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Fri 24th Jun 2011

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meizme commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

i bought this thing and tried my darnedest to get others to adopt, and then i bought the crap about launch titles not sucking.. a real final fantasy game coming out, KHDDD, MGS3D, and all those kicking games shown at e3. where are they... NO WHERE.
once i get all those gba games i hocking this thing for what i paid and supporting sony from this day forward.



meizme commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

this is just further proof that nintendo is all talk, first reggie reports that they "learned their lesson and the launch lineup will be strong" which was total bull****. then they claim that online features are a priority... LIAR LIAR!!! so far the only thing they have used the net for is firmware updates and threatening people with bricked systems. i am sorry i bought a 3ds to be honest i am selling my 3ds to my son and getting a vita. i love how SE said there will be a final fantasy game for the 3ds.. and what did we get? rhythm heaven FF edition. metal gear, Res Evil, and Kingdom hearts pushed back to 2012... Oh and we paid extra to have half finished firmware, late eshop, no flipnote, and shovelware collection from the "admittedly poor" lineup of the dsi era. and now there is a second slide pad revision on the horizon.. bend over and see whats next?



meizme commented on Talking Point: The Great Nintendo 3DS Price Dr...:

personally i am furious! i paid the 250 bucks and i got:
crap launch games

incomplete feature set

buggy firmware patches

a ton of broken promises... especially we wont make the same mistake again we plan to have a ton of launch titles.

promised a final fantasy game in 3d!!!! that is chibi style Rhythm heaven
$##$$@@!!## you SE and nintendo.

weak to no eshop titles and virtually no 3dsware

we did get:

to pay extra

a ton of shovelware garbage games via dsiware

slapped in the face.

I will likely finish oot3d and then swap for a vita just to support a company that doesn't say: were launching at a huge price gouge because of the reactions at e3. at least sony is dropping ps3 level graphics and cellular support for way!!! lower than expected and the lauch titles are pretty sweet.



meizme commented on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

thats um... one very HAPPY looking bad guy, Gracious And Youthful. err Right... the rest looks wicked though, wheres the imposing badies like wind waker bosses and even spirit tracks had a ganon killer.



meizme commented on Super Mario:

racoons tail plus no flying = why bother... wow now i don't need to be accurate to hit enemies i can just spin around. other than that it looks like a polished title. ADD FLYING!



meizme commented on Star Fox 64 3D:

the nestangia is going to make me pass out. i lost more sleep and got vibration soreness from this more than any other n64 release. another port for the 3ds though and while these are fun games i dont want to keep buying polished oldies. well maybe one more hehe.



meizme commented on Paper Mario:

Had this on preorder but canceled it, the Wii version super paper Mario was the best game of the series and the switching for 2d to 3d was a fantastic concept. WTF is wrong with the devs at ninty? you have a console that goes from 2d to 3d FOR REAL and you drop that design for the long drawn out, boring style of the gamecube and 64 releases. FOR SHAME!!!! FOR SHAME!!!!
edited to add another FOR SHAME!!!!



meizme commented on Nano Assault:

looks to have a VERY limited number of missions, great concept and great visuals, I'll wait for reviews to see if there are more missions than seen in the videos.



meizme commented on Mario Kart:

On pre-order since launch. Mariokart is always a good time, and for once the mobile versions have trumped the console outings. DS version was spot on the feel of the snes versions tension, and excitment. I hope that makers of chocabo racing and facekarts are face-palming.



meizme commented on Luigi's Mansion 2:

Mario's brother has had a lot of chances to pull away and make his own name in the gaming world. he might not have the volume of titles that wario does but his are full of win. Winner winner chicken diner Luigi. Grats.



meizme commented on LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7:

after wasting my money on the pirates and SW3 Lego games for 3ds i can say only this, !@#$% you. the graphics had fog making the 3d look bad in pirates, frame rates crapped out. there was only 1/5 the puzzles in the 3ds versions, and to top it off the canned videos felt way,way out of place. yeah in sticking with !@#$ you. not ever again are you getting my cash.



meizme commented on Kingdom Hearts:

the PSP KHBBS game was SICK! The plot was great and the graphics and dialog were tight, well thought out, and beautiful. if this is even close to that quality and in 3d its a winner in my book.



meizme commented on Heroes of Ruin:

its SqEn and it looks like Dungeon siege, might be fun. DS3 was on the 360.



meizme commented on Chocobo Racing 3D:

looks like a fighter more than a racing game... not a fan of the CC or chocobo series games.



meizme commented on Brunswick Pro Bowling:

when are these people going to stop making games? stop buying these low quality titles and studios will get the message.



meizme commented on Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy:

i hope they can keep it from being like the ipod and psp versions, keep the console feel on a handheld, no zelda camera angles please.