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Fri 24th May, 2013

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SyntheticPerson commented on Super Mario 64:

Super Mario 64 remains my favourite game of the series. I love the open world nature of it. You can pick and choose, not only stars, but the route in which to gain the stars. It allowed for great replayability and is probably the reason that people can play it time and time again. Minor camera issues aside (it is after all a problem inherent in the genre), Mario 64 is pretty much a perfect Mario game.



SyntheticPerson commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

I think they are useful for the future. I have heard of some people having problems with their carts now that the internal battery is on the blink. In the future, when carts are mostly dead, these will be a saviour to people who like to play retro stuff (like me). I am paranoid about my PD and GE carts dying.

Also, some of the hacked stuff is brilliant. Petrie's Challenge, Super Mario Star Road, GoldenEye X, etc are all fabulous labours of love from fans, and playing them on native hardware is the best way to enjoy them.

That being said, I understand the nature of abusing roms to get games they wouldn't otherwise have. On native hardware, it probably isn't so much of an issue for developers (as no new stuff gets published) but it will affect virtual console sales. Well, for the handful of titles they bother to release....



SyntheticPerson commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I loved the Master System. My memories with it are fonder than my Megadrive memories. Ecco, My Hero, Lucky Dime Caper, and Sonic 2 were the stand out classics for me. Personally, I think LDC would have been a better HD remake choice than Ducktales



SyntheticPerson commented on Cosmo Wright Sets Another Ocarina of Time Worl...:

Impressive. Full game speedruns are hard to do consistently well, as you need everything to go in your favour. Especially with OOT, which has some devilishly tricky glitches. I don't to full game runs often, but when I do it can be quite taxing!



SyntheticPerson commented on Nintendo Download: 24th July (Europe):

30% off for Zelda. Hmmmm.........

I wanted to get Zelda and Metroid, because if they were half price it would work out to be good value. However, I have them both on 3DS so at only 30% discount, I doubt I will bother.



SyntheticPerson commented on Master Reboot to Arrive on the Wii U eShop on ...:

It has been out on PC for a while. It is supposed to be pretty good, but I have been waiting for the Wii U release to play it. Looking forward to it!

It should help ease the pain of the ongoing TBA status of Shovel Knight and 1001 Spikes for the EU eshop....



SyntheticPerson commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Final...:

I would really recommend this game to anyone. You can play as an action game, or you can go the stealthy route. I played this on the Xbox 360 and loved every minute of it. I will certainly be buying the Wii U Director's Cut to experience this game again!



SyntheticPerson commented on Rumour: Nintendo Planning a Wind Waker HD Hard...:

I'm not sure that Wind Waker is going to be a big system seller. It looks pretty, and will be great for hardcore Zelda fans, but it isn't new or revolutionary (compared to the GCN version) to be a system seller.

Pikmin, Sonic, DK, Wii Fit U, etc should definitely have a bundle. WW HD? Maybe not.



SyntheticPerson commented on Precursor Games Relaunches Shadow of the Etern...:

@Assassin87 They haven't sacrificed anything. They've actually added stuff (notably David Hayter). The reason they are charging less is because of external partners, such as AMD, who are providing private investment.

They mention it in the kickstarter text (not the video!).

@Tsuchinoko ED was around the same amount of game length. With 9 levels, that is about an hour for each. I assume they are giving a realistic estimate for game length (since it was originally planned in smaller, episodic chunks) rather than what other companies do and give you a stupidly unrealistic number. I believe Activision once said that one of their CODs had a 10+hour campaign, and it could be beaten in 3 hours on an initial playthrough!

All being well though, stretch goals will all be about extra content (after the initial PS4 goal) so it may end up being longer. Still, 10 hours is alright for a $20 game.

I wish them the best of luck with this. They have already broken 100k so I am sure they will do it.



SyntheticPerson commented on Female Version of Copperhead To Feature in Bat...:

Well, Copperhead was female in New 52 so it is hardly a gender swap. They just chose the New 52 version, over the original. Given their revamp of the character, female is more appropriate for their version.

Also, I think the claws on the hands represent the snake fangs, particularly as bats gets poisoned by her when she strikes him.



SyntheticPerson commented on 3DS UK Success in 2013 Offset by Abysmal Wii U...:

How long was it before the 3DS picked up? That had a bumpy journey at the start as well, but eventually picked up. Many people declared it a failure, but Ninty turned it around.

As I say, I can't recall the timeframe for the turnaround so it may not be comparable.



SyntheticPerson commented on Precursor Games Relaunching Shadow of the Eter...:

Yeah, I hope they start revealing more info about it.

I do wish them the best of luck with the campaign - they haven't had much so far. The footage of the intro level looked good, and Eternal Darkness was one of the best Gamecube games, so it should be decent if it ever gets off the ground.



SyntheticPerson commented on Nintendo Will Attend GDC Europe For The First ...:

I hope they get some exclusive indie developers while they are there. The best way for Nintendo to set themselves up as different is exclusive indie stuff. If they are reluctant to make new IPs, at least get some good quality indie devs.

If they nabbed someone like Team Meat (or someone with their quality), they would be laughing.



SyntheticPerson commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Emphasizes That New Experienc...:

I want new IPs, and the maintaining of old ones. I would love another Metroid, Starfox and F-Zero. Perhaps if they made a few less Mario games, they could pop a game out for the dormant franchises.

Any new stuff though is welcome; I just wish they would announce it sooner rather than later. If it is due out 2013, they really ought to show their hand soon.



SyntheticPerson commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

I agree with you to an extent. My initial reaction about a HD update for WW was "why?". The great thing about the cel shaded graphics was that it stands the test of time. Wind waker still looks beautiful, even now.

Don't get me wrong, the visual updates are nice, but it would have been nicer to see Majora get the HD treatment.

As for the changes, I guess i'll wait and see if there are any surprises in store. If it is just a HD update, a faster boat, and the Tingle stuff, then i'll be disappointed. I will still buy it though, but it won't be my priority. W101, Sonic, and DK rank higher...



SyntheticPerson commented on Talking Point: Why Interactive eBooks are a Pe...:

The media stuff would be cool, but the problem I would have is that reading text on a screen gets tiring after a while. That is why the Kindle works great: e-ink. Unless they had a peripheral that you could hook up to read the text, I think it wouldn't be too great an idea.