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Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

They did WHAT with [insert treasured franchise name here]?

There are some undeniable truths in life, death and taxes being two examples, and the video game industry has its own rules and obligations that can never be avoided. One of these revolves around reboots of treasured franchises — if you're going to "re-imagine" a popular character or series, you'd better get it right, and even if you do you may still get hammered by those who imagined the new game in their head and, ultimately, can't bear the thought that you've not made it to their exact requirements.

Some reboots are genuinely a blight on mankind that have sullied their characters forever, while others are critically acclaimed and loved by 90%+ of the gaming community. Some, however, fall into a middle ground of uncertainty, with review scores to match; games where the word consensus — among critics publishing reviews, gamers or both — is impossible. These are games where a mere mention can prompt debates, possibly with bemused developers looking on wondering why no-one can agree on anything about their pride and joy.

Below are some examples, starting with the one that's prompted this article. To get early disclaimers out of the way — some of these entries are there for a little bit of fun, and we're focusing on relatively recent, mainstream examples. We'll more than likely do this again in the future to look further back and at more niche titles, but please debate without getting too carried away; it's OK to like or dislike something against the grain, right?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

Metacritic range - 25-92%

Metacritic isn't always the most reliable barometer, but it is a useful source of links to reviews; as the score range for this newly released Castlevania entry shows, some critics clearly haven't enjoyed this one, and as the title has only been available in North America for a day it's clear that gamers need a bit of time before forming their own full opinions. This one may be victim to the classic "it's not like this older series entry, so boo" mentality, though complaints have been made in some quarters about the controls, environments and combat. How will the great gaming public respond to this fresh handheld take on the series?

Nintendo Life's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate review - 8/10

Metroid: Other M

Metacritic range - 50-91%

Oh boy, where to start with this one. For the most part well received in press reviews, it was Metroid fans that would react the most to this entry. Three big debating points seemed to emerge — the storyline, a space-opera yarn that some objected to, Samus having a voice-actress for the first time, and the single Remote control scheme. In terms of the story and voice acting, it's clear that some franchise fans seriously disliked the tale that was told, how it was told and that scene with Samus and Ridley, while much debate was had about the monochromatic delivery of Samus' narrative. Some also disliked maneuvering around a 3D space with the diminutive D-Pad of the Wii Remote, while the brand of auto-aim and melee action didn't sit well with all fans.

Ultimately, this one was a fair departure — perhaps the closest to the narrative-heavy Metroid Fusion — where series creator Yoshio Sakamoto told a story that he wanted to share. It divided fans, while Team Ninja's over-zealous approach to the physique of Samus was, most will agree, a bit silly. It has legions of fans and defenders, however, so it's a battle that may never end.

Nintendo Life's Metroid: Other M review - 9/10

New Super Mario Bros.

Metacritic range - 60-100%

OK, so this one had some stonking reviews when it was released, especially as it heralded the first genuinely new 2D Mario title in a number of years when it hit DS in 2006; it also sold enough copies to make creators of "DS, it prints money LOL" memes very happy.

So what's it doing on this list? It's here because, frankly, it doesn't get a huge amount of love among a number of current-day Nintendo gamers when stacked up against its predecessors. From a list of 14 eligible main-series Super Mario games back in August 2012, it placed last in a staff poll of our favourite Super Mario games, with most opting for the old classics over the "New" series. Maybe it was the relatively low difficulty or just the fact it wasn't the same as the 2D Mario games that many remember and treasure, but this isn't often mentioned when discussing the best Mario games.

Nintendo Life's New Super Mario Bros. review - 9/10

Luigi's Mansion

Metacritic range - 60-96%

OK, so this one appears on somewhat different criteria. Generally people seem to like this game, while Luigi fans possibly treasure it above anything with that other brother in it, and it gave the green one a starring role during the GameCube launch. So what on earth is wrong with that?

Just one thing, it's not a generation-defining Mario game. This thoroughly enjoyable launch title is swallowed by its predecessors and what they brought to the table. NES had Super Mario Bros., SNES had Super Mario World and Nintendo 64 had Super Mario 64. Tenuous it may be — alright, it's very tenuous — but if this was a reboot of what Nintendo was bringing as a console-defining launch title, poor old Luigi was well and truly up against it, and his spooky adventure hasn't hit the same iconic heights as those that came before.

Nintendo Life's Luigi's Mansion review - 8/10

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Metacritic range - 60-100%

So, this one has done brilliantly with the vast majority of critics, earning full marks from a significant number of reviewers. And yet much attention on its release was on a handful of reviews that weren't as happy, with middling scores relatively unknown to the Zelda franchise; this caused some fans to get rather hot and bothered.

For those that didn't like it, the issue seemed to be with the obligatory motion-controls, with sword-play eschewing the tradition button inputs for MotionPlus swings and swipes. Others didn't necessarily like the structure, with some arguments that the world wasn't as expansive as it pretended to be. Admittedly, these complaints were in the minority.

The major division is really with sales, with a lot of Zelda fans evidently not buying into this latest entry — perhaps due to the mandatory MotionPlus, or maybe because it arrived when Wii was practically flat-lining as a console. As we explained last year, Skyward Sword sales failed to soar, and don't appear to have increased a great deal since that article was written. In our fairly recent staff poll of our top 20 Wii games it finished 5th, with some admitting they were yet to play it all the way through, or even at all. The modest (by Zelda standards) sales showed that this may be the case for a number of other Nintendo gamers, too.

Nintendo Life's The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword review - 10/10

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Metacritic range - 42-100%

When it comes to this one, light the Uprising touch paper and watch the flaming begin. Widely praised, there are nevertheless plenty of gamers that aren't fans of the storytelling, transitions from land to air battles or, in most cases, the controls — stylus aiming was the only way to go, though it is an option to aim with the face buttons. It seems to be a game that's loved by many, disliked by some and with a handful in the middle; it's also clear that it's a title with fans that will defend it to the heavens.

We have two cases right here on Nintendo Life that reinforce this. Exhibit A is the 2012 Game of the Year staff awards, in which we placed this title 3rd in the 3DS category; we knew there'd be a negative reaction but, hey, it was a democratic vote. Of course, you could then speak in the 2012 Game of the Year community awards, where it seized the 3DS crown even though, whisper it, not everyone included it in their votes. It was a handsome victory nevertheless, with many reminding us regularly that a form of justice had been delivered.

Nintendo Life's Kid Icarus: Uprising review - 9/10


Metacritic range - 45-92%

Whoa, what's this all about? How could you take that classic Amstrad/Spectrum/Amiga/Commodore 64 game and turn it into a HD FPS with motion controls and all sorts of shenanigans?

Well, OK, no-one's actually said that. It's useful pub quiz trivia, however, that this is technically a follow-up to Ubisoft's first ever game, Zombi. It's certainly one of the most divisive games on Wii U, too, not surprising as a launch title that didn't try to hide the fact that it was being as hardcore as possible. It places a great emphasis on melee combat, along with playable characters that are rather shaky when wielding a cricket bat or shooting a gun, while the permanent death system is punishing and, arguably, cruel; it also had some rough graphical edges, as launch games often do. Strangely, some elements on that list of features are either the source of complaint or grounds for praise, depending on your preferences — that's reflected in the broad range of review scores and varying gamer perspectives on this survival horror release.

Its fans will no doubt defend its honour until a real zombie apocalypse, we suspect.

