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Reggie Fils-Aime: Fanbase Demands Are 'Insatiable'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't worry, he still loves you

Reggie Fils-Aime was a busy man during E3, leading Nintendo's main press conference and persistently spreading the word about Wii U and 3DS. As is expected, a lot of what was said was towing the company line, but in a more relaxed exchange with Kotaku, the Nintendo of America boss shared his views on the expectation levels of the company's biggest fans.

When quizzed about a perceived negative reaction online to Nintendo's main conference, and whether it had shown enough exciting new content, Fils-Aime unsurprisingly defended what was shown.

One of the things that, on one hand, I love and, on the other hand, that troubles me tremendously about not only our fanbase but about the gaming community at large is that, whenever you share information, the perspective is, 'Thank you, but I want more.' 'Thank you, but give me more.' I mean, it is insatiable.

And so for years this community has been asking, 'Where's Pikmin?' 'Where's Pikmin?' 'Where's Pikmin?' We give them Pikmin. And then they say, 'What else?'

For years, this community have said, 'Damnit Reggie, when you launch, you better launch with a Mario game.' So we launch with a Mario game, and they say, 'So what's more?'

I have heard people say, 'You know, you've got these fantastic franchises, beyond what you're doing in Smash Bros., isn't there a way to leverage all these franchises?' So we create Nintendo Land and they say, 'Ho-hum, give me more.' So it's an interesting challenge.

When asked whether titles such as those in the Brain Training or Nintendogs franchises showed a sense of innovation in the past that was currently lacking, Fils-Aime argued that they were huge success stories that had prompted a 'ho-hum' response when announced. Going on to use Wii Fit as an example, he said that although fan-communities understood the concept when it was revealed, once again it wasn't embraced by these enthusiasts.

It's not a question of understanding. I think people understood what we showed. It's the question of, as a gamer, 'Is this for me and something I can get excited about?' And Wii Fit did not get that reaction. And yet 43-million copies around the world, it's a phenomenon. And so I would argue that the gaming community actually is unable to differentiate between a phenomenon and something that is 'ho-hum.'

What do you think of these comments? Are Nintendo's fans always unsatisfied and demanding more, perhaps unfairly? And do a lot of followers fail to see a title's potential commercial success if it's not the sort of game they think should be produced by Nintendo? It's an interesting debate, and we'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below.


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JustAnotherUser said:

I agree with Reggie and I understand why he made these comments.
However you can't please everyone, more specifically you can't please the ungrateful.
Yes, it is Nintendo's job to satisfy the consumer, but if that's not possible then it's their job to satisfy the majority of consumers.
They don't owe us anything and we don't owe them anything.
If we like it, we buy it.



WreckItRyan said:

"They don't owe us anything and we don't owe them anything.
If we like it, we buy it." @TwilightPoint That's exactly right. For me personally, if they conjure up a new Metroid or Star Fox title, I'll be throwing my wallet on their doormat.



naut said:

I don't think the Big Man really gets it.

Yes. Pikmin--We're excited--Ya'll did good.

Yes--A new Mario game. But it's for 3DS, which makes it the second Mario game for the 3DS, PLUS the THIRD game in the New SMB series, with a FOURTH announced to boot. So while it'll probably be great it's not that new and exciting. What we really needed was a Mario Wii U launch title--They gave us New SMBU--The freaking fourth game in the New SMB series--They're milking that series for all it's worth, and, once again, it'll probably be great--But it's getting a little bit old, and they didn't even announce if it'd be available at launch or not.

And he's boasting Nintendo Land as a great new idea? Don't make me laugh. No one's interested in dinky little mini-game collections like that.

I love Nintendo, but they need to fess up and see that this E3 wasn't that good.



Xilef said:

While the examples he brought up may not be perfect, he does have a valid point.



Shworange said:

People get enthusiastic. So sue them. Yes it's true, you cant please everyone, but you aren't going to please anyone by complaining about them. We want information. We love certain games and characters, so it's only natural that we would want updates and more games in their lineage. If that makes us "ungrateful" then so be it. It just shows how out of touch you are.



Sherman said:

Talking with my girl a few days ago about how the Nintendo E3 sucked, and how the Nintendo Direct videos where so much better. As I was tanting, she said to me: "It's because Nintendo is evil. There's always a hidden motive." And that got me thinking and now I know why... I guess:The E3 is a world wide known event. All the perople in the world get to know what happen here, even kids, non gamers and family parents. That's why Nintendo showed all that family-safe-fun-sing-and-dance-with-your-hollow-fake-laughs-"friends" games.But then, for the fan base they gave us the Nintendo Direct: Content that you practically go and search for. Information that a non-knowing can't get that easy.Nintendo people is so damn smart.



CrispyGoomba said:

Well, if they didn't reveal games from E3 2010 (Like Animal Crossing/Paper Mario), then we wouldn't get feed up with waiting for so damn long. Same thing is going to happen with Smash Bros. (which it already has).



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I agree with Reggie on this topic, but I wished that they would have shown some of the surprises from the last Nintendo Direct at E3 instead. Still, they work long and hard to make some great quality games, so we just need to be more patient. I can't complain. I'm just glad I'll be getting a 3DS XL, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Luigi's Mansion 2, and maybe even more wihin the same year.



rafaelluik said:

I think he is completely right...

But I'd rather they would launch a slimmer 3DS than a bigger one.



SilverSeraph said:

I totally agree with Reggie. It's like the whole gaming community has become a nursery full of spoiled brats.

"New Pikmen is great, but we want a new Metroid Prime, a new 2D Metroid, a new Kid Icarus, a New Zelda, and a new 3D Mario U all immediately at launch! We don't care about development times or other trade shows tell us everything now Nintendo! We want it all right now!!!11!!11eleven"



Megumi said:

He speaks the truth, they're launching awith a good amount of their own games with Pikmin and Mario, and they a crap-load of awesome 3rd party games like ACIII and Mass Effect 3 (even though the game is already out elsewhere, but still), and people still say the Wii U is gonna suck like the 3DS did. And Nintendo is all like "WTF?!" lol.



hYdeks said:

I agree totally with Reggie! There E3 was awesome!!!!!! They did not show ONE THING that I didn't wanna buy Personally, I think the presentation for Nintendo Land was terrible, not the game itself, and that's why the intial response to that game was bad.

@Eureka completely agree with u



BluTyGer said:

I totally agree with Reggie! The reason this E3 wasn't amazing is that they only showed launch window titles; to contrast, at the 3DS unveiling they showed some games (like Animal Crossing, Paper Mario etc.) that aren't even out yet and the fans are complaining about that!
So Nintendo needs to balance it out.

I agree with you about Nintendo Land that Luigi's Mansion demo dragged on Waaaayy too long.



chiptoon said:

I think the conference would have been far better received with different pacing. If they left out batman altogether, included P-100 and some more silliness, started with Nintendo Land and ended with Pikmin 3 it would have worked much better.

The content was there, but the pacing was a bit off, and because they started with Pikmin, the end was sort of disappointing.



armoredghor said:

@Nintendo-naut All the games announced are in the launch window, every mario game is a sequel of some sort, new or or 64, I'm interested in Nintendo Land and Nintendo won E3.
@Shworange you're complaining about a CEO complaining about complainers.
@Kody-WB good to see an optimist (:



shimage said:

I don't know about gamers in general, but gamers online are an especially whiny bunch. I have a few other hobbies I follow online and none of them are as filled with immature whiners as the gaming sites I frequent. A dev I know quoted Louis CK when I asked him about E3: "Everything is amazing, and nobody is happy"



LittleIrves said:

Reggie is spot on. I'm pretty impressed he spoke with so much candor, and yet he chose his word quite carefully, so as not to come across as ungrateful. And to @Nintendo-Naut's disregard of Nintendo Land, I'll just quote Mr. Fils-Aime: "... I would argue that the gaming community actually is unable to differentiate between a phenomenon and something that is 'ho-hum.'"



StreetRat said:

I honestly don't like complaining about these kinds of things to begin with. It doesn't matter if there are things I may not like that they announce, because there are people that will. While the NSB series IS on it's 4th iteration, that's only it's second for home console. To say they're milking the franchise is a bit of a stretch. One game per console is reasonable, in my opinion. As for the announcements at E3, i had plenty to drool over, from KH3D to Pikmin 3 to Epic Mickey. Just because they didn't have the brand new announcement that you were hoping for isn't something to be angry over. Just go with the flow and enjoy the awesome games that DO come out!

In conclusion, I <3 you Reggie.



gameruk said:

i agree completely with him nintendo fans are demanding too much and want to know every game coming out.nintendo have gave us wot we want and more u want good grsphics u got it u want hd u got it u want third party support u got it u want good online accounts u got it do i need to go on. think about wot we have got not wot we haven't nintendo are bringing us there best console to date so try giving a little respect back. u no there gonna be a zelda,smash bros and all nitendos other great games so be try being patient and wait for new games to announce this console is amazing.
from a real 22 year fan go nintendo



NintyMan said:

It does seem like no matter what Nintendo does, there are always those naysayers. Every game, console, or decision they make has its critics. I guess it must be human nature. However, there's always going to be those that support them too, and I hope there are more supporters than opponents.

You don't have to fawn over Nintendo, but at least be considerate and give them a chance. One thing that people keep forgetting is that Nintendo is a business, and in such a tough world, they have to take steps that won't suit everybody. Still, they will make games for Star Fox and F-zero again, but you've got a bunch of games coming later this year and early next beforehand.

Just because you didn't get one game doesn't mean that it should spoil the whole season. There's two 2D Mario games, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, WarioWare, and Pikmin coming to name a few. Are you going to let the one absense of Star Fox or F-Zero ruin that great of a line-up?



