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Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its First Wii U Title

Posted by Mike Mason

Metroid wasn't the prime choice

Are you happy about Retro's return to the Donkey Kong franchise with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, or would you have preferred something different — a fresh IP or a new entry into the world of Metroid, perhaps?

According to Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh, the developer chose to work on a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns rather than Metroid as its first Wii U title. Kelbaugh stated that the team made the tough decision after realising that it had "unfinished business" with Nintendo's number one gorilla.

Are you looking forward to returning to Donkey Kong Country once again?


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Havkri said:

too bad, rather wanted to see what Metroid would look like in glorius hd.



LavaTwilight said:

Haha maybe!
All I know is they did such a great job with DKC:R and I can't wait to see with The Return Of Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's looking much better than the Wii version and I think I def like the Vikings more than the Tikis already. I hated those guys. A reappearance from the Kremlings wouldn't go amiss either.



Electricmastro said:

Why? Why deem Donkey Kong as them having "unfinished business" since they just released the 3DS version and Metroid hasn't been updated at all since 2010? That is not logical to me.



indienapolis said:

Like most of today's news, I'm disappointed, but I have no doubt this will be a great game.



NMRodo said:

I'm a bit disappointed they didn't take on an IP they haven't worked on before (F-Zero and Star Fox remain untouched), but DKCR was awesome, so... still looking forward to this.



Sandstorm64 said:

Hopefully they'll work on Metroid after Donkey Kong comes out. I need a new Metroid game.



indienapolis said:

I'm pretty convinced that all of this is a result of the all hands on deck approach to getting games out the door this year. Ill even bet that Mario originally WAS for 3DS. WiiU needed it more. So this year we get HD versions of portable games while they hopefully fine tune bigger releases for 2014. These games will be good, but not what we expect to see for the new console.



andrea987 said:

Fresh IP, it would have stand out today, much more than DK.
But I'm sure it'll be a good game.



BATRA said:




BossBattles said:

It will be an amazing game even though its kind of a disappointment that it wasn't an HD 2D metroid or Fzero



Legromancer said:

great to see that Nintendo and Retro now that if the Wii U is lacking something it is 2D Sidescrollers.
Great job of delivering a variety of games.
If this was in the making for 3 years we won't see another game from Retro on the Wii U. Till them all talent has left Retro and formed other studios.
Don't get me wrong, i will buy it but man,,, that won't save the Wii U. Semething new and exiting for the western audience is needed. And please don't try to nitpick my comment about different tastes etc. Nintendo just keeps track with their course wich led to disappointing Wii U sales so far. And i don't see this changing this year.



Solatorobo said:

Okay, this is gonna be a controversial choice. but I would prefer this over Metroid.

Metroid Prime was great, but not amazing and like the Uncharted games, I felt satisfied with it at the end of 3.

Donkey Kong however felt like something slightly better, and this game seems to expand on the balls to the wall craziness that the last game had, which was my favourite part of DKCR and separated it from the other 2D platformers on the Wii.

Don't get me wrong, Star Fox or even a new IP (If done well) would have been better, but I am still happy with what we were given.



CHECKit095 said:

So that means they are going to make a new Metroid after Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is finished?



HandheldGuru97 said:

Hmm...actually this could bode well for everyone. Let them try out the Wii U with Donkey Kong then crank it out on Metroid. I wouldn't mind waiting until even 2015 for a Wii U version of long as we got one on the 3DS in 2014 that is!!



Legromancer said:

Retro is great at Sci-Fi, and i have the feeling a grand Space Opera from them is what Wii U needs right now. Really, Nintendo has so many great Sci-Fi themed franchises and it looks like we won't see any of them in 3 years.



SkywardCrowbar said:

@Magolor Metroid Prime lays Uncharted to waste. Prime is, IMO, the single greatest game ever made.

I couldn't handle Team Ninja making a new Metroid. They BUTCHERED Other M. That was an abortion. Disrespectful to the fanbase, misogynistic, and just not a good game. Retro or Nintendo needs to make the new Metroid.



ikki5 said:

I would rather Metroid, I know this game would be loads of fun, if they had such a hard choice then I damn well home they do metroid once this is done because well.... if it was such a hard choice, then why not do both



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'll take 2D Donkey Kong over 3D Metroid any day.

