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Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Virtual Console?

Posted by Zach Kaplan

If the Ambassadors are getting them, why not everyone else?

It's been a few weeks since the first half of the Ambassador Programme titles hit 3DS consoles everywhere, and now we're getting more anxious than ever for the upcoming ten from the Game Boy Advance line-up. So far, Nintendo has announced five of them: Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, Mario vs. Donkey Kong and WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. But the company has also announced something that we find confusing and perhaps a bit disturbing: while the NES titles are to become available for purchase on the eShop with improved Virtual Console features, Nintendo currently has no plans to introduce these GBA titles on the same wide scale.

In writing this type of talking point, we try to present both sides of an issue, pro and con, but we're admittedly struggling here. Why on earth would Nintendo never put these in the eShop? Why not, after years of Wii owners pining for a Wii Virtual Console release of Yoshi's Island, set back by limitations in emulating hardware chips, allow them to play this classic on the 3DS instead? Why hand out so much sweet, juicy emulation code to early adopters alone? After wracking our brains, we've come up with a few possibilities to mull over and take with a few grains of salt. Hey, practically no one thought that the 3DS would get a Circle Pad expansion either.

Option A: Nintendo really, really loves early adopters.

The Ambassador programme is designed to thank those of us who purchased our 3DS consoles for quite a pretty penny more than those who buy one now and, arguably, twenty retro titles don't exactly amount to the price differential. So, what better way to accomplish this than by never releasing the GBA titles to the wider public? Each Ambassador 3DS would become somewhat of a collector's item, and each owner could very well develop a sense of superiority over their peers ("Peers! Ha!" they would laugh, polishing their 3DS cases). Twenty classic Nintendo titles? About half a hundred bucks. The envy of friends and strangers? Priceless.

Option B: Retail collections

Why release GBA games in Virtual Console form when you're planning to put them on a retail cartridge? With 3D enhancements, and online multiplayer? Maybe even gold encrusted instruction manuals stuffed with money? And Shigeru Miyamoto would hand-deliver every copy? Well, we can dream at least. A retail compilation isn't the least likely thing in the world, but we're not getting our hopes up for many enhancements.

Option C: GBA attachment peripheral in the works


Five and a half inches deep and weighing in at two pounds, the next big thing in 3DS gaming proves that size does matter. At least that's how we imagine the adverts would go. It wouldn't be the first time that Nintendo went crazy with handheld peripherals, but something tells us history won't repeat itself in this instance.

Or will it?

Option D: Nintendo is bluffing

If Nintendo is bluffing, why tell the whole truth about the NES ports and hide the facts about GBA plans? To make the Ambassadors feel temporarily more special? It just doesn't make sense, but neither does keeping the GBA titles from everyone else. We won't be too surprised if the Big N comes out with a big announcement in the next few months, though, confirming the arrival of these titles on the eShop.

That's about all that we can think of, short of suggesting that Nintendo is playing some sort of mind game with us. Do you have any more ideas, or simply want to join us in expressing general confusion? Sound off in the comments below!

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Algorhythm said:

If Nintendo said GBA games will be available it would cannibalize sales of the regular GB games. So they will double-dip all the GB games until that well dries up...then they will announce GBA games are available.

They will not leave money on the table, but they will not give us what we want until they've exhausted every possible money-making rehash option. Sound familiar?



J-Forest-Esq said:

I vote option D. What doesn't make sense about making ambassadors feel temporarily more special?



Link79 said:

They just aren't ready to tell us yet. Nintendo is very secretive about things. They'll announce GBA games available for all at some point. Remember when they said the Wii hadn't run out of surprises yet? Only took a few months later to announce Wii U.
They love playing mind games with us.



Oregano said:

I don't think the GBA games are going to be emulated. The 3DS has the hardware needed to run GBA games built in(because it's same chipset as the DS) so it will be actual backwards compatibility. That's probably why they don't plan to sell them at the moment.

