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Mon 28th Jan 2008

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uncle_smuck commented on Ten Games We'd Like To See On The Virtual Cons...:

How many of these games will actually be released?. I shall be holding my breath until new year. I can see us getting a few N64 games but not the ones we want. And as for saturn support...why not? Oh and what about Jaguar games? that had some superb games. alien vs preditor, tempest, theme park, brutal sports football..... I cant bring any more to mind.....
If the VC ever gets Mega CD they have to bring thunderhawlk to the VC!



uncle_smuck commented on WiiWare World - Best of 2008:

World Of Goo was without doubt the best game on wii this year. Apart from SSBB which wasn't really my cup of tea and No more hero's, the wii has seriously underpreformed this year. World of Goo is an absolute triumph. And quite possibly has one of the best musical score's ever in videogame history. Do better next year NIntendo!



uncle_smuck commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

Oh dear! This game was the first game i ever bought. Not very good if i remember. Yeah Nintendo really is putting the boot into America. I think the days of 4-5 games a week are long gone. Europe will endure the same hardship when it catches up with America. We are in for dire times my friends! And we need not complain because Nintendo will just not listen. Remember our summer of disscontent? This may well be our winter of epic disscontentment ! We are in for a cold cold winter! I wonder if a year from now the VC will have left folks minds forever?



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Releases: Mayhem in Monsterland and More:

ach looks like the VC is slipping again! Slipping like a one legged man on an ice rink! Or slipping like the gradual decline of Lilly savage's looks.....she used to be so womanly!
Now she just looks like a man!



uncle_smuck commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

Does anyone actually know who is in control of the VC? ( I still think the cat with the cheese on its head contols all!) As we all know Nintendo are the most secretive games company around and they NEVER EVER listen to fans. Is there actually any way they would listen or give in to fan pressure? Past instances show that the company has never ever given into nintendo owners. So is complaning about this a waste of time?

BTW I think the cat must be off sick or on holiday because even the cat never made a blunder like this.


@ tony Classic imagery! i snorted coffee out of my nose i laughed so much



uncle_smuck commented on Mega Man Finally Out On Monday In USA:

Oh you will pay! will all pay!......mark my words With such a good week everyone is going to get some pile of crap in the next few months....if im wrong i'll eat my two piece.



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Update - International Karate +:

@ rexy i aim to please......then usualy miss!
@ bass My genitailia will never be uncovered.........sadly it has never been uncovered.........Boom boom
If chris Tarrant was posting comments he would say, "its only good if you know them" ie. in realtion to games not on multiple choice questions.



uncle_smuck commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

shoot em ups aint my bag ladies but nevermind, would like to see some SNES or N64 games but hey i'd like to moonwalk so that aint gonna happen soon. Just a wee note on the Eu psn.. i thought nintendo let us wii owners down sometimes but sony dropped a clanger with the full movie downloads only being available in America. The EU will recive the service NEXT YEAR not good!!! So really all this bitching about nintendo is a bit unfair.
(i realise that i have been guilty of this crime in the past) just keep em coming ninty!



uncle_smuck commented on US VC Releases - 14th July - Donkey Kong 3:

Nintendo is on to a winner with the casual market. It doesn't need gamers who want the Zelda's metroid's and games with real depth. Who could blame them? Why struggle being "hardcore" when the wii is selling so well thanks to the casuals. If i had a buisness that was working outstandingly well why would i risk losing money changing audience direction?

"If i had a buisness!! god help me!"



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:

@ rexy
Yeah what i meant was i've spent a grand on games, accessories and the VC and really i expected Nintendo to really push the boundries. They haven't... i know everyone loves Zelda, Mario Galaxy, SSBB mario kart ect. But wheres the new ideas? Where's the new concepts? And i don't see why us Europeans should respect them as a company when they screw us over time and time again. a six month wait for SSBB? why? A eight or nine year wait for sin and punishment! and don't forget the haloed SMRPG! The way i see it Nintendo either doesn't care about europe or hates europe....So it gets right up my jakobs when europeans defend them. Don't get me wrong some europeans may see it completly differently to me and fair enough but i've totally had it with nintendo.
I relise that this site is solely for the VC and most of my rants are totally irrelivant but its better to look at the bigger picture to try to understand the whole anti-european thing.
@ Demond you raise some good points about the VC and i respect your opinion's.
Make slow scummy love people not war



