Gunman Clive 2 to get hyped about my 3DS again.



Inkling said:

Maybe it's a tease for Zelda U, adding more mystery to the character in the trailer, then messing up the timeline



DarkKirby said:

Teasing Majora's Mask? Maybe.

Assuming it's an intentional reference to what Nintendo is releasing in the future? Probably.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Heck, even if Link had been wearing another mask, it would have sparked the "OMGOGMHELLVALLEYSKYTREEMAJORASMASKREMAKECONFIRMED1!11!!" reaction. Lighthearted speculation can be fun, but at this point if you can find the letters to spell out "Majora" on one of Nintendo's webpages, then an "OMGMAJORASMASKR3MAKARCONFIRMED!!!1!1!" reaction is bound to happen.



DerpSandwich said:

On the one hand, I feel like this HAS to all be hinting toward the very real release of the game.

On the other hand, even if they had only just begun work on it back when Link Between Worlds came out, they would have been able to show it at E3; it's a darn remaster, which can't possibly take this long to make.

So I'm forced to come to the conclusion that they do plan on making it someday, but right now they're enjoying just screwing with us.



ColdingLight said:

Oh for gods sake it's not even funny. Just release the damn game already. Or at the very least, announce something. This teasing seriously needs to stop.



RedBlueSpot said:

Everyone is saying "well, the best known mask is Majoras mask in the Zelda series".
Well, think about it this way. Why did they even use a Zelda theme in the first place (with the mask)? They could have used a Mario theme, a Starfox theme or why not a Nintendo theme with everyone included. But for some reason someone at Nintendo said " let's do it Zelda themed and be sure to include the Majoras Mask".

The question is: Why just Link and why the Majorask Mask?



luckybreak said:

i know people have mixed feelings on remakes, but I'm a huge zelda fan and Majora's Mask is one I missed. It will be a new game for me! SO I HOPE ITS GONNA BE SOON! Or I may have to get something off the shop



Dogpigfish said:

This is a strange day for Nintendo. Mario Kart and then more hype of a different Zelda game. Maybe they are letting decision makers go, which would be a huge relief for fans. Just start releasing the stuff you got ready that you keep holding onto until Japan says now.



AJWolfTill said:

@crzysortagamer Agree holeheartedly, it would be much much cooler to release a Hero of Time 3 or a new Zelda game which explored more of the mythos set up in Majora's Mask. I wouldn't hate an MM3D on route though...



MrGawain said:

Would Ninty announce Majora while we are already waiting for 2 Zelda games? Unlikely.

But after Hyrule comes out? Here's hoping.



Drawdler said:

"there really is no necessity for Link to be wearing that particular mask, when he has various others as options."
Like @Tsurii897 said, Majora's Mask is much more iconic than any other mask in the Zelda series. There's not really much reason to go for a Keaton mask or something over Majora's Mask (unless it fits in with the holiday better, I don't know anything about this celebration).

I do think Nintendo will release a remake of the game soon (and I want one because I haven't played MM), but I think this is hardly notable. It just so happens that Majora's Mask is the best choice for a general Zelda-themed mask, because there's a game in the series named after it...

Though @RedBlueSpot bought up a good point... I still think the "most iconic" point might apply to that, though, because Zelda is the only Nintendo franchise with such a notable mask.



Tritonus said:


I had it for 64 but never finished it as I got stuck in the questing. My english probably wasn't good enough at the time to pick up the hints from the dialogue.

Finished OOT without any problems though.

Anyone else had a similar experience?



Findonovan95 said:

I'm a little annoyed at the constant teases. I just want them to announce and release the darn game already. We've all waited long enough. :/

So much hype though, lol XD



HyperSonicEXE said:

Hype is most certainly implied - they could have chosen any other mask, or just designed a new one that looked like a traditional, non-LoZ mask.
Instead, they chose to continue to be grating about this little multi-year announcement of theirs.



OptometristLime said:

Just have fun with it guys, for me it's nice to see a classic get this kind of attention.

No point in getting all sore over it, as if Nintendo Life can't publish whatever they want.



FlaygletheBagel said:

Eh, I don't think it's actually going to be a remake. If it is a remake, I think Nintendo will add some new twists to the formula. I think the unannounced 3DS Zelda title will feature Majoras Mask and will maybe even take place in Termina, but will be an entirely new Zelda game. Sort of like Link Between Worlds shared similar concepts with Link to the Past, but was very different and fresh.

