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AbuJaffer commented on E3 2014: Bayonetta 2 Comes With The Original G...:

Considering the original never came to PC I haven't played it yet, and having it bundled with the new game makes it a much more viable purchase. I usually don't buy games unless I've played the previous games in the series (when there's a story attached of course), so this is a major purchasing point (as Nintendo obviously realizes).



AbuJaffer commented on Check Out How Mega Man Looks On The 3DS Versio...:

@Dev Cutting down on the 3DS game for slowing down development is ridiculous. Sakurai himself said he only agreed to do a new Smash Bros. for the 3DS, Iwata was the one that forced him to make a console version. People should be incredibly happy that there's a 3DS version, or we might never have seen a new Smash Bros. (or at least, not one from Sakurai).



AbuJaffer commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (3...:

@Tornado God forbid they separate a statement into two sentences. [facepalm]

Would taking away the big bad period and putting the two sentences together make it all right? Or do you consider compound sentences two different "claims"? Get over it, just admit you didn't read the second sentence and were making a fuss over nothing. Apparently, it's much easier for you to believe the writer of the article has a split personality than it is for you to have overlooked a sentence.



AbuJaffer commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (3...:

@Tornado "It was the first time a third-party developer was entrusted with the official Zelda canon."

By separating your quote from the rest of the article, you may give the illusion of being correct. But if you'd read the rest of the paragraph, let alone the rest of the article, it would become painfully clear that you're in the wrong here. If the quote was in a much later part of the article it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but it was literally a sentence away; you spent all that time writing responses to other people, when you couldn't spare the 10 seconds spent in reading the next two lines?



AbuJaffer commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swinging Onto 3DS:

Loved the Wii game, got all the secrets and achievements (and secret stages)... one of my top 3 platformers of all time. I'm a bit reserved about rebuying it on the 3DS, but I can't really complain much; I was ranting on the other day about how any form of DKC (I was talking NES/SNES) on the 3DS would make me happy, and I got "any form" of DKC; in my opinion the best one. ^_^



AbuJaffer commented on Adventure Time on DS to be Released 'Late Fall':

Hey, calm down guys... this could very well be a blueprint for how to make a great game based on a movie/tv series. They even added a 3DS version ( with actual 3D, which really shows a lot about how much effort Wayforward is putting into it.

When you look at the other things they've done, like the amazing translation work they've done in foreign countries (which was a huge surprise) and the support they give out to their fans, you get hope that the final game will be all right. Personally I'd buy it if it were anything higher than a 7, but that'll really depend on what the issues are; gameplay, humor, and length of the game are at the top of my list. I'm not expecting innovation or a large list of features, though I am expecting some stellar animations and artwork (WayForward has focused on "retro" games in the past, but if they can pull of "Boy and His Blob" animations their good).



AbuJaffer commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd May 2012 (North America):

@Gamer83 I'm facepalming so hard over here my hand's red.

Say "fanboys will eat whatever crap they give us" all you want but the fact remains that neither of us is changing Nintendo's releasing schedule. The entire internet could shut down and guess what? Nintendo will still release the games whenever the hell it wants. Once you get that fact past that thick skull of yours you'll realize that all you're doing is making an idiot out of yourself by insulting random people on the internet for no reason whatsoever.

The image you're giving off is, "I'll be an idiot on a comments section and Nintendo will for sure release the games I want. Everyone else is just a fanboy and are obviously complete idiots for not whining like I am. In fact, if I complain even more than I am now, I'm sure Nintendo will realize how strong and independent of a personality I have, as opposed to those spineless fanboys."

The only pathetic thing is just how many idiots have the same mentality as you do, and think that by calling out Nintendo they're actually doing something.



AbuJaffer commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

@Mardt Calling someone arrogant when you're being a plain ass is just a tad ironic...

I didn't have any problems with the controls at all, and I currently play it every day on my hour and a half commute (3 hours total). Takes a while to adjust to the rumbling of the bus but once I did I was completing chapters on 9.0 like a pro.