Of course if they get emulation working they'll probably change their minds.



lockelocke said:

I think it was a bluff to make the ambassador program seem like a sweeter deal. But I don't rule out the possibility that GBA games will never be made available to the public, in classic nonsensical Nintendo fashion.



GreenAbobo said:

I think they're concerned that releasing a flood of such relatively modern and fully fleshed out games for download to the general public may have a negative impact on retail titles.



Kirk said:

The simple answer is because sometimes times the people at Nintendo just don't seem to have a clue.



zeeroid said:

Man, I can't even begin to understand how Nintendo thinks. Never have, never will.



komicturtle said:

Well, they said they "currently have no future plans to open this to the public" but things can change. It's going to happen. I want to play games I missed out on. And all on my 3DS in one spot.



TingLz said:

@Kirk: Or perhaps they do have a clue. They may be saving big announcements for later to keep the 3DS fresh. That and if they're not ready to release them, why announce them? Nintendo should not pull a Square Enix and announce a lot of things at once and have fans waiting a while



warioswoods said:

They're not worried about hurting retail sales for these old games, because they're not in active production anyway as far as I know. All the sales are just used copies at this point.

However, they probably are worried about the download availability of GBA games this early hurting the sales of the classic GB / GBC games that they want to milk. They'd rather tap into that back catalog for a while before offering GBA titles, I believe. Why overshadow the classic Mario Land games by releasing the Super Mario Advance games at the same time?



Wheels2050 said:

If they do the work of getting the games running for the Ambassador program, they're missing out on a lot of potential cash by not releasing it to everybody. Nintendo would be silly not to do it.

I'm confident they'll eventually sell them, but they need to wait for people to forget about the whole price drop saga so early adopters won't get too upset when they no longer have exclusive games.



SunnySnivy said:

They said they currently have no plans to bring GBA to the eShop. I betcha they will eventually. But if they don't, well I will be disappointed, but I like the idea of my 3DS being a "collectors item". Hah!



BigBluePanda said:

I highly doubt option C will happen, considering the GBA was a few generations ago and software production has long stopped.



GreenAbobo said:

I mean hurting retail sales of 3DS titles. If I had the option of going out and picking up anything from the 3DS section now, or staying home and downloading Fusion, Mario Kart, and WarioWare for the same cost, I'd spend my money on the GBA titles.



Dodger said:

I have a feeling they are going to release them eventually. Why wouldn't they? They have the games done already. They just don't have plans at the moment.



daznsaz said:

we would still have exclusive games.because ours were free.get 4swords soon to



sgotsch said:

Right, wy should we release N64 and nes VC at the same time? Because classics sell anyways.
Are there sales figures for Wii VC? Were the older releases outselled by the newer ones?



NintendoN8 said:

Option D is the most logical answer. But I've completely given up trying to figure out what Nintendo is doing.

@10 LOL
@12 I just now noticed that the wording of that statement doesn't make a lot of sense, "currently have no future plans." Does that mean that they already have the plans right now (and therefore they are not "future plans") to release them? Or is it just a weird translation? Conspiracy theory ftw.

@ 14 Good point, I hadn't thought of that. I'd much rather have Mario & Luigi than an old GB(C) game.

@18 That makes sense. However, in my opinion, most of the 3DS games out right now hurt their own sales ; )



Karakato said:

Option D is likely. They did say they have no plans "at the moment" so its possible they are buying time. They wont release them now though, the GB games need to sell first. Though I do want the big N to pick up the pace, where are our Gamegear and Turbografx VC titles you announced months ago?



