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E3 2014: Nintendo Hopes to Share Metroid News in the "Near Future"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Keen to accommodate both 3D and 2D styles of franchise

One notable feature of Nintendo's showing at E3 2014 has been its willingness to unveil new IPs or, if not entirely new brands, spin-off small ideas or franchises into new releases. Intelligent Systems is bringing us Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., for example, while one of the largest — and popular — areas of the Nintendo booth was devoted to its colourful Wii U shooter Splatoon. With those moves into some new brands, however, come inevitable questions about potential new entries in established franchises.

One of these series' is Metroid, with a lingering disappointment in Nintendo Life HQ that it didn't make an appearance, especially as our last title in the franchise was back in 2010. That naturally raises fears that the franchise has been put on the backburner, but Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi has given cause for optimism; below is what he said to Kotaku when asked about the Metroid franchise.

So it has been a while since we released the last one and we're having discussions internally about what we can do next. So at this point we have two different types of Metroid games. We have the Prime style of Metroid game and we have the more traditional style of Metroid game. We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. And the hope is that at some point in the near future we'll be able to share something about them.

This certainly plays into fantasies of a continuation of the Prime franchise and a return of the 2D series — in our Nintendo games we'd love to see feature earlier this year we mused that Metroid Prime IV for Wii U and a revival of the 2D Metroid Dread for 3DS would do nicely. As for Takahashi-san and Shigeru Miyamoto, they're naturally fans of both styles of game.

Takahashi: I like them both. They both have a different style of appeal.

Miyamoto: I have the New Super Mario Bros. series [for 2D], so I like Prime. I think there's still a lot of new things that could be done with the Prime series.

We'll see what "near future" means in due course, though naturally we hope Takahashi-san hasn't been overly-liberal with the term; at least we have fairly regular Nintendo Direct broadcasts to keep us dreaming.

Are you excited by news that Metroid is on the agenda at Nintendo, and which style of the franchise do you prefer? Prime, or traditional 2D?


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MixMasterMudkip said:

This E3 we basically got promise of Zelda, Star Fox, and 2 Metriod titles. This E3 was amazing for Nintendo, and with the line up of this next E3 is practically confirmed to be even better!



NintyMan said:

If they could work on both kinds of games, that would be great. I was hoping to see Metroid 3DS with a 2D style, but maybe next time.

If they could get one or both Metroid games ready for next year's E3 as well as Zelda U being playable (which is Aonuma's goal), then that would be a solid start for next year's E3.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Take your time, Nintendo! And don't let Sakamoto mess it up again - double check all of his scripts!



Emblem said:

F-Zero is the only major IP we know is not currently been worked on at this point.

I expect we won't have to wait until next E3 for more news as Nintendo have been getting more creative and aggressive with the directs despite the drop in their frequency.



unrandomsam said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Its his game he should be able to do whatever he wants. Mario is Myamotos. Metroid is Sakamoto's. Retro should come up with something for themselves. (Like Raven Blade or Thunder Rally anything just something for themselves).



Galvanic_Arcvn said:

Yeah, if Nintendo announces a new F-Zero within the year we might be in for the second Nintendo "golden age" since the SNES era.



Obito_Sigma said:

Yes, please. More Prime, defiantly. I somewhat liked Other M. If it was its own IP, then I would have liked it more because I'm not used to seeing Samus such a girl... :/



mostro328 said:

Next e3 it'll be there, I'm happy and feel satisfied with the adjoint if gaming i will get from the wiiu



Gen0neD said:

If Nintendo announced anything related to Metroid at E3... I would've wept. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy. Gimme Metriod.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I need to play Other M just to see how good (or bad) it is! I hear such dividing comments about it. And it's actually the only Metroid game I've yet to play.

Maybe they'll do a dual release for the Wii U and 3DS. The more traditional one for the 3DS and a Prime-esque game for the U. The Samus amiibo will connect the two in some way.



