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Sat 27th Dec 2008

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tatemon555 commented on Pop Island:

looks awesome! me must have.
@protozone.quadrant: graphics: so not suckish!
I'd take graphics like that on a WiiWare title!



tatemon555 commented on Flipper:

Looks awesome, love pixelart, can't wait. As for pixelart, NITROME FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



tatemon555 commented on KORE:

looks like one of the coolest wii games ever!



tatemon555 commented on Frobot:

@ Mariopwng: Hopefully no-one will listen to you. This ain't shovelware, it's awesomeness.



tatemon555 commented on DRiiFT MANIA:

Hey, this looks cool, even though the graphics could easily be done on an iPhone.



tatemon555 commented on And Yet It Moves:

OMG IT'S COMING ON WIIWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am seriously that excited. Yes, Fleeman, that's the Mac footage. I played a demo of this on my computer and it is probably one of the best games I've ever experienced. And BTW, it would be ruined with the addition of multiplayer.



tatemon555 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - April 2009:

Okay, we already have 2 of the games, but...
MAJORA'S MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
phantasy star, space invaders...
MAJORA'S MASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm seriously that excited about it, because I never had the chance to play it in the N64 era. Of course, it's gonna take a while, because Japan always gets the good games, like, a half a year in advance.



tatemon555 commented on Ten Arcade Games We'd Like To See On The Virtu...:

Good list. I agree with Adroitone with the Tekken games (I love Tekken 3 too!), and with Bensei for House of the Dead and Mario Kart GP. But how in heck could you not put on The Simpsons game? That's awesome.
(Light gun games are actually obvious, because of the Wii remote.)



tatemon555 commented on Review: The Tower of Druaga (Arcade):

How many disappointments will VCA bring? Mappy is apparently the only good game, and it got a 7, even though 7s rule. I was curious about this game, but I guess that it's another failure.



tatemon555 commented on Review: Bomberman '94 (TG-16):

OMG I'm getting this game. I'm a huge Bomberman fan, so this is incredible news. And you guys rated it higher than Blast, so this is a must-buy. (Bomberman Blast is my favorite game in the franchise.)



tatemon555 commented on Cybernator:

Of course, I'm hearing bad things about it, but me still want.