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Released to an eager audience in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time became an instant smash and quickly established itself as one of the greatest games ever made.

As legendary hero Link, you must journey across Hyrule, and even through time itself, to thwart the plans of Ganondorf. You'll wield weapons and gadgets, battle enormous bosses and solve brain-busting puzzles, which are among the best ever seen in the Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time brilliantly adapted the 2D, top-down style of classic Zelda adventures into 3D, becoming a textbook example of game design that is still followed today.

But the appeal of 'Ocarina' lies not only in its cinematic visuals or groundbreaking combat system; it also impresses with its epic storyline, memorable characters, superbly designed dungeons and rich variety of gameplay. Quite simply, it's a masterpiece!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Jonathan Town

A classic for any time

There's little remaining to say that hasn't already been said about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A true masterpiece and a genuine game-changer; what was once revolutionary is today simply one of the greatest action/adventure games ever created...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Just in time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time did for the Zelda series what Super Mario 64 did for the Super Mario Bros. series. It successfully brought one of the most beloved game series in video game history into the magical new world of 3-D gaming. And not...

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User Comments (230)

__The Kid


The Kid said:

If the N64 is not in your collection of video game systems, Ocarina Of Time is a must have. No contest the best video game from the N64-Playstation era if not the best game of all time! well worth $10.



metallicorphan said:

i have the two versions of this with the wind waker and also the version that came with the 4 pack gamecube disc...its still a VC must buy though...with majoras mask



DJ LINK said:

A 100% essential purchase - It's been a few years since I last loaded it up - but now that I have finished 'Twilight' - It's time to go through 'Ocarina' again. Excellent. I want Majora's Mask too!!!



DEMON212 said:

This is the best game ever by a longshot.

But if you're a diehard fan then track down the version with the Masters Quest on it. It doesn't cost all that much more. I got it for £18.50, which works out at about £8 more, but you get 2 versions of OOT plus some really awful game that people seem to love called "Wind Waker" for that £8. However the aiming is a bit bleh in comparison to the N64 version. But there's no guarantee that the VC version isn't going to be harder to aim with too.

If you're new to it, then you might want to just get it on the VC.



Dazza said:

At £15 for 2000 Wii Points this is going to cost only £7.50. At that price if you don't have the n64 cart or Gamecube bonus disc this is a steal!

Zelda games are pretty epic and therefore quite long! I venture to say by the time most players complete this the Nintendo will have released Masters Quest on the VC too!



Aschen said:

booyah! i have yet to play this title passed the first dungeon, and im glad to say i downloaded it within 30 minutes of it releaseing in australia....too bad i lack a classic controller, this will make me go out and buy one



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

"is this version in any way optimised for pal???"

All Nintendo's own N64 games that were made after Lylat Wars were PAL optimized.



Niels said:

Well I bought it and there are no borders , I don't know about the speed.



des said:

I`m still waiting for the pal vc release of Zelda - a link to the past.
OOt is great but my favorite Zelda Game is this snes masterpiece.
I own OoT in 3 versions, perhaps like all of you nintendo fan boys and girls.

So please Nintendo. Fulfill our burning desire!



charlie said:

Oh my God, I can not belive this came out on vc in europe first! thats incredible! shame i blown all my money on a camera... I seem to remember you could only run it in 60hz on the zelda collectors edition disc so I think itll be optimized



will said:

What about the 'stone of agony'? Remember that itme that allowed you to find treasure wherever you felt a rumble - has it been removed? That would be a pity. Theres no rumble function on the vc for some reason.....



Ducky said:

It's probably a port of the GCN version.

So, no Ganon blood, no good fire temple music, and changed Gerudo symbols.



Manaman said:

It's the Japan VC that has had the Zelda games (amongst others) inflated in terms of Wii points. Anyhoo, I really don't feel the need to purchase this one again as I already have the Master Quest edition and the Zelda Collection for the GC.

The only Zelda I'd contemplate buying again is Majora's Mask, which had bad emulation on the Zelda Collection disc.



AbusedComb said:

I have this on the Zelda Collector's Edition, and was wondering if any of you that have it on GameCube AND the VC can tell me if the controls are better. The GameCube version doesn't seem to control as good as the N64 one. And also, are the textures cleaned up like they did with Super Mario 64 & Mario Kart 64?

BTW, if you don't have it already (maybe even if you do depending on the answers to my above question) you MUST go buy this game. There has never been a game that even came close to matching OoT's quality. And as for the rumble thing, I played OoT on the 'Cube with a WaveBird and the lack of rumble never bothered me. I think there is a glow on the screen or something when the controller is supposed to rumble.



D3adKl0wn said:

so can someone who has D/L the US version comment on some of the questionable issues about this title?

a) does it play well (compared with the N64 original)?
2) are the textures cleaned up at all?
c) is it playable without the classic controller?
d) is it a port of the GCN version with changes mentioned above by Ducky?
e) Lastly, IF the emulation sucks, and the stuff is changed, and the bloodstone dosnt work, and it controls badly.. is it worth downloading and spending 1000 points on?

i only ask these question because there seems to be alot of speculation and no real answers from anyone who actually has the download .



MrLink said:

OOT is a must get for zelda fans. Even though I finsihed it on the original N64 game, I still wanna get it and play it all over again.



