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Nintendo Confirms a Huge Range of eShop Discounts to Celebrate Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Kid Icarus: Uprising! Tomodachi Life! Animal Crossing! Mega Man! More!

As part of an exciting batch of Super Smash Bros. reveals today, Nintendo has announced an impressive range of discounts coming to the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores this week. These details are for Europe, though we'll update accordingly should Nintendo of America announce an equivalent promotion.

The theme of the discounts is to celebrate some of the New Challengers confirmed for the upcoming fighting games. There's a mix of retail and Virtual Console games that'll all be discounted from 14th-21st August. Details are below.

Mii Fighter

  • Tomodachi Life — €31.99 / £27.99, regular price is €39.99 / £34.99
  • Wii Party U — €31.49 / £24.49, regular price is €44.99 / £34.99



Wii Fit Trainer

  • Wii Fit U — €24.49 / £20.99, regular price is €34.99 / £29.99

Little Mac

  • Punch-Out!! (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Punch-Out!! (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Super Punch-Out!! (Wii U Virtual Console) — €3.99 / £2.74, regular price is €7.99 / £5.49

Mega Man

  • Mega Man (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man 2 (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man 3 (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man 4 (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man 5 (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man 6 (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Mega Man (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Mega Man 2 (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Mega Man 3 (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Mega Man 4 (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Mega Man 5 (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49
  • Mega Man 6 (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49


  • Pac-Man (Wii U Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £1.74, regular price is €4.99 / £3.49
  • Pac-Man (3DS Virtual Console) — €2.49 / £2.24, regular price is €4.99 / £4.49

Even more discounts will run from 21st - 28th August, which will celebrate Veteran Fighters; it's also worth noting — for UK gamers — that a range of related discounts will also be available on the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Are you excited about any of these discounts? Let us know which ones you'll go for in the comments below.

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User Comments (158)



allav866 said:

This is quite a big event... Too bad I live in America, where Reggie doesn't give a crap.



Extreeeme said:

I'd be great discounts on games such as DK:TF or SM3DW, and not just mainly old VC games :/



sr388survivor said:

That's an awesome sale. I really hope America gets a discount or two this time. :/
Also, I believe it's Animal Crossing: New Leaf.



Pahvi said:

"Animal Crossing: New Lead — €27.99 / £24.49, regular price is €39.99 / £34.99" The name reminds me of Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard.



Iggly said:

Aw I won't be able to buy anything as these discounts end the day before I leave the Philippines.



Radbot42 said:

Not that I'll purchase any of the games I don't have, but I doubt this will come to America.



0utburst said:

I could have waited for all those punch out megamen discount. Dayyyyuuuummm.... I could have saved 21.50€.



Robin_Aisaga said:

Thomas always seem to know things we don't. Animal Crossing: New lead XD. But with this many news I can't blame him.



OrangeCluster said:

The main questions that I'm posing to myself right now are 'Where should I buy all 6 Mega Man games?' and 'Why don't we have a cross buy option yet, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?'. I'm still scratching my head, decisions...



SilentHunter382 said:

I thought I wouldn't end up having to buy anything until SMT IV is release. I think I will pick up Mega Man I-VI for the 3ds though I already have I-IV on the wii (transferred to the wii u). Not sure if I should just get V and VI for the wii u or I-Vi for the 3ds.



allav866 said:

I already have Mega Man 1-4... If this deal does come to America, I'll be getting 5&6.



TomJ said:

Come on now, you know as well as I do that Nintendo of America is not as diligent at promoting material as Nintendo UK



xxAcesHighxx said:

Ooooooo, Super Punch Out!! and a bunch of Mega Man games for me. So far I only have Mega Man 2, so it'll be nice to bump up my Wii U VC collection



ShigKirby said:

If you haven't already, I highly recommend Kid Icarus Uprising. Its one of the best Nintendo games I've ever played.



FX102A said:

@Kyoto Took the words out of my mouth, that's too awesome a deal to say no to.

Well I'll be getting the NES versions to be precise.



SKTTR said:

Without the extra Wiimote I can hardly justify downloading Wii Party U. I mean on retail it's 39,99€ with a free WiimotePlus and that table stand thingy.
I download only (yeah, I know it's my own fault), but they should make a deal that's fair for downloaders. It seems like I'm skipping Wii Party U for all eternity if they keep the discrepancies in content and cost for retail and download.



Ralek85 said:

@ShigKirby I really loved the airbattles and the banter/humor with Palutena, the goundbattles on the other hand were terrible, with basically broken controls and camera. Had they left those out, I could wholeheartedly recommend the game.

