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Sat 1st Oct 2011

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pocket_arsenal commented on Kid Icarus, Kirby Getting 3D Classics Makeovers:

Well... I might get both them 3D classic. Kirby's Adventure is my favorite Kirby game. And I loved Kid Icarus.

What's the story on the 3D classics save features though?
It's a shame they'll be more than 5 dollars though. Whatever.



pocket_arsenal commented on Review: Wario World (GameCube):

I enjoyed this game far more than any of the Wario Land games.
I hope they do make another one some day, but add a little more to the game than what it was. It did get a little repetitive after a while, what with most of the enemies just being reskins and all.



pocket_arsenal commented on A Whole World of Super Mario 3D Land Artwork:

Also, Koopalings are in Yoshi Safari.

Here's the list of their appearances I know of:

Super Mario Bros 3
Super Mario World
Mario is Missing
Yoshi Safari
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
New Super Mario Bros. Wii

...they were also going to be in Super Princess Peach, but they got cut.
As far as I know, Boom Boom has never been seen outside Super Mario Bros 3.

Anyway, I heard the Koopalings were not really Bowser's Children in the Japanese story, they were just called "Koopa Henchmen"



pocket_arsenal commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

I never owned a Genesis, I played Sonic through my Aunt's genesis.

Sonic hitting the gamecube was possibly the best time for me to be a Sonic fan, because not only did I get back into the series with Sonic Adventure 2, possibly the best 3D Sonic to date, but All the genesis games got re-released on Sonic Mega Collection shortly after, AND at the same time of SA2'Bs release, they gave us Sonic Advance 1, the TRUE Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Between the release of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Gems collection was truly Sonic's finest hour, even if Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog was included in that time.



pocket_arsenal commented on Nintendo Reveals Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer:

I still can't get over how the beginning of this game sounds like a bad 80's movie, but holy crap the rest of this really does look amazing.

I never have been dissatisfied with a CONSOLE Zelda before, but im going to remain healthily skeptical that it won't blow me away as much as Ocarina and Windwaker.



pocket_arsenal commented on New Sonic Generations Shots Are Very Green and...:

It really would have been nice to remake at least two or three of the gamegear game levels. From Sonic 1, 2, and Triple Trouble... but whatever. Hope they at least give us some Sonic Advanced love. Ahhh Sonic Advance... THAT was my Sonic 4.

...Anyways, looking forward to the PS3 one. Might get both though.



pocket_arsenal commented on Talking Point: The Role of the N64 on the 3DS:

Also, I friggin love remakes, especially when they add even just a few experience enhancing features to it.

But I sort of feel like they remake good games too often, and bad games not often enough. We remake things to make them better. And a game that could have been great, really should get another chance.

Example: Gimme and ice climber remake that doesn't feel like the jumping is an uncontrollable mess so I can actually make it past the fifth mountain.

Not an N64 game, but the point stands.



pocket_arsenal commented on Talking Point: The Role of the N64 on the 3DS:

Too bad Rareware is basically a rotting skeleton in the desert that is Miscosoft... because I really want me a Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie 3D. Conker would have been sweet too, so long as it kept the original multiplayer.



pocket_arsenal commented on Zelda Gets All Lovey-Dovey in Skyward Sword Tr...:

I usually don't like romance, and when I do, it's the kind that's only hinted at and never set in stone. I liked how most games before this had multiple love interests for Link that were left to the players imagination. Having Link forced into relationship with the too obvious one is just boring.