FluttershyGuy said:

It's nice, as a Metroid fan since 1988, to at least see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! This news that Samus looks to be on her way back officially makes this a God-tier Nintendo E3 in my book! My dream scenario is that it pans out like 2002, when we got Prime and Fusion around the same time... With connectivity like they had!

After how superb A Link Between Worlds was, it blows my mind to think of Samus somehow battling Mother Brain again in a Super Metroid-esque follow up (yes, I know Fusion & Other M were sequels). There has to be another planet Zebes out there, in another dimension, or something. They could think something up to bring Mama back!



LasermasterA said:

This is great. I would like to see a continuation of Metroid Fusion though and not another game between the timeline. I want to play as Samus with the Fusion suit after the events on the space station and find what happens next.

But still, I want another Metroid Game!



Stubborn_Monkey said:

A portable 2D Metroid would be great. One with strong emphasis on exploration, like Super Metroid. I really liked Metroid Fusion, but right now I'd prefer it to be a more open experience than that game. If they are afraid this might alienate younger players, they could introduce an entirely optional help system; I'd love to have a vast world that gives the player as much freedom as possible to traverse it.

That being said I don't think a 2D Metroid is in the works right now. I do suspect, however, that a 3D Metroid game is being developed by (who else?) Retro Studios, and that it will be released for Wii U around Q4 2016.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Only ever played Super Metroid and Fusion. Great looking SNES game but it was a bit dissapointing in not ever knowing where to go and what to do. I hope the 3d ones are much better and less aggravating.

Now to announce F-Zero and by 2015 Nintendo would have finished on just about every major IP for the Wii U, and have quite an impressive library.



2Sang said:

Sweet just give us an f-zero game even if it's an eshop game and you'll have the happiest customer in the world. Well I guess I could always ask for mother 3, but seeing what reggie did 2 days ago in response, I think I'll remain quiet.



TwilightV said:

I really want to see the main story continue. We've been left wondering what happened after the events of Fusion for far too long.



PlywoodStick said:

Back in the day, as a kid, being trapped by the Mother Brain, amidst that synthesis of creepy and heavy BGM, along with her distinctively vile, mechanical yet organic scream...

I've never felt such a genuine sense of dread like that in a 2d title, other than Super Metroid. I doubt I ever will again. The 3D titles have their strong points, but the core of Metroid lies in it's 2D roots for me. Not necessarily knowing where you're wandering or what to do next, and the resulting dread, is a part of that core.



ikki5 said:

I wonder if this means we will possibly hear something between January 2015 and next E3.



aronatvw said:

Love metroid, and personally have thought it's an more than perfect outlet for Nintendo to make a first person multiplayer out of, imagine capture the flag with morph ball



atariman said:

Honestly I think the modern Metroid is junk. However I love Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid for NES. Otherwise it kinda sucks in my opinion



Senate_Guard said:

I'm very happy Nintendo hasn't given up on Metroid. I personally enjoy the Prime style a bit more, but I'm fine with either gameplay style.

So we potentially have Star Fox AND Metroid games in development now?



Shrek_Is_Love said:

I hope this is metroid prime 4! I also hope that it would include very fun multiplayer with online capabillity!



crzysortagamer said:

2d handheld metroid would be fine, but I need multiplayer, preferably online some how. I would love Nintendo forever if they could pull this off. Maybe with a smash feel to it in that there could by dynamic combat with good dodges, melee, ect...



Shambo said:

I'd be INCREDIBLY happy if they made a Prime style game for Wii U with real dark horror elements, and very swift controls and dangerous sneaky enemies, so you have to go slow, but react very fast. And an exploration based '2D' Metroid on 3DS, more like the classic games, mixed with some Aliens Infestation.



EdwardCORE said:

I think Nintendo would simply bring the world down to their knees if they ever release a Metroid Prime 4. That's exactly what they need to keep the momentum after Smash Bros is released, and to finally make the Wii U a "big boy" machine. I wish just like StarFox, Nintendo could grant us with a new F-Zero. If Nintendo start to put their things up and together, they can turn this over and make the Wii U a huge success like the 3DS, or at least be profitable until the next console comes out.

