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Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3DS XL Owners

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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Club Nintendo is a nice extra for Nintendo gamers, though we imagine there are a few that don't necessarily bother to go through the process of logging in and completing surveys for all of their game or hardware purchases. That may change due to a handsome new promotion for 3DS XL, as Nintendo of Europe is offering a free retail download title to anyone who's registered one of the handhelds on Club Nintendo before 15th January 2013.

Once you register the system on your account, or if you've already done so, you'll be prompted by a promotional banner to claim your freebie. You'll have the chance to choose from the following five games, including some big hitters that currently cost £39.99/€44.99 on the eShop.

Once you select a game the download code will be sent to your account's registered email address, and you'll then be able to redeem it in the eShop between 1st and 31st January 2013. It's a rather tasty bonus for new 3DS XL owners, of course, but the fact that even those that have already registered their systems are included should keep everyone happy. Even if you own the games, they're free, so you still can't complain.

The offer applies to most major countries in Europe, but be sure to check the promotion's details to confirm whether your region is included. So, which game are you going for, Europeans?

Instructions for those who have already registered the 3DS XL hardware

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Mk_II said:

Christmas has come a month early... but i love it! Thank you Nintendo, first the free NSMB2 DLC and now this.

This promotion is valid for residents of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia.



dudey300 said:

This is great Nintendo, nice one. Must choose between New Art Academy and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask! A free game... Can't reeeeally complain can you?



akabenjy said:

I've registered my 3DSXL already but I live in Australia:( Shibata have you forgotten about us?



dudey300 said:

@Tsuchiya True that. Most of them would've been part of the Ambassador Program. Not excusing it though, not fair for those 3DS owners who weren't part of that program.



RupeeClock said:

Yikes, I already have Super Mario 3D Land, Layton Miracle Mask and New Art Academy!!
And I'm not particularly interested in the other two titles either...

Edit: Wait, is this only valid for people who have not registered a 3DS XL yet?
Does this mean I am NOT eligible having registered my 3DS XL at launch?



Taceus said:

If it comes to Australia it would motivate me to upgrade to an 3DS XL, if only to get Layton.



Tsuchiya said:

Either make it fair for every 3DS owner or don't do it at all.
Handheld gaming is going down the tubes. Make one model, concentrate on it and stick to the damn thing Nintendo. Don't juggle both and screw over half of your consumers (again)
Come the next handheld, I'll be giving it a miss.

My comment vanished. Maybe I am impressed afterall?



DarkCoolEdge said:

Awesome promotion. Too bad I ain't gonna get 3dsxl before that date, I'm going for WiiU. I want Layton free



GumbyX84 said:

Wish this would come to the US, but I highly doubt it. European gamers deserve it though as they get shafted a lot.

@RupeeClock The article says you have registered a XL before January 15th

Once you register the system on your account, or if you've already done so, you'll be prompted by a promotional banner to claim your freebie.

@Tsuchiya Its not that big of a deal and doesn't screw over anyone. Getting upset about this is like getting upset when a company bundles a game with a console as a special edition. I assume you were unhappy when Nintendo gave early adapters the ambassador program.



Tsuchiya said:

Not really as bar a few games, it was a pretty awful program compared to this anyway. Early adopter of what? A slight variation of the same thing that I adopted at its initial launch? They are both in the 3DS family, both models can download full retail games. So let the owners of both models download a free game.



akabenjy said:

@BenAV I know I haven't bought it yet because I decided to preorder Paper Mario and had to pay off my Wii U games. That would have been a perfect Xmas present from Nintendo:'(



SuperKMx said:

In the last 3 months, I've spent the best part of £1,000 on Nintendo hardware and games. No free game for me though, as I decided to buy a 3DS instead of a 3DSXL.

Keep on truckin', NoE. :/



Hybrid said:

I got the free ambassador games, I got the free Excitebike and the free Kid Icarus, and I still feel like I'm being screwed over .____.;;

(also, not being able to buy games with coins in the club nintendo store, like US residents)

Why doesn't Nintendo make a promotion for both new and old customers? >_>



ThomasBW84 said:

@Gavin_Rozee It's still early so they may be updating the website. Be sure to go to the Product Registration page and scan for a banner there, too.

Loads of time yet, so the banner may appear soon.