AbuJaffer said:

I think Nintendo will release them after at least 2 years of eShop Virtual Console goodness. It seems porting these bad boys is much more difficult than the NES's simple ports, and costly, which is why I think Nintendo is only using up part of the $32 million they made off of the 4 million Ambassadors. In other words, they already have the Ambassadors' cash in their hands so they can afford to make costly ports; if they release them for a price, there won't be nearly as much cash to be made. And then they'd have to rethink their pricing structure; GBA games would be at least $10, at which point it becomes comparable to $20 DS games and $5-$15 3DS/DSiWare games. They don't want to stifle other modes of income, obviously.



romulux said:

they never said GBA games weren't coming to the shop, they said "we currently have no plans".... which is the exact same phrase they used to deny the first wii price cut. it seems to be nintendo's go-to deflection for denying something that's going to happen.



Tigus said:

That would all out suck for people who didt pay the whole shubang (even if I got both the pricecut and the free games!) So im hoping that they will put them on club Nintendo later.



ueI said:

Option E: To convince people to buy a 3DS before the August 12 deadline.



Supremeist said:

Okay. If that circle pad attachment has a GBA slot on it I regret all the bad things I've said about it.



cwdlong said:

They aren't going to go through the trouble of doing whatever it is they did to GBA games to make them work on 3DS and then not sell them for profit. Time staling tactic, they'll be available for everyone sooner than later.



Peznaze said:

Yeah, not so much D as E - Not this fiscal year, and we don't announce next year's stuff this year.



SyFyTy said:

part of the problem is all these games announced are aimed at pleasing a small scope of Nintendos faithful. I DON'T WANT 5 mario games and 5 kirby, I want a real variety. watch you won;t see any final fantasy, no advance wars, no Golden Sun, nothing really creative, just levels upon levels upon boring, aleady played, really old levels. yeah I'm trolli' I'm pissed, what's it to you? I got stung with the price drop.



SyFyTy said:

they just want the 'over-paying' ambassadors to feel like they got a deal, before screwing them yet again and just releasing them to everyone. They should just have given a vouncher for two free 3d games and left it at that, for those who paid the extra cash. We feel betrayed Nintendo.



ecco6t9 said:

Although it would be a bad idea to leave these 5 currently announced GBA games as ambassador only titles.

And I second the idea of not wanting to kill Game Boy/Game Boy Color and 3DS Retail Games sales.



k8sMum said:

e. because we are nintendo, can do whatever the eff we want and you will forgive us anything.



Linkuini said:

Am I the only one who thinks it's option A? The use of a word as fancy as "ambassador" and the useless but shiny looking "Ambassador Certificate" you can download both seem like part of a deliberate effort to appeal to exclusivity. No way would it feel as special if the people who waited until Kid Icarus and Mario Kart came out eventually got the same rewards as the people who bought the system at launch.

In fact, the people who waited would probably even save money by not buying the NES games that they did not want. So instead of getting free games, launch buyers would just be forced to pay for Ice Climber and Donkey Kong Jr. even if they didn't really want them (arguably, that's exactly what happened anyway, but that's another topic). In effect, the ambassador program was meant to make up the difference to people who bought the 3DS without anticipating such an early price cut. Releasing the same games to people who paid less would clearly give late adopters a better deal, putting us right back where we started. I will be completely bewildered if Nintendo puts GBA games on the eShop for purchase in the foreseeable future.



Geonjaha said:

Nintendo have shown little effort thus far into putting games onto the eShop. With 0-1 VC releases a week, we're not getting a lot. Every single one of these VC games so far has been for GB except for one. Many of these games have a GBC version. Why didnt they just add the GBC versions to the eShop (or give us both in the same purchase!)? Nintendo have given us no indication that they're even working on any more GBC titles for us not in Japan, so why would they bring this effort all the way up to GBA titles?

Another reason that I see is pricing. The GB games are honestly quite pricey at £3.60 for the best ones. The one GBC game we have is £5.40. GBA is a big step up from GBC; realistically giving us AT LEAST an £8.00 price tag even for the worst games. People arent going to be paying that kind of money for games that they can easily acuire for much less (probably even free).