I doubt we'll see a straight up remake, but I fully expect to see Majoras Mask in the next 3DS Zelda; I'd actually prefer it if they added some new twists to the formula anyway.



DBPirate said:

I hope it is a subtle hint but I won't be surprised if we don't see a remake until after Zelda U releases.



ToastyYogurt said:

He could possibly be wearing that particular mask just because it's the most iconic mask in the series.



Mr_Video said:

At this point, I just want the game to be announced so people will stop begging for it.



rbmoura85 said:

oh man! this is getting so huge i suspect it will end up being an hd remake for the wii u! i would poop my pants! O.O



Remisio said:

@Einherjar I find it truly discouraging that people get as excited and paranoid over a remake as another fanbase does for a sequel that has been so long coming. It's more understandable in HL3's case but still annoying, so imagine how I feel about this.

I have it on VC anyways and play it on the game pad... However awkward it is.



yokokazuo said:

@bezerker99 you need to be signed in to a Japanese NNID, but I will create one for anyone to use in a bit. I will also make a forum post with it.



Einherjar said:

@Remisio Hey, i know exactly what it feels like to wait on a sequel, that will probably never arrive (MegaMan Legends 3...sob)
So yeah, i get your point about HL3 being slightly less paranoid.
Still, it kinda creeps me out to see how much effort people put into anticipating these games.
Even though i dont really like Majoras Mask, to be honest, its my least favorite one, i too would like it to come to the 3DS simple because it would accompany OoT 3D nicely and round up the N64 duology.
But not because the game so desperatly needs an update. Heck, even OoT 3D wasnt technically necessary. Both games are still great in their original form, like pretty much every other nintendo title.
They seem to always hit that certain sweet spot when it comes to art style, that simply wont age that much.
Just look at WInd Waker. Its HD remake had EVERYTHING an HD game needs in terms of stylized visuals and yet, the GC original does in no way need to hide behind it.
I simply dont get why so much energy and passion is wasted in waiting for and demanding such a remake, when instead, we could just go full fanboy on these games now
Thats what i really miss about being young again, you know ? You didnt sit there, playing Zelda and say "oh boy, i wish they would remake this game with better graphics"
Or when playing NES games when the N64 was out. We never said "i hope SMB gets rereleased for the N64 with higher resolution" no, it was an NES game, it just "belonged" there
Ah well, the gold old carefree days

But to all MM fans: I DO get where youre coming from, i DO know that it would be nice to have a much more visually pleasing MM adventure, what i dont get is the sheer hype and passion for it. It kinda sounds like the original is soo outdated, that it desperatly need a new look. And thats what urks me.
Every enthusiast on here probably has the game in one way or the other. Why not just play it again and just cherish it that way ?



Remisio said:

@Einherjar Oh... Oh God... MY HEART!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME OF MML3!? Nuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
When they revealed Megaman's final smash I was both overjoyed and massively depressed (well I guess not that much) and all I could think of was how did he... Is this an AU where the sequel exists!? And if so... If a separate world from mine has MML3... Then... WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOR!?

But yeah anyways. That's true, most Nintendo games can go generations without needing an update. Why else would the VC be so great!? I play TLoZ:ALTTP and I have no issues. I even play Zelda II! They're great, I never really think: "This game will need a remake in a few years..." that's also why I don't get some people wanting a TP remake in HD. I'd rather te series move forward.

Someone says: "I want a Super Mario Sunshine HD remake!" and I would ask: "Why not a Sunshine sequel instead?"

When I heard they were planning to remake ALTTP I was honestly quite disappointed, but when they decided to make that into a sequel instead and what turned out to (arguably) be the best Zelda game in years I was overjoyed!

If anything truly good can come from trying to make a remake is when the remake ends up turning into something entirely different and new. I could just imagine them originally working on MM3D right after OOT3D but then suddenly thinking: "hey... The OOT assets were originally used to make MM by a new team, it wasn't meant to be... So what if we did something similar? A brand new game using the OOT3D assets as well as the MM3D assets! A brand new sequel! (and include MM3D with it.)"

I know it's highly unlikely and unbelievable but it would Justify taking so long when the original MM took less than a Year. And all the Hype... Dreams can come true (though they usually don't.)

