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Sat 14th June, 2014

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ShigKirby commented on Multi-Generational Paper Mario Stage Confirmed...:

Hope to see more set pieces from both games in this stage(s). Great to see The Thousand Year Door as you would think they could have just included Super Paper Mario instead but chose this. Perhaps they learned that if there was going to be a Paper Mario game on Wii U, it should be more like TTYD. I like all Paper Mario games but the environments, characters and RPG elements were striped back for trial and error gameplay that follows the same old story that the series attempted to stay away from. Maybe the success of Dream Team might show how on the other side of the RPG Mario games it felt familiar but also added something new and fresh that didn't streamline and go against the early screenshots. Anyway, Glitzpit should be included. FEEL THE RAWK!!!



ShigKirby commented on Star Fox on Wii U to Support Local Co-Op With ...:

@SavoirFaire I suppose having the 3DS XL helps and I usually pick up control schemes very quickly. Took a couple of hours but after 50+ hours playing, they become second nature to me. It can strain your hands so taking short breaks is adviced. Seriously though, the XL helps tremendously. I remember first setting down in the burning town and not being able to control the camera while moving. I couldn't aim and kept doing the sliding dodge instead of running normally, but as the intensity and need to explore the environment opened up, so did my understanding and bearings on the controls. Don't get me started on the first time I had to control that motorcycle in the Labyrinth. :D