Nintendo Life's ZombiU review - 8/10

So there you have it, some games that are arguably — in their own way — reboots of franchises or perhaps gamer expectations. We've only touched the surface, so don't be surprised if we revisit this theme a lot in the future. What do you think of these particular examples? Let us know in the comments below.

Due to a technical mishap, some of the text towards the end of this article was lost and had to be re-written; the overall content and tone remain the same.

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New_3DaSh_XL said:

Honestly, I liked all of the games you mentioned that I've played, even if they're different. I've played the original Kid Icarus and Uprising, both are great, and I'm fine with them not being all that similar. Those who complain about the control scheme are idiots, I've explained a million times before how to change it.

Skyward Sword was a good game; it just didn't have a great control scheme. Nevertheless I liked it a lot, so not really very many complains for that.

New Super Mario Bros. is a great reboot of an old way of playing Mario. Simple as that. I have no complaints regarding that (er, maybe besides the name...)

A good game is a good game regardless of how different it is, although us fans do have some expectations. I don't want, for example, the smash to be 3D!



DarkKirby said:

With Smash Bros. Brawl forced casual mechanics and Sakurai's poor and plain wrong adamant defense of Kid Icarus: Uprising's forced poor controls (seriously, multiple competitive games across multiple platforms have multiple controls options, it's not "unfair" to have them) I am fearing Sakurai is more concerned with having his "vision" accomplished then actually having the game be fun or playable.



SheldonRandoms said:

@ThomasBW84 How about the one that started it all, since back in the day, Sonic was one of the reason's why people switched from a Nintendo console (or whatever console they had) to a Sega console?



SkywardLink98 said:

Just because it's different, doesn't mean we should hate on it... give it a chance as a different game. If Super Paper Mario had been anything but a Paper Mario game, everyone would've like it.



GraveLordXD said:

Being a fan of the original castlevania games I really do not like what they did with Los that's not to say it isn't a well done game but if I wanted to play god of war I would play that, why would you reboot a series to copy something else is beyond me

other m had potential but terrible writing and gameplay decisions messed that up completely



Jaz007 said:

@DarkKirby Speak for yourself about Brawl being too "casual." I'm a hardcore (I don't mean the COD definition) gamer and thought Brawl was a vastly superior game to Melee.



Haxonberik said:

I dont see any problem with Skyward Sword apart from relatively weak BGM really. It may be due to the fact that I had already mastered motion controls in Wii Sports Resort, but I found the controlls mostly impecable.



Jaz007 said:

I'm in the crowd that likes Other M. I thought it was a good game. I thought the point the wiimote at the tv for first-person mechenic was an intresting idea. I also didn't dislike the story or Samus when I played it.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Actually, there you go. Paper Mario. Paper Mario is like the series that (at least I've heard) the most hate from. I haven't actually played Paper Mario (will before too long) but Sticker Star is a GREAT game and I suspect so is Super Paper Mario, even if it's not strictly the exact same as the first 2 games.



Jaz007 said:

I thought Skyward Sword was a great game and had pretty good controlls. I didn't get the be a swordman feeling at all though since I played Red Steel 2 and had to controll Skyward Sword's melee by flicking my wrist.



AlexSora89 said:

Let's face it, it's one of the occasions where we can say we're glad we're Nintendo gamers and as such we never got to witness some series on our consoles. If Capcom's Devil May Cry wasn't a PS-exclusive series (and a Xbox/PS Nintendo-snubbing exclusive as of late), we'd add the infamous "DmC: Devil May Cry" to the list.



rjejr said:

Have ANY of these ever actually before this article was written EVER been labeled a "reboot"? Maybe Castlevania? DMC and Tomb Raider just had "reboots", and the Spiderman movie, but not NSMB. And Skyward Sword is just another Zelda game, if anything you should have put in Windwaker for all the cell-shaded graphics hate. Luig's Mansion was a completely new stand alone game, it isn't a reboot or a sequel at all.

That out of the way - I just bought M:OM 2 days ago for $3.59 and I think I'll like it, never played any of the original games, just the Prime Trilogy. Though I didn't buy it originally b/c sideways Wiimote irks me.
Skyward Sword was lame lame lame, but thats what they wanted it to be. TP was way better.
Luigi's Mansion was different and great, though I never did beat the final boss.

1 game that also probably shouldn't be on a "Reboot' list but would fit better here is Starfox Adventures, which everybody seemed to hate b/c it was different than previous Starfox games. And that's what this list is sort of about, change. Though actually if this article was untitled nobody would ever find a reason to group these games together.



GraveLordXD said:

@Jaz007 yeah I have mixed feelings about other m it could have been great instead of just ok or good it was way to liner for a metroid game and the pixel hunt was plain stupid I liked the side view old-school view but using the d pad in some situations were awkward. Good game just fell way short of super and prime



Jellitoe said:

Uprising is in my 3DS as we speak and its easiest one of my favorites in a long time. Its perfection.



The_Fox said:

I still shudder when I think of the control scheme Kid Icarus used. the actual gameplay was pretty decent but the hand crippling controls mean I still haven't finished it to this day.



ThomasBW84 said:

@rjejr Yeah, we're applying reboot on a variety of terms; some actually were, to be honest, and in other cases we're referring to differences or new approaches that have counteracted traditions of their series.

Two obvious ones where we've added the spin are Luigi's Mansion (the whole "it's not a console-defining Mario launch game" angle, and ZombiU, which I put in for a bit of a laugh as it's technically linked to Zombi from the mid-'80s. That was a pretty divisive game anyway.



Inev said:

Some critics didn't like ZombiU because they saw zombies, guns, and a first-person perspective and thought it was Call of Duty's Zombie mode, not a survival horror game.

Some critics didn't like Mirror of Fate because when they looked at the game's box, the words "Lords of Shadow" were in their blind spot, causing them to think it would be a Metroidvania RPG.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I incredibly despise all people that hate KIU's control scheme. Don't like it, go to options, change it. It's easy as anything.



The_Fox said:

So you despise people who don't like the controls for a freaking video game, of all things. What a rich life you must live.



grumblebuzzz said:

Kid Icarus was unplayable to me because of those controls. I have big hands because I am an adult male and I felt like I would have had to grow octopus tentacles out of my fingers to effectively navigate that game. As for Other M, I'm a supporter. I actually did like the story a lot because it showed a vulnerable side to Samus, whereas that's why a lot of people disliked it.



LordessMeep said:

I liked Skyward Sword but the gameplay was uninteresting. The whole sky/ground thing was pretty iffy, especially the fact that one had to go all the way to the sky in order to go to a different region. I loved the Loftwing music but flying itself could get boring after so many times. Also, revisiting regions to do the same old things was quite tedious. I've heard several people complain about the art style of the game as well, whereas I enjoyed the soft, bright colors. I really liked the story too. SS makes me feel like they focused too much on motion controls and slacked off in the rest of the departments. Throughout my playthrough, I kept feeling like they could so something more... but they didn't.

Luigi's Mansion was criticized for it's length, I believe. It's short, true, but it still offers one of the most unique and enjoyable gameplay experiences.

NSMB has gotten flak this year because two very similar games for different platforms were released within months of each other. Regardless, it sells.