Nintendo needs to be more Nintendo than ever, and for what I've seen on this year's E3, they realized they needed to do just that. The 3DS is already a powerhouse and a classic style Metroid would fit it like a glove, so would a F-Zero in portable form (it could be a remake of F-Zero X, just like they did with StarFox 64, opening the way for a Wii U version of GX and a totally new one), but we did know the Wii U needed to shake things up a little and they certainly got that covered, but they have to keep it full steam, so StarFox, Metroid Prime and F-Zero would be the Tri-Force alongside Zelda to make the Wii U one of the best Nintendo consoles ever.



Romeo said:

both probably already in development

2x metorid (possibly) + star fox?! great!

F-Zero next plz



ToniK said:

So there is nothing in development yet. Ok, so maybe on their next platform. Sigh...



Nik-Davies said:

So hold on, hold on here... Let me see if I have this correct.... Over the course of E3, we've see/had announcements for/pretty much confirmations for: A new Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Yoshi, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and TWO Metroid games?!
Nintendo didn't just win E3, they won the world



SpookyMeths said:

Seems like they're trying to pretend that Other M never happened, and I don't think I'm OK with that. For all the things that it did wrong, I think it successfully brought a 2D Metroid experience to 3D environments and would like to see that style improved upon and continued. It was a good concept with poor execution and Nintendo shouldn't shy away from refining it.

Not the first time that Nintendo has had one misstep with a series and decided to retreat back to a previously successful formula though.



audiobrainiac said:

Other M was my favorite but i'm in a minority, apparently. Also, Fusion. I still love the Prime series so if i HAVE to pick, I'd say traditional style. I'd really love to see an over-the-shoulder action-shooter style of play. Though i love my FPS's, I want to SEE Samus in action. The character is too beautiful to hide the whole time, hence my love for Other M and traditional. The GREAT thing about this situation is that we have two consoles in which the game would do well on, in either style! What if they made it where we could just change views at literally any point (without restricted movement) in the game and just have both styles included, BETTER than Other M of course. I hope we hear/see something soon!



Tsurii said:

Wait...TWO new Zelda games, TWO awesome new IPs,, that REALLY fun-looking, gorgeous new Yoshi game, Mario Maker and the Toad game, STAR FOX and now TWO METROID GAMES?! Nintendo...stahp, I don't have enough money to throw at you.

this year's E3 was the best, I've seen so far (I think the first one I saw completely was 2008?) for Nintendo. We may not be getting a Twlight Princess moment anymore, but that lineup this year was over 9000 made more than up for that : 3



gage_wolf said:

This sounds like we won't see a Metroid for quite a while if they're only at the "discussion" point of the development process. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, I think Nintendo did pretty well this E3, but the priority they are giving to Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi currently is getting a bit old. I heard the word "cute" used around 1,200,230,230 times during the Treehouse Live stuff. Nintendo, you have the franchises to make for a versatile balanced lineup, please use them!



Rensch said:

Give us a new Metroid sidescroller already. The last time we had one of those was in 2004 with Zero Mission and that was kind of a remake of Metroid with Super Metroid mechanics.



BoobooMama said:

For the 3DS version they should go the ALBW route and make the characters and environments using a 3D game engine, but make it a side scroller.



Ras said:

I think it would be pretty cool if we got a "2D" Metroid using the Tropical Freeze engine. Kind of a "full circle" deal, since DKCR was built on the Prime engine!



BXXL said:

Imho, two games could really take advantage of the Gamepad in some really immersive way...

Fire Emblem, for the obvious way you could control all your characters with a simple touch before admiring the results of your strategy on the big screen...

And Metroid Prime to use the gamepad to scan, find hidden pathways, and really feel you're in Samus' head...