AbuJaffer commented on PEGI Rates Rayman for 3DS Virtual Console:

Never finished the original on my PS1... to this day I still hold this game as a challenge I will one day conquer. I just need a faithful re-release that doesn't require me to use a PC emulator... and no, the DSiWare version doesn't fit those requirements.



AbuJaffer commented on The World Ends With You Follow-up Teased by Sq...:

The (secret) ending really opened up the way for a sequel. It's bound to happen; the real question is just when it'll be revealed.

@Mickeymac I'm a bit confused here; those were my favorite aspects of the original. Could you care to elaborate? There's a reason this is the most played game on my 3DS at almost 100 hours...



AbuJaffer commented on Feature: Bargain Bin DS Games:

Rhythm Heaven is $10 or less at those big-retailers like Sears (and its branches), Target, Walmart, etc. I suggest going there; the other games are discounted as well. I recall seeing Advance Wars for dirt cheap at one of the stores...

@abHS4L It single-handedly made my 3DS purchase worth it. $20 here, and it was worth every penny.

(All prices are new by the way)



AbuJaffer commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Development Landed on Wii...:

I can't believe these comments. Do you seriously think this game would have worked at all on the land sections with pointer controls? Let's think about this for a second; you've got dozens of enemies, all requiring expert precision, and you want motion controls?

Every time I've played an FPS with motion controls, I've felt like something was off. Like I'm doing something wrong. They're a definite improvement over dual-analog (where the controls are a mess), but compared to PC it's clunky. Kid Icarus Uprising is the first game where I've felt like the controls work (never owned MPH). I wish Nintendo would show off how the game would play on the Wii just to prove how much crappier the controls get. And dual-analog, just to shut all the "CPP"-whiners up.

@Mardt To add to what Duney said, I haven't touched the stand since I got it. I've already finished half the levels on 9.0 and I can't imagine how the controls could be any better. I played Sin and Punishment, and it plays exactly like this (air sections). That's the only place Wii controls would make sense, and frankly, there's no difference between the two in term of how good the controls are. Heck, Nintendo would be smart to release a cross-platform Sin and Punishment game; launch title, anyone?



AbuJaffer commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Development Landed on Wii...:

Them telling us they were developing it on the Wii in no way means the controls were Wii Remote and Nunchuk... they were simply using its hardware to gauge the 3DS's power. It's not like they were using mouse + WASD when working with PC's...



AbuJaffer commented on Rumour: ViviTouch to Demo Wii U Haptics Tech a...:

I think it'd be more helpful with feeling your way around menus and HUD's without having to look at the screen. Instead of all the import stuff at the top and bottom (as with today's interfaces), all the buttons would be to the right and left of the screen with something like a map in the middle. A quick flick of the finger off of the analog stick/pad and you've changed grenade, class, weapon types, without having to take your eyes off the screen. In that sense, it's much better than being able to feel something on the screen, though that would be really cool.



AbuJaffer commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Pops The Question:

Wait, now we'll have even greater attachment to the characters! I'd always keep the couple in the background, out of harm's way, only to defend themselves in times of danger. Can't take the risk!



AbuJaffer commented on Namco, Capcom and SEGA Secret Countdown Starts:

Man, it could be anything... imagine the possibilities.

It could be a completely 3rd-party fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom but with Smash Bros.-esque gameplay.

A rhythm game like Theathrhythm, but obviously with these guys' massive track background.

An RPG blending their game characters; a mix between Pokemon Countdown and Sonic Chronicles (and all those other guys).

A platformer, a sports game, a puzzler (not my favorite choice), an RTS, an action-adventure game... the possibilities are endless! A new IP, a mix of current IP's... Mind explosion



AbuJaffer commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Fails to Fly in UK Charts:

A great game, I feel sorry for anyone that can't get the controls down. It's the first control scheme I've found that even compares to PC. I'm sure if dual-analog was included, its users would be forced to adapt to the touch screen controls eventually. The game's just too fast paced.