TheDreamingHawk said:

Agreed with reggie 100%. I was hoping for a new starfox, but I loved the idea of nintendo land, so that is a good way to wait.

I think even reggie is starting to get annoyed with all of those idiots demanding Monster hunter, Pandora's tower, and Project zero despite nintendo not even having control over those games except for publishing. (That's invalid for MH3G becuse it's published by capcom)

So here's what reggie is telling us: "If you want your games cooked perfectly, you will have to play other games to tide you over." in a nutshell.



gameruk said:

i think people jus scared of jus how good it is cos they sat on a x box and dont dare admit nintendo have come up with a good idea



gameruk said:

who wants to play rushed out games,not me i want time and quality put into games so i will wait for the perfect zelda and smash bros



Emaan said:

You make a good point Reggie. Most of us fans are never content with things. I love that we're finally getting a new Pikmin game, and I'm super excited for Wii U and the fact that its launching with a Mario game. Nintendo Land actually looks fun, it just needs to be bundled with the system. So I'm not "ho-humming" I'm pretty happy. Its just some people are never impressed ._.



Tim_Slim said:

Ok Reggie, seeing as you're calling out your customers...

Yes, we've been asking for Pikmin for years, so why didn't Nintendo release it for the Wii? Damn straight I want more. Why do I need to buy a new console for a game that is going to be played with the Wii remote?

And are the core gamers supposed to be grateful for NSMBU? A Mario game which is clearly aimed at the Wii Sports market? Don't pretend that this is a game aimed at the core gamer.

Don't justify Nintendo Land by saying we've been asking Nintendo to leverage all Nintendo's franchises, because I dont think that's what we've been asking for. Why are you pretending that this is another core game?

And did he really blame core Nintendo gamers for not understanding how great Wii Fit is because 43 million people bought it? Wow. Thanks for the insult Reggie.



Gamesake said:

I don't want more from Nintendo. But that's probably because I was a PlayStation gamer for so long. Sony has a way of keeping you from getting your expectations too high.



gameruk said:

why would i want them too make pikmin on wii wen i can have it in hd on wii u and mario is aimed at its millions of fans dont buy if it not wot u like jus cause it will have core games dont mean mario wont be onit an mario is core if u eva played it they r very challenging which i class as core. just dance not core



EvansLegends said:

I agree. This is just the beginning of something great. Nintendo is getting ready to launch their most advanced home console yet with 23 games for it (in the launch window)! Plus we're also getting new games for the 3DS. Too many people are overlooking the fact that this is just the beginning for Wii U, and things will get better as time goes on.

But the problem is that the conference was more satisfactory than excellent; we're looking forward to Wii U, but we're not exactly teeming with excitement for it. I think a lot of Nintendo's franchises that are currently in a hiatus would be a great way to demonstrate Wii U's power (Pikmin 3 still looks superb, yet we knew it was coming), however since this is the Wii U's launch, Nintendo should focus on games that will attract the widest range of players, like Mario.



Alienfish said:

I completely understand the linup of games coming out and am actually quite surprised at how robust it is. What I can't for the life of me understand is why they would skimp out on the hardware, more specifically, the controls (you thought I meant graphics, didn't you?). They've added clickable analog sticks to their controllers, great, but that is now industry standard, as is analog triggers, but they don't have those. Dual analog is industry standard, but 3DS XL failed to show that. I can even understand why they would do this for 3DS, but there is no excuse for skimping on a console's controls which hasn't even been released yet. I've also heard that there is no rumble in the pro controller for WiiU; unacceptable.

Fine Reggie, I get it, fans are generally insatiable, but all I'm asking for is what every other console gets in a control scheme and also what Gamecube, a freaking 10-year-old console, had. Sure, take the blue ocean tactic of surprise and innovation, but at least make par while you're at it.



gameruk said:

dont no wrhere u heard that. it has a rumble feature and i think it will analog triggers



Flowerlark said:

I agree with Reggie. Fans.... no just PEOPLE in general feel that the world owes them what they want, and when they don't get it, they demand it. Nintendo's doing their best, and I think a lot of their fans are just being greedy.



AVahne said:

Reggie's a bit right. However, theres something's hes missing. Fans want to be surprised by new game announcements that are really appealing to the core following. Their show was decent, but there truly wasn't anything WOW-worthy at all. The 3DS announcement e3 a few years back was far better than this year



Linkstrikesback said:

There are a few key points Reggie has missed out on here.We want to be surprised, which means that we need some big NEW game announcements that haven't been spoiled by internet leaks. Titles that we already knew were in existance from previous E3's, like... everything in Nintendos show this year, barring Nintendo Land, aren't going to stir up the crowd in to roaring applause.

Second, you need to end on a high note with a major franchise. Compared to the best ending of a Nintendo E3 presentation in 2004, Nintendo Land, a minigame compilation, just won't cut it. Essentially, if Reggie wants us to be amazed and have a real positive reaction, we want this to happen again



SteveW said:

I was excited for Wii Fit U but their presentation of it wasn't good, they probably didn't have enough done in it to show other parts yet.



Monkeh said:

Launching with a rehashed New Super Mario Bros. for the FOURTH time (with New Super Mario Bros. 2 being the third time), you can't except people to get excited about that. We want an actual new Mario game, not something that's rehashed and looks EXACTLY the same, only with a higher resolution.

Nice use of your new processing power...... not.



Urbanhispanic said:

Nintendo's E3 show was good but not breath taking. They have a solid lineup of games coming out and I'm glad Reggie addressed the crowd that always demand more and are NEVER satisfied. It's clear that people wanted surprise announcements instead of confirmation that long rumored games are coming out. But these people aren't seeing that we still have a lot to look forward to. Get used to the fact that people love to talk s**t about Nintendo and they want to see them fail and go out of business. Nintendo, however, will still be around for quite a while just like we will continue to voice our opinions, whether we agree with it or not. If you don't like certain games, DON'T plan on buying it. Support them by buying what you like; that's the power of the consumer.



XXITheWorld said:

" 'Damnit Reggie, when you launch, you better launch with a Mario game.' So we launch with a Mario game, and they say, 'So what's more?' "

A new system with a Mario game is cool, a new system with a mario game and pretty much zero other games is not the way to go.



Guhin13 said:

E3 was better once it had really sunk in. Pikmin 3 looks outstanding, and I'm glad it's finally coming. Although NSMBU isn't exactly what I would like to see from a Mario launch title, I'm more excited about that then NSMB2. As for Nintendo Land, I think it makes a great pack-in title. For Casuals, what better way to get them involved in "hardcore" franchises than offering light versions of each packed into one game. The only problem I'll have is if it's a stand-alone retail title, as I would feel more likely to buy a Wii U knowing I get a "free" game with it.

As far as the Nintendo Direct, I actually wasn't too ecstatic about much of it. 3DS XL is nice, and I know of a few people that would rather have that than the standard model, but I don't like the design at all, and would rather keep my Ambassador 3DS for as long as I can. Other than that, it was decent. Announced a new demo, showed some new footage. But most of what they showed wasn't stuff I was interested in. That doesn't mean I'm complaining about it, I'm just waiting to hear about games I'm interested in.



Mulder1617 said:

I am surprised he didn't mention Animal crossing. And say, "Animal Crossing, animal crossing, where is animal crossing?" And then say, "So, we give them Animal Crossing and they say, "Well, what else?"



TimboBaggins said:

Ummm I think we can tell whether a game is ho-hum or not. Now, whether it becomes a phenomenon is up to market appeal. Wii Fit has a widespread demographic, and that is why it is successful. That doesn't make it a better video game than Skyward Sword, even if it sold more copies.



komicturtle said:


There's only 1 game coming out for WiiU this holiday? I thought it was like 20 or something..

And I agree with Reggie because it makes sense. The ones offended are the one who are guilty of being ungrateful. Nintendo has loads of games to just cram them in to the last quarter. Don't forget the 3rd party games too.

Let's put this into perspective. This requires thinking caps, folks.

Say, they release, just a scenario: Mario Kart, Pikmin, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, F-Zero, Starfox, Mario, Kirby, Metroid, Pokemon, and a new IP in the last 4 months.

Now, three of those games were supposed to be launched in the first months of the following year, but let's allow the "gamers" to have it their way. You have those games. Lots of people, surprisingly, are able to get ahold of all of them and ultimately "beat" then (Obviously you can't really beat Mario Kart and F-Zero considering they can keep being played, same for Animal Crossing). So, now, the first 6 months there's no games rolling on out. This is what we call "le drought". Something loads of people complain about. So, now that you got what you asked, you don't like the repercussions- mind you, some of the games I've named have ever lasting replayability but you still want more. Well, that's when I say: "Too bad". Also, this goes for 3rd parties too- what if they cram all their games in the final months and not space releases out accordingly? The only benefit is that maybe down the line, the price will drop on those games as people are too busy playing Nintendo's 1st party titles which then affects the 3rd parties thinking of: "Why bother bringing these games over when we're not going to get money back out of what we produced?"

For those following Nintendo closely, you should have already known that they were planning to space releases out to prevent cannibalization of sales as well as impact 3rd party software sales. Don't get mad just because the truth is too much to bear- this is how things work. If you're not interested in the games Nintendo is bringing out this year (or even 3rd party games), then honestly, I have to say tough luck. Be patient and wait for a game of your interest to roll on out. Or, maybe try having an open mind and playing games you never thought you'd enjoy. Swallow your pride.

With that said, I am a tad gutted about no Animal Crossing this year for us, but with Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Pokemon Black 2 and so on, I think it'll tide me well over and I won't have to worry about a drought early next year. Look at the positives and end result, folks.



TNLGUY said:

The way it seems to me, hate is just that much louder than love, especially on the Internet. Us content ones tend to stay quiet, as we have nothing to do but wait and go off of what information we do have. Don't worry, Reggie, we love you too!