So hopefully, both of these "dream games" of mine will be made in a near future, with Nintendo teams takin' full advantage of the hardware possibilities...



emeyece said:

Personally I like both styles. Maybe they could bring up Prime Style on the big Consoles and the 2D Versions on Handheld. That would make sense in a way. Sure, the 3DS would do fine with 3D Metroid, but you know.



BestBuck15 said:

No where in the article does it say Nintendo are making two Metroid games. They are discussing the game and its two different styles.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@unrandomsam Definitely not. The Metroid franchise is also part of Nintendo, and if he makes another bad entry, Nintendo has to take responsibility and calm down the furious fans. Sakamoto can't just mess up and blame the fans like he did with Other M before.
And Retro Studios' work on Metroid Prime was checked, acknowledged, and approved by Sakamoto AND Iwata (and probably a lot of other people).
Also, if Sakamoto was to be fired, he could never take the rights to the Metroid series with him.



Bliquid said:

Still THINKING about it, after all this time..?
Well, here's an idea, Nintendo: go play Dark Souls, you'll get a lot of ideas for a Metroid game that puts together 2D and 3D concepts.
Jeez, still "thinking"...



Marshi said:

Oh nintendo, I hate to sound unthankful for a new metroid (metroid prime 4 would make me squee with delight) but...but...but no f zero? Even an f zero gx hd? Please? Its 2010 since the last metroid,but its 2004 (!!!) since the last f zero!



Dreamz said:

My hope:

2D: 3DS Metroid game that takes place after Metroid Fusion
3D: Wii U Other M-style game that takes place after Other M but before Fusion.



MajinSoul said:

I want to play both, honestly. Nintendo did so much for its fans this year, it's insane! Star Fox, Metroid, No Mario game, Bayonetta 1 and new IPs. Nintendo's just awesome.



TheLordAndrew said:

This is brilliant. I was really disappointed after another E3 without Metroid, but if this is true then this was probably the best E3 in years.



PinkSpider said:

If nintendo announced a wii u with a metroid prime bundle and specially designed metroid wii u console I would buy a new wii u



Sean_Aaron said:

I think I could be enticed by a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD as a holdover until a new one, though I admit there were things about the series I found annoying - mainly the back-tracking.



sketchturner said:

Metroid U is what I want more than anything, so very happy news for me!
That said, if Retro is making Prime 4 I sure hope it has more in common with Echoes and Prime. Corruption was a huge mis-step for the series.



netroz said:

This guys are great, they care about the most followed and loved series of their systems. I believe that's one of the reason Nintendo prevails even at this year when graphics seems to be a determinant in the market. Their games are fun and always public oriented.



Chard5001 said:

2D all the way. Prime was… meh… for me. It wasn't bad. It just didn't feel right when I played them.



Rin-go said:

Well, Metroid Prime was released as a trilogy, doesn't that mean it is essentially finished? I haven't played the games myself, so I don't know if a 4th part would be possible concerning continuity and whatnot. But I think that it would be better to not just make Prime 4, but build on Metroid Prime and evolve it. Whether it would carry Prime in it's title or not is another thing.

They just do what they do. Also there is technically a Mario game.



Miss_Dark said:

3D please I still have to discover metroid though we have all the games (thx to my brother) looking forward to playing them



rmeyer said:

I would have Retro put together an insane cgi trailer for gamescon or spike at the end of the year. Call it simply "Prime"



Mrclaycoat said:

I suck at first person games so I haven't really loved a Metroid game since Super Metroid. So my vote is obviously 2D, actually 2.5D would be ideal



LazyShell said:

If they bring back Prime, of course I'm sure Retro has that on lock. I'm more curious to see who Nintendo will get to head up a potential 2D Metroid project. As far as I remember, Sakamoto was wanting to get away from Metroid for a while to pursue other IP's.



Dohv said:

This is what I was looking for Nintendo to announce to get me to buy a Wii U, but they didn't.



