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Fri 25th Jan 2008

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Roo commented on Review: WWE All Stars (Wii):

Thanks to still having some leftover HMV gift cards (from buying a 3DS last week), I bought this earlier for a very reasonable £0.00. First impressions (after two singles matches) are good, but those in-match sound effects are absolutely tragic. I can't emphasise that enough. They are just the weediest, weakest sound effects I've ever heard. If I'm giving someone a running powerslam that drives us both up in the air, then at least I want a big 'THUD!!' when we hit the ground, and not the sound of someone walking in a musuem. Honestly, that's what it sounds like. How could they muck that up so badly?



Roo commented on Talking Point: The 3DS Friends List is Severel...:

As it stands, the 3DS Friends List is a pretty poor effort. I'd been lead to believe (by various websites, magazines and Nintendo press releases) that we'd have a fully-functioning Pictochat-like online messaging service from day one. I was very disappointed to find out last Friday just how misguided I had been.

I hope Nintendo sort this out as soon as possible. The current system simply isn't good enough for £219 worth of technology in 2011.



Roo commented on Street Racer:

Magic. I ploughed so many hours into the Mega Drive version when I was younger - I must have rented it a dozen times. Who remembers the battle mode?



Roo commented on Review: Natsume Championship Wrestling (Virtua...:

I downloaded this at the weekend. It's bloody difficult to grapple - you've got to get the exact timing for it to work.

Seven is a generous score, in my opinion. Though NCW certainly isn't a bad game, it isn't anything too amazing either.



Roo commented on 3DS Launches in Europe on March 25th:

What did that Nintendo bloke say about the price? Sounds like he was trying to avoid telling everyone it's going to set us back £500...'price decided by retailer' = poor show!

Happy with the March 25th launch date. Two months away isn't so bad, considering that Kirby's Epic Yarn and Black/White are out in the meantime. Curious to see what the launch games are though.



Roo commented on Soccer Bashi:

I was expecting this to be an el cheapo WiiWare football game, but I've got to say that this is an even bigger letdown.

At least the name reminded me of Bishi Bashi Special. Brilliant.



Roo commented on Magical Drop II:

I had a version of a game very similar to this on the PSOne. It was quite good.



Roo commented on Review: Spin Master (Virtual Console / Neo Geo):

I've downloaded this. It's definitely fun, but as the review suggested I might, I blitzed through it on Normal mode by myself in about 20-25 minutes. I'm thinking 900 Nintendo Points (or, if you like, about £7) is a bit steep. However, it's very unlikely that you won't like it.



Roo commented on Spin Master:

I've heard about this - solid platforming, but beatable in well under an hour. I'm a big fan of these bloated sprites that you only seem to get on Neo-Geo though...can't decide if I'll get this come Friday or not.



Roo commented on NBA Jam Exclusive to HMV in UK:

Seeing as HMV is typically my first choice when it comes to video games - both buying them and selling them - this suits me just fine. Unfortunate for those who don't have an HMV close to them though - here in Scotland, they're mostly in the central belt.



Roo commented on Review: FIFA 11 (Wii):

This is still a decent game. Not quite as good as FIFA 10, but nevertheless, don't judge a book by it's cover, North America.



Roo commented on Review: Snowboard Kids (Nintendo 64):

Really good stuff. I still play it with my mates whenever we crack the N64 out. None of us mind that it's the Slowest Racing Game Of All Time at all.



Roo commented on Review: UN Squadron (Super Nintendo):

Oh yes! That opening level is a bit rough, but the rest of it is superb. Not a clue why this isn't on Virtual Console already - it's a classic.



Roo commented on NA Wii Shop Channel Updated:

Max and the Magic Marker = "critically acclaimed"?

Pfft. That was one of the most boring games I've ever played.



Roo commented on THQ Announces Big Beach Sports 2:

Contrary to everyone else here, I thought the first one was all right. There's better, of course. I'll pick this up if it's under a tenner.



Roo commented on Hands On: 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Though many didn't, I quite liked FIFA 10. However, irrespective of what EA try to do, FIFA on Wii will never be better than Pro Evo on Wii.

I'll get this nearer the World Cup - hopefully get a few quid off by June.



Roo commented on Review: Samba De Amigo (Wii):

"Slight control issues "? Pfft! That's the whopper of the century!

I don't think I've played a game that's been wrecked by the controls quite like this.



Roo commented on Review: Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Wii):

I thought the controls were solid in this one - among the best in the launch window, anyway. It's a good party game despite the number of iffy minigames, and as cheap as a real banana. 4/10 was putting the boot in.



Roo commented on Zaxxon:

Just to add as it's easily forgotten: this is an (easy) unlockable on the 2006 PS2/PSP Mega Drive Collection. If you've got that, no need for this!



Roo commented on Zaxxon:

This is the PAL 5/3/10 download game? Doesn't get much worse than this.