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Fri 1st Mar 2013

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Grumpalo commented on Video: Rayman Legends has the Eye of the Tiger...:

This looks great. Really hoping to see more stages like this in the game!
I totally agree with @Luffymcduck about the look of NSMB. I think they all look very 'cut and paste' as opposed to Rayman which has a real charm to it. personally i'd love to see a NSMB game that uses the same art style that Wario Shake Dimension used on the wii. That game was beautiful!



Grumpalo commented on Nintendo To Reveal Retro's New Wii U Game "In ...:

I would be more than ok with Retro working on Metroid, Star Fox or even (unlikley at best) a new F Zero. Though given the job they did last time I think I'd rather Sega got another go at that one.
I really don't think they're going to have been given Zelda, though i'd be happy to be proven wrong!



Grumpalo commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

I can see the logic behind this; letting the media play the games as opposed to just watching videos of them and wasting time istening to endless stats about sales figures etc. HOWEVER the problem is that a lot of the mass media (newspapers etc) report on the E3 conferences, so they kiss out on this sort of press coverage unless they make sure they get them behind those doors playing on the games they have there.



Grumpalo commented on DuckTales: Remastered Focus Testing Reveals Th...:

Really looking forward to this. Hopefully all this dumbing down will be kept soley in the easy mode.
It is a shame the original version won't be included though. although io appreciate the new artwork and VO's!



Grumpalo commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

I was certainly not expecting new game reveals today! Very happy to see this and a new Yoshi's Island. Also especially happy about Earthbound since I missed it the first time around.
The art style looks a bit odd on this, but i suspect it will really pop inn 3D. looking forward to the 3D trailer!



Grumpalo commented on Talking Point: NFC and AR - Two Cool Extras Th...:

The problem with the AR cards is that you lose the image the second you try to move around.
I like your idea of using the NFC for EShop points. I'd also like to see it get used for the Club Nintendo Stars/Coins cards that come with games so i could add them to my account without having to type in the long code.



Grumpalo commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

Personally I think Skyward Sword's controls were great as it made each new enemy into a mini-puzzle. That said, i didn't like the number of fetch quests or the limited number of areas to explore. Definitely preffered TP.

The main problem with the New Super Mario series (for me) is that the art style feels a bit cold, a bit 'copy and paste', I'd love to see a new art style for the next 2 D mario game. maybe something like Wario Land: Shake It! Which had an absolutely beautiful style that has sadly not been used since.

I really enjoyes kid icars uprising, though I can understand why people have an issue with the controls. My hand does suffer from cramp with it after extended play, but I find using the stand helps dramatically.

Paper Mario Stuicker Star was very good, but i did miss the levelling up, as it meant that at certain points you were better off just running away from enemies.



Grumpalo commented on Feature: A Further Investigation into LEGO Cit...:

I'm getting a WiiU at the start of April. Will almost certainly pick this up as long as it reviews well!
so far it's looking like exactly the shot in the arms the system needs. Though let's face it, it's going to fly of the shelves in Japan once Monster hunter is released