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Wed 17th Dec 2008

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VermithraxDagon commented on Europe's 3DS Launch Line-Up According to Games...:

I honestly doubt that even half of those games listed will be available on launch day, UK and US both. Most aren't even completely finished yet. As much as I'd hope they'd be available, I'd be really surprised if the Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rayman games are a go on day one. I also have doubts about PilotWings being at retail before April.



VermithraxDagon commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden (Virtual Console / Virtua...:

OK, if I've already got the NES VC version of Ninja Gaiden, is the Arcade version worth the purchase as well? Can anyone give me a rundown of the differences between the 2 (Better graphics? More/different stages? Less platforming in one version as compared to the other?). Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!



VermithraxDagon commented on USA VC Update: Summer Games II:

In the beginning Nintendo made such a shout about weekly releases on the VC and now it seems as though it's been downgraded to a wimper. Disappointed is an extreme under-statement of how I feel. I don't understand why they can't continue to release 3 VC games and a WiiWare game or 2 per week? Ridiculous.