GOOD offer, but STILL not tempted to pay out for an aesthetic upgrade and trade in my dinky, well looked after standard 3DS. Its still a little bit too pricey WHEN COMPARED to the standard model. Also, Wii U spend is clearing my budget out ATM. NO sale!



Schprocket said:

I got the 3DS early enough to have been an Ambassador and due to dodgy eye-sight traded up to the 3DSXL but what's this? All of a sudden ANZ is not included in "Europe" for this promo?
I have no issue if it means we are no longer shackled to tortuous Euro classification processes in terms of game release but somehow it feels like the same old "shaft the Antipodeans" again... mind you Ninty manages to show us more love than another Japanese console company when it comes to goodies...



Magikarp3 said:

@Schprocket We were never shackled to tortuous Euro classification; ANZ has its own ratings board. And it's significantly worse than the Euro one, since the market is smaller and it costs more. And processing tends to take longer. And, until recently, there was no R18+ rating.



Chunky_Droid said:

@6ch6ris6 incentive to buy one I guess, also guarantees it was bought in the last year, and that the 3DS owner in question doesn't already have 20 ambassador games for free already



Collision_Cat said:

I can't get the banner to appear either - also is it just me or is NoE's website horribly broken at the moment?



Dambuster said:

@ChunkyDroid nope your wrong, I'm an ambassador and ive just put my code in for a free game. I got 3ds small on launch then did a system trans to my 3ds xl on launch.



Gold_Ranger said:

Free NES Games x10
Free GBA Games x10
Free ExciteBike
Free Zelda 4Swords
Free PokéDex 3D

Also, I upgraded to a Red 3DS XL.
I feel like NoUSA doesn't like us.

This promotion in Europe.
The WiiNi in Canada. (which I really, really want)



ThomasBW84 said:

@Dambuster You misunderstood what ChunkyDroid said. He's saying that the offer is limited to 3DS XL so that those who've bought ONLY a small model 3DS, and may also have the Ambassador games, aren't also getting this freebie. Whether you did trade-ins, received it as a gift or bought it yourself, you've upgraded to an XL - therefore you get the promo.

I can understand why some may be disappointed with original 3DS models — maybe one of these games free for having a load of Club Nintendo stars would also be a nice incentive — but the earlier comparison to bundles is fair. Nintendo's pushing the XL, so is offering an incentive; that's standard and fair enough. I've lost count of offers I've missed in various things, but it's just a fact of life.



amphibian said:

Well isn't this great. I live in EU, own a 3DS XL but I'm excluded from this promotion because I live in one of the Nordic countries. Thanks for nothing Nintendo!



Shotgunryugan said:

I am a bit mad to be honest...I got my 3DS this January and(obviously)I didn't qualify for the Ambassador program.

All i got was the free Zelda 4 Swords game,which isn't even that good >.>



PixelatedPixie said:

It's hard not to feel just a little left out. Ambassadors should be eligible for this as well I feel. We've been supporting the system from the start. I'm glad people who waited and jumped in with the XL, or perhaps those who upgraded to the XL, are being rewarded, but I personally feel like the offer should be extended to ambassadors. I'd take a free 3DS game over GBA and NES games any day.



amphibian said:

@Dambuster Sadly it wouldn't work... Nordic countries are completely excluded from Club Nintendo, we don't get the pin code-leaflets at all in our region. This really sucks concidering we're supposed to be part of the European Union etc.



AyeHaley said:

Ok I can't find that banner. But the site is still a mess so I'll wait a few days before contacting Nintendo. I'd love to have Mario 3D Land on my SDcard!



Dazza said:

@AyeHaley - we've added a guide above to help explain how this is done.

Basically log into Club Nintendo, Click 'My Account'. On the promotional banner (which didn't load properly for me!) you will see a little arrow on the right. Click this and it will switch to the special promotional banner for this offer. Follow the steps to get your game.

Also I found images not loading correctly in Firefox, so I had to use IE!

Good luck



Philippvs said:

If you cannot see any Banners and You're already logged in:

1. Hover Your Mouse over The Club Nintendo Tab.
2. Click on My Account.
3. Once the page were your stars balance is displayed, there's this Arrow pointing to the RIGHT. Click this arrow to reveal the BANNER.