Luna-Harmony said:

Waaaaaaa Metroid now i am super happy with Smash bros coming out this year i am super excited.
Namco help make f-zero on gamecube and it was sooooo good i miss f-zero gamecube so much. Fingers crossed for wii u.



MideonNViscera said:

A lot of you are saying two Metroid games but I read that as they're gonna try to combine two styles haha



timtimdaunholy said:

yes yes yes
Reminds me of prime and fushion days
i was so excited watching e3 coverage( i thought the beginning of Xenoblade was Prime, it was still awesome) but now i can't wait till the next Direct.

also what happened to the Quality Of Life platform



warvad said:

Any eagerness for Prime on Wii U is ruined for me because of gamepad and waggle gimmicks.



Ryno said:

Just because "they are thinking about ideas for Metroid" does not mean they are anywhere close to releasing these games and it
certainly does not have anything to do with F-Zero and whether they are working on it or not.



dougphisig said:

This stinks if they are only thinking right now, that means new Metroid/metroids are some time off. I was really hoping that at least 1 Metroid title was in the works already.



xj220_afiles said:

There is high chance Retro studios is already working on it. Pretty sure we'll have something at next E3 ... Could be 2015 but more chance for 2016 ...
I also hope for a new F-Zero at every E3 and everytime, there's nothing... But Miyamoto don't want to work on it anymore so it might be dead ... The only relief so far is that Samurai Goroh is still is SSB so Cap. Falcon is probably as well.



FJOJR said:

As long as they handle it better than Other: M. That or have two separate styles like Mario. 2D Metroids on 3DS and 3D 1st person on Wii U.



GraveLordXD said:

A super metroid style game on 3ds
A prime metroid on Wii u
A metroid maker and remake of metroid 2 on the eshop



Phelpzz said:

I'd be glad with any kind of Metroid game. I love the Prime series and even more the 2D ones. Doesn't matter if it'll be a Metroid 2 remake or a sequel to Metroid Fusion / Prime 3. All I ask is a new Metroid. It's almost 4 years since the last one. Come on Nintendo we need it soon as possible.

Two games released at once would be great, like Fusion and Prime.
And maybe a Wii U edition for this, I can picture it already.



Bolt_Strike said:

I've been waiting for them to announce a new Metroid Prime game for Wii U since the console launch, Prime would be absolutely perfect for Wii U (I really wish they'd have worked on it sooner, but better late than never). I also like Classic style too, so I'll probably be buying both. I also want to see a continuation of Fusion, there's some interesting things they can do in terms of gameplay and storyline with the changes made in that game.



Jellitoe said:

Retro better be working on the next installment of Prime, I do not want to hear anything different.



flyguy6060 said:

I have been a Metroid fan ever since the original NES title, great platforming/exploration and amazing music. At the end when she took her helmet off and the blond hair came out my jaw was on the floor, as I had assumed the character I was playing was a dude.

Loved the Prime series, and even finished Other M (didn't like how they made her weak minded). Bring on more Metroid! My money is ready.



Dpishere said:

As a fan of both styles of Metroid, I am hoping for a 2D one for 3ds and a game in the vein of Prime for Wii U! That would be superb!



8BitSamurai said:

I just hope that Sakamoto and the Other M development mentality will be distanced as far as possible from any new Metroid games. That, and that somebody (Other then Retro or Team Ninja) new gets to give the series a fresh take.



Arngrim said:

Would be the perfect way to release prime for Wii U and a new 2d Metroid (imagine the 3d backgrounds! on the 3ds.



JaxonH said:


F-Zero is one of my favorite franchises of all time. I still play the AX Cup in F-Zero GX to this day! However, I do understand why it's not a priority.

Thankfully, the good people over at Shinen make a WONDERFUL F-Zero clone. And it's coming this year.