If you can't get the controls right but were well accustomed to Metroid Prime Hunter's controls (I've seen some people have this problem), there's a first-person mode. Just press X while on the ground. Also, you can change cursor speed in the options menu.

I do hope Nintendo's already planning another Kid Icarus game (for the 3DS of course). I want to know what happens to the characters, and what their back stories are. The game does hint at/points out certain events that aren't tied to Greek mythology (in other words, things they made up and only Nintendo's storyline can explain), so there's lots of room for the franchise to branch out.



AbuJaffer commented on XSEED Reveals Unchained Blades for 3DS eShop:

@oiiopo XSEED is a North American publisher. It brings games to North American audiences only. If it does bring games to Europe, it has to sign up with another publisher, and let the project go from there. Don't forget, developers make the games while publishers advertise and put them out to retailers.



AbuJaffer commented on Mobile Dev: "Iwata Makes Me Fear for Nintendo'...:

I absolutely despise F2P games. You never actually own the game; you constantly need to pay for coins or tokens, and a person with those coins/tokens has a massive advantage over you. So far the only games I've enjoyed playing that have F2P are CrossFire (I've never spent a cent yet I'm still a high-end player), Guild Wars (the F2P is purely for fun, where you can get cooler looking pets and clothes and whatnot; it's really a way to help the devs), and Team Fortress (like Guild Wars, it's really just a way for devs to get money. Nobody really thinks a virtual hat is worth actual money).

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is I hate F2P games with a passion. I'd rather pay $20 for a freaking mobile game if it means I don't have to keep paying for coins and crap like that. And if a full-fledged console game comes out with micro-transactions I'd simply ignore it completely, so it's not like I can't stand their existence. I just don't want it to become "a thing" with developers; in other words, I don't want a game I would have bought normally be a F2P game with a ton of unbalanced micro-transactions.



AbuJaffer commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

@DarkKirby I had the opposite experience, Pilotwings had amazing 3D that really sold me on the 3DS in general. OoT, on the other hand, has this really painful 3D that didn't add to the experience whatsoever. In no way did it make the gameplay better, even in the parts where it should have (boomerang for example). On the other hand, I played Pilotwings with the 3D 75-100%, and man was it great. The only game I experienced "splitting" in was OoT, and very frequently. To this date OoT had the worst 3D visuals I've experienced on the 3DS to date, with the best being a rivalry between Star Fox 64 3D and Pilotwings Resort.



AbuJaffer commented on GameStop to Sell 3D Classics: Kid Icarus Too:

@smashbrawler331 You can transfer games across systems very easily... and not putting in another cartridge, in my opinion, is a massive positive. Imagine having to change cartridges for each GBA/NES game you want to play (Ambassador) on your 3DS; it's be incredibly tedious and annoying, and I simply wouldn't have touched half the games. Plus it makes giving stuff away free a lot more... free, for publishers/developers.



AbuJaffer commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS):

You know, even if they did offer CPP support, it would have died out in a couple weeks anyways (online at least). Anyone remember Goldeneye? Everyone praised it for offering CC support. Less than 2 weeks later, and no one used it (online at least); turns out, the original control scheme (motion control) was a LOT better, and CC players simply didn't have a chance (most of them at least). The same would have happened here. It might have been another box ticked off, but it would have also led to a really unstable online game. "Survival of the fittest" dictates that the CPP gamers would have died out in a matter of weeks anyways. It also FORCES players to get used to the scheme, meaning they can potentially use it for future games.



AbuJaffer commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd March 2012 (Europe):

Why doesn't NoA tell us what's coming BEFORE it gets here? I find it kind of anticlimactic when I see the North American press release, seeing how I'll find out in a couple hours anyways. With the European one, however, I can almost feel the sudden surge in anticipation once a good game is revealed to be coming in that week's eShop update! Either way though, the games keep on coming, and that's ultimately what matters most.



