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Tue 19th Jun 2012

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SF2010 commented on Konami Demands That Hardcore Gaming 101 Presen...:

Copy-paste from a cease and desist email from Konami sent to
"We understand that you are a big fan of Konami and Hudson Soft titles, however following titles belong to us, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. and we do not give any permission to you for use, reproduction, or alternation, etc. of artwork and game data of our contents, products or titles, needless to mention to distribute or localize these contents, products or titles.

Your website clearly constitues copyright infringement and we therefore demand for removal immediately.

We need your confirmation via e-mail after all above is removed.

Konami Legal"



SF2010 commented on Konami Demands That Hardcore Gaming 101 Presen...:

Konami has been sending threatening emails to MSX dedicated blogs, asking for the removal of all the the graphic material (covers, concept art, screenshots). Maybe there is a very bored lawyer in the company with too much time to waste...



SF2010 commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:

I'm not a big fan of Megaman franchise, but I love Megaman Legends and DOTB. I don't feel like I can be critic about Megaman fans if they ask for a Megaman12 release, because I don't get the point of their enjoyment. Maybe one day I'll get the point and be so hooked that I need new doses every year. Anyway, I don't feel like being annoying with them, telling them that ML is so cool (glorious PSX 3d!) and they're retro nerds that should shut it up and enjoy silently ML."You still want new rock'n'roll? Why? We have Rihanna!"

I loved the first and third Castlevania for NES, the gameboy releases, SNES games, Genesis (note that none of these is a metroidvania) Rondo of Blood is a wonderful game, SOTN is a fine sequel and its clones are fully enjoyable. "Metroidvania" big concept was just to take all the lineal stages of a Castlevania game, mix it together as different routes and adding hundreds of items that improve the arcade experience and makes you want to slash and advance more and more. Doesn't look like a bad evolution but logic and I'm a part of this small amount of people that love 2d games and will be more than happy to have a new downloable Castlevania every year, with Vanillaware graphic quality and a good price.

I don't care about reboots, if there is a new Castlevania racing game, that sells millions I'm not going to forget about the funny experiences I've had with the series. I'll buy it if I like the racing games, but just it. Not because it's called Castlevania or it even reminds me one. Right now the franchise is the copyright of a company and they can do whatever they want with the saga to sell more. They did it with PS2, two games that I didn't like because the experience was like a DMC downgrade. With LOS I had the same experience, a sluggish control GOW with annoying QTE and not a great story. And a rather ugly look altought HQ graphic motor, but this is just my point of view. I bought it and completed the whole game, that's the reason why I'm talking. The difference was that while you could wait for new 2d releases when the PS2 games were launched, this time the reboot has taken over the portatile, leaving with the sensation that the Castlevania arcades have been killed by Konami and Order of Ecclesia is the end of the run, and you should enjoy the GOW/Tomb Raider/Portal mixed mechanics because you like Castlevania logo, Belmonts and Draculas.
Maybe they could think about this "very small hardcore base of fans" and release low budget games (lower than a LOS) from time to time looking for a regular incoming of purchases, maybe not a big super-seller deal but a stable way of recovering the investment.



SF2010 commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

The only game that doesn't fit with the previous is Castlevania, developers have recognised that they weren't developing a Castlevania Game (at first the project was only known as Lord of Shadow) and there were no references to previous games (the name of the main character and the ending were added later).The 3ds release is a great sequel of the PS3-Xbox but it's still too Lordofshadowish for Casltevania fans, they can't find the arcade feeling of previous games and the japanese bizarre-barroque atmosphere. It should have worked better as an original franchise, instead of "vampirising" XD Castlevania.



SF2010 commented on Interview: Reinventing Castlevania For A New H...:

About the controls, it was the same on PS3 MS Castlevania, the blending is so smooth that you need to wait a few to see if the combo you were making is working right, and the combats are based on combos and chains. It isn't the arcade feeling that for me it's one of the highlights of the saga, you can't fight against a lot of enemies at the same time. Anyway, a lot of people enjoys this combats mechanics. I found it frustrating on PS3, and I don't enjoy at all the Tomb Raider climbing moments. My brother is going to buy it, so I'll try it again later.
I'll love a Castlevania with the MS graphic engine, IGA level design and gaming design, Ayami Kojima (maybe Yoshitaka Amano?) characters and story and dialogues really written by Hideo Kojima.



SF2010 commented on XSEED Talks Wii Support And Why It Isn't Touch...:

Just an idea for XSEED. What about a RGC2 kickstarter? Game center CX isn't a massive phenomenon out of Japan, but there are people that want to play the game madly and prefers to ear the real Kachou voice with subtitles and look at the original images of Hinoko MAX, Abe and ADSs in the magazines, It makes cheaper the localization. Maybe joining the force of the fans of the show and the retrogaming communties a worlwide project could be possible, and you'll know in every moment how many people is goint to pay for it--



SF2010 commented on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate "Definitely Not Me...:

I love side-scrolling-classic-style Castlevanias and Metroidvanias, but I found the PS2 3dvanias totally disappointing. The PS3 GodofWania seemed to have no relantionship with the saga and these portatile version looks like another Lord-of-Shadows-GodofWania again. Nothing against it, this will be a technique-pushing game with the better graphics that a 3ds can create.

I'll love to play new metroidvanias, with HD graphics, lots of effects,imagination, and that Hammer movie atmosphere, baroque and peculiar. I don't get tired of it, as I don't get tired of a new Mario or Zelda game, even if there are no combos or fatalities... There's place for all kind of games.