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Never ask a woman her age.

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I got my first DS to play Brain Age, but it never recognized my handwriting. Then I got hooked on Animal Crossing. The rest is history.

Tue 22nd Nov 2011

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Mowzle commented on Review: Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique ...:

I have this game on pre-order at a local high street store, and enjoyed the earlier version of New Style Boutique. However, I have found the Demo of this new game quite unrewarding, so this thorough review has been encouraging, thank you. However, I hope the emphasis on a real time clock, as in Animal Crossing, does not indicate a need for a similar style of slavishly dedicated gameplay.



Mowzle commented on New Style Boutique 2 Uses amiibo To Keep You A...:

I played New Style Boutique as well, on Morgan Sleeper's recommendation, and it was a load of fun. My only hope for the new edition is that Nintendo haven't put in the girl who persisted in coming to my boutique asking for a variety of outfits, but who NEVER EVER liked anything I offered her. In the end I just ignored her and didn't serve her. Anyone else have that experience BTW?



Mowzle commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

I toyed with the idea of re-starting, but I love my original town and don't want to mess about building things up again. Real life also moves on, and I can't make the necessary time to do it all over a second time, so just visiting occasionally will suit me fine. Apologies to all other commentators for us going off topic.



Mowzle commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

@Fandabidozi: I did actually do that a lot on my DS with Wild World, but have been a bit intimidated with the 3DSs "all-seeing and the computer always knows" aspects, so I've never done that in New Leaf. Thanks for the heads-up. We're about to have a break in Cornwall, so I think I'm probably going to have a lovely bash at it again, thanks to you. Last time I played was just after Toy Day, so I'll head back to early January and have a lovely crunch in the snow and then progress as rapidly as possible to August. I love the weekend Fireworks. That's in between starting up the new game, which I've pre-ordered through a gaming shop in Truro and will collect on release day. That's how much I wanted my AC fix! Many thanks to you.
PS I've just noticed you are actually in Australia. I assumed from your avatar that you were a Scot (or maybe you are a transplanted one). Anyways, best wishes.



Mowzle commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (...:

Thank you Damien for an honest review. This game is clearly not, nor was it intended to be, a fresh iteration of Animal Crossing. I do hope we see a new Animal Crossing game again one day, though I wouldn't be a purchaser of a game called Animal Crossing: Wedding Bells
I played both Wild World and New Leaf to death. I've just checked my Activity Log on New Leaf and I'm staggered to find I played over 1700 hours over 18 months. I would still be playing it intermittently if I didn't have to cope with animal residents' quakingly begging me "never leave us alone this long again". I'm probably an idiot, but I really can't cope with that as well as real life problems, and it would be great if Nintendo could adjust this "must play daily" approach next time.
As a mature woman with my own decorative preferences I found the "theme" restrictions and unsolicited snippy comments from the HHA in Wild World annoying. Thankfully this aspect was moved into the background in New Leaf, and you could get your home assessed by the HHA, or you could ignore them. The player was left alone to display his or her own ingenuity with the furniture. And, Oh boy, didn't the real innovators display ingenuity in designing their home interiors and town gardens! One of the fun aspects of New Leaf was visiting other towns and homes via the dream suite to gawp over the brilliant ideas of other players.
So it seems to me that this game offers a little bit more of that popular feature, though it has been geared at a level to attract younger players. I shall get this game and hopefully enjoy it for the spin-off it is, and it will be lovely to encounter familiar animal faces. The BIG draw for me is the fact that one does not HAVE to play on a daily basis. It was said of the other Animal Crossing games that you could play for ten minutes a day and still enjoy it. So you could, but maintaining a good town and it's residents seldom took less than a daily 30 to 40 minutes.
I don't think it's cynical of Nintendo to take the opportunity to make some financial gain by offering a spin off utilising popular aspects of an earlier game. Future game development has to be financed. I respect everyone's comments above, but the review has been informative and honest, and it's up to each individual to decide whether they personally wish to invest the time and money. The fact that the game appears to lack challenge will bother some, others may welcome the opportunity to challenge their own ingenuity. Check out some of the YouTube player postings of this game, many clearly have challenged themselves and appear to be enjoying it.