Kid Icarus's controls are why I haven't picked up the game yet. I can't seem to find a CPP for a decent price. Also, @3Dash, from what I've seen of the control schemes being offered, I don't find the ABXY buttons setup (for targeting) very comfortable. And trying to move Pit with the Circle Pad and targeting with the D-pad would be pretty ridiculous.



rickastillo said:

i loved Lord of shadow the original i dont have a 3ds to play lod:mof..yet. they are very good game just from another aproach to the series as metalgear:rising to the metalgear solid series. both are great but maybe for different audience... in my case i loved both, just open your mind.



ueI said:

That paragraph on ZombiU is pretty cool.
I probably wouldn't have included Zelda, as it's similar to the rest of the series. I can see the motion+ being a good point of debate, however. I think Luigi's Mansion is a poor choice for this article. It's just a Mario spinoff. Mario has like 4535 spinoffs. Apart from being a good game, most of the attention it gets on this website is undeserved.
Sonic and Paper Mario features definitely need to come next.



gefflt said:

Very interesting article!

May I suggest Donkey Kong Country (1, 2 and 3) followed by Donkey Kong Country Returns?



C-Olimar said:

"these complains were in the minority"
And that is my contribution to this article. I do not want another Kid Icarus war starting.



darklinkinfinite said:

While I recognize Lords of Shadow as a well made game I can't really enjoy it as a Castlevania game. Granted, I wasn't a fan of Castlevania's first format change but LoS just feels so alien to me I just can't connect with it.



DreamyViridi said:

The thing about Uprising's controls is not that they're bad; it's that they're a bit of a learning curve. It took me a day to properly get a hang of controlling Pit without feeling confuzzled. The game's controls then became natural after Chapter 3 or so and have been ever since.

I can sum up why some gamers stupidly deny themselves from what could potentially be a fantastic game: "Because it's different..."
Most 'fans' don't like change and never give anything new a chance on its own, always comparing it to something else. At the same time though, these 'fans' don't truely know what they want. The only reason why they say they'd like a game better "if it did this" is because it's their idea. If the game already had their idea, they wouldn't care and probably find something else about the game to complain about.



NintyMan said:

You're bound to shake people up whenever you do something differently, just look at The Wind Waker and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. No matter what you do, you will always have your fans and critics, so don't let that hold back your creativity.

I've played both the original Kid Icarus and Uprising and appreciate both for what they do differently. I feel Uprising's gameplay is wonderful and it all just feels so smooth. People who complain about the controls are either ignorant of the option to change control schemes or are too impatient to play through a couple of chapters to get used to the controls. We've all had to have a learning curve with a new game, right?



JMDS said:

This is a weird article. I don't consider most of these "reboots".



Jaz007 said:

@3Dash @DestinyMan The other controll options may be just as bad if not worse than the to those people. The best alternative option is move with axby and target with the circle pad. Using a circle pad on the left would feel unatural and using axby to move is would not be fun at all. Why don't you try playing the game with axby for movement. The only good alternitive option would be the circle pad pro which only supports a circle pad for leftys and doesn't support dual circle pad contrill which is the only real alternative controll scheme thats good. Why can't accept that the controlls in that game might feel unaturtal and uncomftorable to some people.
P.S. I thought Uprising was a great game and used the controlls just fine.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

@The_Fox People complain about them without actually changing them, and it annoys the crap out of me, because you CAN change them, except it seems as if I'm the only one that ever got this concept.



TenTen said:

I really like the control scheme for KI:U. It seemed very natural, for these reasons:
Circle pad controls movement, as you can move in every direction
Touch screen controls aim, as you can only properly aim in the direction you face
L trigger to fire, as firing a gun is just a pull of a trigger.



ThomasBW84 said:

Yep, I've accidentally cleared a part of this article, I'll have to re-type. Goodness me...



Ducutzu said:

What creeps me out is that those hating on remakes are all adults. I mean, they must be old enough to have played the other games. Think about it: grown-ups, frothing at the mouth with anger like spoiled children... over what? Video games...



DarkCoolEdge said:

@3Dash The circle pad pro is only for left-handed people. You can't target with it.

And the game is good but if someone doesn't like how it controls, what's the matter? I don't understandwhy do you get so pissed off.



I-U said:

I've been to the options in KI:U, and the option to get rid of sliding entirely isn't an option rather how quickly that sliding effect while turning ends. For me, Kid Icarus Uprising was a mess outside of its controls, as it came off as a competition between character dialogue, music and action. I believe the last chapter I did was the one where I save Palentuna from the Chaos Kin. I have yet to feel any sense of immersion in the game, and have not beat it obviously.

New Super Mario Brothers is one of my favorite games of all time, and I appreciate that it is really easy, as I love the experience of blazing through that game. I feel to this day it is the best of the New series, as its so easy to learn and perfect levels to create amazing runs. Story-wise, I found it to be really cool too, what with Bowser being an undead king from the end of the first castle to his chamber in his castle.

Originally, I had Metroid Other M as my number 2 Metroid game after really getting into it, but as of today it has dropped though still in my Top 5. I feel that its story is a dedication to fans that have stuck with the entire franchise, not just the games but also material that has been released associated with the games. The Metroid manga being a major piece. The fan service of content made 30+ playthroughs easy.



triforcepower73 said:

Skyward sword gets way too much hate. I see so many people saying "Twilight princess is the best Zelda game ever! Skyward sword is the worst game ever!" Just watch when the next Zelda game comes out. Then skyward sword will suddenly become the best game ever and Zelda U will be the worst.



DerpSandwich said:

I was disappointed in Skyward Sword, but not because of the gameplay. In fact, I thought the gameplay was some of the best I'd ever experienced--the start of something really amazing. It was the story and atmosphere that left me feeling empty. It's still a great game by its own right and I would personally give it a pretty high score, but it's still one of my all-time biggest gaming disappointments.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

@DarkCoolEdge That's another thing — I'm left handed, and don't own a Circle Pad Pro, nor did I change the controls.

@I-U You know you can stop the sliding by tapping the touchscreen, right? Also, I must say this. I didn't really find KIU all that special until I beat the game. Then I realized how much I loved it. However, you hate it so much, I doubt even playing the game a hundred times could ever satify you.



AlternateButtons said:

I guess I'm the oddball who actually likes all of these games. Yes even Other M. And ESPECIALLY Skyward Sword. In fact, Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda to date. yes even more so than Ocarina of Time. It's just better. Sometimes change is a good thing.



I-U said:

@3Dash I know how to stop the sliding in-game with a tap of the screen. If I didn't know that I would be much harsher towards Uprising. Regardless of having an input to stop sliding, I feel the sliding should not have existed at all. A game with similar controls to Uprising is Metroid Prime Hunters, but with a major difference, no sliding. The difference between them is a game I have yet to complete and a game I've come to appreciate for over 125+ completions.

I will say that I have really enjoyed the first chapter, mostly due to its length. Right now, to reach the end of the game I would have to force myself through 20 min. chapters. They lost sight of replayability when they decided to lengthen chapters and cram as much dialogue as possible into them.



DarkKirby said:


Brawl had more features then Melee to be sure, but it has many mechanics that existed to intentionally discourage playing the game competitively, which were HORRIBLE decisions. Stuff like the infamous tripping mechanic which even casuals hate, the whole game being slower in general, no "no item" mode online, no ranked matches, disguising people quitting games with CPUs, etc. Brawl was Nintendo's first test with online, and it failed. Then there's Meta Knight being way overpowered, but that's just a coincidence. In this age, with the growing popularity of playing fighting games competitively and the FGC, intentionally making a game unable to be played competitively is horrible. Namco knows this, they just donated $5000 to a Tekken tournament's prize money, to promote playing their game and to play it competitively.



ThomasBW84 said:

Well, that was silly of me. I was fixing a typo and inadvertantly lost the Kid Icarus section onwards, so I had to re-write the last two games. My cache etc couldn't save me, so the eagle-eyed among you may notice different wording here and there, but the overall tone is exactly the same. Not a mistake I'll make again!