William said:

I'd download TLOZ: OOT for my Wii, but I already have it for the GC version; the one on the "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". I don't have the Master Quest version, but just the regular one. No offense, but I wasn't very fond of Wind Waker. But, Twilight Princess (GC version) rocks! I'm at where you are going to enter the Water (Lakebed) Temple.



YUSS! said:

WOW! this game defined my gaming 'career' it's worth the wii points all the way. It's indeed challenging but still great fun.



greg said:

So... Do we have confirmation that this is the version with the altered Fire Temple music, green blood, etc?



Cads said:

This game brings back memories. i was wonderin, since oot came out, if there was any comfirmation majoras mask would b out 2.



It will have altered music which was taken out by angry muslims or something.



Kogaratsu said:

to be honest i think that OOT and windwaker where the best zelda's,Zelda TP actually dissapointed me in the end



SagaDarvulia said:

Just to let you all know that this game suffers from a SERIOUS framerate problem, at least for me. It's so bad that there's a little lag between when you push the button and Link strikes with his sword. It just feels horribly unoptimised.



Mart said:

Like many i own this game about 3 times so purchasing it for convenience sake is purely a waste of money. If the rumours are true about the slower framerate on the VC version and you do own OOT in another form, then i would hold out for Majora's Mask, or if like me you live in the UK, A Link to the Past.



TBoneTony said:

best game on virtual Console EVER!!!

If you did not own an N64 or have played it on the Gamecube Special Disk, then buy this game now.



Bustacap said:

this is the version with green blood, changed gerudo symbol and other fire temple music.



DanielHepple said:

Just downloaded it. Im on the big spider boss (near the beginning) and the graphics are better than i expected!
One of the best games ive ever played on!!!!!!!



fail:safe said:

This was and still is an outstanding game, but for me, majoras mask was much better. OOT pulled zelda up into a new dimension and set a new standard (as nintendo tend to do) in rpg but MM was a much more expansive game and ultimatly enjoyable game.

The thing i didnt like about OOT is that after a few dungeons it seemed like the same game repated 8 times time till ganons tower.- get new item, use new item, go to next castle.

MM had so many subplots and side stories and mini games, it was almost imposible to do them all. It also had the being in the right place at the right time thing down to a T, plus you get to be a deku a goron and a zora!!!

One last thing, i read in n - revolution magazine that originally MM was supposed to be after gannons tower in OOT - imagine that- you finally defeat ganon after 40 - 50 hours of game play, follow the skull kid into the woods then BLAM - your a deku and get to go into MM!!! that would have been amazing!

top tip btw - UK residents- if you buy anything in the shop "GAME" at the moment- wii points are 8 quid - sweet.




NeuroToxin said:

Though I adored, cherished and otherwise loved the everyliving crud out of Ocarina of Time; I never had the chance to own/conquer the less-than-stellar sequel "Majora's Mask" - so here's to hoping that Nintendo gets wind of my constant praying and satanic rituals and releases it to the public in the coming months! >.



mario/zelda_fan said:

oh ya i forgot to say this: if you have played zelda games before (and beaten them) this game will be easy for u. But if this is one of your first zeldas games you've ever played, u shold get oot.



Jonno said:

I am odd. Don't tell me I suck. Tell me I suck at 3D Zeldas. I've pretty much beaten every other game I've ever played (Wario's Woods, ALTTP, Beyond Oasis, Super Mario 64, etc.)



mario/zelda_fan said:

ok well I already wrote this but it wasn't posted. Oot is a good game maybe even better than twilight but oot is an easy game. If this is one of your first zelda games this one would be good. ( this post was originally very long i think thats why It was never posted.



mario/zelda_fan said:

I just started playing this game for the second time. It's even better than the first time I played it. Of course there's no more surprises but I'm getting more hearts and finding out more secrets witch makes the game better.



patrick said:

I lost my motivation in oot back when I first got it. I was in the water temple (temple six) And accidentaly raised the water level before getting a key. After that there was no way of raisng the water level higher. I had no motivation to go back and play all the way up to that point all over again. So oot is a great game, but like all zelda games (ALL) there are glitches that can literally ruin your entire time.



mario/zelda_fan said:

In the Water temple you don't make it go higher, once it's full you use your boots and find a thing that will make the water go lower. Any true Zelda fan would no that. Nah just kidding I sound like such a nerd. ( But my advice is correct. )



Ryan said:

I got the wii the day it came out and every monday thereafter I would check the wii shop channel to see if the game was there. I had the game before that point but I think I lost it around mid 2002. I got so fed up with waiting that I spent $60 on masterquest.



John said:

This is the best game ever made in my opinion and if you havent played it you need to. But since I still have the N64 version AND the gamecube version I cant make myself pay another $10 for a game I have and have played over 10 times through.



Justin188 said:

I know no ones probably going to answer me.

Is it ok to play Zelda O.O.T with a classic controller.
It's just that I like the feal of the classic contorler.



