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United States

Mon 28th Jan 2008

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Plan_B commented on Yoshi's Story:

dang! I can't believe I bought this game!!!
2/5 all the way! HORRIDABUUUUL!!! (horrible)



Plan_B commented on Wave Race 64:

I don't like the slippery controls or the overdone gravity...
but funny thing is... in the wii version, at the trophy awards scene, they show banners for the Wii & DS!
still, ok game, 3/5...



Plan_B commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

I don't agree... but thats only cause I suck at Twilight Princess (relitivly...)
But the second part... WELL worth the price(mostly with the Zelda Collection Disc)



Plan_B commented on Super Mario 64:

Best 3D platformer ever...
this game was a historic event...
I still remember when it came out...
EASY 5/5!



Plan_B commented on Sin and Punishment:

too bad this was never released for us. but I love it. an easy 5/5 score. This game is a "must have" for all of the wii owners. (the extra $2 is worth it!)



Plan_B commented on Pokemon Snap:

I used to love this game when I had an N64, but n64 or vurual console, its still just "3" material. "3 1/2" with the "to message bored" add on...