I would rather a 2D Metroid for the 3DS. We're about due.



fluggy said:

Major disappointment!! This looks like it plays exactly the same as DKCR, which has just been remade on 3DS (??!!? WHY!!?.)! fair enough if your gonna mix it up but this looks so similar to the Wii game. So this is Retro's big surprise!!! Total anti-climax! What Wii U needs is a system seller, and fast!! DK ain't it! Neither are Pikmin, W101 (weird, quirky, japanese nonsense), Smash Brothers (which has never really held my attention)! Mario Kart is nice but thats almost a year away! There better be more announcements next few days. Something to vindicate and give hope to the early adopters.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Honestly when you take a look at what they've done with Donkey Kong Country Returns, you can see that they really have mastered the essence of Donkey Kong so I could see why they'd want to make another one, at the same time they also mastered the essence of Metroid in the Prime games, however they had made the 3rd Prime game to end the trilogy.



Ryno said:

Yeah, nothing says check out our awesome new hardware like a 2D platformer! As if there are not enough plaformers on the Wii U currently. On the eShop there are/will be plenty of platformers for a lot less money then this game will be.



startropics3 said:

I think Retro had their time with the Metroid franchise. I probably wouldn't want to make another Prime-type shooter if I was on their team.

Maybe the Wii U is lacking a decent shooter. I hear Zombi U is fun.



rmeyer said:

I was pretty disappointed but its ok, donkey kong is still really great.



Pierceton said:

I'm happy about DK but I really wanted an awesome Metroid with a great multiplayer because I have been so bored with most fps games so something new and innovative would have been nice.



bizcuthammer said:

I'd have preferred Metroid or a new IP. At least if they were going with DK, i wish they'd have gone the DK64 route instead. There are too many sidescrolling platformers these days and not enough 3D platformers. I think tropical freeze will be good, but i dont know if i'll be getting it unless someone nice gets it for me for xmas.



The-Chosen-one said:

Why not this, why not that, why not this, why not that.. lol look at the comments geesh.

Retro, good job guys. keep up the great work.
i love all the games shown on E3.



Legromancer said:

because it doesn't look like Wii U has a great variety of genres. TONS of platformers and so it looks like Retros talent got...wasted?...on a genre that even now is oversaturated on this console.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'm happy and disappointed. Disappointed because Nintendo needs a new IP. Happy because DKCR was awesome and it is true that there were some things missing (water levels, other companions besides Rhino...).

Hopefully they are working on another secret game.



GearsOfWarU said:

Donky Kong Country Tropical Freeze Looks Awesome!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play it and Hopefully Retro will Be Hard @ Work for a New Metroid Prime U for Summer 2014 That would Be Awsome!!!!! I Do Agree Nintendo Will Have the Greatest Platformers Ever on Wii U with, Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Rayman Legends & DKC Tropical Freeze .... Wii U Need's some Shooters Weather it Be Metroid, Star Fox, Kid Icarus .... or Bungies Infinity or Titanfall !!!! or some totally New 1st or 3rd Person Shooter : )



Technosphile said:

Hands-down, the biggest disappointment in an extremely disappointing Direct. You dun goofed, Retro!



kespino20 said:

It says they chose DK as their FIRST Wii U game so a Metroid (hopefully Prime) game is probably in the pipeline.



Samus06 said:

I have no doubt that the new DKC game will be great, but I can't help but feel disappointed by this. I was hoping to be blown away by a new Metroid Prime or some great new IP from Retro. This new DKC game should have either been handled by another team or Retro should have worked on this after releasing a big time game like Prime.



armoredghor said:

Now that they're about to finish that business, Woot! I will be eagerly awaiting the next game for the next 4 years.



datamonkey said:

I love the DKC games so I'm happy though I just hope it's a bit easier than the Wii game!



QuickSilver88 said:

This wasmthe second biggest dissappointment after Mario World 3D. I mean this is Retro...your best grafx team and they aren't working on a major 3D title? Why not DK 3D (like DK64). Why not new shocking metroid, or star fox or fzero? I have been a vocal supporter of Nintendo and WiiU on this and other boards but today I am so let down. Everything Nintendo showed could be done on Wii or 3DS. The only games that had Wow factor were X, W101, Bayonetta. Nintendo needs to fire Iwata and get new leadership.....the WiiU has been a disaster and Nintendo was obviously not ready for the HD they are rushing out 3DS rehashes to have content this year while $ony is showing amazing things. Also the big featurenof WiiU is gamepad and they showed NOTHING in unique features for it with any of their big titles. I thought Watchdogs ans Splnter Cell looked current gen on U.....sad sad day!



Geonjaha said:

I would have much rather had a new Metroid game personally. This also means that we wont be seeing a new Metroid title until at least 2015 in all likelihood - which is really bad news.