Bottom Line: I dont see Nintendo bothering to release any more GBA titles onto the 3DS eShop (they even said 3D-Classics were too much; deciding to stop at 6..), and for that reason they probably wouldn't want to get peoples hopes up for more being released. At at least £8.00 a game for the GBA games, this would mean Non-Ambassadors would be paying around £80 for all the games? Seeing as thats more than double the price drop of the 3DS, and only half the free games available, it may get some people very angry...

Wow that was a lot of talking. Ima get back to my 3DS now 0.o



Milkman-123 said:

option C seems like the best idea. nintendo SHOULD do that. i mean, just more buttons and c-pads isnt enough for some people. they want nostalgia(virtual console), but if they can buy the actual game, it seems like their nostalgic game(AGVN references,ftw) collection will look more, if your 3ds loses power and breaks, you still have your games which you can sell for profits. but on virtual console, you're f*cked. you cant get your money back.



bboy2970 said:

Option E: Mind Games! It is Nintendo afterall. They are constantly toying with us and playing games. IMO though, GBA titles WILL eventually be available for purchase by the general public. Or they could have a section of the eShop just for ambassadors. Nintendo would add GBA games weekly just like everything else but only ambassadors would be able to buy them!!!!



Joko450 said:

I think they just really love us ambassadors and are spiting all the nubs who failed to support them in buying a 3DS, waiting for the "3DS lite".



pntjr said:

They say "They CURRENTLY have no plans putting this on the eShop to non-ambassadors"

Yes, they are bluffing, so D.



Chris720 said:

They will eventually, but you forgot to mention this theory:

The ambassador GBA games might not go on sale for the public therefore making them special games for ambassadors only.

Or they have no plans to release THESE games yet, but will release other GBA games first and then release these 1-2 years later. By then ambassadors would've had their bragging rights for a while.

But Ninty will release them eventually.



NintyMan said:

Well, they did say they currently have no plans to make these available to the general public, so that still leaves the door open. Yet, in the meantime, us ambassadors feel special. Mind games indeed.



DrWadsy said:

I'm going for option D.

Though if you're looking for reason why they're not releasing them in general here's my 2 cents.

Remember how people complained e when Ninty announced that the (free) GBA games wouldn't have save states, or VC menus etc? Maybe whatever they're doing to get GBA running on the 3DS prohibits them from adding anything like that, and so it doesn't really work as a proper sellable product.

That's my guess anyway. Soon they'll fix that, and we'll see them as downloadable titles and all will be right with the world.



DarkEdi said:

They need to launch 3 or 4 GB/GBC games weekly like the way the Wii did it week by week. Then i think in 2 years they begin to launch GBA games and they will begin to sell more systems.



bub166 said:

I get the feeling we'll get them eventually, but personally, I at first understood that we would be getting none of the ambassador games and there were no plans to release any more NES or GBA games in the foreseeable future. Now that we know the NES games will come, and I am happy for this. We also know that we might get more of these games in the future. Would still be great to have these, I've never played any of those games.



Hejiru said:

I have no doubt they'll eventually put the Ambassador games on the eShop. They've already done the work of porting them, and they'd make plenty of money off of it.



SkywardLink98 said:

Option D. Why would Nintendo give them exclusively to ambassadors? It makes NO sense. They gave them for free to some people, meaning they have the emulators already made and ready for any 3DS why not sell them. It may boost sales for Wii U at launch so people want to get into a supposed ambassador program.



GamerZack87 said:

Technically I'm an ambassador, but just because I got rid of my 3DS due to a combination of technical and (at the time) medical problems means I miss out.

For this reason, I hope it's option D, though I've been A-grade-screwed before...



MitchVogel said:

Nintendo also said they have no plans to release a virtual handheld for the DSi shop. I don't really care either way though.



Aqueous said:

I like the idea behind A, it would be fun to have exculsive games but ultimately I think it's D, give them to say e3 next year and watch them announce that they will be for everyone who can make it on the eshop



timp29 said:

I can't help but feel Nintendo has changed their approach to releasing the back catalogue after the virtual console on Wii. At the moment we are seeing a trickle of games on the 3DS VC, when they could probably release them at a more rapid rate.

