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Waann commented on Review: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique ...:

@TeeJay It's probably their way of differentiating those games from all the girly shovelware.

Edit: Not sure my first comment was clear. I know Style Savvy is not shovelware, but it probably looks like it to the uninformed , so that "Nintendo Presents" practically screams "this one is not like the others".



Waann commented on Review: I Love my Cats (3DS eShop):

Is it just me or does that black and white cat in the third screenshot just... not look like a cat? At all?

Anyway, I'm still a bit amazed that they're selling this on the eShop, when the entire reason this "series" exists is to trick people into thinking it's Nintendogs. I mean, that cover, that font, that interface: how shameless can you be?



Waann commented on Veterans Of 3DS Title Xeodrifter Will Get The ...:

Indies need to find a way to promote their games in non-English-speaking countries too if they want to sell well in Europe. And they should remind everyone that it exists if it's taken too long to come out in one region, hype them up again.



Waann commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U eShop Games of 2015...:

I have very high hopes for Fast Racing Neo.

RIVE was my favourite "nindie@home". Hopefully the final version won't have the framerate drops when loading. I'm also keeping an eye on Hyper Light Drifter, Steamworld Heist, Mighty No.9 and The Next Penelope, but I still don't know on which systems I'll get them if I do.

A small correction: the engine used for making The Next Penelope is called Construct 2, not Concept.



Waann commented on Gallery: Art Academy Masters Produce Award-Win...:

@MJKOP They're all great. Drawing on the Gamepad is more comfortable than on a 3DS, but the Wii U version doesn't have lessons (yet), so it depends on what you think she'll enjoy most. On the 3DS, there's New Art Academy, which is basically a complete art course, and Pokémon Art Academy, which is mostly targeted at younger children.



Waann commented on Animal Crossing Announcement Community Launche...:

I agree that AC is better suited to handhelds, but off-TV play is a game-changer this time around (that and the possibility to buy the game digitally). Just having to take over the TV every time you wanted to play Let's Go to the City made it hard to have short, frequent sessions. So I think a Wii U version has potential.



Waann commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (...:

I really don't get their line of reasoning for not releasing the original localizations as is. I mean, what did they imagine non-English speakers would think? What's better, playing a game in a version that, while not necessarily perfect, was deemed good enough in 2001 and is still better than most translations coming out today (I can attest to that, at least for the French market) or being stuck with a language you don't speak?



Waann commented on Pikmin Short Movies Available to Buy Now on Wi...:

I'm late, but that is simply not true.

For example, a PS One Classic costs €3 to 10 depending on how demanded a game is (most of them are around €5). That's not taking into account the frequent discounts you can get. For that price, you can play one game on the PSP, Vita and PS3.

Now if you want to get an NES game on the VC, it's going to cost you €5 per platform. So €10 for the Wii U and 3DS. As much as I like Super Mario Bros., I wouldn't say it's worth the same price as Symphony of the Night or Final Fantasy IX.



Waann commented on Developers Reflect on F-Zero As It Passes Ten ...:

Climax is really good, actually (much better than Maximum Velocity IMO). I wish it had been released outside Japan. Obviously you can't compare it with F-Zero GX, but I wouldn't call it disappointing for a GBA game.



Waann commented on New Japanese Law Bans Child Abuse Images, Yet ...:

@JellySplat You have to realize there isn't one fanbase for all anime/manga... just like there isn't one fanbase for all American movies. It's not a genre, it's just "comics made in Japan". I enjoy watching the occasional anime and yet I have never watched a fanservice show, or one where there were no interesting female characters.
It's just Sturgeon's Law: "90% of everything is crap".
(Also, thinking someone is worthless because of their hobbies or sexual orientation ? Not cool.)



Waann commented on AeternoBlade:

@Kaze_Memaryu That's weird, I could download it. Maybe they didn't release it in Germany for some reason? Before the last system update, you could have changed your region settings to get it, but now I don't think it's possible anymore...