AbuJaffer commented on eShop Welcomes You With Update Notifications:

@jibberldd5 They said it'd be a way to view QR codes, which you scan with your 3DS. You can already do that. They also said it MIGHT come, sometime in the "near future." If you're that impatient, Nintendo isn't exactly the company for you. They're known for taking forever to release ANYTHING.



AbuJaffer commented on Nintendo Download: 15th March 2012 (North Amer...:

@Nintendi I'm sure Nintendo's crying right now over your non-commitment. They're literally begging you to give them your 99c.

@SuperTeeter64 Europe has it but we don't. See, the thing is, I need it UNTIL KIU comes out. Once that game comes out I'm not buying anything for at least another 2 months (E3 and/or Rayman Origins). Well, I might buy the occasional eShop title, but it won't be Kid Icarus related.



AbuJaffer commented on Nintendo Download: 15th March 2012 (North Amer...:

@iPancakez The game has been delayed to June 6th. It probably delayed the demo as well.

I was hoping for at least the DoA Dimensions demo, or maybe even a Kid Icarus Uprising one... wishful thinking, that one. But since the game isn't even available here a few days into April, I need something to pull me over...



AbuJaffer commented on Pokémon Black and White 2 Box Art Revealed:

Looking good... If I were to choose one of the new games I'd get Black 2; it'd go nicely with my copy of White (even though both have the same "type" of legendary).

And before anyone starts bringing up B&W on the 3DS, just remember; if they were to bring it to the 3DS, we'd have to wait another 1-2 years for a new engine, only to find a DS remake, one limited by the DS's technology. Then we'll have to wait yet another year or two for a new Pokemon game. The engine's development might also be constrained by B&W, and we'll end up with pretty much a DS engine with updated graphics.

I am hoping for Streetpass though; passing by others would make the Pokemon visible in the Pokedex (so you can trade the Pokemon online, a problem with the current titles), and once you get home you can trade with that person online or perhaps make a new offer.



AbuJaffer commented on A Kid Icarus Tournament Winner Is Draenmhar:

I want to see another tournament next year once everyone is accustomed to playing the game... That'll be interesting. Especially if they host it online.

But congrats to Draenmhr D.... baddonkey name by the way. Sounds like a mythical monster or something.



AbuJaffer commented on Kid Icarus 3D Anime Hits North America This Week:

I can't see NA's or EU's. Nintendo apparently has everywhere else locked down so I won't be able to see any of the movies. I knew this before, but I was guessing it was because of licensing issues; here the game content is pure Nintendo, so no licensing with other companies or anything.



AbuJaffer commented on Bathe in the Glory of Miyamoto's Development W...:

I keep ending up with scissors in my right hand and something else in my left hand. If I try to NOT make scissors in my right hand, I end up doing the exact same action with my left (paper vs. paper, for example). Interesting.

This is probably why Nintendo's games take a while to make... they do only one thing a day. Probably Valve's philosophy as well.



AbuJaffer commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

Nintendo can continue to offer both, until the physical market stops being profitable. It is a business though; digital titles offer higher profit margins for both Nintendo and the publisher (no retailer). I'm all for it; bring on the digital downloads Ninty!



AbuJaffer commented on Dead or Alive: Dimensions Demo Punches Europe ...:

@SkywardLink98 How is a previously released game demo going to have any less of an effect than an unreleased one? I might get the game if the demo sways me, and the same goes for a SFIV one.

I'm hoping for a Rayman Origins demo; I need to make up my mind! If I don't like what I see on the 3DS version, I can get the cheaper + multiplayer-inclusive PC version by pre-ordering AND get Rayman 2! I want a portable Rayman, but if it cuts too much out I'll just have to stick with playing on my laptop (almost portable).



AbuJaffer commented on 3DS Continues to Dominate in Japan:

I'm not surprised at how well the 3DS is doing in Japan; even if sales tone down a bit, they'll spike up even more massively once MH4 comes out.

In the west, however, Nintendo needs to work a lot harder to capture the interests of gamers; it's nothing a couple new Zelda games and a couple RPG's/FPS's won't cure. Kid Icarus Uprising, anyone?