HaNks said:

i'm definitely not satiable, maybe reggie is on to something here. but nintendoland is not what i call 'leveraging' the franchises, more like a take away.



sinalefa said:

I like the fact that not only I think he is right, but he also has the balls of saying it straight.

If they announce a game a couple of years before release they say "the wait is killing me, why are you teasing us?" but if they don't show anything they say "Damn, can't you give us a sign, a concept art piece or even a logo to know they have that game in the works?"

Also the fact that people are judging the Wii U games from seeing some videos, which is precisely Reggie's point about the "ho hum" reception. Another New Mario? It is the SECOND fourth player Mario game, with a fifth player acting as a dungeon master of sorts, that definitely sounds interesting and new to me.

I am not sold in Nintendo Land, but at least I will give them the benefit of the doubt until I finally play it. Then I could have real reasons to dismiss it if I don't like it.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm not insatiable. All I asked for was a decent launch lineup (I'm not interested in Pikmin, Minigames or a 4th NSMB), AND WHAT DID I GET?!?



C7_ said:

Well when Miyamoto teases the word pikmin for four years you have to understand we do expect it.

But he's completely right; today's gaming community is used to having yearly updates to series that satisfies them for a few months and then they want more. Which they get from bad DLC practices. This has arisen from games like CoD, which gets a shiny new wrapper on it every year and then thrown on the shelf at a crazy price.

Because of this they expect a new Zelda or smash bros to be made in less than a year, yet continue to be cutting edge in graphics and design.
You crazy? We got loads of Mario with loads of features to come, and people are so used to wanting New before the Newest gets Old that the community is terrible.

And the Launch Lineup looks fantastic and has something for everyone. If you can't see that because "No Zelda or Smash" Then there's something wrong with you.



SkywardLink98 said:

"I have heard people say, 'You know, you've got these fantastic franchises, beyond what you're doing in Smash Bros., isn't there a way to leverage all these franchises?' So we create Nintendo Land and they say, 'Ho-hum, give me more.' So it's an interesting challenge."

Minigames don't count. That's like saying Mario Party is 90 games in one. It's not even close.
If you wanted to please fans, EACH AND EVERY ONE, of those minigames had to be it's own game. Heck, even 2 would've worked!



bngrybt said:

I think it's funny that people are making such a big deal of the Wii U launching with the <b>FOURTH</b> 2D Mario platformer in 6 years as if that automatically makes it a bad thing... Remind me again... what was the big SNES launch title? I'm pretty sure it was the <b>FOURTH</b> 2D Mario platformer in 6 years... I guess that means it must have sucked...



C7_ said:

@SkywardLink98 Oh, so you want a massive game rivaling the size of 12 AAA games with the best graphics and resources at its disposal, and you want it to be developed within the year that developers have had a chance to work on an unreleased product that was constantly changing within that year, yet to take control of all of the consoles features? Or do you just want 12 games with the same expectations and therefore time and product restrictions?
Pretty much the definition of impossible task. Expecting anything more of a crossover than either a series of minigames or a sports-related game (kart-racing included) without breaking what each individual series' holds as its strongpoints is impossible. So by definition, by expecting it, you are insatiable.



cfgk24 said:

I sympathise with Reggie - You can't please all of the people all of the time! But let's face it - Nintendo do a fabulous job giving us our fabulous 3ds and the fantastic innovative Wii - U - Let's thank them and look forward to more and more new and exciting products.
No other company could do this remember!



Korbin64 said:

I thought E3 was pretty good this year. Nothing too big, but not disappointing. Nintendo Land is basically Mario Party, but it comes as a sort of refreshing change by letting other franchises in on it.
I really can't complain with what Nintendo is doing because they always turn out, at the very least, a decent product.



Punny said:

Even though I thought E3 was lacking something, I really am looking forward to most of those titles that Reggie mentioned above. He is absolutely right about gamers; they can never be pleased.



Moshugan said:

According to Wikipedia, Nintendo has 4712 people working for them.
That's not a whole lot, concerning it's a multimillion dollar company and that figure includes all kinds of jobs, not only game development.
I think they should just hire more people so they would be able to work faster to satisfy demand. And while we're at it, they should hire young people with fresh approach and new ideas.



bonesy91 said:

I can understand that. That is why it's best not to listen to the fans

As people, of course we will always want more games and such. But the one thing that game company's need to realize is Localization. There are so many good games out there that never made it overseas due to this. And in a world like today where we are all connected, it shouldn't even be an issue.

So just fix that and I'll be a happy camper. And thank goodness they did release Xenoblade. It has grown to be my favorite RPG or just favorite game in general.



Shotgunryugan said:

@bonesy91 I agree with you on the localization part,i am a big fan of anime/manga and fighting games and "Shonen Jump Ultimate All Stars" never made it here,same goes for Battle Stadium D.O.N.(Dragonball,One Piece,Naruto) D:



Moshugan said:

@SkywardLink98 Reggie was actually talking about the fan-fueled rumor fantasy game which would've been a Smash Bros. esque cross-over title. NintendoLand is a cross-over game, albeit not a very hardcore one.



Expa0 said:

Nintendo didn't even try to sate the fanbases' demands at this years E3. Reggie is way out of the line.



ReleaseTheBears said:

Problem being, hardcores don't just play video games to have fun, they live video games or are addicted to video games, and are always looking for novelty or their next fix. You're basically trying to fill an abyss if you concentrate specifically on pleasing them.



PixelatedPixie said:

Reggie talks about the appetite of Nintendo fans being insatiable, but what isn't mentioned is their incredible pateince. Sure, we finally got a look at what was a very vanilla-looking demo of Pikmin 3, but we've also been waiting for that game for way too long. He talks of fans desire to see a Mario game at launch, what isn't mentioned is that another NSMB game might not have been exactly what was wanted. I personally don't think it was unreasonable for Nitnendo fans to expect more from Nintendo this E3, especially given the absolute lack of Wii software and the abysmal launch of the 3DS. We needed Nitnendo to show us why we would want to buy Wii U. It's not a question of wanting more, it's a question of fulfilling what has already been promised, and in that regard Nintendo failed entirely



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Anyone asking to be "surprised", that was much easier in the past when people weren't quite so information hungry and leaks could still be covered up to a certain extent. Much tougher now when information is easily accessible and can be found in a blink of an eye.



Monkeh said:

@bngrybt You're so missing the point, it's uncanny.

It's the fact they're running on the exact same engine with the same textures/models/animations/etc./etc. only adding a few new power-ups (and new levels of course). The art-style of New Super Mario Bros. also hasn't got a tiny bit of atmosphere IMO.



warioswoods said:

Meh... constantly obsessing over the demands of fans (and investors) is the path to the dark side of mediocrity. Nintendo is best when they do exactly what their own creative members are passionate about, not what they're asked to do by outside parties.



CosmoXY said:

This comment section is full of complaining Nintendo fans validating exactly what Reggie said. Good job fan community.



WolfRamHeart said:

@Soviet-Dictator: You should try checking out the PlayStation Blog when the PS Store updates on Tuesdays, there are tons of Sony fans complaining all the time. There are also plenty of people who criticize Microsoft on Major Nelson's Blog too so Nintendo fans are not the only ones who are expressing their frustration and disappointment.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Reggie's definitely right. Even if Nintendo had shown Smash Bros (impossible, I know) there would still have been tons of people out there complaining that there was no Zelda, 3D Mario, F-Zero, Metroid, or Donkey Kong. Gamers, especially Nintendo gamers, are indeed insatiable when it comes to new games. To be fair to us fans, though, Nintendo did dangle carrots in front of us and then pull them away. They announced Smash Bros last year and then clammed up. They did the same thing to Animal Crossing 3D, which NOA is still ignoring. Other big announcements missed the main conference too, like Fire Emblem coming West and a few other major 3DS releases that they chose to show on the sideline.



WaveBoy said:


Well said!
in Other news, while i completely agree with the RegHead' there's no getting around to how milky the NSMB series is getting. 4 games which all look like one big game....If SMB1 was released 4 times with addition upgrades and different stage structue with a few more bells and whistles i'd be crying. that series doesn't capture that original, distinct and magical inventive spark that 1-World carry before it.

Oh well, Nintendo will be snatching my cash anyways with NSMB2 + 3DS XL(Blue) on launch hehe. Gauranteed to be a blast, but it pains me to think how much imagintive these 2D Marios sequals could be.

Also, here's a BIG positive, Cathy Dunnaway is bye bye. Shouldn't that 'make' ALL nintendo fans satisfyed.
anyways, i rarely focus on the negative, life's too short. Play the games you want, have some fun and funk the rest!



Neram said:

I completely agree, in fact Nintendo has been dealing with insatiable fans for decades. As Genyo Takeda once said: "There is no end to the desire of those who just want more. Give them one, they ask for two. Give them two and the next time they will ask for five instead of three, their desire growing exponentially."
I don't want to sound pretentious, but what I've started doing is settling down and looking at the games I already have and how I can be content with them. New games will come, but there's no use crying for them, all that accomplishes is a whiny consumer fan-base and the realization that you can't be happy with what you have.

Also, find a copy of TMNT IV: Turtles in Time and just play that, it's the only game anyone needs.



thanos316 said:

okay so reggie makes some good point, but come on man e3 wasn't that good for ninty. ubisoft showed everything we've seen before or heard of. ninty showed up some things the night before. the 3ds got 5 mins and then some more showing the next day. pikmin is cool, and mario is cool but people wanna be dazzled at e3. so we know smash bros is coming sometime next 2 yrs and zelda and metroid we really don't know. the thing is only ubisoft is hyping up the wii u and ea is somewhere and we wanna see a lil more. at e3 if they had showed us a lil more zelda clips then that would have been great and have everyone talking like last yr. talk can go so far, you gotta show a lil of your hand. make us salivate a lil, flash us a lil knee, and then take it away.. pc gaming is looking brighter each day ninty, microsoft and sony keeps playing around.