On the "are these reboots" queries, I've covered this from our perspective in a previous comment



WingedSnagret said:

It all really boils down to the fact that most people don't like change. That is until they get tired of the same thing and want something different, only for them to complain that the change(s) don't suit to their liking and/or they actually preferred the original standpoint to begin with and didn't realize the fact. It's a never ending cycle.



k8sMum said:

the only hate and frothing at the mouth in this thread is coming from those who cannot stand it that others don't care for the same games they do.

@thomasbw84: thanks for taking the time to correct the typo and rewriting what was deleted when you did so.



Doma said:

Other M was a HUGE disappointment and possibly killed the series now. The story and gameplay were awful imo, couldn't force myself to finish it.

NSMB was fine. Nothing amazing unlike the previous, just a decent little throw back. However, the fact Nintendo decided to shamelessly and repeatedly rehash these assets afterwards is the most annoying thing. Their creative minds are dead.

Luigi's Mansion was ok. It was short/easy but original, at least.

Skyward Sword i didn't buy because i heard bad things and the Wii was just about dead to me by then. I wasn't gonna waste cash on the M+.

Kid Icarus, yeah i'm sure it's a good game with effort put into it, but the controls killed it. Worse yet, i already owned the CPP but they still refused to map the controls properly for it... Support your add-on ffs!

I can't comment on the others. I should probably try the Castlevania demo, but can't be bothered to look for my 3ds until FE.



Dpullam said:

I personally believe that Kid Icarus's controls were great. After a couple hours of gameplay it felt completely natural to use the stylus dominantly. I easily consider Kid Icarus Uprising to be one of the best games on the 3DS thus far. As for Skyward Sword, the controls were pretty much flawless the entire time I played so I was awestruck that some people rated the game down because of poor controls. Overall I don't believe there is a single control option I can't handle and get used to.



SteveW said:

The Kid Icarus controls aren't the problem, it's ridicilous and it's not a true Kid Icarus game, how many people would be thrilled after playing platforming Mario games over the years if it turned into an on rails fireball shooter?



sketchturner said:

I think there is a problem in the industry. Gamers whine and complain when games like Call of Duty, Zelda, or Mario keep rehashing and don't try something new. But then if something radically fresh is done, people react against it.

Personally, I love Other M, even if I can understand why some people don't. I have very mixed feelings about Skyward Sword, but overall would probably rank it as my 2nd favorite Zelda. It did more right than wrong.



SteveW said:

You forgot to mention Majoras Mask, ugh... the only Zelda game I hate...



Lalivero said:

@3Dash I'm left-handed as well and still find the game awkward to control, even though I loved it and have played through it a few times. So you're not speaking for all of us.

Are they terrible? No, I did get somewhat used to them. I would consider them questionable though.

I also find it odd that you despise people with a different mindset (it's not a bad one on top of that). I like a different football team than pretty much the rest of my family, so should I despise them because of their different preference? Hell no; that's just crazy talk.



blackknight77 said:

Some people and critics are so used to being dissastified with everything they can't see the good in anything. I think that is the reason you see so many mixed reviews nowadays.



Arcamenel said:

Yeah I'll never understand the Kid Icarus control complaints. It has a learning curve sure but after a few hours it's very fluent. I think some people get so upset because it's a REALLY good game that a lot of people just disregard because they can't or won't even attempt to either find a control setting that works for them or even take the time to get use to the default controls. I would've loved to see it sell as well any mario game but oh well.



DarkKirby said:


Epic Yarn wasn't supposed to be a Kirby game, it was made into a Kirby game at Nintendo's request to increase sales, which worked, like Star Fox Adventures.

Epic Yarn wasn't necessarily bad, it just wasn't a Kirby game at all. It was just a standard platformer.



Captain_Balko said:

@3Dash I completely agree with you about the controls of Kid Icarus: Uprising. Whenever people complain about the controls I just facepalm and shake my head slowly. I for one had absolutely no trouble with the controls. I've played Metroid Prime: Hunters, and the controls are similar, so it felt very natural to me. For the first few levels I was a tad shaky, but I soon got the hang of it and can't imagine playing it any other way.
And why do people complain about the dialogue? Yeah, there is quite a bit, but the game doesn't just STOP! You hear the dialogue during battles! I loved the dialogue, it was witty, genuinely funny, and the voice acting was well done. Honestly, if you hate it so much, quit your infernal whining and mute your 3DS. Then you don't have to here it, and just ignore the text if you're that dead set against the dialogue.

As for Skyward Sword, well, it isn't only my favourite Zelda game, but probably my favourite game of all time. The boss fights were exceptional (Koloktos anyone?), I personally had very few problems with the controls (I think it might have to do with where you are located relative to your TV, which is why some people had control issues), and I thought that the story was very well done. Also, I liked the graphical style WAY more than Twilight Princess.



KLZ said:

The Star Fox franchise has been kind of "rebooted" in every game. Star Fox 64 is a direct reboot of the original SNES Star Fox. Star Fox Adventures is total different genre, you could say Nintendo tried another direction for the series. Star Fox Assault is kind of like Jet Force Gemini mixed with some Star Fox 64, maybe trying to please fans of both 64 and adventures. Finally Command is more about strategy and taking decisions.



swordx said:

I own every game listed EXCEPT Castlevania and ZombiU.

KI:U deserves a 10/10 IMO. That game was amazing! You can try to argue the controls, but they were needed to keep it fast paced.

Luigi's Mansion only had one issue: It's length. It was an amazing game, but I can beat it in much less than a day.

Skyward Sword is my favorite game of all time. And before other Zelda fans rage, I've beaten every Zelda. This one (just barely) tops the list.

Metroid: Other M is seriously under rated. I love Metroid. I own all of them (excluding Zero Mission). They're all great. I understand that people dislike the story, but it isn't nearly as bad as they say. They didn't make Samus look like a teen-age brat! They made her look like a real person who had PTSD from fighting!

NSMB was a great game. The only issue was the lack of difficulty.



Solatorobo said:

Kid Icarus Uprising is one of my top ten games of all time and nothing (apart from having even better games to puch it out, of course!) and while I can see why people didn't like the controls, the talking was the best aspect of the game to be honest and not every game has to have a XxXx srsmlgbsns xX tone. In fact due to the less immersive nature of a handheld I think the goofy tone was for the best.



theblackdragon said:

@3Dash: I don't really appreciate being labeled an 'idiot' just because the control scheme in KI:U did not work for me. I tried switching it up, I tried using the stand that came with the game. It cramped my hands something fierce no matter what I tried. I'm glad you (and clearly plenty of other people) enjoy the controls, but that's no reason to start namecalling just because some of us don't. :/



Tasuki said:

What about Tomb Raider? That one just came out yesterday but you have seem to forgot about it.



Gidkilla said:

Other M was poor, maybe a case of just a bad localisation much like Xenoblades?



TwilightV said:

I like all the games on this list, although why you excluded any StarFox games past 64 is beyond me...

And i'm pretty sure the reason some of you hadn't completed Skyward Sword was because you also had other games to play.



MetalKingShield said:

Metroid: Other M was a very enjoyable game, but I could easily understand the criticisms about it. A solid 8/10.

New Super Mario Bros was a good game, but it's the nature of the NSMB series that newer ones make the older ones obsolete. They're always about an 8/10 to me.