Dazza said:

Justin - it plays great with the classic controller. Go for it!



sashaboo said:

Ocarina of time is so amazing i dont think i could ever get fed up of playing through it as long as i leave it a long time before going through it again. I wont be dowloading it though as i already have it on cartridge and on a cube disc coupled with the amazing masters quest version. I thought it was better than twighlit princess by far due to the fact that twilight princess was way to easy with a very poor last level, and last boss.



mack2404 said:

This is the best game - ever. Amazing graphics for it's time, a wonderful soundtrack and countless hours of my life spent chasing Ganon(dorf) across a beautifully rendered 3D Hyrule.

Unlimited replayability. I still play this, trying to figure different orders to complete the temples in (lousy Water Temple....). Never a dull moment, keeps you on your toes, amazing storyline....what more could you want?

I will not, however, speak of Majora's Mask in the same light...



beefy said:

this game or chrono trigger is the best game ever. but i cant decide between the two.



Andy said:

ive never owned a nintendo before the wii i owned a megadrive and a playstaion instead. so i never got into the zelda series until i played twilight princess is this game as good as twilight or is it out dated.



Eric42 said:

A wonderful game... on the Nintendo 64. Quite possibly one of the single best games on the Nintendo 64 without question. But it was released way too early for the VC. You have to remember that Zelda fans up to this point may already have around THREE copies of the game, the original and the two Gamecube special edition copies that included it. If they had waited around one more year to release it, it would have been great timing, in my personal opinion. Nonetheless, great game and for anyone who hasn't played the original, get it! It is worth it!



Clayfrd said:

This should easily be in anyone's top ten best games. I honestly don't know how I missed the original... I got Majora's Mask though.



Pringlesman said:

One of the few times in my life where I had unbelievable expectations for a something, and those expectations were actually met. Too me this is the second best in the franchise with LTTP being the best. I plan to download this when Majoras Mask comes out and beat them in order.



tank2tank said:

I have OOT playable on Wii through the bonus disc that came with Wind Waker. So I don't know whether to bother with this. Cos the bonus disc had rumble and the special master quest thingy. But still, it deserves 5 stars obviously.



Choz said:

agree, would be nice with MM, couse i remember it had some lag issue in the bonus disc version for gc, atleast EU



Peksu said:

Heh, I've got this game three times. First on original N64 cart, then with Wind Waker and last time on that Collectors Disc.
Overally, you could argue that some parts of Ocarina of Time are worse than Twilight Princess, and that's true. But Ocarina was first 3D Zelda ever, and it was one that revolutionized the franchise.
The graphics are dated now, sure, but back when this game was new they were something incredible. If you didn't play this back then, you can't understand what was so incredible about this. It's a sad fact.
Even after almost ten years, Ocarina has aged incredibly well. Compared to other games released on same time, it has retained some of it's original charm. And gameplay is still as good as ever.
Great game, and very worth of a download.



beefy said:

ok i actually think that chrono cross is cooler than chrono trigger. call me dumb. but they are both amazing. of corse so is this game.



TwinCross said:

I own the Wind Waker bonus disk, and the collector's disk, but I still picked this up. Simply epic, it contains one of my favourite gaming moments ever; the atmosphere of the final boss. Simply superb.

The only problem I found with the VC version is that to lock on, you have to use the horrible 'clicky-ness' of the Classic controller, rather than the soft-touch shoulder button of the GC controller on the bonus disks.



Dante_must_die said:

Ocarina of time is one of the best games of all time. I played this game the most time of my childhood. Back in 1998 it was a revolution in gameplay. Of course the graphics are pretty pixelled compared with games from today,but its still a masterpiece and by far not only the best game for the N64 but the best game off all time! If you missed Zelda on the N64 and you dont have one of the GameCube ports than i suggest you download it right now. There is no other game where you get so much for 1000 points(exept Super Mario 64 of course).

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I'm not much of a Zelda fan. This, the original Zelda and Zelda 3 are the only zelda games I would play. But I'm still not sure about how I feel abbout this game. To me, Super Smash Bros. or F-zero X is the best N64 game ever.



darthmix said:

My second-favorite game of all time. Overall I'd have to say the N64 was a bit of a disappointment; at my house the PS1 got a lot more use from the years of 1996-2001. But all is redeemed by this masterpiece. I still have my WW bonus disc so I won't be downloading this but anyone who hasn't played it really should.



tank2tank said:

This is the best of the best, undoubtedly one of the finest games ever made. While the N64 didn't necessarily have a lot of good games, the good games that were on it are probably the best games ever.
This, Mario 64, GoldenEye and StarFox 64 are maybe my favourite games ever.

__Link the hero of Time


Link the hero of Time said:

This game is THE best legend of Zelda game ever!!! It has so much advenchure the story line is awsome! Majora's mask is an also must have!



eagidni said:

is anyone else experience an awful hitchy glitch thing every time they enter ocarina of time's pause menu? it's driving me nuts...



Anthony said:

Bill, I am also getting that glitch when I enter the menu screen. It has been bothering me somewhat as well, but I'll get over it.



Velkku said:

Just beated this game, and it's still one of the finest work in gaming.




Mixer152 said:

Twilight Princess was the first Zelda I've owned (as I was a Sega owner up until Gamecube and it got me into the series. So I purchased this without question and am enjoying it alot. The dated graphics are a bit of a gripe but considering it was released in what 98? I can understand why it was so popular



ChocoDK said:

Well I enjoyed Twilight Princess more then Ocarina of Time. But still this game is awesome and worth the dl if you don't have the Zelda Collection Disc for the Gamecube.



