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Wed 27th Feb 2013

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Than64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Details of Its Super Smashin...:

@lilpieri I've been thinking along similar lines. Ever since New Leaf came out, I regret not getting it digitally. Same for Fire Emblem. I'm not sure if I'll pull the trigger on replacing them, even with a sale, but I am more than primed to go digital on many 3DS games in the future.



Than64 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

I am very very excited for this news and await for it to be announced for NA. Just new tracks alone seems like a big deal to me. But we're going to get new tracks, new karts, and new characters? Big big deal!



Than64 commented on Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hitting Japanese Wii ...:

I loved this game in that the characters you built up and cared about in the first one are now spoiler alert the enemy!

Of course, it was only temporary but really let me know that not all video games had to be so one-dimensional with their storytelling. It's another instant-buy for me when it's released.



Than64 commented on Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition Releas...:

I first learned of this game when it was made available on Google Play. It sounded interesting but not enough to want to spend time playing it on my phone. I do plan on purchasing it for my Wii U, though. The interest is still there.

But, like sinalefa, this is a game celebrating 20 years and I've only recently heard of it.



Than64 commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Wii U e...:

I loved this game when it came out and I look forward to purchasing it for the Wii U VC. I am curious to learn if the vibration feature was implemented in this version. Back in the GameCube days when you played this game on the Game Boy Player, the cartridge knew that and it would vibrate the GameCube controller.



Than64 commented on Review: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Nintendo 64):

I used to play this game a lot, long ago. I never finished it but remember thinking that each area being so different from the last was awesome.

And those machine gun-toting gorilla-men used to scare the crap out of me!



Than64 commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

I received Metroid Prime Trilogy as a Christmas gift when it was released, and I snatched up Xenoblade new when it came out. It's simply a fantastic game.

I now wait and see what these other "vintage" titles are going to be.



Than64 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Get Active for August:

People get so bent out of shape here, and carry high expectations. But I am thrilled to be getting Wario's Woods and Sudoku! I initially thought Mario Golf would not be for me, but I am having second thoughts. I should expand the kinds of games I play!



Than64 commented on Guide: How to Spot Fake Paintings and Statues ...:

Well this is certainly helpful. Redd has been busting my gentles for years! I never thought the rumors about his language and demeanor were true. Now its time to drop some knowledge on the little fox. Of course, I'll probably always buy the paintings and statues anyway



Than64 commented on Zelda Game Boy Color Oracle Duo Heading To Wes...:

I still own my original cartridges with the game boxes. These two games were fantastic together! I loved Ages more than Seasons but it almost looks like I am in the minority here I'm not sure I'll purchase these but it's great that other gamers will have that chance.



Than64 commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

I've heard a lot of negativity about Other M, but I had no idea Skyward Sword was such a relatively poor seller. I thought Other M took a bold and rewarding approach and Skyward Sword should not have been missed by anyone.



Than64 commented on New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Details Battle ...:

I have never played a Fire Emblem game until this one. Now I regret passing up all the old titles that are so difficult to find (that don't cost a slice of soul). I like these DLC options. They seem to really help define my characters for the main story. I was initially disappointed that I couldn't get that free pack right off the bat as well, but then the Outrealm Gate opened after Chapter 4 and I was fine. Good job, Nintendo