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United Kingdom

Thu 13th Nov 2008

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greatdekutree commented on Wonder Boy:

Get alex kidd in miracle world - much better and entertaining

definately more varied with vehicles etc



greatdekutree commented on Pilotwings:

Bring on Pilotwings 64!!

or just bring something out this delay is hideous



greatdekutree commented on Donkey Kong Country:

Does anyone think that the fact that DK64 required an expansion pak (aswell as other games like majoras mask, perfect dark etc) will stop these games coming out on the VC?

I am seriously dissapointed at the lack of N64 software available, please nintendo sort this out



greatdekutree commented on Super Mario 64:

The Vc version of this is good if a little on the slow side - well worth 1000 (£7) wii points - if only just for nostalgia.

the classic gamecube controller however is very annoying and just not subtle enough so i would definately recommend the retro controller.

the game gets 5/5 easily as the game is good value and has good longevity, but playing this makes me wants the likes of Banjo & Kazooie aswell as DK64, that would be immense if it was possible



greatdekutree commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

This game was/is immense - bought a SMS a couple of years ago as my original got broken.

Remember the room with the stones with symbols on which had to be pressed in certain way - this is a bargain at 500 points, the Helicopter is pure classic --- BUY BUY BUY

they should also bring out alex kidd in shinobi world as this is also class and would be a mere 500 points as was also on SMS!! Shabba



greatdekutree commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

@ soniczelda dude, its a different game you goomba on the first level appear to be similar to megadrive/genesis version

you should maybe read previous comments on the game as it has been mentioned ALOT



greatdekutree commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Is the slowdown a real issue with this title - i have the sms with this sonic on and never realised it was released after the mega drive version - strange world - i would really like to download this but am concerned with the slowdown

does anyone know why the slowdown happens and is there anything that can be done about it?



greatdekutree commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

can anyone tell me if when you download the game it is then stored on wii memory or do you still have to have internet connected to use it - by the way this game rocks

and also if the wii is standard how many downloads can you get on it