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Sun 27th Mar 2011

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SarcasticWisdom commented on Time to Celebrate the Two Year 3DS Anniversary...:

NSMB2 is on the infographic because it was the first downloadable title on the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts is on this to show 3rd Party support . Street fighter was added to show, hey the launch wasn't a complete fail. No but seriously, why isnt 3D Land here? (IMO Kid Icarus wasn't that great).



SarcasticWisdom commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

All the KI:U Fanboys

I felt that PM:SS is good on 1, it had very good colors and sounds. I felt very good when I was playing it, NSMB2 shouldn't have been 2nd, instead been replaced with Kingdom Hearts or Resident Evil. Kid Icarus is in the correct place, it did have high replay value, stunning multiplayer, but your hands got easily stressed from repeated button mashing. Also, Kid Icarus's voice got a little annoying at times. Now I understand why Mario and all the other Nintendo characters only say a few words a game