Skyward Sword, on the other hand, I couldn't understand the 10/10 reviews whatsoever. The combat and overworld were so bad, it's the first time I've wondered if a console Zelda was actually worth playing (I did complete it, for the record). I'd still call it a 7/10 "Good", but just about.



Reala said:

Super Paper Mario and sticker star seemed to be quite divisive too.



Rapadash6 said:

Mirror of Fate-A different, but still good experience.

Other M-Superb gameplay that happens to have a really bad movie attached to it

New Super Mario Bros.-Uninspired, as is it's sequel. (Wii and U are excellent however.)

Luigi's Mansion-A demo of a really unique and fun game.

Skyward Sword-One of the best games ever made, period. Haters gonna hate.

Kid Icarus: Uprising-An okay 3DS game that would've been perfect on Wii with pointer controls. So sad this never happened.

Zombi U-Can't say as I've never played.



Wilford111 said:

I'm baffled that people think NSMB is an easy game. I fail so hard at it However, I do pretty good at the actual classic Super Mario games. Maybe it's the physics.

Also, I silently shake my head at the people who get angry at the ones who dislike Uprising controls. It's all a matter of personal preference! Why would you get angry?



gojiguy said:

This is one I'm surprised isn't on here and shows just how far the series has fallen if a NINTENDO website doesn't mention it.

F-Zero GP Legend re-wrote the backstories and histories for the entire franchise and brought the series from the pulse-pounding, critically acclaimed gamecube game GX to the GBA as an SNES-styled entry. The game was solid, but the scrapping of the F-Zero canon infuriated fans.

Characters with rich, detailed histories were suddenly made into evil henchmen and other characters were almost entirely scrapped- the game now focused on an entirely new original character as well.

GP Legend, and its japan-only sequel Climax, are credited with killing the F-Zero series and putting it into a near 10-year hiatus.

Is this not deemed worthy of a series reboot that divided gamers?




gojiguy said:

You're implying they didn't. Don't mistake your ignorance/apathy for anyone elses. You probably don't even know anything about the F-Zero fan community or the competitive community around it.

The game had an entire television show built around it (the last nintendo show since kirby iirc)- if you missed you probably live under a rock or are too young to remember.



Windy said:

division of consumers to me seems to bode well for the companies making these games. It creates a ton of banter about their product through social media and has that spread the word effect. Heck it's free advertising whether it's a positive or negative discussion. People take sides. Ive taken sides. I have even bought products before while on the negative side of disussion. weird but true



kkslider5552000 said:

@gojiguy I watched several episodes of it and had the least amount of an opinion for any anime I've ever seen tbh. And I had vague knowledge at least of most of the major Nintendo fan communities during that time specifically. My admittedly limited experience with the F-Zero fanbase (I don't even remember what site it was) that most of them were just a bit disappointed by it and were more worried that the apparent lack of success would lead to a lack of new F-Zero titles (a very real fear).

I admit making fun of people for caring about F-Zero canon is hypocritical considering some of my own hobbies, but seriously, the major problem was pretty clearly that the last F-Zero game did not sell well because it was a late 2005 GBA racing game release. It probably would have been mentioned if anyone had bought it.

The Lords of Shadow example is a great rebuttal to the possibility that canon had anything to do with sales btw.



AtomicToaster said:

Annnd I like all of those games lol! Seriously, that's probably a list of some of my all time favorite games haha!



Emaan said:

Some fans just don't like change.

Regardless of the fact that it wasn't your typical Mario launch game, Luigi's Mansion is one of my favorite games, ever.

I also loved Kid Icarus: Uprising and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.



NintyMan said:

If you look past the aged graphics, New Super Mario Bros. is actually pretty unique compared to the sequels. It has several unique enemies and familiar ones that even come from Super Mario 64, a 3D Mario game. There were unique bosses. Having to fight Bowser Jr., in every tower was repetitive, but the introduction of Dry Bowser was cool.

It could be argued that Bowser Jr., was the main villain of the game and not his father because he was the one who led the scheme to kidnap Peach, so there is something a little different to the plot there. Not only that, but there are even minigames on the side to enjoy as well, even though they were all from Super Mario 64 DS. So despite the sequels improving on the formula, the first game still has some good points.



SqueakyTheBone said:

Ah man, Mirror of Fate... i'm still a bit sore about that one. Or at least as sore as one can be about videogames.

Although I really wasn't a huge fan of 'metroidvania' genre the series would adopt in more modern times, I felt they at least captured the spirit of the games that came before it, bringing some new blood to the series, yet still feeling like... well, a Castlevania game.

This Lords of Shadow sub series on the other hand makes changes so drastic to both the aesthetics and gameplay that it feels like it should have just been its own game entirely. It completely fails to capture any of what I originally came to love about the series in the first place, and to make matters worse the games just aren't exactly brilliant even on their own merit.

As much as I've tried, this is one change I just can't get to grips with.



MagicEmperor said:

Just seeing Metroid: Other M makes me livid. It's unhealthy. But, man, did that game totally hurt me.



Einherjar said:

My two cents:
Castlevania - MoF: Im a bit torn about the controlls too. Controlling a sidescroller with the analog nub is a bit questionable. Also: Less room to maneuver + enemys with the same health as the full 3D predecessor isnt a good combo imo, and the jumping physics are a bit weird. I cant say anything about the story yet, since i havnt finished it yet (got mine today, they put it on shelfes a bit too early )

Metroid: other M: I really liked the gameplay, and it was a fine game really, but the stupid story killed the experience for me, especially the varia suit upgrade thingy. But other than that, i wouldnt mind a sequel of some sorts.

NSMB: Hit and miss with me. I got bored to tears with NSMB DS ans Wii, but i enjoyed NSMB2 more than i should NSMBU is a very close follower. All in all, mixed fealings, but a solid series, although i would like to see some other things from time to time.

Luigis Mansion: Awesome game through and through. Very good atmosphere and it was kinda creepy in a funny way I cant see why someone could dislike it.

Zelda: Skyward Sworld: Sadly, one of the only Zelda games (with Wind Waker) that i never finished. I dont really know why, but the fascination was gone way too fast and pretty much any other game drew my attention away from it.

Kid Icarus - Uprising: Also, a great game with a perfect way of story telling, that does not interrupt gameplay too often. That whole weapon collecting / merging thing wasnt exactly mine, but i didnt mind it. All in all, a very nice game that i would love to see a sequel of.

ZombieU: I liked it a lot at launch, but never finished it. Its no masterpiece, but its very fun and genuinly creepy. Survival Horror how it should be done



TysonOfTime said:

...I think I may be playing Video Games wrong. I go in optimistic for the game, and wanting to enjoy it...
And usually I do. Huh...

I'm not being dissapointed nearly as much as some here. Should I maybe hold each game to a certain standard before I play it or afterwards?



SkywardLink98 said:

Whatever critic gave Kid Icarus: Uprising obviously never got past the learning curve. If someone isn't willing to give the game a chance, they shouldn't be writing a review.



GazPlant said:

Other M, Skyward Sword and Uprising rank amongst some of my favourite games ever, I can't really see why anyone would take issue with them (apart from scanning for pixel-width blobs in Other M...)



Kosmo said:

I strangely LOVE all of these games! They are all very innovative and great to play. They have their unique twists and often shed new lights on old franchises.



nothankyou said:

Metroid: Other M is a very shaky subject, and I can see why people hate and love it. I personally love the gameplay; it's very similar to Fusion it terms of progression (which I like), and the combat can be fast paced and fun, as well more involved than previous entries. However, the story is... shaky. Everybody who's played the game knows what I'm saying when I say "Varia Suit" or "The Ridley scene". But overall, I liked it. The story is at least O.K. for the most part, and the gameplay takes the Metroid formula into 2.5-D territory very well. So I can see why people hate it, but it isn't even close to series-destroying territory.



