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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Will commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

Wow! Ducktales, that was a killer app. I'd love to play that one again. What about Rescue Rangers. I remember wanting that on my birthday way back when and my mom COULD NOT FIND IT! We went all over the place trying to find a copy but it was sold out everywhere (back when we all shopped at Montgomery Wards )



Will commented on US VC Releases - 4th June - Zelda II:

Not really thrilled about the games this week but Zelda II is a must play, I still own it on the NES but have never passed the final stage as I couldn't figure it out on my own. Last week was pretty darn good for those who never played Actraiser so I'm not complaining. Personally too busy playing a lot of Gamecube titles I missed out on the first time that have been going on sale everywhere including Paper Mario (GC) for $10 new at Nebraska Furniture Mart.



Will commented on Gradius III:

I absolutely loved this game. I used to go over to a buddies house and we'd try to get farther and farther through the game. Seemed that we'd get real far without losing and once we did it was impossible to move forward in the game (especially at the diagonal corridor level). I think the weapons system and bosses makes this game a classic and it wasn't too difficult to get through most of the first levels unlike R-Type games. Never was a huge R-Type fan the games seemed way to difficult for a casual shooter fan as myself but Gradius III was right up my alley. The only game that I thought was as addicting would have to be Einheinder. I'd recommend this one to any fan of the genre.



Will commented on US VC Releases - 16th April - Punch Out!!:

Haven't downloaded anything yet because I'm swamped trying to keep up with all the games I'm playing. Super Paper Mario, very cool, not what it appears at face value. Plus I'm juggling Metroid Prime Echoes and Marvel Alliance. Definately going to pick up Punch Out! and Pac-Man/Actraiser when they hit here. All I gotta say is patience for those still waiting on games released in other countries. It seems there is a formula to the releases. It does change but you can almost assume that games released in the UK will hit the states within a month or so. No need to get upset over why the game hasn't hit yet, just know that it eventually will but not the following weeks.
Its crazy to think that we're getting so antsy week to week when back in the day I used to play the same 3 games over and over on my NES as I only maybe got a game for myself, Christmas, and my birthday. Sometimes more isn't always better in order to appreciate titles, I've always believed that. As for VENOM I and most of us don't know what types of games you like so how are we supposed to point you in the right direction. There seems to be more variety than ever for a console that has been out for only 6 months. Plus consider the system was counted out from the beginning and virtually had no 3rd party support. The games will come in these things usually take a year on any console.



Will commented on US VC Releases - 9th April - Alex Kidd:

The whinning is getting tiresome. How bout this idea. Go out and buy Paper Mario an actual brand new game with awesome reviews. Then you won't have to complain about not getting your favorite ancient release. Getting exactly what you want defeats the point of the VC in my opinion. Its about playing new games that were beloved back in the day. Not getting the uber classic that everyone and their Grandma has already played. Consider this, how could Nintendo make as much money releasing a Zelda title in which everyone has when they can double dip on a cult classic that most people only heard about? I sure as hell haven't bought a lot of the top Nintendo releases because as a gamer, I already own them. Oh yeah, what are waiting for. Go buy Paper Mario already and you won't have to worry about the VC release for at least a few weeks. Maybe Punch-Out will be out by then and you won't have to complain for another whole week.



Will commented on Star Fox 64:

You can't hit the HOME button. Like all 64 releases the wiimote has no control once the emulator starts running. You can't even power down your system with the remote. Its sorta annoying and I wish they would start updating aspects of the VC especially the lack of features that transfer over on 64 games like rumble.



Will commented on US VC Releases - 2nd April - Star Fox 64:

If indeed it is a licensing issue between US and EU games I feel that Nintendo should take the hit so as not to look cheap by posting some games at 500 and others at 600. That's just sad to me that they would even consider changing their standard pricing. I originally thought they were trying to squeeze a penny with TMNT in theatres and all.



Will commented on Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV:

I don't understand all the griping on the boards, sounds like a Nintendo's finally releasing something that serves the point of the VC in my opinion. A game that I won't get tired of because I've played it a gazillion times. Why do people want games they already own? I want games like this one that were hard to find or had a limited run. Sounds like Civilizations. If so, this game will be highly addictive.