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Wed 26th Oct 2011

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Crafton commented on Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure Now Cost...:

Nabbed one, will make a great gift for my Pokemon mad nephew.
I did get one for myself a few months bad when Argos had them for £8 haven't actually played the game yet, but the keyboard is really nice for the price. So far ive synced it with my phone, Vita and PS3, only downside is that there are no function keys.



Crafton commented on Nintendo Drops Price of 3DS AC Adapter in Japan:

Apple do a similar thing with their I-Pods, you don't get a wall charger in the box but you get a USB cable which can be used for charging if it's plugged into a usb supported device, perhaps a similar approach would have been better.

Of Course this wouldn't be an issue if Nintendo just used Micro USB like nearly every other portable device.



Crafton commented on Amazon Removes £199.99 Wii U Listing:

I got a pre-order in last night after seeing it on Hot UK Deals, one of the posts I read on there is quite interesting:

"An Amazon customer service representative, speaking to me over the phone, tells me that all information in their Black Wii U listing - including price and date - comes from their suppliers (not the manufacturer). I was also assured that this console is covered by their price guarantee, including the eventuality that the price increases once customers have placed their order (though the on-site guarantee mentions only decreases). This means that if you order a Black Wii U from Amazon for £199.99, that is the maximum price you will pay"

and another post:

"just been on the chat to the customer service again, and i ask them why the ability to pre-order has been removed. they said that demand was high and they only have limited stocks, they also said the delivery date which is july the 14th can change"

So fingers crossed we will get it for that price.



Crafton commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

Hopefully we will see patched in support for the Circle pad pro on some existing games in the not too distant future.
Using the triggers in Mario Kart would be awesome, and the bigger controller would save me from a lot of hand cramp.