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Thu 14th Feb 2013

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Mickamott commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

They should be treated separately; the only similarity between the two are the characters. Stages, modes (classic, all-star, Smash Run, Smash Tour, etc.) and others are all different in some way, or exclusive, between the two titles.

Speaking of titles, they both have different ones! The official names of these games are: "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" and "Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS". This is similar to the way ORAS are differentiated, and they are treated separately. This doesn't apply to true multiplats as their titles are the same across all platforms (i.e. Assassin's Creed Unity).

Other than that, great news!



Mickamott commented on Nintendo "Feels Good" About How It Stacks Up A...:

Something that really suprised me, based on my personal impressions, is that I think Sonic might possibly have beaten Mario as a 3D platformer. This is only based on my personal impressions, as I am currently more excited for Sonic Lost World, than Super Mario 3D World.



Mickamott commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

This game is going to be be awesome! At first I was suprised, because I thought DK wasn't a good choice. This afternoon I went back and played some DKCR. It is my personal favorite platformer, so I am now happy with this choice.



Mickamott commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

I preordered it, but unluckily the store won't do a midnight release due the the game not being "popular enough". Where do GameStop midnight release planners get off? I will be at the store when it opens, however, and the rest is history.



Mickamott commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

My Top 10
1. Fire Emblem Awakening
2. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
3. Super Mario 3D Land
4. Kid Icarus Uprising
5. Ocarina of Time 3D
6. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
7. Paper Mario Sticker Star
8. Star Fox 64 3D
9. Mario Kart 7
10. New Super Mario Bros. 2

Note that I am almost certain Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Link to the Past II will make it on the list.



Mickamott commented on Consumers Go Crazy For Wii U Following Xbox On...:

I was Wii60 owner myself this past generation, however, due to repeated hardware malfunction and constant desire to play PS exclusives, I believe the PS4 will be the one sitting next o my Wii U this holiday season.

I've managed to convince most of my friends the same (well Microsoft did most the convincing) and I am glad I will have a robust online community on the PS4, akin to the 360 this generation.

The only issue is that I will not get a PS4 for over $400, but I am willing to wait for the ineivitable price drop, as I will have a plethora of new Wii U games this holiday season.



Mickamott commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

On topic, I think WB Games should be mentioned as a top supporter of the Wii U, their owned studio TT Games made Lego City Undercover, albeit published by Nintendo, and they brought Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition, and Injustice Gods Among Us. They have even already confirmed Batman Arkham Origins and Lego Mavel Super Heroes for the Wii U.

As far as I know they haven't skipped and don't plan on skipping any releases for the Wii U, and right now I am happily enjoying their contributions.



Mickamott commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Mixed Week With Wii ...:

Slightly off topic, but does anyone know if The Wonderful 101 is considered 1st party? Or is it 2nd party? If it's 1st party then doesn't that make it a new Nintendo IP? Because Luigi's Mansion 2 was made by Next Level games, which isn't owned by Nintendo, however I consider it a 1st party game. This is just a big grey area.



Mickamott commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

I recently decided to play all the classic NES and SNES titles I missed out on. I just beat LttP and SMW, and I am currently working on Super Metroid. For all of this I vowed to not look anything up, and I am glad I did. Instead of having a walkthrough tell me where to go I wander around looking for stuff until I find something. Mind you sometimes I end up wandering for a couple of hours but the satisfaction is worth it! It is because of this wandering that I love these games enough to all be in my top ten. I have had Super Metroid for two days and I have already put in ten wonderful hours.



Mickamott commented on Nintendo Claiming Ad Revenue On YouTube User-G...:

As a die-hard Nintendo fan, I have no problem with this. It is completely fair and understandable, and alright by me.

On another note, how many people produce Let's Play videos for the sole purpose of earning a profit? Don't most people who make these videos love these games and want to share the experience with as many people as possible, because they truly and simply just enjoy the game? I watch the channel WiiJoshFolder and they don't seem like they do this to earn money, they seem to be enjoying the sheer process of making these videos and playing these games. Plus a lot of the popular Youtube-user Nintendo accounts are treated as Nintendo ambassadors, and they get previews and free hardware as a result. For instance BlackNerdComedy got a free Wii U for having such an active Youtube account, and that is essentialy Nintendo paying him $350 for doing what he loves. I'm sure there are many other cases like this one as well.

In this way I believe this to be a just decision for both sides.