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:

@ barbra the demon.
Ha ha ha...... Uncle smuck will never be silenced ever!!! ha ha ha
I hate the VC! it doesn't forfill my VC needs and until it does i will complain!!! I have spent over a grand on my wii and they haven't delivered!!! Must go i hear a baby lamb being sacrificed!!!! ha ha ha !!!! whoop



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Releases - 11th July - Neo Geo Duo:

Oh dear two games?? What.....what happened to the five? Nintendo keeps fuc%ing with my head stop it.....stop it now.

@ Quimby i feel your abuse. They are so very very cold! If nintendo were married i'd feel for its partner.

Partner: Whats wrong Nintendo why wont you open up to me?




uncle_smuck commented on EU WiiWare Update: My Pokémon Ranch and Pop:

Ach better than a poke in the eye with a pair of stilettos. Not much today. pOp really aint up to much and the pokemon ranch looks like about as fun as snogging your uncle. Still its good there coming out.......(the wii ware games not your uncle!) Right im off to douse a cat in various combination of cheeses......and when the cops ask....i just say i saw it on VC reviews



uncle_smuck commented on No WiiWare Games For Europe This Friday:

Na ha folks. 5VC games aint that bad. (well half of them could be called a big steaming pile of ...). Still its games innit! Not to impressed with Wiiware so far and im still waiting for wii waffle on wiiware. A 3-D waffle house simulatiuon. Flip your waffle in your poncy coffee/star/waffly/bucks cafe. Yeah right in the face of a disgruntled German tourist!!!! ................all to feed your ever so cool coke habit. Man iam i still drunk?



uncle_smuck commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

Oh dear. The cat with the cheese on its head has seized control once again! Congratualations must go to VC reviews for some fantastic picures for threads cheer me up on days like this. i wont comment on this latest farce. Im going to pretend it didn't happen.



uncle_smuck commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

Perhaps one of the reasons XBL has smaller developers is because they can afford to have the crappy games on show. i dont have XBL but isn't there a subscription fee of around £50 quid? Nintendo needs to make a profit on its wii ware games because its online service is free Therefore they only put out quality games. OR games that they are sure to appeal to a certain market EG Pokemon farm and that quiz show game.



uncle_smuck commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

What the hell is this guy going on about? serriously.

"Most of the people are happy with what they have. Of course, we could increase our technology and add a hard drive, but then what we lose is simplicity and accessibility, which is one of the important things for us. We want our consoles to be easy to access and not cause headaches."

Most "Hardcore" (god i hate that word) gamers would have no problem putting a hard drive add-on to their wii's. People that are into the VC, wii ware or dare i say it downloadable content want a storage answer. Why not, if nintendo is winning the console wars, make a storage facillity available? The happy go lucky wii sports and wii fit family owners aren't maybe that intrested in the VC good for them. But there are lots of gamers who want this made available. Why not try to keep everyone happy? The wii is printing money for nintendo would a hard drive add on not make a proffit? They must be rolling in money just now!? I aint no maketing buisness type person but i don't think they would inccur a loss on a storage facillity. I know what's coming next from this guy.

"If our geeky gamers are having trouble storing their precious virtual console content why not buy another wii. Go on fill my pokets!! you scumbags! I need to feed my baby seal clubbing habbit with the cash i make from you geeky tarts" *

*purely unfounded nonsense (as not to inccur a lawsuit)



uncle_smuck commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

I still think nintendo has somthing against europeans. SSBB may be the dogs testies but how would we know? These days we live in a world where everyone wants everything now...Its a real shame. I don't mind waiting for a bus or a pig to give birth. The bus has a route it must run before getting to me (Ps i hate public transport it smells like the inside of my granny's mouth) the pig will give birth when good and ready unless induced with a vindaloo. The point is i (we) can wait for somthing when there is a reason behind the wait or delay. Dont anyone try and tell me that goes for SSBB. And the whole master system thing i agree with. It can't be denied that Nintendo whether intentional or not has made lots of europeans very annoyed. (oh and my granny would make me polish her gold capped teeth with brasso every sunday night.)



