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Fri 4th Jul 2008

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Mipsymoodle commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

This really sucks. I hate WiiWare. There are NO good games for the service. Every WiiWare game I have downloaded and I mean EVERY game has disappointed me. The Virtual Console is great because of the many classics and pure nostalgia. I think its time I buy a PS3 unfortunately. Maybe my Nintendo fanboy days are over.
I'm going to e-mail NOA right now and I swear if I get the same reply I won't be too happy. There are countless games developed, published, and released by Nintendo and their support teams. Where are the games?



Mipsymoodle commented on Super Mario Kart:

Oh my God...the Mario Kart series of games has to be one of the best franchises ever. IMO, Mario Kart Wii is the best and 64 is a close second but I used to have this on the SNES before it broke and it was one of my favorite games and since I've just had it on an emulator. But now that its on a real platform I'm so excited. I can't use my laptop keys anymore. I want to use a controller. The minute this comes out I'm downloading it!

And BTW, the music on this one is the greatest over each Mario Kart game with the exception of 64.



Mipsymoodle commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

Is the Virtual Console on the Slide?

Well, unfortunately, yes. Or, at least that's how it seems. Let's be honest here. The content of the Wii Shop Channel is turning. NOA (and i guess NOE-I don't pay too much attention to European releases) is focusing on WiiWare. And as above states, some people don't like WiiWare games. I'm one of them. I really don't like WiiWare. I've downloaded 4 games from the service. And all of them I play for about 3 days and I'm done. So I've stopped buying WiiWare games. I have 1500 points remaining and I don't see anything else worth buying. And since this one-game-per-week streak, I'll never get anything worth buying. I thrilled that Super Smash Bros. is coming soon but think about it. Look at the coming soon list. Two other N64 titles have been there for at least a year. In that case, SSB may never come out.
In the end, Nintendo SHOULD focus more on the Virtual Console. 2007 was a good year. I'm hoping for another one like it but I think 2009 will be even worse than '08.



Mipsymoodle commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2009:

@ tim2g (#58)

how could you possibly say Brawl is the worst - i have friends who say melee is better and im shocked by it because brawl is the same game but better graphics, more characters, and more gameplay options but at least they say brawl is better than the original - you are obviously one of those people who hate sequals - so heres a question to ANYONE:

How are SSB on the N64 and SSBM on the GCN better than SSBB on the Wii?

I would love to know!

EDIT: By the way, I do love the original - i give it 5/5 stars - but this tim2g really surprised me by saying brawl was the worst



Mipsymoodle commented on USA VC Update: Phantasy Star IV:

How disappointing and ridiculous. Remember the good ol' days? If I remember correctly, there was even a 4 game release week! Wow. It's shocking, isn't it? Everyone was pleased with the releases in 2007. Why did they stop? Honestly, I WAS expecting a Christmas gift or something. I never had a Genesis or any Sega systems for that matter but I hear this is a good game. However, I want the classic NINTENDO games. Hell, I can't remember the last NES game released. The SNES has had some good games coming out, I'll give 'em that. And for the N64... the last two games released were Mario Golf and Pokemon Puzzle League. Remember Pokemon Puzzle League? Back from like April I believe.

In these recent weeks, it appears that Sega took over. There's been a COMPLETE change of course in the way the Virtual Console has been managed. Sega and SNK have released numerous games recently. And Nintendo is just standing back and making WiiWare games. I HATE WIIWARE GAMES!!!!! All Wiiware games are flash games that can be easily found somewhere on the internet or at least something like it. Only Nintendo-based series like Dr. Mario manage to make semi-good games.

So in conclusion,
Nintendo should go back to the golden days of the Virtual Console. This one game a week (arguably one terrible game a week) streak needs to end.



Mipsymoodle commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

Why is this happening. This is a total nightmare. I am thinking about abandoning the VC. Honestly. I have an Xbox 360 and although I don't particularly like Live Arcade, they've really boosted their library. They just released Banjo-Kazooie. I mean the VC hasn't even released Banjo yet and it was on the N64. Speaking of which, are they ever going to release the classics on that system? I thought NOA was just abandoning the N64 but it looks like they've abandoned the idea of the Virtual Console in general. There are so many possible games yet they continue to blow my mind away and release terrible games like Space Harrier, Boogerman, and now this. This is pathetic. I'm done.



Mipsymoodle commented on Mega Man 3:

i cannot play this game. it is too hard. i finally beat my first level is a GREAT game



Mipsymoodle commented on SimCity:

I like this game but I suck at for that reason I give it a 3/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Enduro Racer:

i don't know...especially compared to Excitebike...i don't think i'll be getting this one



Mipsymoodle commented on Ecco The Dolphin:

i just bought this off Xbox Live Arcade cuz i had some extra points left over and its not THAT bad.....i mean it gets boring after like a half hour of play but its a good challenge
i mean i cant even get passed level 3 lol but w/e
I'd give Ecco 3/5 stars.