Dauntless said:

Well the consumer wants to know more because they never get a lot details about anything and Nintendo's hides just about everything. The system is coming out in a few months, by the end of this year, and there still isn't a retail date or price. Nintendo takes secretive to a whole new level where it ends up only frustrating legitimate customers. This is why consumers always want to know more. Because with Nintendo you won't know anything about it until the day its released.

I personally don't like Reggie because you never get a straight answer out of this. You ask him a question and he always dances around it until he ends with the company line. Nintendo has to get rid of this guy.



WolfRamHeart said:

Reggie simply doesn't get it. He really should try listening to what the fans want instead of trying to tell us what we want. If he actually believes that what core gamers want is Wii Fit, SiNG and Nintendo Land he is delusional. Wii Fit had strong sales at the time because that is when the Wii was at it's peak but that no longer represents Nintendo's standing in the console video game market. Those sales were driven by casual gamers which have long since abandoned the Wii and opted for tablets and phones. Nintendo had a rocky start with the 3DS but they have since recovered and are doing better. I thought that Nintendo had learned their lessons from the 3DS launch but judging by their E3 press conference and Reggie's ignorant statements I feel less confident that Nintendo will be able to pull off a successful Wii U launch. I really hope that I am wrong because I want Nintendo to succeed. They are my favorite video game company and I only criticize them because I want them to be successful. There is nothing wrong with demanding more and having higher expectations of a company. I am no fanboy so whichever company provides me with what I see as the best value for my dollar and best entertainment experience will get my money.



Corbs said:

Gamers are gamers. We always want more. But let's face it, the Nintendo press conference was fairly lacking, at least for the more hardcore Nintendo fans. It just was. Wii Fit, SING, and Nintendo Land is all well and good for roping in casual fans, but the diehard Nintendo fans will always wants the big guns and that's not likely to ever change. These "insatiable" fans are the very ones that have stuck by Nintendo over the past couple of decades so I'd watch what I said about them if I were Reggie. LOL



Edlicious said:

I dont know how I feel about it, when I see people complaining that nintendo dosn't do anything all I think is "wow what an as***le!" But then again there is times I think like that also, I understand why people are upset and irriated with the launch line up for the WiiU it makes sense, Pikmin is cool but ultimately you play it with the wii mote? So the whole wait for 6 years was pointless, and another Mario bros side scoller also sounds dull in my opinion, thats 4 within a few years.

Me personally I dont care at all for Star Fox or F-Zero, F-zero will get shut out by Mario Kart anyways so what's the point of releasing another racer IP? And Kid Icarus Uprising played alot like Star Fox anyways? And it's not like there really has been any good star fox games since 64? Adventures was lame and Assault didn't get to much good reviews either?

People will never be satisfied, My biggest worry over all is how the Wiiu is going compete against the competition, everyone is saying "omg the wiiU game pad is an amazing expansion on the world of video games and it's going to change the way we all game and play!" The same thing was said with the Wii Mote when it first launched back in 06. Everyone was saying "imagine FPSs on the Wii! They are gonna be so life like and fun to play" We all know that didn't work out quite well. I just hope one day we can all get what we want from Nintendo and be satisfied, we all have our wants and needs that sometimes wont be satisfied. I'm a die hard nintendo fan and I'll always defend what I love but sometimes we have to admit when something isn't being done right



Niko3139 said:

They are lacking innovation in game development. Re-Invent the way a Mario game works on the WiiU, don't give us something you did on the DS. Yes, New Super Mario Bros. is a hell of a lot of fun, but looses it's taste when you have New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and New Super Mario Bros. WiiU. The Zelda WiiU demo struck me as something that has potential. In my opinion Skyward Sword still felt stale at the end as opposed to Twilight and others which had me walking away with a "wow" factor. Take bold new leaps Nintendo, you have so much potential.

And wtf, 3DS XL? You guys are smarter than that. The WiiU console is a fantastic piece of hardware, but without the magic of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and countless other established 1st party franchies, it will be difficult to give me that "wow" factor that I know only you can give me.

I hold true to the statement that between Super Mario Galaxy 2 - now, Nintendo hasn't delivered on that "wow" factor. I'm not saying that Nintendo Land is bad, neither are any of the other games they announced. They need to have that special touch they use to have which is, for some reason, lost at the moment.

I agree with Reggie, it's extremely difficult to please everyone. That "wow" that I'm talking about was in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. Metroid Prime 3 Corruption had it as well. This "new" and "odder" Nintendo comes with games like Donkey Kong Country Returns and Skyward Sword.

Thoughts and opinions above. If you made it this far, thanks.

  • Niko G.


Henmii said:

But Reggie, we wanted a cool, new, innovative, 3D Mario! Not just a cheap cash-grabber, like New super Mario bros Wii u (and new super Mario bros 2)!!



lanabanana said:

I think we ALL want Mario games ,but we want something new at the same time. It's always the same. Peach gets kidnapped by bowser, Mario goes on a side-scrolling adventure, the Princess gets rescued, and BAM you're done. That's why I was glad when they released Super Mario 3D Land . It wasn't a side-scrolling game and u still had more to do after the princess was rescued. But then they make 2 games that are almost exactly the same as their predecessors (idk if i spelled that right) , on their "Next-Gen Consoles" . Come on now ! Lol
They need to start to change things up ! They can't expect us to play the same game over and over again and still enjoy it ! They need to get more creative ! Super Mario Galaxy 2 was one of the best-selling games ever cuz it was something new! It wasn't a stupid side-scrolling game. It was a whole new different game !
So um yeah i think I'm done lol



Drewroxsox said:

The problem with this e3 is that they didn't announce the release date and the price of the WiiU. How am I supposed to get excited about a console if I dont know if I can afford it or not? They also didn't showcase any games that made you say that you had to have the WiiU. Overall, I would give this year's e3 a B- because it lacked the things mentioned above, and I most likely won't be getting a WiiU for a year or two after it is released.



Retr_acro said:

You know nowadays with the internet, it's REALLY hard to be surprised from anything (especially if you're a big fan for info). There's always that one person that gives away info before the official news. Unless you force yourself to not look at spoilers, but that's very hard.



Korbin64 said:

@Cosmo810 I hear you.
It's like my great-grandmother always said, "You're going to have it and you're going to like it; if you don't like it, TOO BAD." Bless her heart.



Retr_acro said:

Also on the Mario games. How many Mario Games had been made? An immense amount, right? Basically, you can only go so far with innovation until you come to the point where the game play is massively different from any of the previous ones, it should just be a new type of game. Mario games have side-scrolling, jumping, action, 3D envrionment, sky, water, space, gravity, multiplayer, RPG, etc. What new innovations can you keep making until it's either no longer deemed a "Mario" game, or can no longer be different from any others of its kind? Really, anyone, give me ideas (I actually want to know, I can't think of much)



SilverBaretta said:

It's really sad when a fanbase is so bad that a higher-up has to point this out. But, this is a problem with any long-lasting fanbase. It's doing what you can to support the company even through the disappointments, and focusing on the positive, that determines your future experience, imo.



komicturtle said:

An immense?

I count 9-10 Super Mario Bros games (2D platformers), 4 3D platformers (5 if you want to count SM3DL) in the span of nearly 30 years. And yet, CoD is already catching up to Mario's 2D adventures in less than 10 years the series debuted and loads of journalists and ignorant gamers complain about too many Mario games but turn around to praise CoD and other yearly released games.



MAB said:

Reggie forgot to mention how iphone losers wanted Mario and Zelda 'on' their phones. Nintendo introduces cases but that is not good enough I have to agree with the big fella you know just by looking at NL user comments about 3DS XL (which I will be getting at launch) you have to ask yourself why do all these whiners even bother opening their mouths drumming up some sort of whack hive mind collective of hate then they end up buying the thing that caused the mental disrupt and enjoy it. If you dont like a company then why visit a website devoted to that organization. It would be like me going to a PS360 site, why?



EvansLegends said:

I think it does show some weakness in Nintendo if they feel they need to assure us that these are the game we want to play, but then again, maybe they're right. The Wii U is getting ready to launch and they'll need to sell many people in on the console; with games like Mario, NintendoLand, Pikmin, SiNG, Wii Fit U, and ZombiU, they'll have a little something for everyone. Many people feel in the dark about Wii U, so Nintendo should cover the basics first (I think consumers should be more concerned about what video games they're getting for their VIDEO GAME console instead of the technology), then hit us with Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid, or Star Fox. After all, wouldn't it be awesome to get these games later on when they've really gotten the hang of programming games on Wii U and they're able make the most of Wii U's capabilities?



SocksandSocks said:

Reggie is right. In case you didn't know, a company has a legal obligation to seek profit for it's share-holders above all else (see The Corporation documentary). Yes above even whiny gamers who have played Nintendo games since they were kids and who don't realize that today's world isn't the world of the1980s or the 1990s. We see those old games with rose colored glasses because of the wonderful memories, but we neglect to remember that since then two mega-corporations, Sony and Microsoft, have moved in to reap the rewards that pioneers like Nintendo and Sega layed the groundwork for. You want more of your childhood, but you forget that something is different about 2012 that wasn't the case back then. Nintendo needs to carve out it's niche to thrive. That is exactly what they do well. If you don't want to play Wii Fit or Nintendo Land then continue to support the lifeless megacorporation's next bleak and desolate shooter, cause guess what, there will be people who buys these games and it is what will keep Nintendo in business to create the next Mario Galaxy, or the next Metroid, or Star Fox or Zelda. You think Nintendo looks at 10 or so Million copies of Brawl sold and doesn't compare it to the 40 million of Wii fit, or the 20 to 30 million a 2D Mario game could bring in. The latter two games take fewer resources to complete and reap higher rewards to keep Nintendo in existence in the face of other software giants. Gamers who want to see their core interests survive should be thankful that Nintendo has a balanced approach, otherwise games like Zelda could one day have no resources to draw from and be extinct.