3DS_excel said:

Thanks for the heads up NL Just registered to receive Layton. Had to click the right arrow tab after clicking my account to get the promotion to show.



TheRavingTimes said:

Pity I already bought Super Mario 3D Land and downloaded Professor Layton. Guess I'll just force myself to play Freakyform if this offer comes to North America.



Gavin_Rozee said:

HELP. I have TWO 3DS XL's registered on my ONE Club Nintendo account. Can I still get two games?



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow look at all the hate for Nintendo because they are offering something for free! Never thought that would happen.

Really glad club Nintendo finally got a little bit better for Europe. It's been pretty good stateside for a while now. Be grateful for it and hope it means more to come!



SkywardLink98 said:

What about us who got the original 3DS before the 3DS XL?
@mandemote There was a rather large gap between the price drop and the launch of the 3DS XL.



RedYoshi999 said:

This would be awesome as I have a 3DS XL, except I live in Australia. Not only are we not getting this, but our Club Nintendo site is broken currently!



Trikeboy said:

@Buzzthebatgirl Seriously? 10 free NES games and 10 free, not planned to be released GBA games for Ambassadors. This offer gives you one game. The offer last time was 20 classic games. The only free games I actually want, I already own anyways.



iphys said:

Lol, I think this is like the 3DS XL ambassador program for early XL adopters. Given the rumours of XLs coming bundled with MK7 in NA for the same price as a plain XL, it looks like a price drop is impending or systems will be sold with free bundled games from here on in.



Philippvs said:

I live in the Philippines, own the console bought from Amazon Italy, registered to Club Nintendo UK. And I'm qualified.



meppi said:

Thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea about this promotion.

Bought and registered my XL the day it came out.

^ If you don't know where to find it.
Go to the Nintendo site, click on Club Nintendo, then My Account.
You'll see a banner with your total star points and an arrow to the right of that. Click that arrow and the free game banner will show up.



Banker-Style said:

The only game I haven't got is New Style Boutique,so New Style Boutique it is then.
I must admit I did enjoy the demo.



Robin_Aisaga said:

Free super Mario 3d land!!!!!! this is the best news in days
to bad for the people with a normal 3ds



seronja said:

damn this to hell, in my country we don't even have the club nintendo, and i live in a freaking country that is in the european union!



3DSNoobieNerd said:

I must be the unluckiest nintendo fan in Portugal. I do have a 3DS, but I bought it back in 26th December, and I didnt got ambassador program. I have a Wii too, and I was going to use that connection ambassador program with my friend. But when I was just doing it his father didnt let him connect to the internet. Now this
@WiiLovePeace What do you want to trade?



Ren said:

whaat?! no way, this is great! But none for US... so sad. 3DSxl is the best thing that happened for my gaming in a long time; love it still.



Victoria said:

Sweet!! I was going to download Art Academy to replace the cartridge version. Now I'll hold off doing it.



LztheQuack said:

@Tsuchiya: If everyone got the free game, then there would be no point to this promotion. Nintendo is trying to push the 3DS XL, so this makes more sense. Want the free game? Buy an XL. Don't want the XL? Too bad!



Rekiotsu said:

Sucks to be from Finland. Finland is in Europe and belongs to EU, but no! Finland is not included in Club Nintendo.

Nintendo please! We want Finland to be part of the international European Club Nintendo. (our own club Nintendo sucks)



Rizsparky said:

The layout of the website is all buggered.... and I cant find the 'arrow pointing to the right', why is the website missing all its images?



RupeeClock said:

Since I already have the three games I would possibly want from the promo, I've promised my Super Mario 3D Land voucher to a friend instead.

Cheers for showing how to claim your free game if you've already registered!



asbel said:

Glad I've subscribed to Nintendo Life's posts on Facebook or I would've never known about this awesome promotion.



XyVoX said:

Just registered my system and claimed for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask as i reckon thats the most expensive title out of the lot at the moment, very surprised by this promotion combined with the Ambassador free Zelda 4 swords and Kid Icarus i'd say Not Bad At All Nintendo.



SilentHunter382 said:

Sure I am disappointed but I don't mind myself. I am an ambassador owner, got excite bike free and kid icarus. Plus I also won the limited edition toad console so,



Folkloner said:

Really feel like i've got the short end of the stick. Had my 3DS after the
ambassador program and because it's an original 3DS then I miss
out on this deal too. "Rats!"

