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Mon 9th Apr 2012

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Rargon commented on New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Trailers Re...:

This is still shocking but it's not a total whoa moment, this has happened to some game franchises getting a different rating overtime. The only notable ones I remember is Kingdom Hearts going from E for Everyone to T for Teen, and the Prince of Persia games going from T to M. I think everyone remembers the first (and only time) Mortal Kombat went to a Teen Rating when they released Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe. I'm not saying the M Rating is truly justified for Ace Attorney, there could be absolutely nothing wrong with it to make it M, just like Ninety Nine Nights on the 360.



Rargon commented on Wii U Won't Include Trophies Or Achievements:

I always saw achievements/trophies as way to replay the game more and more. I remember PS3 not having trophies in the beginning then adding trophies years later. Maybe Nintendo will be the same.



Rargon commented on Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon:

Heyyyy, I remember this game and I do remember enjoying it.... when I was 11. Obviously seeing it at my current age, 18, is pretty scary.



Rargon commented on Bookstore Dream In Final Chapter of DSiWare Ap...:

@fredtoy I remember the 1st kairosoft Game I played was Game Dev Story, and instantly took away 5 hours of continuous gameplay of my life in one day. I highly hope this game is similar to the KairoSoft games, Hot Springs Story being one of my favorites.



Rargon commented on Site News: James Finds a Warp Zone:

But...But... I just joined NL. D: I really love all your articles James. I will miss you, for the amount of time I got to read your articles from both Past and Present.



Rargon commented on Castlevania:

I would love for this to be released on the 3DS Virtual Console.



Rargon commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Over-Reliant on Sup...:

Sometimes you have to rely on the things that helps you the most. I mean, if it weren't for both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS in 2011 but rather 2012, I think the 3DS' lifespan would have suffered horribly.



Rargon commented on Review: Wario Land 4 (Game Boy Advance):

Really wished I had gotten my 3DS two days earlier before the Price Drop and the Ambassador Program just so I could have gotten my hands on the most nostalgic game (not to mention, the first ever GBA game I ever had) on my 3DS. Sadly, my birthday is on August 14th and not a few days before... But alas, there's some hope for the eShop sometime in the future.



Rargon commented on First Impressions: Mario Tennis Open:

Really loved Mario Tennis (GBC) though I've only played Mario Tennis (GBA) for 5 minutes at a friend's house. If there really isn't a Story Mode or anything, I'd still get it, never stopped me from begging parents for Mario Tennis on the N64.