Bolt_Strike said:

@Galvanic_Arcvn @JaxonH I can see why they might skip F-Zero, Mario Kart 8 pretty much uses the same gameplay concepts. It might feel a bit redundant to have both. That is, unless F-Zero can bring some unique gameplay concepts of its own that wouldn't really work with Mario Kart.



JaxonH said:


Right. I'm actually really excited for Fast Racing Neo. It has exactly what you speak of- unique gameplay concepts not found in previous F-Zero games. Fast Racing League was terrific. But this new one is looking to take it to a new level. Online multiplayer, gorgeous retail-quality graphics, and that classic futuristic racing goodness from the previous entry. Can't wait until they reveal info on it! Probably waiting for the fall, give some ammo for a Direct or something. We'll see



Chillama said:

Im hoping for a prime type Metroid. Fps and most definitely a way to cruise around on the ship!!. A game where you get a variety of missions, you are a bounty hunter after all! Maybe even assassins coming for you or mercenaries and bounty hunters competing against you... Just an idea.



BBQSquidButter said:

I nearly had a heart attack when this article came out! Finally Nintendo reveals it's happening! It was horrible to be a Metroid fan during the 25th anniversary that the series shared with Zelda. Don't get me wrong I love me some Zelda but Nintendo did NOTHING for Metroid's 25th. And especially after Other M divided the fanbase and then 4 years of no concrete news, this was the perfect way to end E3.



Genesaur said:

Prime style on Wii U, yes. They'd better not call it Prime 4. The Prime storyline is done (aside from what seemed to be Sylux following Samus after Corruption's end); Metroid Prime herself is dead.

I'd want a 2D-style on 3DS, too, if I can be so greedy. I'd like to see a layered exploration, though, rather than a flat, 2D map. Think like Shantae: Risky's Revenge, where there were multiple layers to certain rooms; that sort of thing could easily be applied to Metroid exploration, and such room layers could be accessed through Morph Ball tunnels, or something.



Danny429 said:

I think the prime style would work nicely for the 3ds. (As it did for the ds with the game metroid prime hunters.)



retro_player_22 said:

All I want now is an open 2D or 2.5D Metroid for 3DS and a new Metroid saga game in the style of Metroid Prime for Wii U. Make it happen Nintendo.



andybunn said:

Its about f time nintendo pulled its smelly finger out of its conservative ass and bought us some metroid games. Four long years of void?

wasnt it samus' 25 anniversary last year and not a thing from nintendo. SHOCKING

No wonder nintendo are struggling to make any money they dont give gamers what they want



BulbasaurusRex said:

I actually prefer the mixed style in Other M over either of them.

Although, if they'd prefer not to reuse the part where you switch to a 1st person perspective, I'd settle for a full TPS (third person shooter) style with lock-on targeting for missiles and Other M's fixed viewpoint camera.



Noelemahc said:

@JQuest It's a good GAME. It's a very nasty STORY, as it sticks a lot of unfortunate "women should stay in the kitchen" tropes onto Samus in an effort to tie into Fusion's story and ends up demolishing everything most fans liked about the character.



Noelemahc said:

So guys, tell me, am I the only one who genuinely wants them to stop messing around with prequels and interquels and just make a sequel to Fusion already? Samus has all these jawsome Metroidy absorption powers now, a game built around utilizing them offensively a-la Megaman ZX would be amazingly cool.

It would also let us wash away the memories of Other M, by turning her into a superhuman creature that has a justifiable defense from attempts at men-writing-female-logic which had no place in a Metroid game in the first place.



Henmii said:

So in other words: Still nothing concrete! And the new Starfox is also nothing solid yet. Yet they keep churning out Mario related games on a yearly basis (they made a joke of it during the Digital event, and Reggie said there would be no Mario! But then there was Mario party 10, Mario maker, Mario vs Dk and Toad treasure tracker. Though that last one looks cool!)!

Good job Nintendo! You really care about your fans!



Kolzig said:

I would love to see a hand drawn 2D HD Metroid game on Wii U. That would be just amazing.

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