Luffymcduck said:

Well people hatet Other M so much this doesn´t surprise. I´ll have a new DKC any day over Metroid, unless it´s as good as Fusion.



Drawdler said:

I'm glad to see a new DK since I've wanted a sequel to DKCR for a while, although I would have gone with Metroid...



Legromancer said:

seriously, i don't think there will be a Metroid down the road. Nintendo needed to drop the bombs and judging by the reactions they didn't. It hurts me, no it realy does, and i know this makes me a fanboy...but i still feel this way...i have to get a PS4. It looks better, costs only 50 Euros more that a Deluxe Wii U and seems to hate a greater variety of games that look exiting. And there will be no drought. Nintendo didn't deliver for me. And this really makes me sick...I am deeply disappointed. And it was only 40 minutes. Oh man... they blew the whole first year. For me at least. Man, this is depressing and i hope Nintendo FINALLY pays attention. But seeing Reggies comments it doesn't seem so.



ricklongo said:

I'm thinking by "unfinished business" they meant water levels (confirmed in) and, hopefully, more animal buddies. I really, really hope we get to ride Squitter once again.



Electricmastro said:

@Ridley True, but Other M wasn't by Retro and though I think they could already have done that already with the 3DS game. I'd rather have them alternate between Donkey Kong, then Metroid and so on.



raghouse said:

Not a huge Donkey Kong fan. Would have loved to see them do Metroid again. I vote that X is the most impressive game from Nintendo Direct.



E-Man said:

I got no problem with Donkey Kong Country but I still have the Wii game of DKC and still haven't even opened it. It's still sealed. Also, Retro Studios, ever heard of a franchise called "Star Fox"? Why so much hate and not a revival of Star Fox for Wii U?



Mk_II said:

DKC-TF is obviously not a game that takes three years at a large studio. I'm pretty sure they've been doing some other work as well.



Moshugan said:

I think the case is that so much of the creative talents had left Retro, so it was safer to stick with this simple formula.
But, this will be good!



MeWario said:

Super excited for this. My only concern is that this looks mostly like a big retread of DKCR. Diddy's Kong Quest is how a sequel should be done. It dropped Donkey Kong for Dixie, changing how we played the game, but most importantly; the environments were far more creative. (bee hives, theme parks etc)



brokenfang said:

Yeah, would have preferred a Metroid U game, but the new DK does look awesome. I'll buy. It is Retro after all.

A little let down that they showed nothing for new Zelda U game though. >_<



Mickamott said:

This game is going to be be awesome! At first I was suprised, because I thought DK wasn't a good choice. This afternoon I went back and played some DKCR. It is my personal favorite platformer, so I am now happy with this choice.



MitchVogel said:

While I would've loved a new metroid, DKCR is my favorite platformer and is more than deserving of a proper sequel. That being said, they'd better get on that new metroid the minute this game is finished!



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

@Electricmastro They didnt handle the 3DS port.

And heck, if they have many unused ideas or what not, I say let them do it. Besides, its coming this year, so they'll be off on their next project soon enough no doubt.



Doma said:

@Geonjaha Or never. The IP could be dead and buried in actuality, wouldn’t surprised me. Nintendo didn't even acknowledged its 25th anniversary, remember?



HouseofBees said:

I'm sure many would rather a new IP, or Starfox. But a new DKC? I'll go for that anytime.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I can see why they felt that way since working on a Country title without having Dixie and underwater levels in it must surely leave you wanting to do more with it.
I'd have preferred Metroid or another franchise though, DK could have waited a bit longer. But hey, Nintendo doesn't seem very eager to bring anything too fresh and exciting into the race. They seem to be more than happy with the audience they already appeal to with the Wii and 3DS.

But anyway, while they're at it i really hope there'll be a third "Returns" game some time with Kiddie Kong. God, i love that guy.



NintyMan said:

I thought they would make a new Metroid, but I'm personally happier that they chose Donkey Kong. Although it wasn't game-breaking at all, having no water levels and ice levels in DKCR just felt weird. Their inclusion along with Dixie Kong and David Wise as composer has made the chances of it being better than DKCR higher.



Ricube said:

I'm sure this game will be awesome, i'm sure all games shown are going to be awesome... but I missed a real NEW game at this E3, they all may be improved, but they are still only sequels. This time Nintendo played it safe, maybe because of the WiiU's sales. Anyway, I'm really sad if we are going to wait 3 or 4 years more to see a new RETRO game... Nothing against 2D platformers, but in recent times I've played too many of them.



cdawg said:

Dissapointed. I wanted a Metroid title from them. Nintendo need to help these guys expand and tackle more titles at the same time.

