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Wed 8th Dec 2010

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GreenAbobo commented on Review: 3 Heroes - Crystal Soul (DSiWare):

I beat the game last night, and wow, what an anticlimax. The gameplay hooked me enough to get me to play it to completion, but I agree with the score here. The flash game it's based on, Bloody Fun Day, has a much better sense of difficulty progression and structure.



GreenAbobo commented on Nintendo Download: 5th January 2012 (North Ame...:

3 Heroes seems ok from the limited time I spent with it before my battery died. Presentation lacks polish, but the core gameplay piqued my interest enough to get me looking forward to a full charged battery and more significant play time to delve into the strategic nuances.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Battle of the Elements (DSiWare):

Nice review. I would have completely overlooked this title, but from the description it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Unfortunately I'm a solo gamer, so the multiplayer will go unused, but the sp experience looks substantial enough on its own.



GreenAbobo commented on New Mutant Mudds Trailer Released:

I will pick this title up for sure. The early footage I saw looked a little bland, but from this new trailer things seem to have been spiced up quite a bit.



GreenAbobo commented on Talking Point: Why No Plans for GBA on 3DS Vir...:

I mean hurting retail sales of 3DS titles. If I had the option of going out and picking up anything from the 3DS section now, or staying home and downloading Fusion, Mario Kart, and WarioWare for the same cost, I'd spend my money on the GBA titles.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Magical Whip: Wizards of the Phantasma...:

@gabikun: I agree with your comment on the earlier stages being a bit of a chore once you've reached the crazy difficult upper stages. If they had some kind of scoring system outside of the Dragon ranks, preferably rewarding a score bonus for time and combos, it would have alleviated this condition.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Kyotokei (WiiWare):

@DrDaisy: It depends on which player you are. If you're playing alone you'll be the male character, not that you'll be looking at yourself enough to make it a big deal what with all the bullets and enemies you need to avoid.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: GO Series: Portable Shrine Wars (DSiWare):

I personally liked it a lot more than 6/10. I enjoyed the concept behind it, the unique gameplay and interesting and well designed bosses. And at only 200pts, mentioning the lack of online functionality strikes me as digging for flaws.
This review also glances over the key gameplay device of each enemy type having a weakness. These weaknesses are often contrary to the most effective attack for knocking off the most survivors for you to collect though. For example, the green enemies are easy to knock into the sides and destroy (at high speeds it's challenging to avoid doing so), but a projectile attack will yield the most survivors, and purple enemies are vulnerable to projectile attacks but slamming them into the side (which they seem to consciously avoid) yields more survivors in that case. This encourages you to think dynamically, and I feel negates much of the tedium that would be present otherwise.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Pro Jumper! Guilty Gear Tangent!? (DSi...:

Great to hear there's a 2nd run after you beat it. I've been stuck on the last boss, and took a break from it for the past day or so.
The developers clearly went the extra mile in presentation. For example, while they could have just had a life bar to reflect your condition, they instead streamlined that detail by just having it reflected in Chimaki's appearance. Every animation from walking to jumping and running has an extra version that you see when he's damaged.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Zimo: Mahjong Fanatic (DSiWare):

Nice review. Looking beyond the games shortcomings, I found it to be a nice learning experience. It does teach some of the mahjong fundamentals beyond what you would get in a standard solitaire game, but as noted is still no substitute for the traditional competitive experience.



GreenAbobo commented on Nintendo Download: 16th June 2011 (North America):

Mahjong Fanatic has been pretty fun so far. It won't blow you away exactly, but it's nice to see the tiles used with a bit more depth than the usual solitaire game types we've gotten so far. I'd describe it as a 1 player Mahjong crossed with a hint of Yahtzee..



GreenAbobo commented on Review: 99Bullets (DSiWare):

You're still supposed to blow up everything in sight, but in this game you have to make your shots count rather than indiscriminately spraying bullets.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: 99Bullets (DSiWare):

Good review. I've been enjoying this game since its launch. Striving to kill every enemy in a stage with the minimum amount of bullets can get pretty addictive. I wish there was a nightmare difficulty that required you to achieve that kind of perfection though, as the current Hard target scores are pretty easy to reach. It's still fun enough besting your old scores though.
Oh, and nice retro reference in the galaxy name: IRATA 2601.