@Hybrid: Totally with you on the 'buying games with stars' issue
for European gamers. That said, Club Nintendo has been given
a makeover and the Stars Catalogue has been offline for a
while now, which makes me think that perhaps the might
implement it after all.



Mowzle said:

Just registered for New Art Academy. I already have it on a retail cart, but it is the one game at present that I had felt would be good to have on my SD card. Just need to get a bigger SD card between now and January 1st.



Scollurio said:

You can only get the games in the first two weeks of 2013, if the world ends on 21st december this year we won't get any games...



Boo_Buster said:

Even though Europe is getting this nice deal, I think, everything considered, NoE and NoA treat it's consumers relatively the same. Although lately NoE has been doing a lot more great things than NoA has been. Reggie is letting me down. What are you doing Reggie? Wake up buddy. Nintendo of Japan is lightyears ahead of us in nearly every facet of the company. I'm moving to Japan, I don't care if I can't speak a lick of anything but English haha. They will accept me and my ninja skills.



3dbrains said:

Thank you for participating in this promotion!

Within the next few days, you will receive an email from us containing your unique download code for
Super Mario 3D Land

as well as further information on how and when to redeem this code. For now though, sit back and enjoy your Nintendo 3DS XL system!

Your Nintendo Team




Martyn said:

If anyone doesn't want any of those games and would prefer Virtual Console or WiiWare titles on Wii instead, let me know! Got some Wii Points on my console going to waste + i'd be up for trading



rjejr said:

Thank you for adding "of Europe" in the title so us USA citizens don't get overly excited reading the headline.

(I get enough abuse with my US PS+ account, the EU PS+ has it WAY better.)



seronja said:

@rjejr it's true that europe has a better ps+ but the US ps-store is alot better then what we have here in europe



DerpSandwich said:

They're really going nuts on the bundles, and I've got to say it's a very smart move! For a couple days at Best Buy there was a red 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed for $150 (which is a $60 savings)! Get that system and that Mario game into as many hands as possible and you've got a boatload of customers.



Otto-Soq said:

Thanks for the tip, Nintendolife! I forgot to register my XL, and now i get a free copy of Super Mario Land...yippy!



PinkSpider said:

OK so im stuck what do I get
I already own a retail copy of Super Mario Land and I just bought professor layton (how infuriating) I own freaky forms the original
So Art Academy or Style Boutique
Help guys baring mind I own colours 3d
Style boutique looks a bit ho hum



Gridatttack said:

Wow nice freebie...I would have chosen 3dland.

Also I guess that in the end, we people who got a 3ds when it got its first price cut are going to be screwed at the end >.>



Raylax said:

I hope that at some point, some of you grasp the concept of "promotion." It is an incentive for people to buy a 3DS XL. Nintendo is not Father Christmas, you are not automatically entitled to free things for not being on his naughty list.

Giving free games away to all 3DS owners would achieve nothing asides making shareholders believe that NoE had truly gone off on the deep end.

Also, none of you are being screwed by not being eligible for a special offer. Stop acting like 5-year-olds.



Martyn said:

@PinkSpider Hey if you've got a Wii i'd gift you 3200 Wii Points worth of Virtual Console or WiiWare titles in exchange for your code if you're up for it! Might end up better for you cos you've already got the good titles on the list, haha



SMW said:

If this comes to the US, I'll be all over it. Snag the blue Mario Kart 7 XL bundle and get Mario 3D Land free! Nintendo is so giving.



citizenerased said:

Moan, moan, "I bought the 3DS when it first came out knowing full well what I bought, got free unexpected ambassadors games but I want more", moan, moan



Boshar said:

Wow and al this on my birthday. Thanks Nintendo!

Its clear they want to now their customers e-mail addresses and they want us in the eShop. Giving away a free game pretty much guarantees we will do our best to find the eShop and download a game. They are hoping we will come back after that.

The same promotion for the original 3DS would create problems because of the small SD Storage. Sure you can upgrade but for most common customers thats a big hurdle.