Plan_B said:

I don't agree... but thats only cause I suck at Twilight Princess (relitivly...)
But the second part... WELL worth the price(mostly with the Zelda Collection Disc)



Garlyle said:

It's good. I'll give it that. But I don't think it's the "best game ever" by a hookshot, or even a longshot (Hahahaha, did you get that? It was a joke--shot). It may be the fact that I have finished it a few times over the years, usually to help other people beat it, that it seems to be missing some of the charm and magic that it used to have. Those who have played the hell out of this game, over and over, might want to consider buying something else.



Master_Chief53 said:

Oot is pretty good, but not the best game ever like some people say. The graphics are good for its time, and the gameplay is like any other zelda game. I dont see whats so revolutionary about this game though... Overall though, its worth the money.



Nigel said:

If you don't like this game there's something wrong with you. I've downloaded it, but I haven't started playing it yet -- I'm waiting for a large chunk of time that I can sit like a zombie in front of the TV and play the piss out of this thing from start to finish (like that's possible). This is the game everyone bought their N64's for! Non-gamers bought N64's for this thing!



goodgoober said:

One of the Best games ever. After beating it for the first time, your view of video-games, no, life, will be changed forever. Thank you Nintendo, for making this, life changing, gem of a game. 6 stars easy...



zelda_freak said:

After playing just about every zelda game in the US, I still think this is the best one. OOT really brings the world of zelda to life. I still love to play through the whole game after completing it at least 20 times. I'm still waiting for the sequal, Majora's Mask, to reach to VC.



chiefeagle02 said:

I remember waiting anxiously for this game when it first came out back in 1998, reserving the Gold Cartidge version. First time through, it took me a month to beat it (because I remember beating it Christmas Day). Well worth downloading if one hasn't played it already.



Indy said:

I am a HUGE fan of this Zelda game. It`s so amazing! The graphics are beautiful and the music rocks! (I have downloaded the songs to my MP3 player ) This is defiantly one of the best Zelda games, if not the best. But I think Zelda should be a brunette Like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl I don`t know what else to say, great game, if you haven`t played it, shame on you. Download it!



GameGod3008 said:

Got the N64 and GC versions and i love them both. the game is amazing and the graphics are great for an N64 version. The controls work quite well and the music suits the game. Love it but i'd have trouble recommending the sequel though as it was so different.



calc_nerd said:

Between 1994 and 1997, two games were simultaneously in development: Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We had to wait another year for OoT after Mario 64 was out, but it was worth it. Superior gameplay and graphics, and a well-delivered "wow" after turning the system off from the game credits. I recommend the sequel as it does continue the exploration and dungeon challenges that OoT was filled with, but give caution, because dungeons were only a fraction of the tasks to complete in the game..



zelda_freak said:

Who wouldn't recomend the sequel? Majora's Mask was fun to play through especially because of the abillity to change into a zora, goron, or deku. and one special charactor



2hip2beskware said:

This game was awesome, but I already have it. Is it worth downloading? Also, when will Majora's Mask come out on VC?



Roo said:

You should buy 10 Wiis, and download it once onto each one - it's that good! What a way to spend £1950!



zelda_freak said:

WHERE IS MAJORAS MASK! my N-64 cartrige has about had it, the back is already cracked a lot



Lando1 said:

i all ready have two copies of the game, one for N64 and one for the Gamecube, may download this if i get any wii points but its the best Zelda game ever



Lurch said:

best game on the virtual console. even when you have the actual cartige, download OoT. It is worth it. seriosuly.
#1 title



MasterMario said:

It's even better than Twilight Princess. It's that good. Also my favorite Zelda game. Like Lando, I own 2 versions. The N64 version and the Virtual Console version.



TheWiiMan said:

My favorite zelda game! Got it as a random gift from dad. He made me into a zelda fan! Thanks Dad!



zelda_freak said:

TP has better graphics, mabey. but OoT has way better minigames, and more too. So hackattack, idk if u have got EVERYTHING in TP yet, but once u do ur in for an unpleasant surprize...



juhok said:


Unless you're a complete pathetic graphics snob and don't like the aged look, you will fall in love with this game. Even if the 1000 points for N64 titles is a bit too much, OoT is totally worth every bit of it!



Zelda_freak-DK said:

Ocarina of time, is a really awesome game...
its the only Zelda game i never finished
becaus of my controller were so lame..
the control stick were so lose..
so i'll never has finished the game.
but when i comes to VC
i will buy it and get it finish'd



sparrow-1993 said:

@ NintendoNerd
You really should download this even if you haven't played it. They've made some changes to the game though.



