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Sun 12th Sep 2010

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Mario-Xaveir commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

Ocarina was the best. I also liked how they made majoras mask alot more different than ocarina like when you ever you can change to a different creature and have keep the time right as 3 days go. Ocarina and Majora both are really good games.



Mario-Xaveir commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

This game brings back so much memories and I love the sound noises with textures and sections you choose as it makes that old classic noise. The press start menu was the best. Great plot how it began as child to grown up. Everything about this game was the best. Thats why it is so exciting that there bringing this back as a remake to the 3DS!!!



Mario-Xaveir commented on Donkey Kong 64:

It would be great if they had this made as a remake for 3DS but Nintendo does got a few issues with RareWare. But I do believe it could happen because diddy kong racing was made by Rare and that game got its remake for DS so why not Donkey Kong 64?



Mario-Xaveir commented on Wii Party:

Its sad because this tell us theirs not gonna be another Mario Party game.



Mario-Xaveir commented on Banjo-Kazooie:

It was said that this was the best platforming game for N64. Im a HUGE Banjofan. Not to lie and this isnt just the best platforming game ever its also the most mysterious game ever. How is it well its a mystery called Stop 'N' Swop and no Im not about to explain all of it. Its way to much to explain. Go online and read about it. Its a huge theory and takes place with banjo tooie transferring data with the Banjo-Kazooie catridge. And you can find these mysterious as references in other banjo games and other random rareware games.



Mario-Xaveir commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

I have never been this excited with Nintendo! I never did think Nintendo would bring back these games in 3D I love how they look alot like the N64 graphics and for Ocarina Of Time. AWSOME!!! Because Ocarina Of Time was the best Zelda game ever. And was one of the best N64 games. Banjo-Kazooie was said to be the best platforming game for N64 though.

To me Im really excited with the remakes there bringing back on the 3DS. And its cool that they even have another zelda game coming which is skyward sword which is supposed to be a prequel to Ocarina Of Time.