So, I'm with everyone who said option D. Nintendo will release GBA, but not until they're ready, which will be a long time away because Nintendo does not want to compete with themselves, by flooding their own market with cheap games.

EDIT: There, their, they're (OCD)



Hokori said:

D, why would they make GBA games in original form be on 3DS? that would make the ambassadors feel unspecial



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'd have to say option D. I don't mind too much, as I am an ambassador, but it would be nice if we got free upgrades to versions with full VC benefits (MULTIPLAYER would be nice, and preferable.) when they do release them. If the circle pad extention does have a GBA slot on it, I will get down on my knees and beg it's forgivness before buying it day one. Though I am one of those jerks who say it should have been there to begin with.



ToneDeath said:

They might not officially have any plans to do so today, but they could officially MAKE plans tomorrow.



Majoras_Wrath said:

I dropped my ambassador 3DS in concrete at the bus stop this morning before school. It's still works properly, but there's a small scratch on the side of the L button, and a bit of little indents near there that look like bite marks. Oh well, looks like my "collector's item" 3DS won't be worth much when I don't want it anymore. If that'll ever happen.



Ecto-1 said:

I think option number 4 best matches my thoughts. I think that when they said they didn't have any plans to release them for purchase, they meant just that: they haven't planned for their release. Will we see them on the eShop eventually? I'd bet yes, just not any time soon.



Kid_A said:

In my opinion, it has always been their intention to release them to everyone. They just used some dubious wording. As @dimlylitmonkey pointed out, although they've stated that they have no official plans at this time to release them to non-ambassadors, that, to me, just sounds like a clever way for Nintendo to make us ambassadors feel special for a bit while at the same time giving themselves a loop-hole for when they want to release them in the future.



Dizzard said:

I think we're just being confuzzled by PR talk.

I can't see these gba games NEVER being available to the masses. At some point they're bound to loosen the grip and release them to everyone else.



Muzer said:

You missed the option - "they don't want to spend time and money making better VC-like features for GBA emulation because they can't get it to work properly or don't want to bother trying". Remember the GBA releases will presumably permanently be limited like the NES ones currently are - hell, even more limited IIRC. I'm wondering if there's even any emulation at all, and if it's maybe just running the GBA game directly on the processor.



Tasuki said:

First of the Ambassador program wasnt for people who bought the 3DS before the price drop it was for people who connected to the eShop before August 11th, paying 250 for it didnt matter. Heck I could have bought a used 3DS from Gamestop and paid less than 250 and as long as I connected to the eShop before the date mentioned above I would have got the games.

As for the GBA games not coming out for the 3DS I think its just a bluff if Nintendo can make money selling the games through the VC they will add them. I mean Nintendo said last year that the Super Mario All Stars for the Wii was only going to be shipped once but due to high demand they shipped it again. As long as there is a demand sooner or later Nintendo will make it available.

I also cant see a GBA add on for the 3DS if that was the case why didnt the have the add on when the DSi dropped the GBA slot for the camera?

Anyway I am glad that I still have my original DS that way if I want to play some of the GBA games like Metroid or Mariokart Super Circuit I still can.



Zach said:

See, the problem with the "at this time" wording is that if they have no plans at this time to release the games, but they plan to do it when it's more financially logical, then they do have plans at this time, they're just indefinite. I guess that's mind games too though



shinobi88 said:

Nintendo is a fun company. but they are really proving how STUPID they are.

does it make any sense to not give everyone a chance to buy GBA games? so, let me get this straight, you are punishing EVERY single 3DS owner aside from the 2 million ambassadors?? So i guess the 50 million other people who will buy a 3DS over its lifespan are S.O.L.

Does it make any sense for Nintendo to NOT make as much money as possible? They would get a boat load of free money for putting out retro games and they have no idea. I don't know how they made it this far obviously. I guess innovation and blind luck can carry you a long way.



miletich3 said:

Aw, come on! Can't Nintendo do ANYTHING about GBA games if they won't be available on 3DS?