Znerd said:

To be honest I Love Nsmb but only U is the only one i fell that can be put in the same categorie of awesomeness the Super Mario World Had
Metroid Other M i dont know i enjoyed espically the story
Skyward sword i dont know what to think about cause i havent bought it yet but sen alot of letsplays
Kid Icarus Uprising boy i love that game controls i do agree they fell funny but still Playable and does introduce alot of Chacters and the best online till Pokemon X and Y come out



OptometristLime said:

"I don't really appreciate being labeled an 'idiot' just because the control scheme in KI:U did not work for me.--"
^ I agree with @theblackdragon, and I would add that zealously defending the more subjective elements of a game is a lost cause.



Mk_II said:

The thing is, in this day and age of the interwebs, everyone has an opinion. Back in the day all those grumbles from disgruntled fans would not have been heard



Neram said:

Skyward Sword and Luigi's Mansion aren't series reboots. Perhaps the title would be less misleading if it were "Changes in franchises that have divided gamers". I realize this is the 105th comment, my apologies if I'm a bit late at pointing that out or if you've clarified it at some point.

I think the majority of these problems could be the cause of having different developers handling these games rather than the original teams. It's arguable that the days of video game innovation have come and gone, so it's no surprise that these new iterations aren't quite received as well as they used to be.



CharbroiledEwok said:

I love all these games! I think gamers have just become spoiled, whiny, entitled least, that's what the IGN comments sections indicate.



hylianhalcyon said:

Other M is kind of like the star wars prequels of the gaming world in my eyes. In both cases a director tries his hand at writing, and in both cases utterly fails. And yet, in both cases people stand by them and even hold them up as superior to other entries in their respective series.



wiininjameep said:

I'm a big fan of series reboots and changes to the typical formulas, especially for nintendo titles. Classic games are always great but who wants to play the same game in the same way over multiple generations of consoles? keep it fresh, change it up and keep the fan favorite stuff too



MikeDanger said:

I guess we're all ignoring what they did to Bomberman? Or did we all hate that one so it doesn't count?



wiininjameep said:

I love all these remake games, kid icarus was a brave leap and turned out to be an excellent translation of the old 2d platformer. Other M was a needed change up after a very fun prime series. I don't consider skyward sword all that revolutionary compared to twilight princess, I think zelda needs some updates and additions to the classic formula to make the game more exciting again and less predictable.



NESguy94 said:

I played all of these except ZombiU and Castlevania and all of them were great.

Metroid: Other M had its issues, like when Samus practically commits suicide by entering a lava area without the Varia suit equipped because Adam hadn't authorized it. Samus always came across as Bounty Hunter who wasn't confined by rules. I actually liked that she narrated the game though, it allowed her to remain an almost silent protagonist while explaining the story in her own words. Even though we never see her display emotion in other Metroid games, the emotions remind us that she is only human. Her outburst when she sees the new Ridley for the first time is often frowned upon but it made sense and wouldn't have made sense any other way. Other than that I have no complaints about any of these other games. Kid Icarus was amazing and was a welcome sight to us fan who played the originals.

The original New Super Mario Bros wasn't as good as Mario 3 or Mario World but it set the bar high for other modern platformers. I sadly cannot say that about the versions on the Wii and 3DS. Luigi's Mansion was totally different from anything we had seen before and even though it has made him look like a coward, it was an excellent game. The motion controls in Skyward Sword were a little weird especially after 14+ games without them. They did work though and it made for a unique experience. While I do like classic button controls better, it was great to try something different.



FluttershyGuy said:

Of the games listed, my favorite compared to the original is Kid Icarus: Uprising. I far prefer it to the two other entries in the series (though I guess Myths & Monsters is not canon). Furthermore, it is one of my favorite games of the last ten years (at least), and my game of the year for 2012. The controls take getting used to, but it took little adjustment period for me (not sure if it's having smaller hands, or what). Then, it's a wonderful game from top to bottom. Addictive game play, beautiful graphics, superb music, and truly memorable voice acting/dialogue! It is truly one of the most quote-worthy games out there, and for good reason! And, yet, it only recently broke 1 million sales worldwide, which is a travesty (something far lesser games have accomplish, simply by being better-known franchises).

On the other end of the spectrum, and this may be blasphemy, but Skyward Sword is one of my least favorite Zelda games. I realize the motion controls were a must for this kind of game, but it took away from the enjoyment of it, in comparison to other games in the series. Even that aside, I found a lot wrong with it that kept it from feeling like the masterpieces the last few console Zeldas have been. The dungeons felt like just a handful of VERY BIG rooms, with interconnecting puzzles. I don't guess this is inherently bad. I simply like the room-by-room challenges of past entries. Next, the ground & sky exploration left a lot to be desired, somehow. It felt a lot more constrained and linear, especially considering that exploration is such a trademark of the series. I even prefer Wind Waker's long journeys from point a to point b more enjoyable than the flying segments. I even the music was vastly subpar and strangely un-Zelda-like, a HUGE disappointment (especially from a game that's in a series containing some of the most memorable songs in video game history). The music while flying is the only song I really remember, and even it trails well behind "overworld" themes (if you will) from just the other 3D console Zeldas. It's hard to believe, timeline wise, that one of gaming's greatest franchises began with this game! I'm expecting FAR MORE from Wii U Zelda.

Skyward Sword's lesser sales figures are justified, from where I stand. Still, they're better numbers than Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I wish the numbers were flipped.

Now, while you all gather your torches and pitchforks, excuse me while I make like a tree and get out.



Dodger said:

M'kay, ones in this list that I've played.

New Super Mario Bros. DS
Same problem with this one that I had with the other NSMB games I've played. Nothing was memorable. When I call upon the photographic section of my memory, I can really only remember a few levels of this game in detail. It was mostly generic jumping. It also frustrated me that once you ran out of toad houses, you could only save by beating the final boss again. I wanted to go back and collect the other star coins because that was kind of fun (NSMBW started hiding them in impossible places, NSMBDS was OK in that aspect) but I couldn't.

7.5/10 in my book.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I have no problems with the combat controls. 99 percent of the time, it was my fault if I did something wrong. I would prefer 100 percent, but it was worth it for the complexity that it added to combat. I liked having to pay attention to combat. Ocarina of Time would have been the same game had you gotten rid of half of the enemies. Skyward Sword wouldn't have been. There were some problems. The harp was the saddest thing in all that is everything. No room to play your own music like the Ocarina. Just strum back and forth and it couldn't even get that right. The pointer controls were wacky sometimes too. Most of the time, I didn't even notice the motion controls though. I don't mean that I didn't enjoy them or think they were clever, they just felt natural. Like pressing the A button to jump or pressing start to pause. I've got it down.

Most of the game design was great. The dungeons and bosses are some of the best in the series. I love that they made the dungeons smaller, but filled them with puzzles. I'm tired of dungeons with too many filler rooms. I'm fine with 1 floor dungeons that are clever. The overworld was a bit too linear, but it made a good dungeon. There was really no way to get lost. I don't want Zelda copying Elder Scrolls too much, but it could stand to be a bit more open-world.