Jimpaco said:

I cant wait to buy this game for vc ive always loved the zelda games
Wind Waker is the best and Twilight is really good 2 so i hope this ones fun and I wont get bored of it quick (unlike lylat wars)



TheDudeAbides said:

This really is the greatest Zelda game of all time. It may be the best video game of all time, but that wouldn't be fair to about 30 other games. It is reason alone to purchase a Wii.



zelda_freak said:

nintendo nerd-i can not believe you havent played a zelda game. somebody needs to get you to an urgent care that uses video games for medicine



Jona said:

this game was the best back then and is still the best now (wen i said best i meant of Legend of Zelda) its definitely worth the points



Kingston said:

I have 1400 points... I'm tempted, but... I don't know if this ois a good idea... I never even finished TLOZ: TP. TP felt more like a chore than a game.



couthedman92 said:

I'm gonna guess that if TP wasn't your thing, Ocarina won't be either--they both play the same except for the swapping of time travel for the whole wolf thing. I'm tempted to get this game myself, unless I can get it to work on the old N64. Stupid malfunctioning cartridge!



couthedman92 said:

I am worried however that this will feel like a big step down from TP, the only 3-D Zelda game that I have played. Not just in the controls, but also because (from what I've heard at least) OoT's Hyrule is so much smaller than TP's. Still looks like it's worth the $10, though.



zelda_freak said:

for all of you with ur doubts, this game is a little easier than TP and the hyrule is a little smaller. but the land is a little doubled because you can time travel and TP had a big land, but it felt a little too big mabey. dont get me wrong i love TP, im just trying to say that u should get it because its probably one of the best zelda games made and in my opinion, a little better than TP.



zelda_freak said:

i think master quest should be released on vc. even though i already have it for g-cube. but lots of people missed out cuz it was a special offer. also...MAJORA'S MASK PLEASE!!!!!



sephiroth79 said:

fantastic game, if I could give it more than a 10 I would, all the Zelda games (including II) are in their own category.

Games I wish they would release on N64:

-Ogre Battle 64: Amazing, immersive RPG. The first ogre battle on super nintendo was also amazing, this game just expanded on it. There are almost endless class combinations, and options, and the story is actually good. This game is very rare, so I wouldn't be surprised if it cost like 2000 wii points. I would pay it though, as i'm sure many others would.

-Mario Party 3 : best in the series

-Castlevania 64: for some reason, I liked this game, especially the intro, the violin theme is beautiful.

-Conkers Bad Fur day-amazing, hilarious, awesome game. 17 and up rating
-GoldenEye 007: duh

-Majora's Mask: Great game, but that's a given, it's Zelda! very dark.

-Mario tennis: extremely fun

-Perfect dark: also a great FPS



Mipsymoodle said:

the N64 needs some Pokemon Stadium and Mario Party cuz those were my favorite yet the arent out yet



Zelda_freak-DK said:

sorry sparrow-1993.. i havent been online a long time.. i thanks for some support.. im realy glad for some support but cya.. hmm.. im not a nintendo nerd. hmm maybe a little



calc_nerd said:

@sephiroth79 - here are some more:

-Banjo-Kazooie - Rare's finest platforming work at the time

-Banjo-Tooie - a hillarious sequel

-Donkey Kong 64 - good times, the most recent full 3D DK platformer out there.

But I know this will only be a dream. It's too bad Rare has gone to microsoft...



Magic_Mirror said:

Tis is is Fun in the begging I like the Old Games better after you get the master sword it kinda gets hard :[



Ricardo91 said:

@Zelda_Freak DK. "I really hope it's come!"

Your typo makes for a good laugh.

I don't understand what the fuss is about with this game. It's simply horrible. The combat's boring, the story's lame, the items suck, and I can never figure out wheat the hell I'm doing. Plus, the characters have no personality and the puzzles are so obtuse that fricking Stephen Hawking would take forever to figure it out. I guess this game is pretty epic though.... epic in FAILING that is! HA!
You know what N64 game I really want to see? Daikatana! Anyone remember Daikatana? That was a true 64-bit masterpeice right there!

BTW Before you all bombard me with hate-posts and firebomb my house, I'm kidding, in case you couldn't realize it. I couldn't possibly hate on a game as phenomenal as this. This game was simply a masterpiece of it's time that still plays great today, and everyone should own it in some form, which for me is Master Quest. 5/5

It's not my favorite Zelda, though, I hate to admit it. That's either ALttP or the Oracle games.

It took a lot of courage for me to type that first paragraph.



Magic_Ocarina said:

I think the story platform is good i started over and i am at Zora's Domain going to Jabu-Jabu'sstomach or somthing it isn't the best. I want to play majora's mask on there but i never played it B4 my favorite game was Wind Waker GC



Andrew said:

I will get into a fist fight with anyone here who does not love this game.



Andio_Pandio said:

Mr Cheez, you got balls of steel my friend! shows how AWESOME (!!!)this game is to get me all fired up like that.



Mipsymoodle said:

this game is much too hard for me. i cant get past the first world. it it so difficult to play



Tabbyluigi said:

Great classic, I wish it had a updated remake on the Wii, with the graphical style of the wii and the same controls. I have only played it on the gamecube but it is great, if you have big storage problems, get the gamecube version. Don't miss out on this great game.



Cally said:

I own this game three ways--the original cart (a gold one;)), the Zelda GC collection, and the other one that includes Master quest.

I played the demo on SSBB for this, and I can't believe nobody's complaining about the framerate. This clearly happens with all the N64 games on the VC to some extent--again, I'm amazed no one's noticing--but it's really noticeable here since OoT's framerate was pretty much the bare minimum for 3-D in the first place.