GreenAbobo commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May 2011 (North America):

Hopefully someone fixes the misinformation in this news post about WiFi on Puzzle Quest. I was soo close to buying it, 'til I found out this info was wrong. Can't blame NL for the conclusion, as the press release was misleading, but it is up to them to correct such an error once it is known to be false (or maybe they don't read the comments from the unwashed masses here...).
Anyways, I got 99Bullets instead and it's really quite fun. I'd give it a 7/10, but I expect a 5/10 from the NL review.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Ikibago (DSiWare):

I picked up this game when it came out, and it's too bad to hear that there's no unlockable free play mode. I was hoping there would be, as I think the gameplay could have suited something like a score attack mode well.
I think the most rewarding experience to be had in this game is pulling out a barrel as an enemy is about to land on it, sending them into the drink instead. I always get a sadistic chuckle from that.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Absolute Baseball (DSiWare):

I would have rated this a bit higher also. I too was a let down that they didn't implement touch controls, and a tutorial would have been great to soften the learning curve. That said, I found the unique premise engaging, and when you have a good inning where carefully considering the stats in your strategy pays off, it's a very rewarding experience.



GreenAbobo commented on Nintendo Download: 4th April 2011 (North America):

Absolute Baseball looks interesting. I used to play a BB management sim on my C64 called Micro League Baseball, and this looks at least as deep as that. Definitely something different for the DSiWare service. Despite my distaste for previous "Absolute" offerings, I'm interested enough to risk a purchase.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Magnetic Joe (DSiWare):

Another game I enjoyed that this reviewer didn't. I've learned to ignore his opinion. Guess with my pedestrian tastes I'm not as much an expert on balls as Mr Dillard.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Panda Craze (DSiWare):

I made the mistake of buying this game, and can back up this reviews observations. Just to literate something that isn't mentioned: the gameplay is largely ripped from Lode Runner.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Treasure Hunter X (DSiWare):

I actually found this to be an enjoyable little stage based puzzler. Some of the complaints here strike me as digging for something to complain about: the screen break (which shows the whole stage unobstructed, I guess this reviewer would have preferred part of the stage obstructed by the hinge) and no touch screen support? I'm suprised you didn't dock it points for no wifi. I do agree the music is the best part of the presentation though, especially the music that plays as the stage begins.
Now bring on Spelunky!



GreenAbobo commented on Review: Glory Days - Tactical Defense (DSiWare):

Nice review. I woulda given it an 8 personally, but I respect your opinion because at least the content of the review shows you played and understood the game. The IGN review gives me the impression they didn't play enough to understand the concept of fortifying your towers using the bunkers.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: EJ Puzzles: Hooked (DSiWare):

I'll keep at it, but I've made it up to the 5th stage in the 4th set of levels and all I'm experiencing is tedium now that I know the cruise control method of winning. If I play pretending I need to compare the numbers on nearby squares to locate the fish, like you do on minesweeper, I have a much more enjoyable experience then the rules that are in place.



GreenAbobo commented on Review: EJ Puzzles: Hooked (DSiWare):

I thought I had wrapped my head around this game, but now I'm seeing what appear to be some critical design flaws. There should have been a penalty for clearing a single empty space, because as it is there's no real incentive to think about the numbers beyond "ok, my rod is lvl 2, so any square with a 2 is safe to search the ajacent sectors. It seems you're better off just setting your mind on cruise control, than using logic to locate the fish. It's a shame, because this really could have been an enjoyable game if they had only added that element of risk.



GreenAbobo commented on Nintendo Download: 10th January 2011 (North Am...:

:@slidecage: Hooked seems it would last pretty long, but if you don't like minesweeper (which I know MANY do not) that length won't mean anything. Since you're uncertain, I'd say hold onto your points for now and wait for more impressions or a review. My taste in games is often different than common opinion, and I'd hate to hear you regret a purchase made based on my endorsement.