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Sat 30th Oct 2010

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bub166 commented on Nintendo Buys Web Domain:

In my opinion, it wouldn't make sense. As the first poster said, SMW was SMB4 in Japan, and then you have to account for NSMB and NSMBW. The only way the name would be important is if they decide to make a new sprite based game, which I'd be happy with, but I just can't see it as being likely.



bub166 commented on Feature: Staff Memories of Nintendo at Christmas:

Mine has to be just this last year, actually. I really don't care much about what I get, so I usually just ask my grandparents for a gift card each year. I already knew she was determined to wrap things for everyone last year, but I just couldn't think of anything so I asked for a gift card anyways.

On Christmas, however, there was a box many, many times the size of a gift card. She said it was clothes, but laughed mysteriously when she said it, so I was somewhat confused. When it came time to open it, I unwrapped the gift, and there it was: another layer of wrapping paper. So I unwrapped that, and there was the box: I opened it, and there was another layer of wrapping paper. This went on for about 2 or 3 more boxes and 5 more layers of wrapping paper before finally arriving at the gift card. By the end of it, the whole family, including me, had been laughing hysterically.I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve tomorrow.



bub166 commented on Tetris:

No... No North American release date?




bub166 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Regularly Offer...:

Nintendo? Free? Ha!

Seriously though, Nintendo's own content is pretty good. Chances are, if a game is only worth $.99, it's not worth my time. Four Swords is a different story, that is celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the highest regarded franchises of all time.

Charging 8 bucks for a $1 game, however, is outrageous, and I agree that it very well could stop.



bub166 commented on Mario Kart 7 Screens Come Up Tails:

Faulty tail late... Why did I laugh at that?

On topic, this looks great! It seems they're over-doing it a little bit... But on the other hand, can you ever have too many tanookis?



bub166 commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

I get the feeling we'll get them eventually, but personally, I at first understood that we would be getting none of the ambassador games and there were no plans to release any more NES or GBA games in the foreseeable future. Now that we know the NES games will come, and I am happy for this. We also know that we might get more of these games in the future. Would still be great to have these, I've never played any of those games.



bub166 commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

I had an awful time in Star Fox Command online, but I still would have given it a shot. Sadly, I won't even have my 3DS until December, so I could definately wait. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart sure would tide me over...



bub166 commented on Feature: What Happened to Metroid 64?:

Wait, they haven't aged well? Is this not the same website that just did a 10th anniversary feature on Luigi's Mansion, and said it was idiotic to say something "ages" and it is really just the same as before, but the gamer has aged?



bub166 commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

I have played very little Mega Man in my time, which is a shame, I admit. I was getting really excited about this game, though. I was on the fence about getting a 3DS this year or not, but that made the decision easier. :/

Atleast now I'll have more money for that SNES I'm gonna buy.