Considering they were working on a 3d engine I still hold hope for a metroid title but Im not buying a wiiu til that comes out



Varia01 said:

I guess Metroid can wait next year... This is still partially disappointing... I was really hoping for Metroid. Maybe Team Ninja will make a new Metroid game soon similar to Other M; I'd like that.



SphericalCrusher said:

I am a huge fan of both, but excited for this new DK game! I would love to see them work on a Metroid game, but I feel they should be able to go back and forth. I wouldn't want them to not make a new DK for a long time due to Metroid, you know?



WaveGhoul said:

Oh well, Metroid's inevitable wii u release will just have to wait, there are already a ton of great Nintendo exclusive Wii U games coming out so i'm more than happy at this point.



Kirk said:

When they say unfinished business do they mean they had to rectify the decision to included the forced clumsy waggle control in the previous Donkey Kong title they made?

That's about the only think I think they genuinely need to rectify, or that could be considered "unfinished business", because of how many gamers picked that out as the one outstanding issue they had with the previous game.

If they've put that to bed once and for all then I think they've done their job now.



JGMR said:

Which means that they will have unfinished business with METROID later on...



Arock said:

I'm really happy about this. A new DK was a pleasant surprise to me. Even though I cant wait for a new Metroid this is still great news.



Hetsumani said:

This was a great idea, this way they get used to working with the WiiU learn the programming tricks and stuff, then they start working on a big game, brilliant. just brilliant.



capitalism said:

For everybody bringing up that you wanted a new IP, X and Wonderful 101 say hello. I know it's not a new IP but it's only the second game in the series so Bayonetta 2 says hello as well. I would of liked to see Starfox today too, but DK was a nice surprise and we all know it's going to be one of the best 2D platformers on ANY system this year. It looks beautiful, has a lot of cool features and represents the DK franchise perfectly. I know I'll be there day one.



Xlll said:

Excited for this! However between the two choices, if metroid was going to be a 3d shooter then they shoulda chose it. Right now wiiu doesn't need another 2d platformer.



Draken18 said:

Super excited for this game, loved the original Wii/3DS game and can't wait to dive into this new game. Retro always bring their A game to any project they work on.



SirQuincealot said:

i do like this choice, i just got DKCR 3d and i can honestly say its one of my favorite game sof all time, and not just on portable...

its so good



Rargon said:

To me, it's cool they work on DK. Retro has worked on 3 Metroid games already so a sequel to DKCR is alright in my book.



GraveLordXD said:

I will pick this up day one but I have to say I'm very disappointed that they didn't choose metroid or anything else but this we just had donkey kong on the wii and also a remake on the 3ds!!!!!!
Why not a new damn ip!! Metroid starfox f-zero wtf!?!? Do we really need another 2d platformer on the wii u right now
Nintendo who the **** are you going to get to do metroid? and please don't anyone say team ninja
Edit: never mind I just seen someone mention that in the comments grrrrr I'm gonna go punch myself in the face a few times



mamp said:

WHY!!!!??? Well it looks like it's coming out this year at least so they can hurry up and work on something better.



thanos316 said:

i respect that they are coming out with a new donkey kong game. but come on i really think that a new metroid this year would have been much much better. ninty is making all the same mistakes with the wii u that they made with the wii. okay yes i know the wii sold boat loads, but fans have to wait too long for a new game to come out. yes donkey kong and mario will sell its millions but fans really want a new metroid or a star fox. what ever happened to that new zelda game, and no not that wind waker stuff.. come one ninty you can do much better



hcfwesker said:

@Electricmastro That's IF you count Other M ... which I don't lol. I'm happy for the new DKR game for WiiU, and there is hope for us Metroid fans who ONLY want Retro doing Metroid from now on ... DKR releases very soon, which means development for that WiiU Metroid can begin even sooner.



Senate_Guard said:

I'm deeply upset. I was hoping Retro would make a new Metroid, to help get rid of the series' sour taste since Other M.



thames6376 said:

Uggh darn no new Wii U Metroid doh!! or a 3DS side scrolling version of Metroid.. Darn.. why are they taking so long and no news on a original Wii U Zelda but still some good stuff.



