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Thu 14th Jun 2012

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chickenmaddy commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:

This game is another successful Zelda game. I have to say, I was expecting a bit more from this game when I saw the game trailer at E3. Everybody's reaction to the TP trailer was the same; shocked, excited and just over all amazed. This game is very dark but that is the theme of the game, many people say it's too dark, but isn't that the point? The twili is supposed to make everything seem gloomy. I like this art style for this particular game, not for every single Zelda game. But this art style was perfect for TP. I like change of graphics and evolution of art style throughout the Zelda series. I loved this game to death and is defiantly one of the best games on the Wii. The story blew me away, Midna, I fell in love with when she was first introduced in the game. Some of the scenes in this game gave me chills and literally almost had me shed some tears. Really cool items, creepy bosses (A little easy), the over world was HUGE but I loved it, it made it seem like it was a living breathing world. So much detail.... and it goes a long way. Love it Love it Love it. One thing I didn't care for much about this game was the music, the music wasn't as great as some of the other Zelda games. Don't get me wrong, there are so REALLY good songs in this game, but some of them were forgettable. I also like how Nintendo attempted to explore just a bit on voice acting (Midna especially). I could go on and on about this game. So good. 10/10! Keep up the good work Nintendo!



chickenmaddy commented on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks:

This game blew me away. Wow. The over world music was very catching and had me humming the tune all day long. Would LOVE to see Zelda with a big role like this in future Zelda games!



chickenmaddy commented on The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass:

This game deserves a lot more credit than it gets from other fans. It was the first Zelda game on DS, sure, it was far from perfect but the game was still amazing and fun and unique. Sure the Temple of the Ocean King was a pain, but Nintendo later improved on the later DS game "Spirit Tracks". I love Linebeck in this game, very unique. I love the boat, sailing is a lot more faster. Lots of places to explore. The only thing I didn't like about this game was the Temple of the Ocean King. Some parts of it was great! Don't get me wrong, the Temple of the Ocean King was a GREAT idea, but the redoing the parts of the temple you already did was the part I didn't really like about it. I give this game a 9/10. Great game, everyone should own it. Love it!



chickenmaddy commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

One of the best Zelda games, not my absolute favorite but it is still and always well be a classic. This game was just amazing, especially at that time. The graphics show their age, but a true Zelda fan doesn't let the graphics decided whether the game is good or not. It's the content in the game that makes the game. And this has a load of content that will keep you busy throughout the whole experience. One of my favorite dungeons are in this game and I have to say, despite of it being really creepy and eerie, the Shadow temple was creative, the creatures were hideous! (Especially the Dead Hand or whatever it's called), I was sad that Nintendo took at some of the blood in the 3DS version to make it rated E. I didn't think it was too much, it was the perfect amount. Nintendo didn't overdo it. Zelda isn't supposed to be a gory gut game, but still having the blood stains on the floor and monster added a little spice to things. Either way this game is amazing, everyone should own it. It's a classic, like I said earlier and the story and content in this game is just unforgettable. Thank you Nintendo for such a wonderful game. This game is more than a decade old and it still never gets old to me!



chickenmaddy commented on Animal Crossing: City Folk:

Fun game to play when you are wanting to play something relaxing and to pass time. Not something I could play for hours upon hours but perfect for an hour or 2. I love this game and hope to see more come out of it in the future. The city, in my opinion is a little disappointing, very similar to DS version. Almost exactly the same.



chickenmaddy commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

I love Zelda. Best Video game series ever. As much as I would love to have 3 or more Zelda games come out, I honestly think that would be a bad idea. I am willing to wait for a good game, with a good story and content instead of a bunch of shorter games with decent content. I honestly fell in love with Skyward Sword, I haven't finished it yet, but the story motivates me to keep on playing. It sure grabbed my heart. Every Zelda game ever made, in my opinion, is great and amazing in my eyes, some better than others. Skyward Sword defiantly goes in my top 3! GO NINTENDO!



chickenmaddy commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I would love to see like what some of the people said on here a Wind Waker 2, it takes place after Wind Waker BUT before Phantom Hourglass! I would love to still have some of the same characters from Wind Waker, ESPECIALLY TETRA AND THE PIRATES. Tetra is my favorite Zelda character and I would love to see maybe having her as your companion for the game. A lot of people might disagree with me, but that is what personally I would like for Nintendo to at least try. I love the cell shaded graphics and I honestly love it out of all the styles in the Zelda series. Very creative and very beautiful. Would love to see a little romance between Tetra and Link as well