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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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eagidni commented on N64 Controller Mod For Virtual Console:

i've been considering getting raph's cable for quite awhile now. i've found playing n64 games to be entirely impossible with the gamecube or classic controllers, especially in games like 'ocarina of time,' where the button layout is shown on the screen. it can get quite confusing... even moreso than turbografx games and their mention of the "run" button, heh.

i just hope the business the raphnet shop gets as a result of your mention will bring prices down, haha...



eagidni commented on Soul Blazer – The Virtual Console Release Th...:

shows what a pathetic gamer i am that when i read this article, tiny toon adventures is the name that actually grabbed my attention. that's the first mistake. the second mistake: i thought to myself, "man... i hope that means the tiny toons cartoon workshop is comin' to the vc!"

...truly pathetic!



eagidni commented on Yoshi's Story:

i hate to disagree with you drake, but i can't find yoshi's voice annoying, no matter how hard i try! to be fair, i never played this game... but his appearance in super smash bros. seemed like a natural evolution from his snes days. it looks like they yanked him directly from this game for that, so... i'd say i wouldn't mind playing this at all.



eagidni commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

these are the prices i've said should be standard for vc games for quite awhile now. granted, i've not said anything about it out loud, but... still. ;-D

anyway, i don't begrudge them the lower prices. i'm glad they're getting a piece of the wii glory in south korea!



eagidni commented on US VC Release - March 3rd - Super Turrican:

i always figured that as virtual console aged and grew in popularity, there would be larger amounts of games released each week. it's pretty unfortunate that this isn't the case, seeing as there are so many games that still need to be made available to today's generation of gamers... at this rate, they'll never see the light of day!

super turrican does look fun, though... if only i had 100 more wii points!



eagidni commented on Japan gets Wii SNES Pad:

mario/yoshi: gamecube games are, and will probably always be, too big for the virtual console. that's why the discs are all compatible with the system!

i agree with those that are craving a nintendo 64 model, anyway. it definitely would be more useful than the snes controller, though the snes (er... super famicon) one does look pretty. when asked about the possibility of a nintendo 64 controller for the wii, nintendo customer service says there are currently no plans for such a thing... too bad.

anyhow, forgive me if i've veered too far off topic, but... seems to have the only solution to these troubles thus far...



eagidni commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

i was in the hospital, five years old, quarantined because of suspected spinal meningitis. i had two spinal taps in one day. blood tests like clockwork.

then, i was handed a brand new copy of super mario brothers 3 for the nintendo entertainment system. it was pure joy in a yellow box. i don't know if i've ever been more thankful for a gift of its nature.

anywho... time to relive my glory days, haha.