JaxonH said:

Actually, you couldn't be more wrong, and I've got the facts to proove it. You THINK this won't save the WiiU, whereas a Metroid title would. Not so. Metroid Prime sold 2 million copies, Metroid Prime 2 sold only 800 thousand copies, and Prime 3 sold almost 1.5 million copies. The limited release Trilogy sold half a million copies. Compare that to Donkey Kong Country Returns, which sold 5 million copies. Donkey Kong Country Returns sold more than Prime, Prime 2, Prime 3 and Prime Trilogy COMBINED. Like it or not, Metroid is NOT the savior you want to believe it is. Having said that, I wanted a Retro Studios Metroid on the U as much as anyone, but this DKC game will probably turn out to be one of the best the entire gen, and we all know it. Besides, Metroid was probably already begun a year ago, when they were hiring programmers with experience in "realistic" games.



Gregor said:

Dawww shucks. Come on retro. Either make HD remakes of the Prime Trilogy or bring me Prime 4. I've been waiting. 5. Years.



cdawg said:

Obviously Nintendo wants them working on DKC because thats a tittle that falls in line with the nintendo kiddie image. The game is good and these guys do a good job with it. No doubt a fine addition to a console that was in need of titles.

That being said, I wish nintendo would sell the rights to metroid. Its such a great franchise that they are not interested in pushing or supporting it seems. I was really looking forward seeing an HD Metroid Prime type game but it looks like it could be years before we see one which absolutely sucks.



Dpullam said:

I personally would of preferred a new Metroid game, but the Donkey Kong Country franchise is a really fun series as well. I'm sure we will see an amazing new Metroid game in the future. I'll just have to be patient since you can't rush perfection.



Meaty-cheeky said:

The new DK game looks fantastic!

Retro will most likely work on a new Metroid when this game is complete.



DarkNinja9 said:

im going to go with what zach said in the first comments and think they must of had flipped a coin.... this to me doesnt really make sense especially after the whole 3ds remake of the DK game that wasnt to long ago came out on the Wii -.-

this would of been a different case if there hadnt been a 3DS remake of the DK game and just went from Wii ---> to Wii U other then that i would say a metriod game would of been better... but in the end it does look nice will i get it? probably not till the other 10+ games



armoredghor said:

@JaxonH Source EDIT: nevermind it's credible with vgchartz. Though I could argue the state of the market and trends of buyers knowing the common buyer of a wii vs. the common buyer of the Wii U. I won't though



tsm7 said:

Retro's DK is the best platformer I've played in years. They were rumoured to be working on two games. One old IP and one new. Maybe they had to decide between DK and Metroid for this one project.



Luffy said:

Could the TRUTH be that Over 6 MILLION DK copies sold while Metriod NEVER breaks 2M?



Otto-Soq said:

They made the right choice, i believe. Metroid is a fantastic serie, but the Wii U needs system sellers right now.



rastamadeus said:

@SkywardCrowbar What rubbish. The game was sound but the stupid ideas Sakamoto made them have (awful story, weapon progression, etc) ruined the game. Team Ninja made a rather enjoyable game with roots in the early days of Metroid, it was Nintendo who dropped the ball on their part.



rastamadeus said:

@cdawg Jesus Christ, have you ever heard of patience? There was no Metroid for eight years as they tried to figure out what would be the best way to take the series forward and that's what they're doing again. Have you ever considered maybe Retro don't want to bang out another deep, dark Prime game (like other companies would if Nintendo were unlucky enough to have someone like you in charge and sold the franchise - what a idiotic idea, might I add)? Maybe they don't want to do another FPS. Prime was a trilogy and the trilogy is over. Stark truth is Metroid doesn't sell as well as DKC does so until the username is there there won't be another Metroid but I'm sure when it is Retro will return to Metroid but I doubt it'll be an FPS again. So try waiting without kicking your toys out of the pram like a spoilt brat



rdenton85 said:

Forget Metroid. They pretty much perfected 3D Metroid immediately. It's enough for now as I'd much rather see Metroid 5 either on 3DS or Wii-U as a 2D game. It's been far too long since Fusion came out and I'd like to see a genuine sequel after all this time.

I thought the rumours were that Retro were working on Starfox or a different series. Wasn't it meant to be one that everyone wants.
As much as I love DK and 2D platformers, it's been too long since a game like Starfox, 2D Metroid and FZero.



BandG said:

anyone can do Metroid, im glad Retro isnt waisting their talents on it. I mean I love Metroid, and Prime was great, but anyone could greatly improve upon it... so Im glad Retro will work on a game only they can do.