Anyway, yeah, this game is epicness. The only thing that hurts it for me is that I feel it slightly over-hyped. A major problem I have with this game--Hyrule field. How long did we spend just running into the distance through that nondescript central area, dissipating the excitement of getting to where we wanted to go? The slower, more spread-out nature of this game clearly hurts the Zelda-draw of using new items to reach old, previously unaccessible places (and items). This is why I felt Metroid Prime was a slightly better 3D adaptation of its respective source material, better preserving that quickness felt in 2D, where Zelda really lost that in the gameplay department (in the interest of making this game feel more realistic and immersive). Also, though the scope and feel of the game are really epic, the story and scenario within seems really standard fare. And the early dungeons were pretty weak.

Anyway, that was just me trying to pin down why this game wasn't QUITE the second coming to me as it was to others, but my gripes are really rather minor. 5/5



Mixer152 said:

I wish I had more will power, I always succumb to the temptation of using faqs when the puzzles get really hard lol. I first used one in Twilight Princess in that yeti temple, and to see how far ive got in the game (and I was shocked I was only half way).
It really makes you kick yourself when you see the solution.



Haruhiko_Hachirobei said:

Bought it because the game was awesome a few years back, I haven't played it on the VC very much, though.

Still, definitely a must-buy for any Zelda fan or anybody who has never played it.



Andrew said:

@BJ: Personally, I would throw Twilight Princess out of the discussion. It just tried too hard to be the OoT of this generation, and doing so, it failed to show any personality of it's own.

Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask is a very tough question. Ocarina of Time has always been my choice for favorite Zelda (or game, period). Recently, however, I have found that I like MM just as much as OoT. If only MM had a couple of more dungeons, it would definitely be better than OoT.

@sparrow-1993: I find the 3-D Zeldas to be MUCH easier than the 2-D ones. The lack of difficulty is the biggest complaint I have with any game in the series post-1998.



I love Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Both are totally epic, and it would be a mistake to ever try to compare Wind Waker and Twilight Princess on the same level. They're simply out of their league. Personally, I didn't really care for Twilight Princess. Wind Waker was really good though.

But they're practically tech-demos compared to the epic greatness of the N64 games.



MarkyVigoroth said:

My only issue with this is that there was a lag whenever I moved the Control Stick in either the GameCube or Classic Controllers.



WiiMan192 said:

Thanks slangman, I downloaded it. Better than TP in my books First VC game I have enjoyed as much as a current retail game, and I've only completed the first dungeon



zombiekillr said:

i have this and i'm stuck in DOMINGO"S CAVERN.... i forgot how to get anywhere... i got into the first rooms but don't know where to go from there... like with the switch that you step on and the door opens, but when you step off the door closes.... help!!!! but this is a really fun game



ZBomber said:

Best video game I had ever played, my childhood pretty much revolved around this game.



Golgo said:

It's odd how early 3D graphics date much worse than 2D graphics that are often much older. I'm finding the visuals here a real barrier to my getting immersed in the adventure, which I've never experienced with any other game before. So far, LTTP still does it better for me, but I'll persevere manfully...



Golgo said:

Fair point...it's not so odd. I guess I was just trying to work out why this game has yet to click for me...



slangman said:

Yeah graphically OOT is starting to show wear and tear but the gameplay is still fantastic to this day. One of my favourite games.

@WiiMan192 No prob glad you enjoy this game. And yeah it is kinda better than TP.



RetroNL said:

Best Zelda and Nintendo game ever made in my opinion (yes even better than zelda s that came after it like TP not looking at the graphical part) but i don' t think I have to give more information about this game.

5 stars



Kurachi said:

another great zelda game, i enjoyed it a lot
cant remember what the hardest part was, but the easiest parts were: getting sword + shield, deku tree, ganondorf and ganon, lol
will buy later

5 stars from me aswell



Corbs said:

Although I still prefer Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time remains my 2nd favorite Zelda title of all time. Great debut into the world of 3-D gaming for our pal Link.



spyster10000 said:

lets face it no one can cal them selves a true gamre unless they have played (and enjoyed) this game it's truly a classic and no body can deniy it



blankshore said:

If you've never played this game, stop reading this and buy it NOW!! Seriously, why are you still reading this?



Nintendork said:

I never really could get into this game. In my opinion, this game is 3 stars. Sorry (don't kill me).



I agree with you Nintendork. To me, Ocarina of Time is not all that great. Twilight Princess is absolutely the best entry in the entire series, hands down! It's only issue comes from a lack of elements regularly found in Zelda games. The Triforce doesn't play a very large role in the story, and Link and Zelda have no real relationship. But at least Ganondorf was the final boss. It was just too damn easy.

But I like Ocarina of time, it holds a very special place in my heart.



greatdekutree said:

can anyone tell me if when you download the game it is then stored on wii memory or do you still have to have internet connected to use it - by the way this game rocks

and also if the wii is standard how many downloads can you get on it



Lando1 said:

@163. greatdekutree, all vc games are stored on the wii system memory and you don't have to be connected to the internet to play them, you just need to download them. The amount of downloads depends on the amount of blocks of the game but you can use a SD card but its a pain to use because of the copying.