WaveBoy said:

@MadAuddieBokeI find myself thinking the exact same thing. NL seems to have attracted more XBOX/PS3 gamers(Man, that 'Other gaming' section must be amazing. For gamers who dislike nintendo to be attracted to a nintendo based site 'just' for that thread alone, wowza...I'm impressed Charlie brown. )and I've noticed a lot more negativtiy on this site than in the past.
But keep in mind it was just VC-Reviews, so it was basically a lot more retro oldy gamers discussing their love for VC/retro titles and the awesome upcomming Wii VC releases that were on the way. It was thee' definition of pure positivity and a very happy place all around.

Now, i don't like the PS3 or XBOX 360 but you don't see me hitting up a 'Playstation Land'(for ex) and constantly spewing out endless amounts of negative comments. Time well spent haha. NOT! There are a few users on this site that seem to thrive off negativity and their downer anti-nintendo posts are pretty annoying. Ya i know, just ignore it...But it's still annoying to see...And the same thought comes up again,"Why are these people posting on this site when the don't like Nintendo games?"...I think it's safe to say that most of this hate is coming from the youngins' around 20 and below. Different generation of gamers, and many of which as proven with IGN can be ungrateful spoilt dudes & Dudettes that are never satisfyed whatsoever and just want more and more. And nintendo was never exactly about giving people " what they want" Miyamoto once said,"We want to give the unexpected"

I swear, back in the NES & SNES days, nobody was complaining! But we never the internet to read and hear the thoughts of the Mullet boppin' masses. Even so, there would of been miles more positivy. Those gaming days were just too amazing.

Also, Nintendo fans seem to be wanting more Mario, Zelda and Metroid....and I say, we already have enough of that...especially Mario. I for one want MORE Punch-Out!! and a StarTropics 3 Those would be 'unexpected' instead of the expected like Mario, Zelda and Metroid of course!



TheBadGuy said:

This guy's an even bigger tool than I thought he was. The only problem I have with Nintendo is that their North American branch is very lazy and refuses to localize a number of games that are released in Europe and Australia. There is absolutely no excuse for this. I'm so sick of having to beg NOA to do their job.



emiru69 said:

I agreed with him until this point: "beyond what you're doing in Smash Bros., isn't there a way to leverage all these franchises?' So we create Nintendo Land"



emiru69 said:

Fans are asking not only for more but also a better communication between Nintendo and his costumers. Playstation fans have the Playstation Blog with daily news for them. Nintendo needs a better way to communicate with their fans than a short video with titles that are already out. Nintendo needs to understand that Nintendo fans in Europe and America are tired of listening news from Japan regarding: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.... and not knowing if they will ever see this titles in their countries. Now Nintendo has their Nintendo eShop well... use it to release titles that your fans want instead of complaining about how your fans are 'Insatiable' Reggie.



luminalace said:

I agree with what Reggie said but E3 is also about magic. If they showed us 1 F-Zero screen, the crowd would have gone crazy, a morsel or a new SSB title screen would have done the same. The key with E3 is surprises yet we knew Pikmin 3 was being shown and we had already seen NSMB U!

However we do have to cut Nintendo some slack..they know how to create new franchises that sell loads - Wii Fit, Nintendogs & Brain Training/Age are good examples.



Squiggle55 said:

I think Reggie is very accurate in his description. I also think Nintendo is doing great. The upcoming 3DS games are highly anticipated. I actually enjoyed Nintendo's E3 the most, and I REALLY wanted to like the Sony E3. Do I want to see surprises like Startropics or Earthbound? Absolutely. But they are a business first and if they don't think that will make money then I guess that's my loss.



kyuubikid213 said:

I agree with the Regginator.
He showed us a ton of great games. I'm glad they are all on the way. And the reason why I am not saying "that E3 was awful" is because I know that they are going to release that new Starfox, Metroid, Zelda, Kirby, etc sometime down the line. Seriously though. It isn't like they just AREN'T going to release Metroid on Wii U.



kyuubikid213 said:

@emiru69 Nintendo Week...
Nintendo Show 3D...
Nintendo Direct...

Boy oh boy, Nintendo is definitely not trying to communicate with their fanbase...



kyuubikid213 said:

@Andrewroxsox Nintendo is going to base the price on the E3 reaction. My guess is if people didn't seem super-excited, they won't make it really expensive. But if you read the articles on this site, you would already know that...



ToneDeath said:

Here's a list of working titles they could throw at their developers next year for a 'Ho-hum' free zone next year...

Mario & Sonic & Knuckles (by Nintendo, NOT Sega)
StarWolf (by Treasure)
Falcon Punch!! (a beat 'em up)
The Legend of Zelda: Link and Tingle's Excellent Adventure (Four Swords and a Tingle Tuner?)
Super WARIO Bros.
Fire Emblem + Pokémon (they stay dead!)
Ski and Break Your Neck!! (with the Wave Race and 1080° characters)
Mii Casa Su Casa (like PlayStation Home, but somehow worthwhile)
Urban Champion: Anniversary Edition (with book and soundtrack CD)

...and for the last ever first-party DSiWare game, The Tingle Totem Turning Tantrum DX (remember Tingle's brothers, one of whom wasn't really related but instead a shanghai'd and surgically altered innocent forced into slavery? Shout into the mic to get them to turn the totem pole faster, because it's really the top of a giant drill that Tingle hopes will expose many thousands of rupees beneath the seabed. For £50,000 worth of Nintendo points you can download a whip to make them work even faster.)



NESguy94 said:

I think Reggie is right, they give us something nice and we throw it in their faces demanding more. As a Legend of Zelda fan, I see this a lot from other fans. Why can't people be happy with what was given to them.

Yes, I would have enjoyed a new Metroid or StarFox, but we will see them again. Just because we didn't get them this year doesn't mean that they will never come.

Nintendo Land isn't perfect but it actually looks fun and it will draw in a lot of consumers. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Paper Mario: Sticker Star looked amazing! Why do we need 10 great games to have a great E3? Also we get 2 new Mario titles. What does everyone complain about? They say that Nintendo doesn't change, well Nintendo is trying something else, give it a try before you complain.

Nintendo has shown that they are still making good games and that their console looks like it will be amazing. We can't ask for much more.



SocksandSocks said:

Will say something crazy right now! I'm looking forward to playing Nintendo Land. Sounds like it's a pack-in anyway. I actually like minigames. Same reason I loved Rhythm heaven and WarioWare. It's hard to get bored when gameplay is fragmented like that.



emiru69 said:

@ kyuubikid213: Did you read my post? I used the example of Playstation Blog because that's communication, people leave messages and some of those questions get answered. Communication is "The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior." Again EXCHANGE between two or more people. A video of trailers with a host is not an interchange of information between two people. Also your examples are not really good:
Nintendo Week... (This show was cancelled March 29, 2012 )
Nintendo Show 3D (Not an exchange of information)
Nintendo Direct... (Not an exchange of information)



bngrybt said:

How do you know they've only added a few new things? You haven't even played the latest two games yet, and the first two were actually very different from each other. To be honest I could say the same for SMB2 and SMW too if I wanted to. Superfically they just,changed the leaf and raccoon tail to a feather an cape and added a dinosaur. Of course we all know there's a lot more to it than that now, but a brief glance would suggest otherwise. People are passing off NMB 2 and U already and we haven't even played them yet, even though the series has been consistently fun and an excellent seller up to this point.



SuperMinusWorld said:

I don't really think it's that we expected too much, but that a lot was directly/indirectly promised one way or another in the weeks and days leading up to E3 that we just had so much excitement built up. Nintendo registered, and we genuinely believed they'd actually make something interesting out of Mario's Wii U debut. We heard rumors of a Star Fox game in the works by Retro. We heard of a new IP by Miyamoto, in addition to Pikmin 3 and Luigi's Mansion.

Not to mention, a lot of the stuff shown at E3 was already known about previously. People just thought "Ok, this is what I know, and if Nintendo is willing to show us this before E3, then there must be a ton of stuff they want to still reveal." And none of that really happened, sadly. Sure, we got ZombiU and Nintendoland, but only one of those are remotely interesting. Nintendoland looks fun, but it doesn't look like the big crossover Nintyverse game longtime fans have been hoping for.

They say that they didn't have enough time to show anything, but they focused on the smallest things and went into such exact detail to explain each and every grueling aspect about the things they did show that no one even cares about. Where was Fire Emblem. Where was Heroes of Ruin. Where was Animal Crossing. Where was that Dragon Quest MMO. Where was anything about Pokemon or at least a logo for Super Smash Bros. Not to mention they showed everything in the totally wrong order. They should've started with Nintendoland, get onto the boring crap like Wii U Fit or whatever. Move into New Super Mario U. Then finish off with the fan favorite Pikmin 3.

E3 2012 was just not what everyone was hoping for after having seen everything before the conference even took place. It didn't excite many for Wii U, and it certainly didn't sell the concept of the system (although I am totally behind it and think that a beautiful, sprawling co op 3D Super Mario would be perfect for it).



sketchturner said:

Reggie made really good points, honestly. But at the end of the day, E3 didn't show me anything to convince ME to buy a WiiU. I wish Nintendo well, but for now I'm not going to be investing in what they will be offering.



emiru69 said:

100% with you. I understand that Nintendo wants to keep things secret but I think the time of keeping secrets is kind of dead. Every time some big company tries to keep things so secret ends up backfiring because someone leaked information online.
Also yeah, E3 wasn't great (for anyone). I think as a Nintendo fan was frustrating because Nintendo has good titles coming the next weeks months but there was no comment in any short term launches. Also wasting over 10 minutes to talk about how to play a mini game or showing a game like Batman which is already out for another platforms was pretty bad idea. Maybe in Japan things are different and people are better informed but by giving your new console the name "Wii U" they are just confusing the casual market. I already read 3 articles (one of them on CNN) where they talked about how "Wii U works with your Wii". I think that's going to hurt on sales.