Mipsymoodle commented on Mario Golf:

Thank God. A Nintendo 64 title. I have never played this but I got it just because I was craving some N64. It's a good game. I wish I had it when I had a N64 because I had the Game Boy version of the game and I hear the GB game and the N64 game are interchangeable.

Mario Golf: 5/5 stars.

It's a really good game. It is easy to learn but it takes a while to master. It is easily one of the greatest golf games I've played other than the Tiger Woods games.



Mipsymoodle commented on Review: Toki Tori:

this was my first wiiware game i have 2...this and my aquarium...this game is great but my aquarium is eh...Toki Tori (4/5) My Aquarium (2/5)



Mipsymoodle commented on ActRaiser:

Everybody always talked about how great this game was but I've never actually played it but it looked good so I got it anyway. It turns out that I love this game. I love BOTH gameplay portians. It's like Sim City mixed with a platformer. It's great. 5/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Super Mario 64:

if not the greatest then close to the greatest game of all time. it was innovative, fun, and best of all mario. i failed to beat this game before my N64 broke but i beat it quickly when i got it on the virtual console. i just couldnt stop playing it. some people say ocarina of time was the greatest and game of all time and obviouly the greatest of the N64 but i personally prefer this over ocarina of time. truth is i dont even like ocarina of time too much



Mipsymoodle commented on USA VC Releases: Mega Man and Neo Turf Masters:

i have never played a megaman game surprisingly but everyone seems to love it so ill get it and maybe ill fall in love with the blue bomber and on the contrary i like golf games so ill probably get neo turf masters



Mipsymoodle commented on Hardware Focus - Commodore 64:

commodore 64 is a europe exclusive, MSX a japan exclusive, when do americans get an exclusive, i want something unneccessary and random like the virtual boy, i mean who wants that, nobody, but maybe Mario Clash, teehee



Mipsymoodle commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

i had a super nintendo that broke, it was my first game system and i loved it so much. i missed the good super nintendo days until recently and now i have all my games back



Mipsymoodle commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

i had a N64 and it broke so i buy the VC games now but i mean really, we need more N64 games on it, it is terrible, Nintendo could add Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium, Majora's Mask, Super Smash Bros, so many oppurtunities even without RARE support



Mipsymoodle commented on Bomberman '93:

this was my first TG-16 game for the VC
i never owned a TG-16 so only because it was a bomberman title, i downloaded this
i love it, great multiplayer
i might get another TG-16 game



Mipsymoodle commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

this is just making me sad
we in the u.s. were supposed to get it and then you guys in europe get it which makes not getting worse just knowing that other people are playing it
why, nintendo, why



Mipsymoodle commented on Vegas Stakes:

i finally got it......its surprisingly good
it is one of the best casino sims ive ever played but i still only give it 4/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

i dont know why but i actually like this version better than the genesis version
i like the fact that u have to collect the chaos emeralds on the course



Mipsymoodle commented on Ecco Jr.:

i cant imagine how many people actually bought this, sending out educational games are like spitting in someones mouth



Mipsymoodle commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

this is just a joke on the virtual console customers, there are so many f***in games to put out and this is what nintendo gave us, 1/5, id give it a 0 but its not an option, TOP 20 WORST GAMES IN THE HISTORY OF GAMING



Mipsymoodle commented on Cruis'n USA:

its an OK game, 3/5, id prefer exotica but this will do because i did want one of the cruisin games, they are fun to play with friends but single player is just terrible



Mipsymoodle commented on Pac-Man:

Pac-Man, let's say best game of all time, not that its that great of a game, its just that i think it is the most popular gae of all time, nobody can really HATE pac-man



Mipsymoodle commented on Kirby's Adventure:

Almost Hands Down Best NES Game.......the only competition in that category is Super Mario Bros. 3..............5/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

i wouldnt consider the Genesis/Mega Drive to be better than the super nintendo but it was still friend still has one and all we play are the sonic games........but sonic 3 is my favorite.......4/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

i never liked this game yet i still got it for VC which is stupid.......i just felt like i should have it and now i hate it even of the worst mario games of all time.........only good thing that came out of it were shy guys and birdo and mouser and birdo and mouser arent even big additions to the Mario Bros. Series.......2/5 cuz i like shy guys



Mipsymoodle commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

this game is unbelievable.........i have a hard time giving NES games 5 stars but this one could get 6 if they made favorite game from the NES and one of my favorite games of all time.............5/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Vegas Stakes:

my snes broke when i was 6 but i still had this dad played it all the time and he loved it all i remember is that i liked to run up the down didnt rate it yet cuz i dont remeber much else



Mipsymoodle commented on Yoshi's Story:

my favorite childhood game but now that im older its still great but i dont love it as much ...........i still give it a 5/5



Mipsymoodle commented on Paper Mario:

One Of The Greatest Games Of All Time..........In My Opinion, It Is The Best On The Nintendo 64