I would have given it a 10 out of 10 after finishing it the first time. The story is still just as good. I think I would downgrade it to a 9 out of 10 though. I still like it more then Twilight Princess and about the same amount as Ocarina of Time.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

I quite like it. The story is too short. I'll say that right away. I've gotten more then enough time out of it (about 75 hours, I think) but for the sake of the plot, it could have used about 10 more chapters. I had no problems with the controls whatsoever though. They made perfect sense almost right away. The level design is quite clever. The soundtrack is great and I want it on a CD. I like the multiplayer. The ability to choose your weapon and powers makes a million different strategies possible and I like how more powerful weapons are punished in team mode by hurting your team more when you die. Still, it could use a stage selection page.

9/10. My opinion of it hasn't gone up or down with time, and I still pull it out every once in a while.



Ren said:

what someone said at the top; these aren't really re-boots.
and Kid Icarus was terrible in my opinion, but I'm just pretentious about bad cut scenes and voices. If I wanted the worst of anime for tweens I'd... well, rent it or play more jrpgs.
A mario re-boot would be if they had made an HD mario with some kind of visual style that is an actual departure from the last 25 years of mario. the stuff here is more "re-hash" than anything. Metroid maybe, but more like "end of contract with the last cool series but theres still millions to be made here so lets grab someone else people like to do a random one with some whiny cut scenes"



brandonbwii said:

I agree with Ren. Except for maybe Castlevania, none of these are true reboots. Most of the REAL reboots are on other consoles like DMC and Mortal Kombat. Though there was Silent Hill back on Wii.

While the list does contain new takes on old franchises, they're far from 'reimagined'.



RaymanFan2 said:

Few of these are actual rebots rather than sequels. KI:U is far and away the best example of an actual rboot.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I've never considered KI:U a reboot, I've always though of it as what the series would be like if it made the transition to 3D like everything else.

A lot of people complain when a series changes, but the irony is that when a series doesn't change it becomes stale and boring causing people to complain about being tired of the same old thing.



parutena said:

KIU controls worked for me, so no complaints there.
SS seems ok, I haven't beat it but that's no fault of the game itself.
Other M is my definition of a bad game. I walked away from playing it and felt dirty. Absolutely nothing in that game worked well. The d-pad, the environment, the enemy design, the music, the story. I've said this before but the enemies particularly upset me, they make no sense to look at and don't feel like actual animals, more like monsters (Team Ninja is probably the cause, NG: RE has similarly hideous enemies). Just ugh.



I-U said:

There's no way I'll be turning off the dialogue since it's the only means of acquiring the story for the game, which is the aspect that will have me try new chapters in the future. If Uprising was more geared towards environmentally storytelling, I would consider it, but no story at all would be worse than the dialogue clashing with the rest of the game and my control issues. I have tried that option of no dialogue and the game wasn't right.



seronja said:

Metroid prime was a reboot too, and man did retro do an awesome trilogy =D i also like other m because i felt like i was playing an awesome arcade game on my tv. Now there is a reboot that I HATE from the bottom of my hearth, and the game is called Banjoo-Kazooie: Nut's & Bolt's, they changed the game mechanics but still kept the old level designes, wich made me very angry.



Haywired said:

It was only a couple of years ago since I played it, but what was this infamous "Ridley scene" in Other M that people are talking about? I can't remember the specifics.

Also, regarding the general point about controls; any control scheme that creates huge debate and incites people to say things like "you just have to get used to it!" or "some people just don't get it!" is inherently not a great control scheme. Any control scheme that every single person gets instantly and no one ever talks about (like say NSMB or something) is inherently a great control scheme.



Gamer83 said:


Splinter Cell: Conviction is a game that gets some criticism but it's not nearly as loathed in the gaming community as RE 6, FF XIII, DmC, Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 and I'm sure several others. I don't know if it's because people just don't give a crap about Splinter Cell or if it's because they actually enjoyed Conviction taken for what it is but the negativity towards that game went away after a month. People are still crying about FF XIII three years later. I agree with @sketchturner, there is a problem and the problem is gamers not knowing what they want. If a game keeps a formula the same we get this reaction 'this is the same thing played 10 years ago, wah wah wah.' If the delveopers change the formula but still deliver a fantastic game such as the new DmC the response is 'this isn't (name of franchise), wah, wah, wah.' It's a no win situation for developers these days and while I agree that many of them make poor decisions, these 'gamers' need to grow the hell up as well and get a clue.



M_Rudmarker said:

I agree with the negative reviews for most of these titles, they are NOT that good. Some of the high ratings are probably bought...

Other M, what went wrong there? Isn't Samus suppose to be a strong female character and not vurnerable and weak? Mediocre game at best.

Kid Icarus in air was alright... but at ground it was terrible.

New. Super Mario Bros was fun on the DS, because it was actually "New" back then. But the Wii U-version had no exciting new features and that made the game boring for me.

I really enjoyed Skyward Sword and Luigi's Mansion though.



Bass_X0 said:

If a game keeps a formula the same we get this reaction 'this is the same thing played 10 years ago, wah wah wah.' If the delveopers change the formula but still deliver a fantastic game such as the new DmC the response is 'this isn't (name of franchise), wah, wah, wah.' It's a no win situation for developers these days and while I agree that many of them make poor decisions, these 'gamers' need to grow the hell up as well and get a clue.

In both situations, we get happy gamers and whining gamers but they are not the same gamers whining each time. Hence why the title of this article is Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers.



cornishlee said:

The controls in Skyward Sword drive me mad and that isn't a knock on motion controls - Red Steel 2 is one of my favourite games and I thought 'if Ubisoft can do this with the hardware imagine what Nintendo can do'. Sadly, combat regressed into a waggle-fest and I am astounded at how pointer controls (for menu selection and for looking around) constantly need calibrating; how is that possible for a game so late in the Wii's cycle when it wasn't necessary for any earlier titles that I know of?



Zombie_Barioth said:

goradio wrote:

Other M, what went wrong there? Isn't Samus suppose to be a strong female character and not vurnerable and weak? Mediocre game at best.

Being strong doesn't mean being emotionally dead inside, being strong means having the courage to keep fighting when life beats you down. Having said that Samus is a very strong female lead.

You can argue that Team Ninja went a little overboard on the melodrama but if thats your only complaint then you can't exactly call it mediocre just because the heroine shows a vulnerable side.



MrMario02 said:

similar or not the reboots are still great!

Kid Icarus: Uprising was a great shooter with great dialog.
Skyward Sword was an amazing RPG.
Metroid: Other M was a great shooter with Great storyline



Araknie said:

Only Zombi U was a reboot.

Other M is a direct sequel to Super Metroid.
NSMB it's no reboot, it didn't change anything and didn't bring a new story continuity cancelling all the past of the series. Example: if it was a reboot it would have different gameplay, totally different enemies and would take a different approach to complete the levels. Rayman Origins is a reboot for that.
Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is no reboot, on the Nintendo Italia site it's simply called Luigi's Mansion 2.
Skyward Sword is a prequel, i you want to argue read Hyrule Historia first.
Kid Icaurs: Uprising is a direct sequel.

Arguably one could say castlevania is one, yes the Lord of Shadow on 360/PS3. Mirror of Fate is a sequel of that and a prequel to the second.

I don't get this article.



NintyMan said:

Skyward Sword is a good game, but it hasn't engaged me all that much because I haven't finished it and other games kept me playing them. I thought it was going to be amazing at first, possibly even the greatest Zelda game ever, but now I don't believe that.

The motion controls didn't give me too much trouble, but I remember struggling to land a blow on Ghirahim during the first duel. My biggest disappointment with the game is the music, because except for the main theme, it wasn't that memorable. The Super Mario Galaxy games had better orchestral music.

