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Sun 13th Dec 2009

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geno94 commented on Mario Kart 64:

Man, I remember renting this from blockbuster and thinking it was amazing, the graphics at the time blew my mind, and I eventually bought it. 11 years later, I decided to dig out the n64 and give this game ago. This game has not aged well at all.



geno94 commented on EarthBound:

Hope they don't release this at the end of the wii's life span



geno94 commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

Great article, personally, I think ps1 was better than the n64, mainly because of metal gear solid and ff7, but the n64 had some great games to, like goldeneye and super smash bros.



geno94 commented on Final Fantasy:

Not to sure if I want to spend 500 points on this, heard it is extremly difficult and unfare.