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Sun 27th Jan 2008

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Mixer152 commented on Final Fight 2:

I know Streets of Rage owes ALOT to Final Fight for its existance. But that boxart is a blatant rip off of the Streets of Rage 1 cover. and the Title screen looks exactly like SOR2



Mixer152 commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

I dont remember the controls being this bad, and I owned the original 64 cartridge (albeit I bought it after I did Melee so the stepdown isnt anything new to me). They really dont feel as sharp as I remember

The graphics havent aged well understandably, music is awesome as always (I actually prefer the more chiptune like sound of the BGM in this game as opposed to the Orchestral sound of Brawl)

Overall a very worthwhile purchase, I didnt even hesitate to download it even though I still own the original. Nostalgia at its finest



Mixer152 commented on Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition:

So theyres still alot of debate to this day which is the better version between this and SNES? haha

Well obviously I'll be a bit biased as this was the first game I ever owned. But I think they did a great job with this conversion. The music is really close to its native CPS1 arcade hardware (much more than that trumpet sounding snes crap). And sure the sound effects are really bad sound quality but if you can look past that you'll see that the core gameplay is still intact.

There are some combos you can do in this game that arent possible in the arcade one (well not that ive seen) i.e. doing a jumping kick and comboing it directy into a hurricane kick. good times!



Mixer152 commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

Having played Twilight Princess first I'm really struggling to get into this. Im a 2D gamer at heart but this is gonna take me a while to get used to.
I wouldnt go as far as saying its overrated, but I just hope I can enjoy it as much as everyone else one day.



Mixer152 commented on King of the Monsters:

I used to have this game on Megadrive, I hope theyll release that version one day. Unlikely though.



Mixer152 commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I first played this on GBA and boy did I love it. Who can forget the creepy mask chases, man that thing freaked me out.

This game can be pretty tough at times, like the sand digging parts to get to the bottom, those walking shyguys can be a pain is the ass.
Also worthwhile to note that the game has great music, Koji really outdid himself with this one, I would even go as far as to say I prefer the music to SMB3, which may be hard to believe but the only downside of the soundtrack is lack of tunes.



Mixer152 commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

Am I the only one who played the SNES version first? I really wish I hadnt. That really seems to take alot away from the experience for me, the downgrade in graphics and sound stands out so much more.

With Allstars ever so unlikely, I guess I better just get used to it (yes I know about emulators before someone suggests that)



Mixer152 commented on Super Mario Bros.:

This game can be really frustrating at times. Not necessarily cause its too hard, but if you lack patience and are quick to anger, this game will not do ur controllers any good.
Sometimes I just wanna breeze through levels but thats just me, this games still legendary though.



Mixer152 commented on Golden Axe III:

"Character design is generally pretty goofy, with some dumpy-looking enemy sprites possessing all the menace of a shaved poodle" that line was hilarious haha nice one.

Nah seriously though this games pretty poor compared to the first and second, and not really feeling the deserty theme, makes it look kinda crappy tbh



Mixer152 commented on Wonder Boy in Monster Land:

Yeah the old SMS box arts are pretty abysmal. I heard Wonderboy III Monster Lair was one of the worst WB games, but thats the only one Ive played and I really enjoyed it as a kid. This one doesnt look too different though. Im not sure whether to get it.



Mixer152 commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

Excellent news, it looks like the goods are finally being delivered.
Theyre leaving it late but Earthworm Jim and SFIICE are really dear to me. I hope they confirm the MD version of Lemmings one day, I would be in dreamland lol



Mixer152 commented on Earthworm Jim:

Finally damn! one of my favourite games ever, really brings back alot of great memories for me. But the game is really hard, I dont think I ever completed it I always got stuck on the Buttville stage as a kid.
Im just really happy its this version and not the SNES one (No fanboy)



Mixer152 commented on Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master:

I suck at shinobi games theyre too hard for me, I still downloaded this regardless as Ive heard nothing but good about it. Still yet to play through it properly but I will someday.

How comes Revenge of Shinobi still aint out yet it was one of the earliest and best games on the system, whats taking them so long.



Mixer152 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I'm really tempted to buy these Sonic games 1 by 1 one VC, even though I already have mega collection. The gamecube controller is just not cutting it.

I even bought that Hori thing for around £30 and the Dpad isnt all that, its like a bigger versions of the original GC one. I felt cheated.



Mixer152 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

I wish I had more will power, I always succumb to the temptation of using faqs when the puzzles get really hard lol. I first used one in Twilight Princess in that yeti temple, and to see how far ive got in the game (and I was shocked I was only half way).
It really makes you kick yourself when you see the solution.



Mixer152 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Yeah I had it on GameGear too so I'm really excited about this, never played this version before either.
Whens it coming our for EU?



Mixer152 commented on Super Fantasy Zone:

Love this game, just as hard as ever for me. I couldnt even pass the second stage as a kid lol.
Shoot Em Ups arent my style but I really like this game and it brings back great memories!



Mixer152 commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

It really is a shame, this was one of my favourite N64 games.
And the N64 selections right about now is quite poor, whats taking them so long, where's my Mario Golf lol



Mixer152 commented on Streets of Rage 3:

Yeah the laggy music makes it virtually unplayable for me. I cant play games muted either which is the only solution, and I'd rather not play it at all than that.



Mixer152 commented on Neo Turf Masters:

"I would not mind seeing EA's original PGA Golf on Genesis show up on the VC."

Took teh words right out of my mouth mate. PGA Tour Golf 2 or 3 please, one my favourite megadrive games of them all.
And how about Mario Golf 64 while were on the topic.



Mixer152 commented on Top 10 Puzzlers We Want To Come To The Virtual...:

"Lemmings had better music on the Snes" I disagree with that. The MegaDrive version wins in that department imo.
I would LOVE that game to be on VC, Ive never completed it to this day, I sucked at the Mayhem levels.



Mixer152 commented on Master System Games Coming to The VC!:

This is great news, I never owned a Master System but I DID have a GameGear and there were a few nice games, mainly the Sonic ones.
Would love to play them full screen



Mixer152 commented on Monster Lair:

Due to nostalgia of owning the Megadrive version (and Ive never played any other Wonder Boy's) I downloaded this once it became available.
First ive heard of the music and some of it is better than the megadrive one but not all suprisingly.
I gave this 4 stars based on nostalgia alone, its not the greatest game by all means but I had fun with it playing with a friend.



Mixer152 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Twilight Princess was the first Zelda I've owned (as I was a Sega owner up until Gamecube and it got me into the series. So I purchased this without question and am enjoying it alot. The dated graphics are a bit of a gripe but considering it was released in what 98? I can understand why it was so popular