TrueWiiMaster said:

I have to disagree on one point here: the difference in price of the 3DS before and after the price drop is actually less than the probable price of all 20 free games combined. The 10 NES titles probably would have been at least $4 each and could have easily been $5. The GBA games probably would have been around $8 each. At those prices you get $120 (or $130 if NES games were at $5). It's possible the prices could have been lower, but seeing as how GB games are $3-4 and GBC games are $6, it's very likely GBA games would be $8. The price drop was $80, so Nintendo's actually being pretty generous.

As far as GBA games on the VC, I'm all for it. There are more than 10 titles I would like to have on my 3DS, and I would really like to get updated versions of the 10 free ones (with features like wireless multiplayer and the home button pause like that on the NES games).



Bigrat said:

I want option A , the collectors thing, I want to someday maybe sell my 3ds when a new one comes out for more than its worth for the 10 gba games!



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

option E: Nintendo doesn't know what the hell they're doing anymore (see: Operation Rainfall, no second circle pad on the 3DS in the first place, and the lack of online multiplayer in Star Fox 64)



Wolfenstein83 said:

I think there are no plans at the moment, but sometime soon (I hope) it will be possible to download GBA and NES games, for everyone.
It's funny because I was thinking what if there was a peripheral like option C, but the thing is I just use the regular DS-Lite to play GBA games, and I don't think the 3DS needs more things tacked onto it, like the Sega Genesis did back when it had the Sega CD and the 32X, we all know how well that worked out.
Now, if I could download them, they would be cheaper and it would be easier to find the games I haven't played yet, assuming they would have a big enough selection to choose from.

Seems like they have Capcom syndrome.



Doma said:

"The costs required for adding those would be vast."

or something.



shinobi88 said:

Option C could be the best option. b/c the GBA had a buttload of great licensed games that would never be seen on the VC anyway. and the DS lite screen is 2 small to enjoy em.

but...the benefit of being able to have the games downloaded onto the system is a HUGE plus. just make sure 2 get out to us ambassadors



Token_Girl said:

They never said they were not going to release them. The just said that there were no plans to release them. We all know "no plans" can very well mean an announcement is imminent. I think it was just something that was said to entice people to buy up as much stock as they could at $250 before the price drop.



misterpale said:

I think Nintendo just isn't sure enough. After all they are going through since the 3DS launch I guess they are still working it out on the drawing board, well the 3DS is the first 3D handheld console so it's more like a experiment then learning people's reactions to it so that they can learn more improvements for the next 3DS. Anyway, I'm one of those who bought a 3DS 1 month after the price cut because I was still saving up to even get one. I envy the ambassadors but as long as I'm able to play and experience the 3DS I'm good with it, and if I wanted to get games from the e-shop then I'll get it there then, there are other ways to play those free downloadable games anyway.



StarDust4Ever said:

It's all a conspiracy to piss off the late adopters. Oh well, peeps: as an ambassador, I now have three options for playing Yoshi's Island:
1: My original SNES cart inserted into my original SNES.
2: GBA slot on my DS Phat.
3: Ambassador download on my 3DS.



Emborges said:

Nintendo is probably planning to sell GBA games on the eShop and that's why they reacted so quickly, practically with the Ambassador program in hands xD It's only natural that they have plans to earn money with GBA games on eShop anyway, and that's been rumored before the 3DS release, just like the short battery life, the lack of the 2nd circle pad and the complaint about the 3D camera not being able to record 3D videos. Everything is being confirmed xDD...and what @Omenapoika said:

"The same thing with Nintendo always, nothing exists until launch." xDD



Lobster said:

When they announced the whole Ambassador thing, and I saw the bit about exclusive GBA games, I took it as, "We'll be releasing GBA games at some point, but the only people who will get THESE GBA games are Ambassadors." Basically saying, tough luck, late adopters, no Mario Kart for you. I think Nintendo does love and appreciate early adopters, and this is their way of showing it, but they aren't going to shoot themselves in the foot by not releasing titles from an entire generation of handheld.