As for the sale, I guess it won't come stateside, but KI:U is really the only interesting game for me here, and I already got that anyways ^^ "Huge range" sounds like a hyperbole btw, any Weekly PSN sale, has as much or more games on sale, not accounting for any special sales.



Pahvi said:

It's been ages since I last played Megaman 2 and 3 on NES, so why not get them now... still not making me get Smash Bros, though.



BestBuck15 said:

Who in their right mind would download Wii Party U? Even at the new price it's doesn't compensate not getting a Wii Remote plus.



Grumblevolcano said:

I may get Kid Icarus Uprising in this sale though I have a bad feeling I'd need to buy a larger SD card (still using the one that came with the console). On top of that of course is the Circle Pad Pro as I've heard gameplay is terrible without it.



TruenoGT said:

@Grumblevolcano Circle Pad Pro in KI is really only for lefties, as the game controls with one hand on the original circle pad, other hand with the stylus. The CPP allows lefties to play with the stylus in their left hand. The game cannot be played with a dual analog control scheme, so if you're a righty, you would not use a CPP for Kid Icarus. The game rocks BTW!



Shotgunryugan said:

@allav866 I highly doubt we won't get this. Last time we got discounts as well, like Ocarina of Time 3D among other Nintendo games(Which I can't remember because I have terrible memory).

Anyway, when this comes to the US I'm buying Kid Icarus Uprising, I saw a full let's play of it on Youtube & it looks really fun, better than the previous 2 games for sure.



JoakimZ said:

I've already bought every Mega Man game released on Virtual Console, on both 3DS and Wii U. But I will definitely pick up Super Punch-Out and maybe Pac-Man.



0utburst said:

Kid Icarus Uprising is on sale for 19.99 on my local store (that boxed one with a stand). Dunno if I'll get now or later since I still need to buy a 3DS (smash bros XL). AC New Leaf and ALBW was 8€ each so I've already grabbed those.



0utburst said:

Heh. Turin Italy. Too bad I am not into eBay. There were 4-5 copies each left back then last month. I doubt there's one left. I thought of buying them all but I changed my mind.



Oaf7724 said:

I have been waiting for Tomodachi Life to go on sale before I buy, here's to hoping these deals come to NA.



Olivierke said:

Hahaha, okay, Italy is a bit far I'm in Belgium!
I don't know how it is in Italy but when I encounter really cheap games, I buy them, lots of them and then hand them in as second hand games and I get more cash for them than I originally paid! (Next time maybe you can do that to, so no need for ebay, just Italian GameStop or something similar )



SphericalCrusher said:

Bought Mega Man on WiiU VC two days ago. I'm in NA though. Hope we get this deal also... don't see why we shouldn't. I'll probably pickup the rest of the series.



Rezalack said:

UK has been getting some really good discounts lately.. US, not so much. Not cool. I wanna get Kid Icarus.. >_<



LasermasterA said:

Well I want a sale on Golden Sun for Wii U VC! That would confirm Isaac's new challenger status!



0utburst said:

They could discount it on the following week since the first wave of discounts are for new challengers. The veterans discount will follow according to the article.



SnappyJon said:

Well, I'm not knocking all of the deals, some of the VC deals are pretty nice, but, for example; Tomodachi Life is £3 cheaper, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf is only £2 more expensive for the actual physical copies of the games via Amazon UK.

That includes free delivery.

The price of these downloadable games is still way too expensive. Even when they are on special offer, they're not even competitive with the physical copies.



Teaqq2 said:

If this is coming to North America, I'm mad cause I just bought Mega Man 2 FULL PRICE!!!!!



ikki5 said:

I would love to say I cannot wait for this but I have my doubts of this coming to NA. Take a look at the NES remix super sales Europe got and NA never saw a drop of it. Plus there are games on that list that are not in available in NA.



Grumblevolcano said:

@ikki5 The hint to this likely not appearing anytime soon is that Mega Man 6 isn't even in the NA eshop yet. Sure it'll probably come out tomorrow but would something really go on sale a week after release for example?



SilentHunter382 said:

@ULTRA-64 Well I would say to start off with the first to see the improvements that have been added to each game but if you are only looking out to buy 1 or 2 then I would recommend to buy Mega Man 2 or 3 (or both) as they would be the ones to start off with to know if you like them or not.

Then if you like those then you can get the others while they are on sale. But remember that 1 is not as good compaired to the others. Not saying its a bad game (its a good game), but it doesn't have much of the features you would expect. So keep that in mind if you decide to get Mega Man 1.



bezerker99 said:

Nothing, so far, is announced for NA. Maaaaaaan, I really REALLY want those Mega Man discounts.....



XyVoX said:

Well thats Bloody annoying ive just found out Megaman1-4 are the USA 60hz versions and 5 & 6 are the PAL 50hz versions, look like ill be getting the first four then.



