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Sat 12th Jul 2008

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Digiki commented on Monsters Abound in Terry's Wonderland 3D Trailer:

I agree with the others, the original source material was incredible and likely won't be topped by this. As such I'm glad to see that they have added a ton of stuff and changed this up. Because if it being nearly the same just worse there's little reason for it to exist, whereas this looks pretty sweet!



Digiki commented on In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent:

Without permanent death FE loses a lot of its soul, and becomes closer to any old strategy game.
Permanent death ends up making players be more strategic because there are consequences for poor decisions. Due to the added pressure to play smart, it became quite easy to develop better tactics, with characters reviving after every chapter all semblance of difficulty would be gone.



Digiki commented on Review: Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64):

Easily the best single player kart game around, with two people it was still pretty incontestable with twinventure and all the other awesome cheats.
Four-player multiplayer stacked up pretty well, but when everyone knows MK64 and not so many know DKR it's harder to get a solid group.
The lack of rubber-banding and lack of cheap weaponry for the unskilled was a sweet competition booster, doesn't help accessibility, but to be honest in MK64 you're still going to lose the vast majority just you get to piss everyone else in the process



Digiki commented on Talking Point: Nintendo has Nothing to Fear fr...:

Personally, I think that the App Store is a perfect replacement for a significant portion of the DS library. Yes there are lots of phenomenal games across various genres that an iDevice would not be able to do, however there are a lot that it easily does better and at a fraction of the cost.

If the game isn't a phenomenal must-have on the DS (or soon to be 3DS), the App Store will almost always have a suitable replacement. I personally don't use my DS too much since I don't want to carry it around to just play games, whereas with my iPad I nearly always have it with me!

I've been getting an awesome Pokemon fix with my DS in the past few days, and intent to for a while longer though <3



Digiki commented on Mario Kart Without Items Isn't Mario Kart, Tha...:

I like the blue shell enough in 64, it didn't do much more than a regular shell, and it could hit everyone in front of you. The infrequency was nice.

Whereas in DS and Wii, it has just become just stupidly overpowered and frequent. In Wii with the 12 racers, all the weapons nearly ruin the game.



Digiki commented on Review: Bomberman Hero (Virtual Console / Nint...:

I'd give it an easy 8 personally, probably wouldn't quite push it up to a 9.
I found the vehicle stages a nice change of pace, snowboarding was always my favourite! I can agree that the submarine stages were a bit too slow to continue to be fun after multiple plays, but I wouldn't personally call them a bother.



Digiki commented on Europe, Blow Up with Bomberman Hero on Friday:

My favourite Bomberman game, having a great single-player mode is something most of the other games is a trait most of the other games are no where near possessing.

There's a ton to like, but there are a few annoying bits too, definitely a worthwhile purchase for 3D platformer fans though!



Digiki commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

_The vid you showed wasn't demonstrating anything broken at all. It's simply showing ledge grab distance. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it slightly larger for characters in Brawl, but there's nothing broken about it.
The worst thing about Melee was the endless Fox on Fox battles that bore the living hell out of me._

Sure it's not broken, but it doesn't make any sense and looks embarrassing.
Evidently you know little about Melee as despite Fox being the best (by not much, and he does have unfavourable matchups), he's never been the most used character, nor is he a character that wins tournaments.
Whereas in Brawl it's Metaknight the vast majority of the time.
Then add to the fact that in tournament Melee battles are quick and aggressive, whereas Brawl is all about stall.
I responded with respect to the metagame seeing as how that's likely what you're talking about, seeing as how whining about a character being spammed in person is silly because you'd be complaining about something you'd be taking part in, not that complaining about stuff of no relevance to you is of any benefit either, but it's more common to see.



Digiki commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

I prefer having room to think about my game over a full-on spam fest, and I'm no casual. Melee was broken in some ways, and obviously not balanced, which led to people taking the hardcore approach way too far and taking all the fun out of the game.

Please provide supporting points to your erroneous claims. To be fair, I called your claims erroneous so I'll support why they are.

1) Spam-fest. Brawl is more haphazard than Melee, in Melee if you spam you're getting killed most of the time pretty easily if your opponent has much skill. In Brawl lots of moves are much more spamable, than anything in Melee, Pikachu & Wolf projectiles, Pit's side-B, and Ike's huge power provide much more mindless carnage than anything in Melee.

2) Melee broken? How so? I can show you a way Brawl is broken:
Brawl has plenty of glitches and exploits, but most of Brawl's are character specific, whereas Melee's benefited the full cast, and actually more often than not the worse characters more than the better one's decreasing the gap in character ability, for example wavedashing was most helpful on Luigi, who without it is terrible since he's super floaty.

3) Melee has significantly better balance than Brawl, hence why it has lasted so long competitively, whereas Brawl has not since Metaknight is so much better than every other character. Neither game is incredibly well balanced although Melee has 11 tourney viable characters, whereas Brawl has Metaknight, and then like 12 characters who are decent competition for each other but not Metaknight



Digiki commented on There May Never Be Another Smash Bros. as Hard...:

It baffles me that Sakurai had any part of SSB or SSBM.

Was Melee a really hard game? To get everything it was pretty tough, to play in general, not at all. It's a fair amount faster, and the game didn't do anything for you, but general gameplay wasn't significantly harder.

Sakurai tried to narrow the skill gap with Brawl, and failed. The better players will still win easily just as often as in Melee, the only difference is that it takes twice as long, but that added time is wasted as the game plays slower. In Melee you spent just as long fighting, you spent less time floating around.

Sakurai's vision is one I despise with a passion, "I'm going to make a competitive game, but try to keep it as uncompetitive as I can!"



Digiki commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

Meh, for $8 I'd give it a 6. I'd give the iPhone version that I spent $3 on a 7.0.

It mostly consists of running around, bashing the action button, while looking at occasional interesting scenery.

Edit: Also it's reasonable to assume that most people would be it within 15 hours.



Digiki commented on Hey Square Enix, Let Obsidian Develop a Chrono...:

they'll turn it into a third-person shooter with god-awful character models and no difficulty whatsoever.

This was a dumb assumption, and one third of it is already applicable, if anything it would likely gain some difficulty.
Which would change it from two reasons against it, to one reason for and one against.



Digiki commented on Triple Trouble in this New Pokemon Black & Whi...:

Now they should let us have more Pokemons that we can carry to battle. I call for at least nine.

What? Personally, a drop to five would be reasonable if they decided to remove the need for HM slaves. Yes, people would complain and moan much, but in the grand scheme of things it could be balanced just fine (and realistically it is already more balanced towards groups of five already).



Digiki commented on Sony Doesn't Want Failed Wii Games on Move, Th...:

I'm not sure why this is posted here.

[EDIT: Definitely don't need personal insults thrown around, Digiki. Certainly not three in the same comment. Let's cool it down a little, eh? Thanks in advance. - le mods]



Digiki commented on Marth Returns as New Fire Emblem for DS Announced:

Well so far Marth's track record on the DS is 100% crappy games. If this is only book 2 from FE3, then I can almost assure you this will also be crap.

Perhaps is this is a remake of FE3, in full, then it could have potential.



Digiki commented on Lords of Shadow to Feature Classic Nintendo Ca...:

The new Castlevania will feature new versions of old songs?

Wow, I never would've guessed they've only been recycling the music forever. (Which is great since the recycled songs are always the phenomenal ones)



Digiki commented on Review: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii):

When the original Sin and Punishment was passed over for Western release back in 2000 it marked one of the cruellest injustices video gaming has ever experienced.
What a joke :0

Unfortunately the art direction is much the same as the original's vile one.