Shock_Tart said:

man i really really hope they DO eventually put out gba titles. i have been dying to get metroid fusion again. i was given a false hope when i heard about the ambassador program and went on a wild goose chase saying that my serial number on my 3ds was ambassador worthy but really wasnt. apparently i had been putting the wrong serial in. but none the less it would be just straight wrong not to put gba titles for download. honestly thats where most of my money would go, they had a lot of good titles for gba.



Bugpy said:

Maybe its just too early. Maybe they think they'll get more attention than the older games, so release them later, like after Christmas, that way people are buying the old classics and then will buy the newer classics.



Samholy said:

this is either a bluff or they want to make retail collection carts.
theyre not going to let the advance fly away, there is money to be made there !



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

It's true Nintendo loves me, an early adopter more than the rest of you that waited and complained about the price. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!



TingLz said:

I love all the expert analysis here on Nintendo because everyone here obviously knows what Nintendo is thinking



MrMagpie said:

I'm fairly sure the wording of the ambassador press release was 'currently no plans' to put the on VC. So option D, in the future those plans will be made.



cheapogamer4life said:

@104: so true


option a: Nintendo loses money big time, but stays true to early 3ds buyers.
option b: Nintendo makes money, but not max. profits due to retail costs.
option c: Nintendo loses money due to lack of advertising for new hardware add-on.
option d: Nintendo cashes in by using their download service and their "not any plan right now" statement.



IronMan28 said:

Option 4 makes the most sense, I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't release them to the rest of the 3DS public. I can't speak for every other ambassador but it wouldn't make me feel any better to have those games if my friend doesn't (I would kind of feel bad, to be honest).



HugoSmits said:

Option 4 for sure..

They have all the tech up and running, so after that investment it doesn't seem logical to NOT build it out like proper channel.



shinesprite said:

@LysolPionex Correct!

And I quote: "These games will be available exclusively to Ambassadors, and Nintendo currently has no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public on the Nintendo 3DS in the future."

Nintendo hasn't even released Turbografx 16 and Game Gear games as stated earlier this year. If Nintendo sells GBA games now, it will cut into the sales of older titles. However, I will expect changes (possibly 3DS VC support of an additional system) over the holidays.



tylerFKNjohnson said:

why didnt they just give us our damn games at once? Plus i have half the NES ones, i still feel as if they owe me money. The 3DS SUCKS so far.



chronicler said:

It's option D. I'm an ambassador and I will be receiving the the GBA games when they come out. But it's just more of Nintendo making us feel like they aren't pulling a "well....we're going to release these in a few months, but just because you gave us $80 you can get it 4 more early." Of course Nintendo will release these in the future, they just said they didn't have plans, not that they were just left for dead. I'm personally fine with the whole ordeal as I had my 3DS months before others and I get some quality games I would never have played otherwise.



chronicler said:

Oh, and I like that they included games I don't already have. And in a portable version! So now I finally get to experience the original Legend of Zelda and the hidden gem Balloon Pop.



Zelda35 said:

Maybe its because those who bought it earlier Had to pay a hefty price to get it and then they lowered it to 169.99 DSi price then also released it in a different color so they want to give some thing back to those who payed a lot of money.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Back in the first year of this site, I'd try to see the logic behind some of the things nintendo did. I'd thought/hoped that the slow rate of N64 releases was to ensure the virtual console had longevity until the next console, and to keep it compelling.

But some of the things they do on the online front (minimal online multiplayer support, not updating the design of the Wii Shop, no sales, no normal headset), and now this have made me come to this understanding:
Whoever is running their online strategy is either really really stubborn, or really really stupid.



