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Tue 19th Mar 2013

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thames6376 commented on Miyamoto: Zelda Wii U Was Considered For Displ...:

Skyward sword is a great game but I wish you could take off all that Wii motion plus crap and just play the game normal. Just swing the darn sword. Well at least we know a new Zelda is in the works. Please new Metroid no stupid Donkey Kong crap.



thames6376 commented on Pixelscopic Hopes To Bring The Zelda-Inspired ...:

@Knux How can you say that about it's the best thing that ever happened to gaming. No more stupid publishers and games are cheaper. Plus they custom design the games for the fans. Wow and for what a lousy $20 dollars, such a risk besides you get the game when it's done. So your not really donating money. Give me a break dude.