Tigertruman said:

I LOVE this game! I'm a casual gamer and don't easily get addicted to games, but this one has me hooked.

I never had an N64 so this is the first time I've ever played this game. Boy was I missing out.

I just finished the forest temple and I'm sure I still have a long ways to go.



Divock said:

There is only one reason to NOT buy this game: If you don't own it in any other way shape or form. You don't? BUY IT NOW! This is probably one of THE best games ever made, and I think this was one of the games that made Link and Zelda a household name, well...mostly. The first thing you have to notice is that the transition from 2D to 3D actually IMPROVED the series. Second, notice the graphics are actually pretty good. This was the first game that really showed Link's true adult form (except for Adventure of Link and the Zelda cartoon, but the Adventure of Link was a different kind of game and the Zelda Cartoon does NOT count) and his grunts. As annoying as you might think the grunts and sword strikes might be, it's really not. They're classic. The sidequests are enourmous, the storyline is great, the music is perfect, the characters are memorable, and it's just great fun! There are even parts that scare the everloving PISS out of you, and it will make you like it. It is worth the 10 bucks and more. I would buy it, but I have it on a collectors disc so I'm good.



CanisWolfred said:

Meh, preferred the other games in the series, but still it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.



SamuraiBlitz said:

This game is amazing and well worth your $10.
I wonder when or if they will ever release Majora's Mask



Twilight_Crow said:

^ I pick up Ocarina, imo the best Zelda game.

v I can't say cause some people may want to hurt me. coughYescough



dfalco said:

it best zelda game ever and one of all time greatest video games along wit sin and puisment mario kart snes n64 wave race street fighter mario 64 mario world mario world 2 star fox



Wii_is_MYcrack said:


You need to play both, at some point.
Get this one if you have to choose.
But the Link to the Past was a cornerstone of the foundations of this game ! As were the predecessors.

This site should make a sixth star for this game.



Ferret75 said:

Majora's Mask is still my favorite game ever, and I haven't been able to play it recently since I sold my N64 earlier (most the games I had for it were on the VC and I needed to lower my number of systems).



Shinnok said:

This game isn't so bad (I do agree, it is overrated), though I believe that Twilight Princess is far superior. The climactic fight scene (despite the difficulty) was epic, you got to be adult Link, and no Tingle!



cheeseman said:

I think I figured out why Nintendo won't release Donkey Kong 64 or Majora's Mask. 2 words: Expansion Pack. If the Virtual Console can't use Controller Packs or Rumble Packs, Why would it be able to use Expansion Packs? Unless Nintendo figures out a way to solve that problem Majora's Mask will never come to the VC. (Good thing I have Majora's Mask for my N64)



Shinnok said:

This game's no Twilight Princess, but it leaves A Link To The Past in the dust.



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

This game is cool, but get the GC version of you want the full experience. Majora's Mask is also on the GC if you can find the collector's edition. I have OOT/MQ.



Bass_X0 said:

I actually enjoy A Link To The Past more than Twilight Princess and this one.



VenomTheEvil said:

@ Shinnok

Tingle was not in this game and you could be adult link you have to get to the 2nd half of the game......



Winter said:

Digiki: Me too. I try to get it. I have completed it, but it seem to me that it doesn`t have the soul of for example Link`s Awakening which I believe to be the best 2D Zelda. Mark that I haven`t completed the Oracle games. I play Ages now..



fatlittlenick said:

Countless amounts of good memories with Ocarina of Time. I highly suggest to anyone to find a copy of the Master Quest disc that was packed in with Wind Waker special edition. It's VERY good! (So is Wind Waker!)



jillyoldsnilly said:

i got the special version only 15 pounds with win waker from game exchange from glouster in the uk it was hell of a deal master quest costs oover 30 quid by its self used on ebay myn was used to it was a once in a life time game any one find mario football and zelda tp on gamecube they r really rare games i found mario football in game i should of got it to sell idont really like mario footy though i also found tp on game cube in game exchange to same shop but it was 40 pounds so i didnt get it i got it on wii tho



VirtualConsoleGuest said:

Some things you just can not definitively label as ‘overrated’. In regards to the person (people) that say it, I really do not feel that this game is too glorified. The internet could likely make The Ocarina of Time seem like it is, but in real life, the label doesn't quite mesh (especially if it carries memory(s) within its game play).

I actually like this game quite a bit myself, even though I didn’t get ‘into’ it until a long time after it came out. It only MAY come across as overrated, I think, if you only play from a grown-up’s point of view, nowadays, or play it under indifferent circumstances.

On a different note, I have heard (read here) that the frame rate in The Ocarina of Time is not good when you download it. What does that actually mean -- is it the same for everyone?

Lastly, but not least, I can’t decide if I should get this or The Link to the Past (first). I don't want to get them in too short a time of each other, but I can't think of which one would be 'better' to put off getting.

Thank you!



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask truly deserves a 10/10. Why? Because they have lots of replay value to do in them. Like the mini-games, defeating the bosses, doing the temples, etc.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

(200th comment)

I didn't think Twilight Princess was THAT easy. Looks hard to me. Sorry.