TonLoco said:

I hope we get this in the U.S. I am really close to downloading KI: Uprising.



19Robb92 said:

Might pick up KI:U, since I got €10 from the Digital Deluxe promotion to spend.



aaronsullivan said:

As someone else said these are the new challengers next week are the veterans. This list actually has sales on major games for all that it can. Except Pac Man which does have a modern game I guess. Mega Man, of course, doesn't so it can only be VC anyway.

Nice avatar icon by the way. Love that movie.



whodatninja said:

Soooooooooo many Mega Man games, geez... Anyway, I'll probably be getting Super Punch Out.



HumaneBlaze said:

Noa please bring these sales tomorrow....I really want the mega man games....thats all I ask



Luigi21 said:

Please let this come to the USA!! I've been holding out on buying Mega Man games out of some delusion that a collection would come out for current gen. Hopefully these discounts coming to the US is more likely.



XyVoX said:

@OrangeCluster just click on the link for the each game at the top, once clicked it clearly states USA or PAL version, its for both BTW.



DrMatta said:

Oh good, i still wanted 4-5-6.
And maybe finally see what Super Punch-out is about for 3,99.



SirQuincealot said:

I may finally get Animal Crossing, I have held out for so long, but this is a good sale, if it comes to North America that is.



Darknyht said:

@SKTTR I bought Wii Party U only because I found a damaged box version that was discounted to $4.99 that included the WiiMote. That was probably the fairest price for it as my family has barely touched it after that first night. I originally purchased it for the controller and because thought it would be fun to play with kids (very young). They were not fans.



IceClimbers said:

I don't see this coming to America considering Mega Man 6 isn't available on the Wii U VC yet. Sure, it's most likely coming tomorrow, but do you really think they're gonna put it on sale right away?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'd buy Kid Icarus Uprising but I'd prefer to get it physically with the stand. Might get some of the Megaman games on Wii U, I own most of the rest of discounts.



Just_Ethan said:

I don't think the people that care about S,ash Bros. also care about Wii Fit U. ...Besides me, of course.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Ibrahim77X I was surprised it wasn't in this sale as Lucina is a newcomer. Alternatively, they could be putting a sale on the DLC next week as Marth and Ike appear in certain DLC levels.



Capt_N said:

I'll probably eventually transfer my Wii to WU, & get MM6 on WU. If this promo comes to NA.



ChemyNoSurfea said:

@S3OL I've only got 2 and Extreme, but Shovel Knight made me hungry for more old school platformers. I plan on getting 1 and 3-5.



cmk8 said:

I'm sure there was a significant sale during E3 that we didn't get here in England so we don't always get it our own way!



FlaygletheBagel said:

I'm sure NA will get sales and specials soon enough. It would baffle me if NoA didn't push Smash Bros. with any promotions at all.



Darknyht said:

@GreatPlayer I was not going to complain at my fortune to get a new WiiMote Plus for only $4.99 with a free game included. Like I said, I probably will get more than that back from Gamestop on a trade in.



mowerdude said:

I just love how Nintendo of America never gives us any of these kind of deals. Good Job Reggie and the rest of NOA.

@allav866 I guess us in America has the better sale on games right now since Reggie will let us get The Letter for $.49 cents. LOL



RaphaBoss said:

Why Nintendo of Europe has the best deals, and still mostly no one cares about Nintendo in that continent?!



Fandabidozi said:

I've spent the last month playing New Leaf and been loving every minute of it.
Couldn't recommend it more highly, it's an excellent game.



DekuScrub said:

I really want Kid Icarus Uprising, so this better come to the U.S. Other then that, it would be pretty nice having a portable Pac-Man/Mega Man.



Dodger said:

On articles about discounts, it would be nice if the headline mentioned if the discount was for NoA, NoE, NoAus or NoJ. Or at least the tagline.



ogo79 said:

"Even more discounts will run from 21st - 28th August, which will celebrate Veteran Fighters"
what do you mean by veteran fighters? in america games like final fight, streets of rage etc. are beat em ups/brawlers
is this what you mean or do you actually mean fighter games like street fighter?



Dodger said:

@ogo79 Super Smash Bros. veterans. Characters that have been in any of the 3 previous Smash Bros games.



crzysortagamer said:

US Please! I, along with other, desire to half timidly looking at Animal Crossing and just get it. $20 is an instant purchase from me!



Sceptic said:

Lol, the 90s called, they want their discounts back.

That's not a sale, that's a small move towards more realistic pricing. Double that and we can talk. Still way too expensive for what they are peddling.



elstif said:

I might get all the mega man games for WiiU now that the price is reasonable. And it is mostly for convenience as I already own a few of them on cartridges for the NES
It sucks that Nintendo still doesn´t do cross-buy between WiiU and 3DS for VC games.

