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Tue 22nd Dec 2009

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E-Man commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

Wow! Makes me feel good that I bought Xenoblade (new) at GameStop early this year and bought Metroid Prime Trilogy (new) years ago back in 2008. And I didn't even want it but it was part of the Toys R Us' buy 2 get 1 free deal at the time. Glad I choose Metroid Prime Trilogy.



E-Man commented on Retro Chose Donkey Kong Over Metroid as Its Fi...:

I got no problem with Donkey Kong Country but I still have the Wii game of DKC and still haven't even opened it. It's still sealed. Also, Retro Studios, ever heard of a franchise called "Star Fox"? Why so much hate and not a revival of Star Fox for Wii U?