Javin said:

The Ambassador wouldn't be that great if everyone could get it, now would'nt it?



gamecubefan said:

my local gamestops have all stopped carrying/displaying GBA games. Where the GBA games used to be there is now used DS games.



gamecubefan said:

i fear that they will only release premature versions of these GBA games for a long time (no save option)



grumblebuzzz said:

I think they will start selling them eventually. It may be a while though, especially now that the Ambassador Program is in effect. Those early adopters need appeasing somehow and that's the best way to do it — exclusives. Don't be surprised, though, if all 3DS users can buy them in the eshop by the end of 2012.

@112, instant gratification syndrome much?



nintygaming said:

@ Zach Kaplan;

The following statement in this article is not completely accurate

....."Wii Virtual Console release of Yoshi's Island, set back by limitations in emulating hardware chips"........

You must keep in mind that Argonaut Games owns the rights to the Super FX chip. However, because Argonaut's current state of existence is completely different and perhaps non-existent, there are some very complicated legal issues surrounding emulating Argonaut's FX chip.

All legal issues aside though, there is no issue what-so-ever in emulating this chip. Just search on youtube for solid evidence of Yoshi's Island being emulated on the Wii. If a few guys in a basement can get Yoshi's Island or Star Fox running on the Wii perfectly, then Nintendo THEMSELVES can too (especially since they don't need to reverse engineer their emulators).

The only problem would be a legal issue surrounding the Super FX chip. But wait? Can't Nintendo reverse engineer the chip? YES! Well then why haven't they released Yoshi's Island or Star Fox?

Answer = Pure Laziness



Henmii said:

It will happen eventually, I am sure about that! It could take a long time though, seeing as Nintendo only releases 1 Gb/Gbc game a week. If Nintendo really cares about the e-shop has yet to be seen!



meizme said:

i bought this thing and tried my darnedest to get others to adopt, and then i bought the crap about launch titles not sucking.. a real final fantasy game coming out, KHDDD, MGS3D, and all those kicking games shown at e3. where are they... NO WHERE.
once i get all those gba games i hocking this thing for what i paid and supporting sony from this day forward.



pocket_arsenal said:

Not adding GBA games to the eShop is unacceptable. Especially since they tried their darndest to remove all support from recent iterations of the DS.



pntjr said:

So, there has been news that if you want your GBA ambassador games, you must be on club nintendo by OCTOBER 27TH.
I did a little reasearch, and on OCTOBER 27TH Is when there is 10 weeks left in the 2011 year! Get it? 10 weeks, 10 games. Hmm... Looks like Nintendo will release them weekly! If you do enough internet reasearch, you will see that my theory is correct.



ambassador56 said:

Im an ambassador myself (not to brag) and i'd still say D. Nintendo NEVER seizes to disappoint (except for the 3DS game release debut lineup) I have no doubt in my mind that Nintendo is bluffing. They wanna make it look like they're not brining GBA to 3DS so when they do release it everyone will LOVE Nintendo forEVER. Don't worry non-ambassadors Nintendo will pull through. i'd give it middle of 2012 (may-ish)
@pntjr: That sounds about right!!! Lets hope so!! i cant WAIT for those GBA's!!! also PnT(PLAYNTRADE??) BEST GAME STORE EVER!!!



Spagem said:

This made my day. I wanted a 3ds for christmas but now im not so sure. Oh well we can still download legend of Zelda four swords. (im really mad since i wanted to play metroid zero mission and fusion. I could buy it for the gamboy but its to expensive and i want super metroid on my FC twin.)



Spagem said:




SkywardLink98 said:

Nintendo is bluffing. It would REALLY hurt the sales GB games if everyone said "Why buy this when for $3 more I get color and a whole bunch of more improvements." I would never have bought Metroid 2 Return of Samus if Metroid Fusion was out.



ShyGuy said:

ATTENTION !!!! ATENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont think it is fair about the embasiter program my friend Lucas is in it and he gets free stuff every so offen like a mario calender or a video game why cant we normal people get that stuff to

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