Expectations grow over time though. When it's for a new game the end result can be devastating if it takes too long. Just look at Duke Nukem and I believe it may end up happening to the last Guardian and HL3. It's sad. But the backlash for a remake not living up to expectations wouldn't normally be as bad. When people aren't constantly expecting it at least. If people hadn't started seeing MM remake everywhere it'd turn out to be a pleasant surprise. But with how everyone has started building it up I can't see it turning out well when it released and people think: "I was waiting for this? I was so excited just for this?" but if it turned out to be something new I can see it being a great outcome. I'm not Nintendo though so who knows. They do what they want.



Einherjar said:

@Remisio Yes my friend, right in the MegaMan feels T.T i know that too well. And to be perfectly honest, and im not joking here: When MegaMan was revealed for smash, i actually cried Yes i know, im that low of a fanboy. But it was such an awesome moment that i probably never forget
I grew up with MegaMan. MM3 was my first game ever, and i still treasure the original cartridge. I grew up with the cartoon, the games, the merch (well, everything i could get my hands on at least) and it was just heartbreaking to see what happend with and after MML3.

Enough fanboy rant, back on topic:
Thats exactly the problem: Hype. Anticipation grows and grows and probably grows some more up to the point, that no game in the world, no matter how brilliant and polished could ever meet these expectations.
This happened to me with Brawl back then; The Dojo page just got me so revved up, the hype and anticipation was just through the roof.
And after playing the game for just ONE day...i never touched it again, at least not while i was alone.
Why ? It couldnt hold up, not one bit. It was a near perfect game and it still is. Its sountrack alone is pure bliss and yet, it left a shallow, unfullfilling impression. Something was missing, and it was probably because we already knew everything in full detail up front. Because every bit of info on the game was pre chewed and served on a silver platter.

The same could very well happen with MM: a remake wont have anything new to it, you know the game. When youre so passionate about it, maybe even by heart. You hype yourself up, expect so much just looks like OoT 3D did...and it plays like the game you know like your surprises, no frills, just MM 3D.
And that will lead to frustraton, outcrys of "what a waste of time, they could have done so much more" yadda yadda.

My point is, why do we do this in the first place ? When did it start that enjoying a game was time based ? It feels like a constant stream of new games it not enough anymore, youre just satisfied if your backlog is clogging up your front door. When did it stop that you had a game for a system, and cherished it for what it was ? THAT N64 game you love, THAT NES game you played till morning. Consoles and games, that didnt just vanish when the next one was out.
But oh well, its 2 in the morning, im overly tired but insomniac, i guess im way to "philosophical" about this



R_Champ said:

TBH I don't even like MM that much (definitely wouldn't double dip)...but I just want them to re-release it so people will shut up about it already XD. The whole remaster/port/remake craze lately is driving me up the wall. If the only way to shut people up is to re-release EVERY good game in existence until we run be it, let's get it over with like tearing off a band-aid!



Windy said:

You would think after the success of Ocarina of Time 3d that Majora's mask wouldn't need to be teased.



Remisio said:

@Einherjar My first MegaMan Game if I remember correctly was Battlenetwork... I'm sad to say I wasn't a fan right off the bat. I grew up watching a lot of Video game animations, my cousins were the ones with all the game expertise and the games. I watched the Cartoon and liked it and so I played te game on what was my first Nintendo console: The Gameboy Advance. I'm obviously from a different generation but my cousins loved the older games. I liked battle network but couldn't really relate with them about MegaMan. Until a couple of years later... I made a friend who had an NES, I played MegaMan 2... And my life was changed forever. I didn't even understand how a game with such simple graphics could captivate me like that! It was also most likely the fun of playing with a friend but still I became a huge fan. Went back and played the MML games and then when MML3 came and went I... Well you probably know how we felt.

I also never knew what a backlog was like until recently because I was just a student, we had so much free time back then. Now I have games piling up, I haven't beaten Cenoblade Chronicles yet even though I got it almost 3 years ago, I only beat The Last story a few months ago with a friend, etc etc. But this is where I'm going with this: I never truly wanted anyone to remake a game I've played, I have it and people can usually get it easily nowadays. I've seen people asking for Xenoblade Chronicles to be remade, I can kind of understand it a bit because here in the American region the game was GameStop exclusive. I was lucky to get it before it started costing 100$. A remake has to be justified to me.