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

I think Nintendo gave up on giving us Animal Crossing. Perhaps as a return favor, I should give up on Nintendo? HAHA!



Dodger said:

He makes some good points. This years E3 wasn't the greatest though and that is honesty, not complaining. Yes, we saw Pikmin which was nice but we did know that existed. Yes, we got a Mario game (2, in fact) but they are both cookie cutter games in a cookie cutter series, identical in most respects. They could have cut out half of the Nintendo Land presentation, made third parties only show new games and then they would have time for some longterm announcements. The information they have about projects they are working on that won't be ready for a couple years. People do want those announcements too. Anyways, I was rather happy anyways. Pikmin 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited and Lego City Stories look great.

But he is right. The fanbase has overreacted and continues to overreact about other stuff (Wario Land 3, anyone?).



H_Hunter said:

We live in a material world..
There's an old Arabic saying that "nothing will fill a human's mouth but dust"

the meaning is that a man would never be satisfied until he goes to his grave.



brucelebnd said:

I'm sorry but NOA is terrible. let's break this down. ok you gave us Pikman 2, however it was YEARS after the fact YEARS!!!. Europe gets Xenoblade, NOA the next year. Europe gets Disaster Day of Crisis and Pandora's Tower and now Inazuma Eleven Strikers. I'm sorry but NA region outsells every other reigon and yet "wii" get the shaft. Reggie only banks on what will sell and totally forgets the niche group that eats all that Japanese import stuff up. Reggie wants everything to sell like Mario Bros Wii but that is utterly unrealistic. it's already been translated, so shut up make the 100K sales and please the fans that love Nintendo.



Smooth27 said:

While he makes a point is it really impossible to add more power to a system, more games 1st and 3rd? And is it really impossible to ads a damn second circle pad. Another way to look at it is, that isn't it their Damn job to try to satisfy everybody? Or else how would that work? Just make a game/system and maybe possibly, hope people like it? Oh and act cocky about it?



Smooth27 said:

Don't get me wrong I love nintendo, but it seems as if all they do is say what you see is what you get, no opinions or complaints will be listen too unless we feel like it. So as long as people buy it that's it they dont care whether the consumer is satisfied or regretful of the product since they got the money off of us already.



TrueWiiMaster said:

What about it? It has a mini F-Zero that looks like it could be awesome, and a new arcade-style Donkey Kong game after how many years? Don't even tell me that the old school Donkey Kong game is supposed to appeal to casual gamers. It's clearly a call to Nintendo's core fans. Now what's redeeming about Wonder Book?



brucelebnd said:

@Korbin64, I'm just saying Reggie has done a terrible job with NOA IMO, concerning the Wii. Reggie seems like a bottom line guy but totally forgets the people who are loyal Nintendo costumers. he doesn't give us much in the NA region. I know the Wii U is supposed to bring back the hardcore gamer but if Reggie treats the Wii U like he has the Wii then we are all in for more of the same in the NA reigon. it's not like Nintendo doesn't make great games and it isn't like they don't localize them, just not in the NA region



brucelebnd said:

it's like Nintendo has localize the games, just bring them over. the hard work has been done. Reggie Fils-Aime is the same idiot who said that a game can only turn a profit if it sells a million units. "Wii games must sell 1 million to turn profit " so loyal NA region fans get the shaft because 150K just isn't worth his time.




He's said something like this before, directed at the hardcore gamers. I agree. They treat it as an addiction rather than a fun experience. Miyamoto had a good point in reminding us. E3 presentation was poor, but there's still a staggering 12 WiiU games and 6 3DS games I'm interested in. That's just the retail.



crazyj2312 said:

I think Nintendo is doing a good job. I mean, they are selling to multiple audiences. I know, to some people, it seems like Nintendo is "their" company, that whatever Nintendo sells is directed towards them. But that's not the case; there really isn't a need to feel threatened and misunderstood when Nintendo releases a new Wii Fit. They have other people to cater to.



hYdeks said:

Wow, reading a good chunk of these messages basicly confirms what reggie saids.

People are greedy inpatient barstewards that are NEVER happy with anything anymore. Look how things are now, new ipad's each year for barely any reason, people wanting games than saying "mehh...MORE!!!", and ,Nintendo showed off a new system Wii U and alot of u are still like "mehh, MORE!!!!!" Like come on?! What u want? A game console that shoots rockets, plays games, goes on the internet, makes u breakfast, scratches ur while ur sitting on it etc etc PEOPLE! IT'S A GAME CONSOLE!

Bottom line, I know for sure a 4 year old me would be kicking my for about all the awesome stuff like 3DS/3DS XL and Wii U and all the great stuff going on at Nintendo now, and if your not happy or excited about Nintendo and whats going on, DON'T BUY NINTENDO!



BeatOli said:

@SkywardLink98 Whilst you may have not wanted those games, many others did. The community has asked for a new entry in the Pikmin series so they showed it. People wanted a new Mario game so they gave it us. Just because it's not to your taste, does not make it a bad lineup.



aaronsullivan said:

So, in essence, most of you decided to create a nice thread to prove Reggie is correct in his thinking. Mostly, I kid.

Step into the shoes of the decision makers of a company like Nintendo for a moment, however.

The problem that big entertainment companies like filmmakers, TV show runners and video game producers have come up against in this internet connected world is that people are becoming accustomed to having their niche desires met and expectations of production values in these categories have ballooned completely out of control. Currently, it's very difficult to make profit on niche products that only a few people love at the quality level those people expect.

This is why retro gaming has taken off so well. It's at a nice cross section that satisfies a niche group without high expenses and can make a profit. Similarly mobile games make a good cross section because the widest group of gamers on those devices are looking for small bursts of entertainment that are easier to produce and can be sold at low prices to high volume.

This is also why you get sequels to proven games and a focus on game types that are proven moneymakers and also a focus on visual tech which the masses seem to gush over. The wide audience is necessary to justify the insane investment needed to make these expensive games.

The music world has always been able to meet those needs more easily as producing an album with decent production values has become incredibly time and cost efficient.

Now, enter Nintendo. It survived this phenomenon by releasing a product that excited a super wide audience, the Nintendo Wii coupled with Wii Sports. Meanwhile it has fans that want it's primary franchises back, oh and by the way, they better not suck and they better be JUST they way we want them or we're outta here. These big expensive games are simply selling at rates that don't justify the cost.

Look at Metroid: Other M. Fans cry for voice acting in Nintendo games. Despite the reservations Nintendo has always had about voice acting and how it may disappoint people, someone gave in and went for it. We know how that turned out. I bet you Reggie helped convince Nintendo, too. After all, Metroid is the Western Nintendo game. From his point of view, he went out on a limb to satisfy fan outcry and got bitten pretty hard by a giant and half-irrational hatred of the game by the "fans". Whether it's the voice acting alone that caused the problem doesn't matter much. Reggie is learning a lesson here, over and over.

I hear desperate cries for this niche game or that one, and Nintendo is trying, but if you can't make sales, you can't stay in business.

Hopefully, there will be more successes like Kid Icarus which took a niche property and broke it out into something that appeals to a much wider audience.

The most worrisome property is Zelda. The sales of that game have been average at best for two major installations in a row, especially for one of the major pillar franchises. I think a big issue has been WHEN both were released in the lives of the consoles, but you can tell that a HUGE amount of resources were poured into both and Nintendo REALLY took time to get these right. Yet, I'm pretty sure it didn't take off as well as hoped.

So, if you don't believe me on any of this, read what Reggie said again in context and look at Shigeru Miyamoto's quote here: "But really what we continue to ask ourselves as we have over the years is, 'What is the most important element of Zelda if we were to try to make a Zelda game that a lot of people can play?"



aaronsullivan said:

And btw, if you buy half of what I wrote above, fans of the core Nintendo franchises should be on their hands and knees THANKING Nintendo for the risk that is Nintendo Land. It is clearly an attempt to bring the franchises you love, including the niche ones, to a wider base so that they can continue to make the deep expensive releases that you want.

Nintendo is a business, if enough people don't like the games you do, Nintendo WILL stop making them.



Kirk said:

Reggie's cake is a lie!

Reggie is twisting the facts, manipulating the truth, distorting the current situation and counting on the weaker minded and more easily led individuals in the gaming community to help him perpetuate and spread those lies to the larger gaming public.

I'll try to use his examples and address them as simply and clearly as possible:

1. We asked for Pikmin 3. Yes. We asked for it on Wii however and we didn't get it on that system at all. It's great we're getting it now on Wii U but for Reggie to act like Nintendo gave us exactly what we asked for is entirely misleading and wrong.

2. We asked for a brand new Mario game at launch. Yes. We meant a Mario game that was more than simply an HD version of NSMBWii (which itself was a slightly higher-res version of NSMB on DS) with a couple of new costumes. This would be the same as asking for a new Mario game before the SNES came out and instead of giving us the seminal SMW they gave us SMB2: The Lost Levels as the pack-in game. That would still have been a new Mario game, sure, but I don't think we could have been blamed if we weren't happy with that as the flagship launch Mario game for the SNES. On Wii U NSMBU is ok but it's a very minimal and lackluster attempt at trying to appease the loyal Nintendo gamers. For Reggie to act like Nintendo gave us exactly what we asked for on Wii U and we are just ungrateful is misleading and wrong.