Waann commented on AeternoBlade:

@Kaze_Memaryu The demo is out. Check the bottom bar in the eShop, it's the second demo after Nano Assault. Maybe it wasn't there yet when you looked.



Waann commented on Talking Point: Censoring Boingy Bits, Bums and...:

@MrL1193 I know you didn't mention it--I did because it's the only instance of Europeans criticizing American censorship I've seen here (correct me if I'm wrong). Generally, censorship is the same in both regions.

As a translator (not in the field of video games), the idea of censoring a work to make it comply with your own territory's values sounds completely unethical to me. A translator is supposed to serve the author and the consumers--censorship is disrespectful to both (it assumes the author didn't know what he was doing and you know better, and it underestimates the consumer's open-mindedness). A translator is supposed to bring the reader to another culture, not adapt that culture to their (supposed) tastes. We normally don't censor foreign books, movies, paintings or other cultural goods (even when the originals are offensive/completely stupid to many people), so why do it to video games? The answer is probably that it's a young medium and that publishers do their best to comply with local ratings boards, when those boards don't really know what they're doing (especially PEGI). Understandable. Not to mention they're much more strict than those that deal with other media, because games are still considered more harmful than them and because "games are for kids".

So yeah. Even when a series goes from an epic tactical game to a bad dating sim overnight, censorship is still wrong IMO.



Waann commented on Talking Point: Censoring Boingy Bits, Bums and...:

If you don't think healthy children's entertainment with nudity is possible, check the Kirikou movies. (GASP, bare breasts!) Incidentally, I think some American theaters refused to screen them for this very reason. Nothing sexual in them, of course.

Children don't give a poop about nudity. Only their parents do. And keep in mind there are/have been many cultures where the naked body is not considered "dirty". It's mostly a completely Western concept.



Waann commented on The Image Of Tharja In A Swimsuit Nintendo Of ...:

@Rod64 I did check it, otherwise I wouldn't have said it. From the PEGI official website:

"Fire Emblem: Awakening []
Nintendo of Europe GmbH
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 12 years and over only.
It contains: Mild bad language - Violence causing minor injury only"

Wait- "minor injury only"? o__o



Waann commented on Talking Point: Censoring Boingy Bits, Bums and...:

It's pretty well-known, but my "favourite" instance of nonsensical censorship happens in Link's Awakening. In the Japanese version, a nude hippo model has her breasts exposed, and a sheet is covering her lower body. In the western versions, she no longer has breasts, but the sheet is gone too, so she's completely naked. What. : |

@k8sMum, that's too bad. It's all the more disappointing for an art site, as you can't really learn anatomy without ever looking at naked people in your life... I've looked at your ACEO, it's beautiful (and honestly harmless).

Nudity is natural, the human form is beautiful, and it's the constant censoring of it that causes people to always conflate it with sexual themes, even when it's unwarranted (and anyway, there's nothing wrong with sex. Without it, we wouldn't be here to talk about this, would we?).



Waann commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of Europe Didn't Want "Boi...:

I do love how they use "dastard" in this game.

Anyway, the European version doesn't make sense. While I'm not offended by the other version, I am very disappointed in the writing in general. Most female characters aren't likeable at all, it's like they're only interested in talking about BOYYYS and combing ponies and being pretty, etc... Even the resident awesome person, Sully has her moments. There's way too much male-oriented fanservice, and nothing else--I mean, WTF is wrong with those character designs? No one goes to war half-naked!

Fire Emblem has never had stellar writing, but at least I've never felt excluded from the audience just for having... well, boingy bits.

(I haven't got to the second part yet, maybe it gets better. I hope so)

@Kirk The pose doesn't have anything to do with the context: it's the only one she has.



Waann commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

If anyone's interested in that, you can ask for a download version of a game you've already registered. I know it's a special case, but that's what I'm doing (I'm going to give a copy of AC to my sister). It says so in the FAQ.