Again, it was still neat, but probably not one of my top favorite Zelda games.



Beta said:

I think that we, gamers, should not just a game by comparing it to its predecessor, we should just judge it as a standalone game. I mean, why would we want a game that copies everything from the one before it? Yeah, sure, I admit that sometimes I want some sequels to be exactly like the one before it, but change is good! I mean, nowadays, who wants a game just like the original Kid Icarus? I am pretty sure that a LOT would just want a game like Kid Icarus: Uprising, not the original, and over half who says otherwise are probably driven by nostalgia.



Waann said:

Most of those are good, though I understand why some people wouldn't like them. It's not only a case of They Changed It Now It Sucks; often, these games have objective flaws that are hard to overlook (especially if earlier entries didn't have them).

I did find the controls of Kid Icarus annoying in the land levels, but I got used to it (and the rest of the game is so good that it makes up for it IMO). It does have one flaw that hasn't been brought up here: if you need the subtitles because you're deaf, hard of hearing or not a native English speaker, you're gonna have a bad time. It's just way too fast, keeping up with it is a nightmare.

NSMB was very fun, but it just isn't memorable. Which is okay.

Skyward Sword was not perfect--the sky was boring and the music was a bit underwhelming, but it had a few memorable characters and scenes and I, for one, loved the controls. All in all, it just didn't have enough content for a Zelda game but it's not a bad game per se. Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker both got a lot more hate for being different from what had come before, even though they're much more polished than SwS.

As for Other M... Just thinking about that one makes me sick. The game itself is fine; I don't like holding the Wiimote horizontally and the "Where's Waldo" sections were annoying, but other than that it's a pretty solid platformer. But the story makes me really uncomfortable, and not for the right reasons. And since it's so prevalent, it's not like I can overlook it.

Metroid Prime: Hunters was also a base-breaker. Some people praised its multiplayer mode, while others thought it was the only thing the developers had focused on, so it wasn't a true Metroid game.

Other changes that many fans didn't like... Replacing Phoenix Wright with Apollo Justice (which was a way to prevent the story from getting too repetitive). Every single Star Fox game after Star Fox 64. Every Final Fantasy game ever. Some people apparently HATE Rayman Origins because the story makes no sense.
Not a reboot either, and not on a Nintendo system, but... Dragon Age II.

But yeah, don't automatically assume people hate sequels/reboots/spin-offs just because they don't like change. Sometimes, their complaints are valid, even when you look at a game as if it was stand-alone.



FullbringIchigo said:

@Jaz007 honestly so did i (thought Brawl was better than Melee) and i can't wait for Super Smash Bros Wii U

on topic the article was about reboots but most of the games in it wasn't reboots Zelda Skyward Sword, New Super Mario Bros, Metriod Other M and Zombi U are all part of their respective game series but i do know what the article was trying to get across reboots can be a major battle ground just look at the response to DmC Devil May Cry i don't think i need to point out any other game because the amount of arguing this reboot has started is biblical

but then if all they do is release sequels to their games then people still moan about the franchise being milked it's a lose - lose situation on the one hand people are moaning about a series becoming stale and they want something new which a reboot lets them do but when they do reboot a franchise those same people moan about them changing it and not sticking with the previous games developers just can't win



Grumpalo said:

Personally I think Skyward Sword's controls were great as it made each new enemy into a mini-puzzle. That said, i didn't like the number of fetch quests or the limited number of areas to explore. Definitely preffered TP.

The main problem with the New Super Mario series (for me) is that the art style feels a bit cold, a bit 'copy and paste', I'd love to see a new art style for the next 2 D mario game. maybe something like Wario Land: Shake It! Which had an absolutely beautiful style that has sadly not been used since.

I really enjoyes kid icars uprising, though I can understand why people have an issue with the controls. My hand does suffer from cramp with it after extended play, but I find using the stand helps dramatically.

Paper Mario Stuicker Star was very good, but i did miss the levelling up, as it meant that at certain points you were better off just running away from enemies.



Olaf-symbiote said:

Oh geez, just change the title to something like "Games in long-running series that have divided gamers." Only ONE game in this article (Castlevania) is a reboot. A reboot is when the story, events, etc. are reset and you're told that none of the stuff you experienced earlier happened in this installment.

I understand that you're applying the term "reboot" VERY liberally, but I'm afraid Nintendolife doesn't get to "reboot" the English language and redefine already existing words, at least not yet.

I think the article itself is well-written and top-notch, but I stand by my criticism of the title. Moreover, inaccurate titles can be considered bad journalism, as they mislead the reader. Don't let it happen again, Nintendolife.



Ren said:

I have to say I really loved luigis mansion when it came out and if anything it looked like more of a start to it's own franchise. Mario Bros. quickly became about Mario with Luigi tacked on as a cameo or second string. The new play style and design are just what I've wanted in a regular mario game forever but Nintendo isn't willing to take that chance. LM wasn't perfect but just that it was such a departure from Mario and still had the Nintendo polish was incredibly refreshing, I'm super excited for the next one, especially since it means I still don't need a silly WiiU to play it. If it featured mario I'd gladly call it a re-boot since mario is WAY overdue for a real re-boot.
Probably hard to follow prime with anything, really, the prime series was just too good. seems like this is trying to keep with this generation but I think the most divisive game that could be called a re-boot would be Wind waker. The story fits in with the others but completely re-imagined the design and did it incredibly IMHO. technically, storywise each zelda uses a new kid to take on the Link persona so they're designed to reset the story for each game. I was floored by Wind waker. Style wise Mario 64 was kind of a re-boot and probably the most influential one ever. Be nice to see an article covering all the classic Nintendo "re-boots" style and storywise. Style alone is a big one for many games.



Than64 said:

I've heard a lot of negativity about Other M, but I had no idea Skyward Sword was such a relatively poor seller. I thought Other M took a bold and rewarding approach and Skyward Sword should not have been missed by anyone.



I-U said:

Those people would be wrong. If NST was solely focused on the multiplayer for Metroid Prime Hunters, they would have just settled with a generic Chozo world with Metroids and a Space Pirate invasion for the single player. Instead, they bothered to create a new race for the series, coupled with their own (former) territories, and a plot that didn't use Metroids, Chozo and Space Pirates as crutches. What's sad is that the lazy route would have gotten the game, and them, more praise.



Pichuka97 said:

Sonic doesn't have that many bad games imo. He had some bad ports like Sonic Heroes on PS2 but doing an article on Sonic like this one could be really cool.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Although I've only played a couple of the listed games, I do plan to play them all because they look and seem FANTASTIC. Nostalgia messes with people's minds a lot. I enjoy a great game as its own entity and don't compare it to anything else, even if it's a sequel to a long-lasting series.



SF2010 said:

The only game that doesn't fit with the previous is Castlevania, developers have recognised that they weren't developing a Castlevania Game (at first the project was only known as Lord of Shadow) and there were no references to previous games (the name of the main character and the ending were added later).The 3ds release is a great sequel of the PS3-Xbox but it's still too Lordofshadowish for Casltevania fans, they can't find the arcade feeling of previous games and the japanese bizarre-barroque atmosphere. It should have worked better as an original franchise, instead of "vampirising" XD Castlevania.



Luffymcduck said:

Those are good points. I would have preferred to have Circle Pad Pro as an option in KIU. Also, Brawl feels more casual than hardcore Melee (though strangely I still enjoy both of them just as much).

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