3. We asked for Nintendo to leverage all their franchise more and give us new games in the F-Zero, Star Fox and Earthbound franchises etc, and they give us NintendoLand. Yes, that uses some of their franchises we have not seen in a while but if you take the F-Zero game alone; that looks like a grossly simplified version of the classic game made for casuals to play for a few minutes. I can tell you for a fact that's not what the gamers and Nintendo fans meant when they asked for a new F-Zero game. For Reggie to act like Nintendo gave us exactly what we asked for on Wii U and we are just ungrateful is misleading and wrong.

Reggie is using marketing and PR manipulation to corrupt what the fans were originally saying and while that is bad enough I find it even sadder that so many people are now helping him to spread and perpetuate his complete fabrication and distortion of the real facts, and still doesn't gave us gamers that were asking for all the stuff above, you know the most vocal and opinionated ones, what we were actually asking for in the first place.



Dodger said:

@141 Except that Reggie isn't the only one saying that games need to sell a million copies. If you pay attention to other developers at all, it seems to be an across-the-board problem. Development costs are getting higher and higher the more powerful systems get and a lot of games don't get noticed next to Call of Duty or Mario. Granted, a lot of developers that are really struggling make a lot of CoD clones or movie games with no really new ideas but dev costs are still higher then they used to be and 130k selling games are a risk.

And yes, the new F-zero minigame is simplified and not what we asked for. It still is a solution to the problem. If a bunch of people play the F-Zero minigame then a bunch of people know about F-Zero when a F-Zero game is released. Higher sales. Most people that aren't us haven't heard of Metroid or F-Zero or Fire Emblem.



aaronsullivan said:

1. Pikmin is a relatively low seller with a vocal but small fan base and Nintendo makes a sequel headed by Nintendo's top guy and it's coming to the most advanced system Nintendo has ever made. "BUT WE WANTED IT FOR THE WIIIIIIAAHHHH!" This is exactly the type of fan reasoning that must frustrate Reggie.

2. My viewpoint is that NSMBWii was the best Mario game for many people in a long time. It actually added something new and fresh to the series: simultaneous multiplayer with that cooperate/compete dynamic that made it into a party favorite, and now there is ONE sequel to that game experience and it looks significantly upgraded and NOT a simple repaint like people suspected even taking a page from SMW with a large map to explore.

Because what we have here is differing viewpoints and that is all I won't accuse you of twisting facts, manipulating the truth or distorting the current situation and I won't even call you weak minded and a spreader of lies, okay?

Reggie's main point is that the fans are insatiable. You are simply proving the point. You were expecting a Mario Galaxy level game on the Wii U so soon after Mario Galaxy 2? How?



hYdeks said:

@Kirk they can't pull magic out there though either. Yay, lets just expect Mario Galaxy, galaxy 2, zelda twilight princess, zelda skyward sword, pikmin 1, pikmin 2, all to come out by one guy and his team in 5 years of a console life span and still expect pikmin 3 and that to come out on the wii...yay...he's a freakin' game making robot designed for ur happiness ¬¬ Dudes got a life, he's married with two older kids, guy had a LIFE to live as well



Kirk said:


You have distorted and twisted things I said that weren't complicated or cryptic in the first place and like Reggie you are manipulating the real facts to suite your view.

The truth is not that we are insatiable. The truth is that Nintendo is simply not delivering, in multiple different ways (a few I have covered already above), not what we asked for and often not what is just expected in general, and that Reggie is now manipulating the facts to move the blame from Nintendo onto the more vocal core fans, and he is getting the weaker and more easily led people in the community to perpetuate those lies.



Pokefanmum82 said:

reggie is right. We, Gamers think that we are entitled and we aren't. Nintendo doesn't have to make everyone happy. As long as they make their investors happy and the vast majority of gamers happy, that's all they have to do. I'm sick of people complaining about the games they decide to make. If you don't like the game, then don't buy it. No one is holding a gun to your head to tell you to buy them. New Super Mario Bros is a big seller for them so of course they are going to make a lot of games in that series. Just like Pokemon, Zelda, and all their other big money making franchises. They are one of the biggest gaming companies, they are all about making money.



sinalefa said:


You talk about facts and truth, still you have not played either of those games and you cannot know if they will deliver or not. Even if they don't deliver to you, that does not mean they won't deliver to tons of people. Of course those would be the "weaker minded, more easily led people" in the fanbase



Slapshot said:

Firstly: Wii U's marketing has been quite poor. First it was called Wii U ("Wii You") and it was suppose to be an online heavy singular gaming experience, much like the DS console line: Now we're finding out that it's more of a multiplayer focused machine, with one Gamepad — that children will undoubtedly fight over, as the dual Gamepad support won't come until later in the Wii U life cycle — that's also uses last generation controllers for it's current gen games (another questionable marketing decision).

Secondly: It's not about the games that are coming out, it's about the content that's in the games; NSMB U is by far the least innovative Mario launch title that's ever launched on a Nintendo home console. It's not that critics don't appreciate the game, it's that it feels like it's an easy way out, than producing a true new Mario title that revolutionizes the Mario experience specifically for the the Wii U. A title that makes gamers scream: "I've got to have that game, no matter the cost!" And NSMB U isn't that game.

Thirdly (Is that even a word?): There's a good reason that core gamers don't get Wii Fit, it's not a game. My mother-in-law and grandparents' use Wii Fit to exercise, because it's an exercise game, which is how it was marketed and why it sold so well.

Lastly: Nintendo Land being compared to Wii Fit? Reggie, you're the president of the company, if you don't realize that Nintendo Land and Wii Fit don't fit in the same category, then I'm afraid that you are indeed becoming misguided. Nintendo Land is more akin to Wii Sport/ Resort, not Wii Fit.

I'm sorry, but Reggie's statement make me worry for Wii U's launch even more. Wii U has some serious marketing problem at the moment, and these statements make me think that problem is likely coming from the top. It's not being unappreciative either — I actually find that comment very insulting — it's that I have the desire to see Wii U coming out of the gate selling like a wildfire in the wind, but if it keeps on the track that it's currently on, I'm seeing a mediocre launch at best for the system. My reasoning for this, is because those 47 million Wii Fit owners', well, they're the one's who think Wii U is still and add-on for Wii, hence the major marketing problem!

I really wish that you guys/gals that are blaming yourselves over his statements would rethink this. Reggie is at the very top of a business that sells a product. Regardless of what that product is, the consumer is always right. That's the basic law of any business. Of course, they can't do everything, but you NEVER blame your consumers. They make the products and if their consumers don't like it, then they have the right to say something about it — especially if it's constructive criticism, of which most of what I've seen published has been. The fact that some kind of loyalty would make you blame yourself for something that you spend you hard-earned money for, I'm sorry, that bothers me a bit.



theblackdragon said:

@slapshot: it's actually interesting that you bring up the 'the customer is always right' model, because there are companies who have finally begun to realize that no, the customer is often wrong, and sometimes you just have to let go the ones that don't fit your current model. of course, everyone's flipping right the hell out over every little thing a Nintendo exec does or says nowadays, whether they didn't brush their teeth before bed or admitted (in a quite candid moment) the frustration inherent in never being able to please everyone all the time, and it's being blown horribly out of proportion — that's what bothers me at the moment. someone asked him a question and he answered honestly; we can't fault him for that, nor should we take it personally.



Slapshot said:

@theblackdragon I spent years as a salesman for Pepsi, I know business and how business models work. "The customer is always right" has never meant that the customer is indeed always right, but that you never tell them they're wrong. Never! You listen and understand to what they're saying and if there's merit to it, then you make the appropriate and possible necessary actions. People don't understand what that phrase means, and that's what's been blown out of proportion.

I think Wii U being designed for family gaming experiences is absolutely brilliant. If you go back to our Round Tables, you'll see that I've stated many times that I want Nintendo to stay in this style of (profitable) gaming. There's a need for it and there's not a need for Nintendo to be another company that caters to big budget triple-A games, as it's isn't their niche, and it's a failing market anyways.

I understand where his statement come from, but I do not respect them because of who he is and what he represents. I know this is all text, but I'm not mad, over-hyped, or anything of the sort, just disappointed in his statements. I don't care what company or market is, you don't blame you consumers!



Henmii said:

On a side-note: I never understood why Nintendo-fans love Reggie so much! I mean: The guy is okay, I guess. But he is just a PR man! And one that has a Sony past, no less!! I am much more interested in the things Iwata, the actual boss, has to say! Or even better, the people who are involved with the games, like Miyamoto and Aonuma! What they say, that's important!!



hYdeks said:

@Henmii Reggie is responsible for Nintendo finally having a voice to North American gamers, and bringing alot of the market Nintendo had in NA back up to what it once was. So....basicly it's a North American thing I don't really know why they have him at E3, maybe cause he likes to "kick"



theblackdragon said:

@Slapshot: but fans are absolutely insatiable, we know this, it's not like it's any kind of secret. it's the whole 'if you give a mouse a cookie' problem all wrapped up in a neat already-leaked-on-the-internet bow. they can't surprise anyone anymore thanks to people not giving a crap about the NDAs they've signed. the way he phrased it seems to say he views it as a challenge to be fought (and perhaps won someday — maybe if they'd start suing the hell out of people who leak their secret plans beforehand...), not like he truly blames the average-joe consumer for not liking what they have to offer. remember, he's talking about 'the gaming community', not the world at large. i think i know one person IRL who knew anything about what was happening at E3 this year, much less what E3 was.

he also referred to how, though 'the gaming community' (e.g. internet) perhaps gives announcements the cold shoulder, the numbers show their offerings to be successes. it's the experts-vs-laymen argument; critics can blast a movie, professionals in the know may find the methods used to create it mediocre and not worth supporting, but if the average joe likes it, he likes it, and it'll do great in the box office (to the delight of those who chose to invest in said production). it's why Reality TV has thrived for so long in the face of rampant criticism. in fact, it's probably why he felt comfortable enough to say such a thing — because it's not going to hurt his bottom line in the long run. the people he's talking to now are the people to which he's referring, the ones that can't see a phenomenon for the trees.

again, you (and everyone else here) will take his words however you like, but I'm seeing this as simply a candid (and quite believable) answer to a question. in the end, i think I'd rather have a human being who's willing to talk to the press and actually answer questions than a corporate robot so concerned about possibly saying the wrong thing and getting in trouble that he does no interviews at all and keeps to himself.