Waann commented on Nintendo of Europe Offers Free Game in "So Man...:

Wow, amazing promotion!

I'm going to be eligible (I'm getting Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing), but I'm still not sure what my fourth game will be. I already have DKCR on the Wii, I've finished Mirror of Fate but it wasn't my own copy (so no registering), and I don't like the Lego games. That leaves MH3, which I've tried on the Wii but haven't really got into, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I guess I should give MH3 another chance. One thing's for sure, Animal Crossing is going to be the downloadable one.

@Morph Yes.



Waann commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

Most of those are good, though I understand why some people wouldn't like them. It's not only a case of They Changed It Now It Sucks; often, these games have objective flaws that are hard to overlook (especially if earlier entries didn't have them).

I did find the controls of Kid Icarus annoying in the land levels, but I got used to it (and the rest of the game is so good that it makes up for it IMO). It does have one flaw that hasn't been brought up here: if you need the subtitles because you're deaf, hard of hearing or not a native English speaker, you're gonna have a bad time. It's just way too fast, keeping up with it is a nightmare.

NSMB was very fun, but it just isn't memorable. Which is okay.

Skyward Sword was not perfect--the sky was boring and the music was a bit underwhelming, but it had a few memorable characters and scenes and I, for one, loved the controls. All in all, it just didn't have enough content for a Zelda game but it's not a bad game per se. Majora's Mask and The Wind Waker both got a lot more hate for being different from what had come before, even though they're much more polished than SwS.

As for Other M... Just thinking about that one makes me sick. The game itself is fine; I don't like holding the Wiimote horizontally and the "Where's Waldo" sections were annoying, but other than that it's a pretty solid platformer. But the story makes me really uncomfortable, and not for the right reasons. And since it's so prevalent, it's not like I can overlook it.

Metroid Prime: Hunters was also a base-breaker. Some people praised its multiplayer mode, while others thought it was the only thing the developers had focused on, so it wasn't a true Metroid game.

Other changes that many fans didn't like... Replacing Phoenix Wright with Apollo Justice (which was a way to prevent the story from getting too repetitive). Every single Star Fox game after Star Fox 64. Every Final Fantasy game ever. Some people apparently HATE Rayman Origins because the story makes no sense.
Not a reboot either, and not on a Nintendo system, but... Dragon Age II.

But yeah, don't automatically assume people hate sequels/reboots/spin-offs just because they don't like change. Sometimes, their complaints are valid, even when you look at a game as if it was stand-alone.



Waann commented on Rumour: Rayman Creator To Part Company With Ub...:

I think that Ancel has been pissed at Ubisoft for a while, even before the Rayman Legends delay. It would probably be good for him if he left, but yeah, I don't know what would happen to BGE...

As for future Rayman games without him... They'd probably be okay. He wasn't involved in Hoodlum Havoc and it was pretty good.



Waann commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

I like Valve's views on piracy. Basically, if you provide a better service than pirates do, you won't have to worry (much) about piracy. And they can prove it. It's always more efficient to be loved than to be feared.

Right now, Nintendo just isn't providing a great service: very few demos, region locking, expensive downloadable games, no accounts that could be used with all their systems... It's getting better (except for that region lock thing), but they're not there yet. That is no excuse to pirate their games, but it provides incentive for people to just do... whatever the hell they want.



Waann commented on Renegade Kid Worried About 3DS Piracy:

Honestly, I think Dementium didn't sell well in Europe because it was very poorly marketed. Not saying DS piracy wasn't a problem , because it was--it was so easy to get flashcarts that even casual players managed to get their hands on them, and some of them didn't see anything wrong with never buying a single game (there are responsible flashcart users, but unfortunately they're not the majority). But many people just never knew those games existed--I've never seen one in a store, and you can't expect everyone to visit gaming forums regularly (or every regular forum visitor to like shooters).

And I know I wouldn't buy a sequel if I don't know the original game. It might have sold better with a subtitle instead of a number. I know it sounds stupid, but hey, every detail counts!