Hoerig said:

I live in the US and its ok you guys need some compensation for the late Wii U. Besides I have the original 3ds anyway



Picola said:

I got a 3ds on launch day, paid the premium for getting it early, was pleased to get the ambassador games (for free!) and can't have any complaints about this deal - we should be giving Nintendo credit not slagging them off! 24 hours til midnight launch of wiiU...



ToxieDogg said:

I've got a 3DS XL...already got Mario and Layton, but I won't refuse a free download of Freakyforms.



Yosher said:

I already have physical copies of Mario 3D Land and Art Academy, and I'm not really that interested in Freakyforms or Style Botique. So Professor Layton it is for me, I wanted to get this one eventually anyway! (Although I wanted a physical copy over a digital one, but oh well!)



DarkNinja9 said:

that rly is unfair what about us in the US i got my xl too you know xP weres my free game



Phle said:

I hate Club Nintendo! Yes, I live in Europe, but I'm not able to be a member because I live in Norway. No one in Scandinavia (a group of countries that includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark and in some cases Iceland and Finland) can be a member of Club Nintendo. So this isn't for "Europeans" it's for "selected countries in Europe", considering there are at least 3, maybe as many as 5 countries in Europe that can't be a member of Club Nintendo.



ToxieDogg said:

@DarkNinja9 It was really unfair when us guys in Europe didn't get a free charger with our 3DS XLs. A free game > than a free charger though

@Phle Ah, that sucks No need to swear about it though.



NintyMan said:

Now I know what it feels like to be a non-ambassador, not that I could get a free 3DS game anyway since I'm not European to begin with. Enjoy your freebie, because many won't have the same luxury!



Yosher said:

I feel like this free game justifies some games not seeing the light of day here in Europe, such as the Kirby collection for Wii (which I really wanted to get, as well as Mario Super Sluggers and ExciteBots, both of which never released here either).

Either way I still feel sorry for everyone who won't be able to take part in this!



Drawdler said:

@dudey300 XLs can be Ambassador systems. In my opinion, that makes it not-a-fair-trade. True, you need a regular to get that Ambassador status but... You know...
Anyway, I agree with everyone upset about NoAU not bringing this to us. I already have Super Mario 3D Land and Professor Layton and I don't want the others, except maybe New Art Academy which I would rather have physically like everything else... But this still upsets me.



Schprocket said:

@Magikarp Not my recollection when waiting for PS3 games to pass certification and following up to find there's green blood to coded and such as well as multilanguage support that we don't need.
I don't live under that big of a red rock the R18 is long overdue but the costs is a new one - games yes but not classification.
@dambuster re: sony suggestion... 42?



TheAdza said:

What about Australia? The Aussie club Nintendo site is so broken beyond belief right now.



SaKo said:

Gives original 3DS owners who waited so long for the console 20 old games. Gives people who just buy 3DS XL for no specific reason the choice of a shiny, new, quality game...


(I know that the games are great, and I like them, but come on! At least let the 3DS ambassadors get a free game too! We're called ambassadors for a reason!)



Cranky said:

In my opinion the ambassador program is a much better reward than a free 3ds game. There are some real gems in the ambassador program like Yoshi's Island, Warioware, Metroid Fusion and Zelda Minish Cap. Don't get me wrong, I would love a free game but I'm more than happy with what I have got given for free already.



Philippvs said:

My download code just arrived!! oh yeah! but redeeming it requires a month long wait LOL



disney1983 said:

Hiya can anyone tell me how long it takes for them to email code, did mine 4 days ago, now when I click on banner it just comes up with how to claim it guide, is it doing that for everyone else that's already claimed?



Philippvs said:

@disney1983 They emailed my SM3DL Download code, 48 hours after I have successfully submitted the form.

And yes, when you click the banner again after submitting the claim form successfully, The terms of the promotion will appear instead of the claim form.



SennaKurosaki said:

Today I bought a 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow limited edition and I will definitely download "Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask". Because I already bough "Super Mario 3D Land" otherwise my choice would be harder.



samanthaflood said:

I got the pikachu ds and registered it and now my email is missing so I dont have my code or game wat do I do?



Varoennauraa said:

So Finland is not in Europe!?!?!? Where is it then damnit!?!?!!?

I get less games, because nobody brings games here, and still pay higher prices because of taxes(and then some!), but get nothing even in our regional(and very rare too) special offers.


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