Drawdler said:

Reggie's completely right. When I first saw the Wii U, you know what I said? "Just give me a Mario title at launch, Nintendo, and it'll wipe away my regrets!" Now, within a four month launch period, NOT ONLY are they giving us Mario, they're giving us Pinkmin, ZombiU and so much more. If all you picky people had said the same thing then you would be complaining right now. :T I won't deny I wasn't that keen on this year's E3 but you gotta give the man props for keeping so calm about this and INSTEAD of complaining about it, look forward to the new console and all the great games we'll get this year, and if you don't like them, then don't buy them. Simple.



MarkyVigoroth said:

I add a few references to this discussion:

In an "Iwata Asks," I heard of something along the lines of: "Give them one, they want two. Give them two, the want up to five."
In a gaming site, someone talked about ho gamers are insatiable, citing the examples of the players of that one shooter-rpg hybrid that had controls that were meant to be realistic/challenging, but only frustrated gamers, even when the controls were meant to be that way. I think limited inventory was another cited factor.
Lastly, I leave you all with a concrete quote:



Slapshot said:

@theblackdragon I agree with his insatiable argument. People that rant and rave on internet sites, and probably don't even buy the games they claim they love are indeed insatiable. I completely agree. I agree with his first two comments.

It's this that I have an issue with:

"It's not a question of understanding. I think people understood what we showed. It's the question of, as a gamer, 'Is this for me and something I can get excited about?' And Wii Fit did not get that reaction. And yet 43-million copies around the world, it's a phenomenon. And so I would argue that the gaming community actually is unable to differentiate between a phenomenon and something that is 'ho-hum.'"

He's stating that because Wii Fit sold 43-million copies and is a "phenomenon," that core gamers should enjoy it. It isn't a game. It's a exercise title with a few minigames thrown in to make exercising more exciting and as an attempt to sell it as a game to gamers. Stating that a core gamer is "insatiable" for not liking an exercise game that sold 43-million copies is insulting, because he is speaking directly towards me when he states this. I'm a core gamer, I stood in line to spend $90 for Wii Fit for 3-hours and me, nor my wife enjoyed it in the least and I sold it off a week later. Granted, I bought it for my wife to use as a workout tool, I had no interest in it beforehand, but I gave it a try regardless.

That's the part I have an issue with. And when I see NSMB U and it's lack of an innovation and revolutionary game design to properly fit the Wii U technology, as well as Pikmin 3 being designed for to be played with last gen controls — again, not doing anything significantly interesting with Wii U's tech — I find his comments off putting. Ubisoft is showing better game design with Wii U technology than Nintendo themselves, and yet, he wonders why fans are speaking out. I think, in this current situation, there's some validity to their concerns and he needs to listen to what they're saying, instead of calling them "insatiable." Under different circumstances, I'd laugh this comment off, but right now, I find it insulting.



aaronsullivan said:

I took that statement to mean that core game fans aren't always a good predictor of successful games, not that he thought they should like it. The internet fans said, "meh" and a much larger group said, "Awesome". What in that paragraph indicated to you that he thinks you should like it?

Ignoring your attempts at claiming ownership on the only truth and your strange dismissal of things as "manipulation" and "distortion" rather than discussion I will just say this:

Reggie is certainly giving a spin on a situation here to some degree, but I believe he has genuine frustration with satisfying fans. He gains nothing by angering fans and he is working with Nintendo to make games as successful in the US as possible. It's his job give people what they want but he can only do so much.

I wrote an insanely long post above that few probably ventured to read but it outlines the problems that all major entertainment companies are facing right now, and it illuminates this problem of niche expecations. I think he's genuinely trying to do the best with what he has.

So many people here have outlined what Nintendo should have done to make "fans" happy but they CONFLICT heavily. Everyone demands something different. THIS is the problem and it is not easily remedied.



theblackdragon said:

@slapshot: where are you reading that he called gamers 'insatiable' for not liking Wii Fit? aaronsullivan just took the words out of my mouth — to me, he's saying that those in 'the gaming community' who pooh-poohed Wii Fit, swore up and down they'd never buy it and that it'd never be successful, that it was the doom of Nintendo, it's those people he's calling wrong and he's using numbers to prove it. he's not calling them 'insatiable' at that point; he's trying to explain that if Nintendo were to have gone by the reaction from 'the gaming community' and its armchair experts to gauge whether they should release something like Wii Fit, they'd've surely not done it, and look at what they [Nintendo] would've missed out on by that decision, y'know? and the same for Nintendogs, the Brain series-es, etc. and so forth — 'the gaming community' at large is 'meh' at best about them, and still Nintendo puts them forth and rakes in the money from the average joe. 'the gaming community' predicts doom and gloom all the time, and yet Nintendo magically sails on.

it's hard to be flat-out told that perhaps you're not the best judge of what should and should not be put forth. but it's the truth — for all of us in 'the gaming community', you and me and everyone else posting in this thread, on this site, on any site. hell, I'll straight-up admit i'm not the best predictor of which products, whether games or snack-foods or TV shows or toys or clothing/accessories, will or won't do well... i've looked at more than a few things and scoffed outright only to still see them still out there years later since they're apparently popular enough, and there've been things I loved that didn't do well enough to last more than a few months. it's still truth, though, and I admire Reggie for being honest enough to come out and say something along those lines.

you and i and everyone else may have all kinds of input about this, that, and the other project(s) they're working on, but in the end, it's their decision, it's their call, and the numbers from the average joe do the talking afterthefact. it's them that they sell the majority of their games and software to, not us.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I was annoyed at the lack of new game announcements. All they gave us in that regard was Super Scribblenauts and Nintendo Land.

In addition, they saved most of the good new information for Nintendo Direct instead of E3, which is supposed to be the biggest event of the year for video game news.



hYdeks said:

@BulbasaurusRex yay, reason why most the Wii U games weren't surprising is because people kept bugging them and grinding into them on the games, and they let slip some secrets, and guess what? When u give away secrets, there isn't ANY secrets really left

Truly, E3 was terrible all around not because of the companies, but because of the media and us, always needing to know more, more, and more. So because we live in a time when we need info NOW, ALL the companies basicly didn't have any real secrets left for E3, thanks to the media hounding their asses.

Like look what they had to do for the 3DS XL just to keep it a sorta secret and surprise, basicly lie to us than show it AFTER E3 to be more of a surprise, cause we ALL where looking for it to appear at E3, admit it

I think I've met lil kids more patient to wait for this stuff than most the grown ups on the internet, and that's just all kinds of sad -_-



Onett said:

I find it hillarious that many people have changed their tune when I've been saying the same thing since the conference. The only difference here is that Reggie is using his charm.

The only thing missing here is the explanation that new and innovative games aren't developed over night. I've noticed that there are still some people who are complaining that a game on the scale of Mario Galaxy or Smash Bros aren't being launched with the Wii U. I don't think they realize how much time and effort it takes to develop games that big. Furthermore, I think they should be pleased that they weren't jeopardized and rushed out just to silence the sniveling brats.



Edwrd said:

5 New IP, 5 new IP, 5 new IP, what else?!!?

Ok I think people would be too in shock to complain if that is the case.



Kage_88 said:

Reggie's right, IMO.

Gamers just don't appreciate what they have (and what they're about to be given). Today, it really is a spoilt generation. As soon as a game is released, it's forgotten within a few days in favour of 'MOAR'. In addition, people just want everything ASAP; For E3, people wanted Starfox, Metroid, Zelda, Mario, etc...what if Nintendo provided all of that at the show? People would moan that the company is too reliant on their established franchises.

Of course, people are entitled to be dissatisfied - that's a basic right. But the constant just really grates; with people spouting stupid crap that is presented as 'fact', rather than opinion.

I for one cannot be more excited for Wii U.



MeloMan said:

The insatiability of consumers is what keeps the big N (and the other big 2) employed, not that I feel Reggie was complaining, mind you.



Chunky_Droid said:

Eh, I agree with Reggie, we all know that we'll get a new Mario Galaxy/64esque title within the first couple of years of launch, and a new HD Zelda.

Also Metroid and Donkey Kong you could probably count on too.

I'm content with what I've got on my 3DS and Wii at the moment, and I'll be content with Pikmin 3 and NSMBU without a shadow of a doubt.



TheChurroGuy said:

I agree with Reggie. i think we all should be grateful that these games have been bestowed upon us. Since i was a little boy all i ever would play was pikmin 2 and would use my moms laptop to look up anything about pikmin 3. i was so excited when i found there was actually going to be a pikmin 3. now that i have it there is nothing more i truly want. i think people well... as a people we kind of just want want want. but we need to understand these games that are coming out are what we have been wanting and now we have it. lets enjoy what we have for a little bit and be patient because these games people want ARE coming



Mr_Rawky said:

He called us 'insatiable' after the 2008 showing. Then a month or so later, Nintendo threw together a press meeting and unveiled Punch Out Wii and Sin and Punishment 2.

Cammie Dunaway even said she "learnt a lot about how E3 works" after the 2008 E3.

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