uncle_smuck commented on EU - 6th June - No Virtual Console Games!:

holy tits! us europeans really are treated like a bag full of used condoms. i really thought nintendo had changed since the wii came i was wrong like your transvestite dad at a wedding. you are family but no one speaks to you. a dirty little secret that you keep covered up. but i shouldnt worry. the whole way us europeans are treated (see the whole super smash bros brawl fiasco) and nintendos obvious detested outlook at europe.
i have joined sony and the ps3. there online store is really impressive with psone games every week and loads of demos and original games. this is how the vc should be run. not by a cat!



uncle_smuck commented on WiiWare Publishers Lament Release Date Shambles:

Nintendo have millions of folks pulling their hair out. Why? Why? after becoming the top dog in the console wars would they kick people in the nuts!!! thats right kicking you in the nuts then laughing and taking your wife out for a steak dinner!! They had YEARS to plan Memory upgrade for the wii!! and years to stop No.1 screwing EU gamers over release dates! No.2 Being the biggest bunch of morons ever for not releasing release dates. No.3 Super Smash bros brawl..........................6 months!!!! 6months !!!!!!!!!!!!! i have waited................fact im so angry screw it who wants this gimicky blue flashing annoying little kids toy anyway its not worth the effort!!!!!............ps3 here i come "is there room on your bandwaggon?" PS3: "Ah yes disgruntled white box owner come and join us, our online service it the dogs but our console picks up too much dust", Me: "Oh thank you i'll never betray you again faceless corporation!!!" TA da!



uncle_smuck commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

I disagree that Nintendo is using a great marketing ploy. If iam not mistaken many VC users like myself will become bored of the one game a week idea or the lack of (like another comment made) a real quality title on the last month.
Nintendo has released some fantastic games so far but because things are slowing up people like myself are checking for updates less and finaly proberly wont on a regular basis. Its the same with anything...If it becomes too boring people will lose intrest. Or i could be wrong and sitting writing this in a mental home!
OH and i like the VC voting channel idea.



uncle_smuck commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

The N64 woke nintendo up. The Videogames market Had a major shift towards 20 somthing gamers in the mid nintees. It became fashionable for older people to play computergames. Nintendo drastically read the market wrong. This compliled with the rediclous idea of STILL using carts and the cost of manufacturing them it nearly cost nintendo dear. The ONLY thing that kept them going was the Gameboy. Saying that, it produced THE game many FPS are modeled on today.....Goldeneye. The First ever fully 3-D game, Mario 64. And the best game ever Ocarina of time. I have to say the only game that has come close to that "Nintendo magic" since then was Mario Galaxy. VCR Got it spot on it's the games you remember not the system!



uncle_smuck commented on New WiiWare game - Pop:

Good god. Is this the best they can do!?! Nnoooobody will pay good money for a bubble popping simulation. How about a mugging simulatior. Where you mug the presedent of nintendo available to european wii owners only. Sweet dreams are made of this..........



uncle_smuck commented on New Duck Hunt Coming to WiiWare?:

Who gives a crap! If this is real then Nintendo needs a slap around the chops!!. Using the same idea as a game that is 23years old needs serrious slapping....or other midly degrading light physical assault. Anyway it should be a full 3D duck hunt with snipers and all. Nice I Want some wii ware!!!



uncle_smuck commented on Virtua Fighter 2:

Oh dear.....Lesson for VC enthusiasts... DO NOT DOWNLOAD GAMES WHILE DRUNK!! AVOID LIKE PLAUGE!



uncle_smuck commented on Punch-Out!!:

This game has a great amount of depth and it's tough as nails. A masterpiece if a little too hard!!!



uncle_smuck commented on Paper Mario:

After the dissapointment of super paper mario on the wii this game (never released in the EU) is a superb start to the series. Get it now!!



uncle_smuck commented on Pac-Man:

A great blast after the pub. Simple yet effective. But don't expect to play it more than a few times.