Also, I´ve been getting quite a lot of VC titles lately because of the discounts and I´m really tight on space on my WiiU menu already. Is Nintendo ever going to release an update with more slots or folders like the 3DS. I only download VC and indi titles as I like retail games on disc for my collection. I can see some people that went the digital route already running out of space.



Starwolf_UK said:

@XyVoX Where do you get the idea that Mega Man 5 and 6 are 50Hz? Consider 6 never came out in Europe originally and the fact the Nintendo website says "is the US version of the game" for both games I doubt you are correct.



XyVoX said:

@Starwolf_UK Well according to this sites link for each game at the top of this page it clearly states PAL or USA version which means Nintendolife has got it wrong and make me wonder how many other games they've listed as the wrong territory, but you are correct having just checked on my Wii U each game is listed as the USA version.



starlac said:

@XyVoX My understanding of where it says "PAL version" or "USA version", is that the reviewer reviewed the game in the territory that it came out - or at least where they reviewed it - first on; that being either a PAL designated Wii U or a USA one (e.g. if they reviewed a game on a UK Wii U, it would state "PAL version", irrespective of its actual refresh rate).

Insofar as I've seen It's never been meant as an indicator of whether the game is 50HZ or 60HZ. For that info you should either check the "download" page updates on this site, or the game's info page on the eShop.

Also note that it says "PAL version" for the 3DS reviews of both Mega Man 5 and 6, the 3DS being a system that runs all it's titles at full speed so far.

EDIT: In the download update for the EU region that included Mega Man 5 and 6's release, Nintendolife did state that both games where "the US version of the game"

EDIT: Though, granted, I can see now labelling stuff as PAL in any way - given the format's game history - could be confusing.



PALgamer said:

There should be part of the website dedicated to keeping this information in a nice table. Especially for us European's to know which VC games are in 50Hz and which are 60Hz.
Is there even an equivalent list like this kept anywhere up-to-date somewhere around the web?



allav866 said:

@Shotgunryugan We didn't get the discounts for the NES Remix promotion, so I'm a bit pessimistic when it comes to eShop promotions in Europe coming to America. And Kid Icarus Uprising is an outstanding game from the genius behind Smash Bros., but you'll need to get a 3DS stand and a 6-pack of AR Cards from Nintendo's store if you're getting the game from the eShop.
@Silent NEVER!!



KevTastic84 said:

Could be tempted to pick up some more of the Megaman series. Although i've always blown at them games.



starlac said:

@PALgamer None that I've ever found online, which is why I've been keeping my own list for this for a while. Maybe I should post it online (or at least in the VC forums).

According to the eShop, the present eight games on Wii U VC are using the European 50Hz version: "Balloon Fight", "Kirby's Adventure", "Harvest Moon", "Pop 'n Twinbee", "Pop 'n Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure", "Super Metroid", "The Legend of the Mystical Ninja", and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past".



XyVoX said:

@starlac GUTTED mate when i got my Wii U MK8 bundle first thing i wanted to download was Super Metroid & The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and quickly found out they were the 50hz versions, plain ridiculous when you consider all other titles ive downloaded have all been 60hz versions.



Sceptic said:

@ZachBeacon: Are you kidding? Our 30% discounts are still above US retail. What they call a discount here is when they temporarily stop giving us the shaft.



XyVoX said:

YEAH ive commented on these NA peoples comments before, we get seriously shafted with the ridiculous imaginary exchange rate prices Nintendo use.



Shotgunryugan said:

@allav866 Not at all, I don't need the stand or the AR cards.

I was told I needed the Circle Pad Pro for Resident Evil Revelations, beat it without any problems.

I've heard about the hand cramps, but I don't think it will be too much trouble for me.
I got hand cramps when playing Mario Kart 7 for the first time(Wasn't used to the button layout), but I got used to it pretty quickly.

As for the AR cards, I'll just scan them from a website. That's what I did with Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.



allav866 said:

@Shotgunryugan I honestly never touched the stand and I'm pretty good at the game, but my friend can't play without it. It's different for everyone, and the AR Cards come with the stand. Just trying to be a good neighbor and help you get the most out of your game.



S3OL said:

To everybody screaming "50hz versions", Megaman 5 and 6 were supposedly just that but they're actually the "60hz" at least from what I'm hearing and seeing for myself.



Shotgunryugan said:

@allav866 Oh I know, I've been looking into the game for awhile, but never purchased it before.
But those aren't necessary to me. But thanks anyway
I do have 3 AR cards Club Nintendo gave away for free awhile ago.

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