I haven't got that game yet. Go easy on me please. I'm going to be getting that game next year, 2010. I would go for the Wii version because that uses motion controls. I don't want the GameCube version because my controller keeps getting the same problem with the control stick. Seriously, I try'd to fix it, but then it keeps going wrong. So I go for the Wii one instead.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Oh yeah, and to all of those who says in the Wii version of Twilight Princess, Link shouldn't even be right-handed.

Why is that?! You have to be so stupid. Link being right-handed wasn't even that bad at all. It was okay with Link being left-handed in the previous Zelda games, and he's not that bad being right-handed.

I just don't get it...



Nintendofangirl said:

I agree Nintendogames1000, why does it matter if Link is right-handed it doesn't really change too much or take away from the game so why complain. As for me I like him right-handed



geno94 said:

The best in the series by far, WAY better than wind waker. Personally, i did not like the graphics for wind waker.



Honorio said:

I would watch my brother play and beat this game and we both seen this one to be the best Zelda in the series.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I'm still doing this again! 100% is required for me. Once I'm done then I'll move on to Majora's Mask!

Best Zelda game of all time!



SelenaX said:

oh yea i beat this game im just tryin to work on that stubborn majora mask scary thing!



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I absolutely have no idea why Nintendo made a very huge game with loads of replay value! But for me, I find Majora's Mask with loads of cool rewarding stuff!



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I have not yet played the GameCube version called "Master Quest". But maybe any day if I'm gonna pick up the GameCube version with full experience (related quote from StarFox, 183).



BRSTRD said:

The best game in the world i say! i even got an offer of 100 bucks for my Ocarina of time!!! (of course i turned him down!)



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Honestly, this game is too hard to get 100% done for me, I only beaten Majora's Mask 100%. But this one's too hard to do. Especially on the Master Quest version (since I don't have that one, but I'm not interested in it anymore, sadly).

EDIT: [May 16 2010]
I've deleted the file because there was just one bug that prevents you from getting the Deku Nut Upgrade 2 after you become an adult. Oh well, I deleted the file already and I now need to start all over.



nintendonerd147 said:

i dont know what to get zelda oot or paper mario n64, i havent releally played a zelda game before and i love mario games but i dont like paper mario wii



triforceofcourage said:

buy it sooooooooooo fun. im stuck in jabu jabus belly though... after i made it, forgat to save then forgot how i made it cuz i didnt play for like a month.

same here. cant put a zelda game down until every treasure chest has been opened every side quest done and all the heart containers are mine!



Mario-Xaveir said:

This game brings back so much memories and I love the sound noises with textures and sections you choose as it makes that old classic noise. The press start menu was the best. Great plot how it began as child to grown up. Everything about this game was the best. Thats why it is so exciting that there bringing this back as a remake to the 3DS!!!



DarkMetroidJuice said:

A dark tale of sadness and despare yet there is one boy who will shatter the darkness at bring peace back to the enchanting land of hyrule. this game has some of the best graphics seen on the n64 and one of the best story lines of all time, If you have not played this game you have yet lived!!!



SuperLink said:

I cannot wite a comment that can express my feelings of pride and joy in this game, but I might as well give it a shot. This is the game you have to play before you die. Period.

P.S. Water Temple= Aggravation



ZeLDaMaNiaC said:

I. LOVED. THIS. GAME. I beat both the original and master quest and found almost everything possible...and I'm still not tired of it!



SkywardLink98 said:

This game is overrated. At the time this was the best game ever. Now it's not even close. TP and MM were better WW was a close call, and skyward sword didn't just leave this game in the dust, it left it a mile behind. Sure, this game has originality but not much else on it's side when compared with other Zelda titles. Skyward Sword has motion, Twilight princess has graphics on it's side, and Majora's Mask has the transformations, wind waker... well maybe it's not quite as good I just can't get over the cartoon style.



chickenmaddy said:

One of the best Zelda games, not my absolute favorite but it is still and always well be a classic. This game was just amazing, especially at that time. The graphics show their age, but a true Zelda fan doesn't let the graphics decided whether the game is good or not. It's the content in the game that makes the game. And this has a load of content that will keep you busy throughout the whole experience. One of my favorite dungeons are in this game and I have to say, despite of it being really creepy and eerie, the Shadow temple was creative, the creatures were hideous! (Especially the Dead Hand or whatever it's called), I was sad that Nintendo took at some of the blood in the 3DS version to make it rated E. I didn't think it was too much, it was the perfect amount. Nintendo didn't overdo it. Zelda isn't supposed to be a gory gut game, but still having the blood stains on the floor and monster added a little spice to things. Either way this game is amazing, everyone should own it. It's a classic, like I said earlier and the story and content in this game is just unforgettable. Thank you Nintendo for such a wonderful game. This game is more than a decade old and it still never gets old to me!



SuperMinusWorld said:

This game is so damn overrated, it's unbelievable. It didn't revolutionize 3D gaming, for sure. That honor belongs to Mario 64. Great game, but way too hyped up.



Tylerr420 said:

@SkywardLink98 they just too the concepts that were intended to be in oot. They just used ide nd tried them through futher releases over the years. Oot is the best its what started the 3d adventure, if it failed tou wouldnt have the others they would been canned or sucked



Sir_Ronson said:

This game is a must-have. If you don't have this game then there is something wrong with you!

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