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Wed 21st Sep 2011

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misterpale commented on Extend 3DS Battery Life with CTA's Deluxe Powe...:

It's actually not that bad, I'll go for anything that can extend the battery life of my 3DS since we travel often. I won't have any probs carrying it with the add-on circle pad, I'll go for anything that can improve my gaming experience.



misterpale commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

I think Nintendo just isn't sure enough. After all they are going through since the 3DS launch I guess they are still working it out on the drawing board, well the 3DS is the first 3D handheld console so it's more like a experiment then learning people's reactions to it so that they can learn more improvements for the next 3DS. Anyway, I'm one of those who bought a 3DS 1 month after the price cut because I was still saving up to even get one. I envy the ambassadors but as long as I'm able to play and experience the 3DS I'm good with it, and if I wanted to get games from the e-shop then I'll get it there then, there are other ways to play those free downloadable games anyway.



misterpale commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's 3DS Press Conference:

It's just weird that they compare the 3DS with smartphones. Eventhough smartphones plays games, there is still the fact that the 3DS is a gaming console and smartphones are indeed, yes, a phone, where the games are merely just add-ons. There is still that big difference of gadget's specialization. I hope that the 3DS can still rise from all of this for it is a great console from the past handheld consoles Nintendo has made. Common sense is just not common anymore, how sad