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Sat 10th May 2008

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Jona commented on Smash Ping Pong:

im a ping pong whore and ill buy anything ping pong. if this game comes out 4 NA. im getting it... but i hav a feeling its gona b a hanabi 4 europe.



Jona commented on Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers:

this game is easily the best street fighter and beet em up on the vc rite now.... basically wat DEMON212 said in his SF2T: "everybody needs a copy of this and put it in their pockets. this shud replace real street fitin. if u get beat up in this game u wud lose all ur respect."



Jona commented on Mario's Super Picross:

i hav picross ds and i really enjoy it. i hope this game cums out in the us. i luv picross.



Jona commented on Super Mario World:

this game is the best game on the best console ever!!! it shud b 2000 points!!!



Jona commented on Wonder Boy:

this game is pretty good 4 a sega master system game.



Jona commented on EarthBound:

this and super mario rpg: legend of the seven stars r the only VC games im lookin 4ward 2



Jona commented on Star Parodier:

i really which this game cums out 4 the us! DEMON212 says this game is the best VC SHUMPS



Jona commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

omfg! i need 2 get this game. ive been w8in 4 it since the beginning of vc. its really good. i got this game as an original snes cartridge. it is the best and my moat favorite rpg 4 the snes.



Jona commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

this game is fun but if u want the full version u will pay 3400 points ($34) which is a rip!!! some games r $49.99, and $39.99 and thus r more expensive than this game, but at least they will drop. this game wont drop, but besides that its a fun game.



Jona commented on Star Parodier:

this game is awsome!!! it seems like the turbografx is the king of shoot em ups



Jona commented on City Connection:

this game is crap!!! i mean ur a car tryin 2 get all the squares white. WTF!!!



Jona commented on Review: Critter Round-Up:

this game sucks!!! only a baby wud want 2 round up critters in2 a barn or wtvr!!! 4/10 is way 2 good 4 this game!!!



Jona commented on Review: Defend Your Castle:

dont even think bout gettin this game!!! 500 points ($5) is way 2 much 4 this game cuz u cud just play it on internet channel or on cumputer 4 free!!! (light comedic slap across face)



Jona commented on Review: Family Table Tennis:

this game is really good. i giv it a 9/10 and this game is funner than stupid rallyin on wii play, its minigames hav a lot of depth and makes this game's ping pong better than MSOG's ping pong and better than wii tennis. if their was sum sort of unlockables or pro status on this game it cud b amazingly good. seriously just because wii-ware world says its 5/10 doesnt meant its bad. if u like ping pong u shud seriously consider buyin this game. dont get defend ur castle u can play that onthe internet channel or on ur computer! (slap across face)



Jona commented on Family Table Tennis:

Does this support the Wiimote (motion sensing)?
i got this game the moment it came on the wiiware. it is awesome and much better than wii play's ping pong which is boring rallying, and i consider it better than MSOG's ping pong cause it has mini-games. i cant explain it but its good try it out and if u dont like its well at least its only 500 wii points.



Jona commented on LostWinds 2:

i hope this game is longer and harder than the 1st 1 but, i think it will be as good as the 1st which is very good



Jona commented on LostWinds:

this game is sooo fun i skipped school so i cud get this game. its worth the 1000 points but the thing is that it's very very short and very very easy i hope lostwinds 2 will be longer and harder.



Jona commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

i think they shud give us a update where we can just save and play game data or vc from our sd card that wud b so much easier. (i mean havin ur vc game or save data on ur sd card and b able 2 use it) but the article is true.



Jona commented on River City Ransom:

this is a good fighting game that really started it all. (actually more like double dragon but still) i like it more than double dragon (i still like double dragon) cause its more polished and has better controls. but double dragon is double dragon its amazing)



Jona commented on Paper Mario:

this game and series is the best spinoff series ever!!! check it out its worth the time and $



Jona commented on Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream:

WOW! i dont no wat 2 say bout this game. its way ahead of its time, this is 1 of those sports games that r so good apart of u lives in it. its 1 of those games like techmo bowl that teach u the gameplay doesnt hav 2 b so real 2 b such a fun game.



Jona commented on Double Dribble:

i think this game is pretty good and fun. (i no call me crazy) remember this was made in the 80s and was 1 of the 1st basketball games ever created, and they did a pretty good job; 4 wat its worth u shud check out this game



Jona commented on Family Ping Pong:

i no a guy in japan that says this game kicks * (i love ping pong if i ever c a ping pong game on the wii i hav 2 get it(mario and sonic at the olympic game, wii play, rockstar table tennis, and balls of fury, i just hav 2 get it i cant explain it i just hav 2)



Jona commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

this game is f***ing awesome its my 4th favorite vc game and my favorite import (yea call me crazy i like it more than SM2: TLL BITE ME!!!) and my 2nd favorite SNES game (SM World 1st) Its a really really good platformer and is $9 well spent giv it a try its really fun!!! 4 wat it is its amazing!!!!!