Mowzle commented on Video: Allow This Gentle Electroplankton Opus ...:

I love this! Would never have thought it possible.
I came late to the DS, but I managed to find a second-hand copy of this at Game a number of years ago. Even so, I have a couple of my favourite electroplankton from the eShop permanently on board my 3DSXL.



Mowzle commented on Review: BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition (Wii...:

I must agree the UK price vs the USA price is a tiny bit unbalanced!! I don't have a Wii, but intend to play this on my tablet or smartphone. Any idea whether this will come to the 3DS? I love the cod David Attenborough style commentary in the video



Mowzle commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

I am so sad to hear this news. I had noticed he had lost weight, but assumed it was intentional, and it never occured to me he was ill. Fifty-five is too young.
I will miss his distinctive presentation of Nintendo's news. Thank you Thomas for a lovely personal article.



Mowzle commented on 3DS Action Puzzler Pazuru Arrives On The Europ...:

Well, I just love Japanese style graphics and music, and I'm certainly not irritated that the developers might be European. Art styles are there to be adopted and adapted. Life is all about diversity.
This looks a fun game and I'll get it on release. It doesn't appear to pressurise with time limits. I like to relax and think about tough puzzles, and I do hate it when I'm only offered timed modes.



Mowzle commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

@ThomasBW64 and
@deKay I've got a problem which I've attempted to sort out unsuccessfully twice, and I'm wondering if you or anyone else here can advise. I'm thinking of getting a New 3DSXL in the next few weeks, and as I have a free 32GB micro SDHC and adaptor, I thought I would transfer my games from my 32GB SDHC card in advance. In the past I have transferred my games from my first 3DS to my 3DSXL, and upgraded from an 8GB to the 32GB card with no problems. I have about 15GB needing transfer, so I have to go for a 32GB micro SDHC.
When I transfer my games from the 'old' SD card onto my PC, I get up a Windows 7 message at the end of the procedure saying something like "some of the file names are too long to transfer successfully". This is the folder created by Nintendo with all the game files, and clearly I have no control over those. I've done the transfer twice, and the first time I clicked on "Skip" in response to the message, rather than pressing the "Cancel" button, and the second time I just closed the window down. I have had this sort of message before when ripping and transferring music folders, and I think I may also have had it on occasion with Nintendo files when backing up in the past, but it's never affected the end result.
This time, having transferred the files onto my SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC I, and put it in the adaptor into my 3DSXL I get a "this file is corrupted, please re-download the game" on the 3DSXL screen when I try to open a game after booting up. The background wallpaper also disappears. This has happened on both occasions I've attempted this. I have used the recommended up-to-date SD Formatter and performed a full format to FAT 32 on the micro SDHC on both occasions. The 3DSXL is quite happy when I re-install the original files on the "old" 32GB SDHC
Maybe I'm using an incompatible micro SDHC, but the warning I get about "long" file names makes me suspect that is not necessarily the cause. Any suggestions? I will need to email Nintendo Europe regarding this problem if no one here has any suggestions, but I thought it was worth asking first. Many thanks and sorry for the lengthy post.



Mowzle commented on Best of Mahjong:

I absolutely agree. There were actual Mahjongg games for the DS in Japan. Would it take too much effort to translate one and sell it on the eShop?



Mowzle commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

My pre-order copy should arrive by post on Friday, before we depart for an autumn break. Thanks for the initial heads-up Karen. I think I fancy learning to be a tailoress first off. Can't be stuck with drabulous kit.

Looking forward to juggling this with my 14 month ACNL townies while away.