Mickamott commented on Capcom Announces Two More Wii U Virtual Consol...:

I'm excited for all these new VC titles coming! I was too young (and ignorant) to want to play all of these classic titles when the Wii launched, but now Nintendo is giving me an opportunity to discover all of these games I had only ever heard of. I'm at the ripe age where I am young enough to be fascinated by what these games are doing, but old enough to respect and understand them.

Just imagine playing Super Mario World, Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Super Mario RPG within the same month for the first time ever. (Wait that happened 23 years ago) It is wonderful!!



Mickamott commented on Madden NFL Is Skipping Nintendo Systems For Th...:

I understand that, while I am not a sports game fan myself, this is a considerable loss as the Madden franchise is one of the most successful franchises (financially) in the U.S. Which, by the way, is probably where the Wii U needs the biggest boost in sales. Now I do not "hate" EA as a company, for instance I love Mass Effect, Dead Space and Dragon Age, and I have yet to come across one of their microtransaction schemes that has deteriorated my gaming experience in a significant way. All said I recognize their lack of confidence in Nintendo and the Wii U, at least for the short-term. Unfortunately this is where the Wii U needs the most immediate help.

Regardless of EA's stance on the Wii U and their support of it this is no cause to start worrying about 3rd party support, even in the immediate future. The biggest supporters that come to mind are Ubisoft, Warner Bros., Activision, and SEGA. These asre just to name a few, and for the likes of Ubisoft (Rayman Legends debacle aside) some have shown unprecedented support of the console. Misshaps aside, I am still going to get Rayman day one. the challenge app they released has become one of my favorite Wii U activities. This is not to mention continued support in the form of Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed IV. Warner Bros. has even done me the courtesy of ending my personal Wii U drought with the release of the wonderful Injustice: Gods Among Us, and will further attribute to my enjoyment of the system with the confrimed release of Batman: Arkham Origins. All these 3rd party publishers are the people who will aid in the Wii U's ineivitable recovery, and they will profit both from their games and strengthened relationship with Nintendo. that's one of the best relationships a publisher/developer could hope for.

I am the biggest Nintendo fan I know (on par with this wonderful community I have discovered here at Nintendolife) and I simply can not sympathize with the fact that some 3rd party publishers do not believe I will buy their games. As a Nintendo fan, 1st party games come first, but that does not mean I will not buy or enjoy other games as well. I absolutely adore the Assassin's Creed series/open world style (Watch Dogs), am open to other platformers besides Mario (Rayman Legends), I love fighting games (Injustice: Gods Among Us), superhero games (Batman: Arkham Origins), and I love racing games besides Mario Kart (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed). I own/have preordered every aforementioned game and greratly anticipate playing all of them, as well as potential unnanounced titles (cough GTA V cough). Now none of these is as anticipated as the new Smash Bros. or Zelda, but I still deeply enjoy these experiences.

To use music as metaphor, Nintendo are The Beatles. They have been around forever, have an unprecedented amount of original self-produced material, consistently sell well, have godlike level of quality, and can reinvent themselves in ways never thought possible. But if The Beatles were the only music group I listened to, then music would be pretty bland indeed.



Mickamott commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

I will only get Wii U games at retail because;
1. I am a collector.
2. A safer purchase as I take good care of my games.
3. I can take it to a friends house.
Keep in mind i have no issues with downloading indie games, as I have actually just recently gotten in to them. Runner 2 is my favorite Wii U game yet.

The 3DS is a different matter. I was previously a retail only 3DS owner, but I was forced into getting Fire Emblem, due to supply shortage. While I still prefer retial 3DS cartridges, I now realize that I can have whatever cartridge I am playing, in addition to the downloaded Fire Emblem game I have at all times, thus getting rid of the need for me to carry all my games around on a long trip. I still buy retail, but for 3DS downloading at least looks a little enticing.



Mickamott commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

I'm certainly not pissed off, but I do understand your anger.

On another note, Fire Emblem was the push over the cliff for me, and I was going to get it plus a 3DS XL over the next couple weeks. Super Mario 3D Land was my backup game so I would have more than one. Now I'm just going to wait for Luigi's Mansion (which I was once on the edge about) and just download SM3DL for free!

I feel like all this promotion Nintendo is doing for the 3DS is going to really pay off. Now if they could just translate this level of promotion to the Wii U then they would be set. I love mine, but other people just don't see the value.