OOT3D was justified in my opinion: it was meant to introduce the iconic title to a new generation and overall hopefully the franchise as a whole to a new generation. It did just that. People bought it and do they became interested in the game, they then read about it and found out there was a direct sequel (this is all hupothetical in the end, not everyone reacted as such but it happened quite a bit) they look up how they can get the games, look at that MM and all te older games are on the VC! Why not get those! And SS is Comming out later this year! Isn't that convenient!

MM3D is (probably) not being asked for by the new fans, but rather the really old ones who took OOT3D and are probably a part of the whole trifecta of "Best Zelda Game between OOT, MM and ALTTP" argument. New fans follow along because it's an easy way to make it more readily available.

As strange as it may sound there are people who haven't used the VC too much and so they haven't bought Games like OOT and the older Zelda's even though they were made readily available on the Wii. There are also people who got a 3DS but never owned a Wii. Anyways why OOT? It has been idolized and considered a master piece. So then why not MM? It's popular, but mainly as a Cult classic, and OOT3D was meant to build up interest which would hopefully end up selling more VC titles and SS.

This is of course just my observations I'm not Nintendo. But Games from The last Generation (with some exceptions) are still readily available. So they don't really require a remake. Games two generations ago have a bit more of a justification because they are less readily available. Ironically games three generations ago are more readily available because of te Virtual Console.

So I wouldn't mind an MM3D remake but it's not entirely necessary. And won't live up to expectations. But a full out sequel that came out of a remake clearly surpasses expectations.

Bayonetta is an example of a game that warrants a remake, because the game wasn't originally released on a Nintendo console, so how about introducing Nintendo owners to te first game so that the second isn't too confusing or unapealling! This is sound logic (which EA lacked but that's something else entirely) and Xenoblade is kind of similar in that the past game was only Localized to an extremely limited quantity (at te very least in America) but it is much less likely to get a remake for the spiritual sequel both because it should have no bearing on whether a person will play and because only one particular region didn't get to experience it like the others. Wait... What I just said made more sense in my mind... Just ignore that part there's something wrong with my head after a long day of whatever it was I was doing.

But I think (hope) I've made a pretty clear point! (?) Im sure I was going to talk about GameCube and something about VC for it or something doing good... But I'm not sure anymore. And maybe I was going to talk about ports and the such or remasterings but somehow being tired makes me more cautious and wiser (?)




FilmerNgameR said:

They will probably release this remake in the end of the 3DS life cycle so they can end it with a big bang which might be the sequel to MM.



Ichiban said:

If true, I hope its for Wii U. I cant see recreating that amazing atmosphere on the tiny 3DS screen



Iggly said:

In the end a picture is a picture, though I wouldn't mind seeing a Zelda game that uses the gameplay of Majora's Mask as it really doesn't need a remake.



drewb0203 said:

Sakurai must have taught Nintendo trolling lessons. While it's getting on my nerves Nintendo keeps teasing us, I still want a remake.



SnackBox said:

Majora's mask remake would be epic and awesome for Wii U. 3DS wouldn't have the same feels and that moment......3DS battery dying and I'm nowhere near an owl statue NOOOO



ShadyKnights said:


I'm with you. I love MM and it is my fav Zelda game to day, but because of that I would adore another game like it or in Termina at a later date. Especially with the Fierce Diety mask being something more ominous that goes more with it's description we're given in the game. Heck maybe we could follow the Link of Termina's adventure or somethin fun.

I'd be delighted to see MM added on as a bonus thing like Bayonetta, but it wouldn't be necessary. More fun and meaningful side quests and timed adventure would easily sell me.



Genesaur said:

What the heck is Link doing wearing that thing? He should know better than that! The mask is evil, for Pete's sake.



Nathan said:

How effeminate do they have to make Link look? I mean, come on, what's with the fan he's holding? Isn't that something females use?



Trikeboy said:

The mask is the most recognizable. That is all. This means nothing for a MM remake.



yokokazuo said:

@baba_944 If you aren't signed into miiverse on your phone/computer, it will ask you to sign in after you click on the size of the picture that you want.



SphericalCrusher said:

Wouldn't call it toying with us as others have mentioned. It's just referencing a game of the past. And as we all know, Nintendo tends to do that just a little bit.



RamboNL said:

Mannn still waiting to be able to play that game.
Want to save the story for a remake otherwise I really have to play the old one wich is likely enjoyable too.



Henmii said:

Or Skull kid is really the villain of Zelda u, and the game is really about the sun crashing!

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