Mowzle commented on Review: Cocoro Line Defender (3DS eShop):

@JakeShapiro Thanks for the review Jake. Love this game's art style, and hoped to go for it. Maybe need to have a rethink.
Not to be a nitpicker, but I think you have the wrong sort of "bare down" in the second line of paragraph 4. I have checked my dictionary, and I think that enemies are more inclined to "bear down", though given the scantily clad lass in the Conan advert right beside that statement, maybe it is more appropriate.
Ooh, she's gone now!



Mowzle commented on Review: 1001 Spikes (3DS eShop):

@Philip_J_Reed: Brilliant revue, Chicken. Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable read (pun not intended).
Makes me want to try it when it comes to Europe, but as I'm the world's worst at platformers I think I'd end up cutting my own throat early on.



Mowzle commented on Swoon! Style Savvy: Trendsetters Is Getting "D...:

Your article had me in stitches Damien. Thanks for cheering up my week.
I played Style Boutique for some time while waiting for ACNL, and it was an enjoyable game - until I'd had enough of the girl who kept returning to my shop and NEVER liked anything I showed her.
Sadly I sold it back to Game and wouldn't be able to update it. Not sure I'd bother with a new version. I'm not really into non-threatening vacant expressions - been married to a non-threatening non-vacant expression too many years......although I don't know........



Mowzle commented on Feature: Your Guide Through Dragon Quest Monst...:

Thanks Kerry, seems like you had some fun. Game looks gorgeous, and would love to see how you get on.
@GC-161: We non-Japanese speakers would need a translation, but who needs localisation? It's a fairy tale, it doesn't have to make a lot of sense. If a person can cope with magic beans, beanstalks and giants, I can't see there's a problem.
Or was translation what you meant by localisation? Or am I barking up the wrong beanstalk entirely - no offense meant.



Mowzle commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Currently Being...:

I don't think this really would be my scene at all. My fantasy lives need to be truly out of this world. I really don't want even an approximation of urban reality. I'll stick with Animal Crossing for the moment.
Each to his/her own preferences.
Is there any news on whether Fantasy Life is ever coming to Europe?
I am willing to wait - just want to know if it's worthwhile hoping.



Mowzle commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

Well, I'm also annoyed about this ( could use a stronger word, but I won't).
I would have bought this on day one, it looks gorgeous.
How many more games are we NOT going to see released in Europe!
It's high time region locking was dropped.
I bet we'll never get Fantasy Life in Europe, either.



Mowzle commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Postmortem Discussio...:

I would like to know why, when Isabel is SO specific about where one can site a new project, it is then considered perfectly acceptable in the game to site a new animal resident's home just TWO squares in FRONT of a fountain statue!!!! With acres of open woodland readily available!!
That is bad game design, and almost enough for me to give up playing an otherwise wonderful game. That animal will be on his way out of my town ASAP and a park bench built in that spot. I nearly cried - truly.
I know I'm not the only player to have this experience - is it possible to issue a patch for this sort of thing?



Mowzle commented on Weirdness: "Pikmin 3" Shows Off a House in Ani...:

Thank you for the heads-up Thomas. I couldn't work out what the blue spot indicated, even thought it might be related to TIY which opened this morning. Didn't think of the HHA exhibition area.
I've been desperate for a Robo floor and wall as I want a space style kitchen - now I can start making one. And there's an Outdoor Bath, and..., and.., oooh I can't wait to get up there with some Bells in my pocket!
Passes out, breathless..



Mowzle commented on Nintendo UK Launches Weekly Animal Crossing: N...:

@Samurai The purpose behind it all is just to enjoy the banter, the music, deciding what options you want to use in developing your town, and enjoying all the many activities on offer. You might not enjoy it, but so many diverse gamers just love playing it that I guess you can't really know until you try it yourself.



Mowzle commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

I do wish this could come to the 3DS. I've never played on anything other than a handheld, so I'm absolutely no authority, but would it be that difficult to bring it to the eShop for the 3DS?