Mr_Vengeance said:

I'm delighted about this - I think DK Returns could only have been improved with HD visuals and a more fairer difficulty level; the latter oh which will be addressed with this game after it was corrected in the recent 3DS port hopefully.

Still, there's room for a 2D Metroid Nintendo, though I suspect they will get to this once the Wii U truly takes off with software that people know and love already.

Exciting, if predictable times.



WindWakerLink said:

I expected them to do the sequel to DKCR and have Dixie playable, but the way they went about it really SURPRISED me! I love it!! ))



seronja said:

if this comes out this year then i'm happy they went with DKCR 2, if not then i would've rather seen them making a new star fox, new IP or a metroid game no doubt... or at least a 3DS metroid and dkcr 2 for wii u, i would be happy about that too no doubt.



cdawg said:

@rastamadeus We can all speculate to defend our point of view:

It clearly is about money. Metroid is the red-headed child of a company that stubbornly wants to maintain a kiddie image and is getting badly disregarded this generation. Of course DKC was goint to take precedence. Nintendo has no intention in pushing a "darker" or "more mature" title like Metroid prime. People always bring up the sales numbers, but Im almost certain to say that Metroid would be much bigger franchise if it wasnt exclusive to Nintendo. Also it may not sell a lot but there are a few like me that only buy the console to play that game so you have to take into account that some of the game sales are actually accompanied by a console purchase. Its a hardcore game for hardcore gamers in a company that loves cutesy. Of course they arent going to give it much of a push or priority.

The truth is that Retro went for a sequel to their last game and most werent really expecting that, even with the sales numbers. However, Im also inclined to say Retro has been nintendo-ized and thats why key people have left them. Not sure if they will be able to do something like Metroid Prime anymore and I think seeing them work on Mario Kart and DKC shows us more where they are going as a developer in terms of style imposed by Nintendo.

Truth is that to me, Nintendo doesnt want to grow outside of their specific niche, and a title that makes me buy their console like Metroid is nowhere to be seen. So yeah, Ill be patient and buy a Nintendo console the day they give me an HD metroid prime game that features the consoles capabilities.



BlackStar9000 said:

Its just a stop gap game until the next big release, Nintendo has to pump out games since third party support is lame, so expect more of this in between the big titles, its actually a smart move and I bet they are saving some of the other titles in works for the next E3 or a big nintendo direct like what happened in january



WAM2 said:

They better have an HD Metroid sometime in the near future. And it better be NOTHING LIKE Other M. Hopefully they've learned their lesson.



McGruber said:

I was so disappointed at this and Mario 3D, but honestly it was a smart move. Donkey Kong was one of the best selling Wii games, so of course Nintendo probably told Retro to make a WiiU game because DK is probably a lot easier to develope than any open world game. Same with Mario 3D World (is it a 3DS game?!). They knew they were short on WiiU games and they opted for something smaller scale.



McGruber said:

In theory: the lack of 3rd party support really hurts us as Nintendo gamers because they are under pressure to produce games at a faster rate to fill droughts, which means smaller games, and possibly less quality. Look at all of the push backs, Nintendo is really struggling to keep a "robust" lineup of games meaning at least 1 great game a month on each platform from them. They need to aquire more studios or expand their own because I don't think many people bought a Wii U for only these linear type of games...



Electricmastro said:

@Ridley Or rather, they made 3, Retro didn't make Other M, so that mean why haven't had a new Metroid title from Retro in over 5 years for the sake of 3 Donkey Kong games in a row



unrandomsam said:

I want this more than any other Wii U game (Think the Wii version is the best platformer on the Wii - difficulty is just right. Hope they don't make this any easier like they did for the 3DS).

Not bothered about Metroid at all. (Especially not a 3D one. One like Super Metroid might be ok as long as they made it more combat based than exploration).



unrandomsam said:

I think it is never good for characters to be reused for a different type of game.

(Takes away the enjoyment of a game I might otherwise quite like when I am constantly reminded that I like this less than the previous one.)

Donkey Country Country on the wii I think is better than the original games which is such a rare thing to happen. (Unintentional pun).



unrandomsam said:

Be much better if before reusing a name they made 100% certain it was better than the previously available ones. (Or else use some other characters.)



TimboBaggins said:

Donkey Kong probably took less time to make than a new metroid. They probably were able to reuse some of their character designs and such. A new metroid would have to be completely from scratch considering how much graphics have progressed since the last one. I predict the next project will be the new metroid, and it will take 2-3 years to polish off

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